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Velma Lanxter

Position: Evening Dispatcher/Driver
School: Clarke County School District
School District: Clarke County School District
City, State: Athens, GA

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Velma Lanxter was nominated by her colleague, Emma McGee.

Ms. Lanxter makes a beneficial difference in the lives of students! She brings them to school and takes them home each and every day safely, with a smile on her face as she greets them and tells them goodbye. She will go get a child if they need a ride, no matter what the circumstances are. Ms. Lanxter sings with the students, talks to them and brings joy to their faces with each endeavor she has with them. She even does this for children who aren't assigned to her route. It is hard to explain without seeing her magic with the children.

Ms. Lanxter stays in close contact with the schools and the teachers of children who may need a little extra help. She'll walk the children into the school, inform teachers and principals of any concerns she has, and spend time to help if she can.

"Velma  is a fill in, night and weekend dispatcher. I have seen her walk from her bus, just after finishing her two routes and bringing a crisis to an end in Dispatch," said McGee. "Sometimes she helps a lost child get found. Other times, she's finding out what time a bus will be at a stop, directing a bus or helping on the phone lines. A few or all of these things can happen all at once, but she stays in control to end these crises."

At times, the dispatch can get super busy, and certain situations can make it busier. For example, when a school calls to find a child, or a parent says their child never came home after getting off the bus, only to find out they went to a friend's house in the same neighborhood. During these situations, Ms. Lanxter stays calm and starts hunting down the problem to find the solution.

"Honesty and Velma are the same words. Ethical and high morals is something she naturally has, time and time again, working with parents, students, teacher, office staff and co-workers on a daily basis," said McGee. "She has a strong personality with many attributes that make her a very good person and a LifeChanger to many who meet her."