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Alexander Bell

Position: Computer Technology Teacher
School: Thomas A. Edison Career and Tech Ed High School
School District: New York City Department of Education, District 28
City, State: Queens, NY

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Alexander Bell was nominated by Amanda Deebrah, a former student.

"I was Mr. Bell's student 7 years ago. Prior to entering his class, I knew Mr. Bell had a reputation of being a tough teacher, and when I saw him for the first time, I was nervous to take his class," said Deebrah. "After getting to know him for all these years, even though he looks tough, he has a heart made of gold and is by far the greatest educator I've ever had. From the moment you walk into his room, you can already feel his progress and success. He has countless student certificates dating back to the 90's, awards, posters, and pictures of his colleagues, students, administrators, etc. I have worked with Mr. Bell as a student and a colleague, and I could not be where I am today without his encouragement and support. Mr. Bell is still in contact with students from decades ago, and that in itself a testament of his character."

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Amanda Ramnarine-Hall Posted over a year ago

I was a part of Mouse Squad supervised by Mr. Bell for most of my senior year of high school (2013-2014.) An achievement I never thought I would accomplishment the year prior. I arrived to Mr. Bells class a confused senior, frustrated from my prior year of A+ Computer Repair feeling as if I did not have the adequate amount of knowledge to pass his class for my senior year, much less pass the A+ CompTIA certification. Within the first few weeks of my senior year, Mr. Bell is educated me and taught me everything I needed to know to succeed in A+ Computer Repair, along with my professional career and educational goals following high school. As I reflect back on our conversations and him mentoring me throughout my senior year of high school, I realize that everything I have accomplished since then was built of advice, lessons and words of wisdom from Mr. Bell.

Meagan Ramsawak Posted over a year ago

I have never met or had any teacher who best fits the title of “Life Changer”. Mr. Bell is not just a teacher, he is an educator, he is an advocate for his students, and he is a leader. He deserves to be recognized for all the hard work he does day in and out for his students. Success is the only thing that I’ve seen come out of room 111. I’ve never seen such compassion for the classroom before and I can only hope to be at least half as good an educator as Mr. Bell because even half would be more than enough. The success that comes out of Room 111 is like no other. Mr. Bell has successfully found a way to positively impact his students consistently every day over the past 30+ years. The students that graduate from his program can attest to that (as seen below). Mr. Bell has been getting students certified in A+ Computer Repair for the past couple decades, EVERY SINGLE YEAR! Mr. Bell has been working with CompTIA for years certifying his students, and CompTIA is globally recognized! There are individuals who pay to get training from CompTIA and then pay to take the exam, meanwhile students coming out of Mr. Bell’s class are getting more than just content training, but well-rounded training; leadership training! Students are not just leaving Room 111 as certified technicians; they leave this room as leaders! So whether they decide to take on the technology world or branch off into something else, they will always have leadership! As a student, I was exposed to a whole new level of technical work. Mr. Bell taught us more than just the technical aspect of the IT world, he taught us professionalism, responsibility and most of all, he held us accountable for our actions. As a student, I did well and followed Mr. Bell’s lead to become a young leader, and now on my way to becoming a young CTE educator. However, working with him as my mentor this year has opened my eyes to so much more. Mr. Bell genuinely cares for his students and as a student I felt it. However, working with him, I see all the effort and time he takes in managing his classroom and ensuring that the students get the best possible outcome at the end of the day. We have had so many people come to his room to visit him from 10+ years ago and sometimes he doesn’t even remember them, but they definitely remember him! They thank him and tell him how much he’s changed their lives. I have asked them to speak in my class, so that their journey can impact the current students and encourage them to stay focused and follow Mr. Bell’s lead into becoming a young leader. It was just amazing to see that so many students dating back to so long ago, return to Mr. Bell’s classroom just to greet him and thank him. It truly is amazing to me the amount of impact he has had on so much youth. I knew I was impacted as his student, but I never saw how much he impacts ALL his students. This has motivated me every single day to be better and sets an example of the kind of educator I want to be. Everything Mr. Bell does, he does for the benefit of his students and that is a beautiful thing. Many teachers who have been working as long as he has don’t show that same compassion for the job. It’s one of the most amazing things to witness; the progression of his students. Currently Mr. Bell stands as a NYC CTE Teacher, a CTE Representative, a NYSUT/AFT Delegate, Mouse Squad advisor, NTHS Advisor and National Board Member, and a certified technician in A+ Computer Repair and Networking +. He’s very well involved and ensures that he spends his time “STANDING UP AND SPEAKING OUT.” Mr. Bell is a natural born advocate. He stands up for what is right, even if it means standing up again administration. He makes sure his students are treated with respect in the school building. As a former student, this is the most amazing feeling; to know someone is looking out for you and supporting you. It made me feel safe, and still does as his SVA candidate, to know that I can continue to progress in my class and stand up for what I believe in and feel secure and confident in doing so. I feel insanely blessed to have had someone in my life that has had such a major impact on me and my future. I can only hope to continue following Mr. Bell's lead in being a better version of myself each and every day, speaking up for what I believe in, and most importantly shaping young leaders.

Steven Persaud Posted over a year ago

I was scrolling through LinkedIn, and I came across the post and just knew I had to give my support. I haven't really seen Mr. Bell since the year I graduated, but he really is a life-changer. Everyone in my High School new he was a tough teacher whether you had him as a teacher or not, they knew of him, but that was the respect that he carried in our institute. But when I first walked into his classroom my senior year and noticed the awards he has, it caused me to reconsider. Would an actual real tough teacher obtain these significant awards? As the school year went by, I was able to experience his class first hand and learned he isn't tough, he is a very keen individual and sharp as well. He carries his class in a different manner that helps build your respect, character, and integrity alongside with the most important part, computer repair knowledge. There’re some acronyms that are used in todays IT world and some individuals know the acronym but doesn’t know what the letters represent and if it wasn’t Mr. Bell, I would’ve been one of those individuals that just knows the acronym and not what it stands for. Mr. Bell kept his class as professional as possible and he pushed his students to reach the end of the finish line. Not only was he great at teaching CompTIA A+ material, but he was great at tackling situations that came his way in a courageous manner. He enlightens all of his students, he did his own CFM (Career Financial Management) segments every Friday, which was beneficial for me as an individual about to step foot into the real world and learn about saving, budgets, net/gross income etc.… In his class, if you do/don’t do the work it reflects because it was a hands-on computer repairing course. My biggest accomplishment which I didn’t even thought was possible, and I still have the picture of my report card stored in my camera roll. I earned a 100 in Mr. Bells class, after retrieving my report card and reviewed my grades, I had to ask him “Was that a mistake?” and he stated “Nope,” and I walked out that class room with the biggest smile and had to show my Junior year shop teacher which even made her happy as well. But even though I earned a high grade, I had ended up in a rough patch at the end of my senior year for non-sense and was unable to finish Mr. Bells pre-test to take the certification since the year was near the end. Mr. Bell as well as my previous shop teacher came to the rescue and sat me down and gave me a few life lessons that I will always have in the back of my head after explaining to him the situation. His lessons made me the person I am today, I carry the principles he teaches into college and the professional environment that enabled me to get tremendous feedback from peers. And Now, I’m a part of my college’s IT department part time, and due to Mr. Bells knowledge, he bestowed on me, it had my supervisors impressed with my knowledge of the material I had because they were tired of hiring assistants that would need training. I never kept contact with him because I was just ashamed cause I was unable to take the certification, but he does deserve his recognition. His class isn’t your ordinary computer repair class, his class preps you for almost everything your going to face once you walk across the stage and enter society. And I owe him a-lot of gratitude for the life changing moments I experience in his classroom. P.S. he also shows you how to dress for success by his intriguing tailored suits. Hands down he knows a thing or two about being and looking sharp.

Jatinder Suniar Posted over a year ago

The first day that I met him, I knew there was something special about him. I had entered his class not liking to go to class. I quickly started attending all my classes, started changing how I did things and was invited by him to join the Mouse Squad. I learned so much that year in High School about excellence and that experience has helped shape who I am today. There are leaders that lead people but then there are leaders that develop other leaders and that is who Mr. Bell is. I have been blessed to continue our relationship after High School and together we have helped a countless number of people start their careers after High School on the right foot.

Eileen Vallejos Posted over a year ago

I owe so much of who I am today to Mr.Bell. As my teacher during senior year in high school, he saw potential in me and invited me to be a part of Mouse Squad. Being a part of Mouse Squad is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I learned so much and was able to put my computer repair skills to practice. All of my work ethic comes from my time with Mr.Bell and this has helped me succeed in life during my studies and career. The way I carry myself at work and in life is because of him. Mr.Bell is the definition of professionalism and as his students we aspire to be like him. His presentation says a lot and thats very important because it shows confidence, discipline, and intelligence. I have been promoted rapidly within a year at my job because of my work ethic which I owe all to him. He pushed me in ways no one could ever do because he knew what I was capable of. Mr.Bell and mouse squad became my family we learned together and pushed each other to do our best. I don't know who I would be without Mr.Bell, He really impacted my life. He prepared me for the real world. At the time I didn't quite understand why he expected so much from us, as students, but once I graduated everything I had learned from him came as second nature and allowed me to succeed. Everyone needs a teacher like Mr.Bell, not only is he a great educator but a great person. He is a life changer and I know he was impacted every single one of his students lives in some way. I thank him for everything he did for me and has done for many others. He will always remain a part of my life with the actions that I take everyday. Thank You Mr.Bell for simply being yourself and motivating others to be their best selves.

Rachel Jamna Posted over a year ago

Mr. Bell is one in 4.3 billion. He has such a great style for mentoring young leaders and shaping the next generation to becoming an innnovative one. I can personally say he pushed me to my fullest potential and those qualities he embedded in me I can pass to many other generations. In high school, he encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and grow myself. He taught me the essential basis of the work force and that carried me through my latter days. After graduation, he still helped me get my first job and helped me finesse my resume. Without his guidance and leading, I would be unmotivated and lackluster. I thank God for Mr. Bell’s persona and charisma. Thank you, Mr. Bell for always believing in me! Wish you all the best!

Jennifer Samaroo Posted over a year ago

Mr. Bell is the only teacher I had who I stay in touch with. He had an impact on my life. I was going through a tough time in my life and he was there for me. He was not any easier on me when it came to the schoolwork, but he helped me to get my life in order, and pushed me to overcome obstacles. I still stay in touch with him, and he still gives me motivation to get through life. He was a tough teacher, but he also taught us discipline, respect, and hardwork. He was very professional, and respectful, and he was the only teacher that I could say that about, who never lowered his standards, and is the perfect example of how all teachers should hold themselves. He was not someone who wasted any time, and always helped you as long as you helped yourself. I support this nomination completely, and it was a pleasure to have him as a teacher as well as role model.

Arvin Ramsundar Posted over a year ago

Where do I begin?!?! First of all, I would most definitely nominate Mr. Bell for the "LifeChanger Of The Year" award no questions asked; hands down! I am one of Mr. Bell's former students (Class of 2007), former MOUSE Squad and was on the National Honor Society, etc. If I had a chance to go back in time and re-take Mr. Bell's classes I wouldn't hesitate one bit. I wouldn't be where I am today without Mr. Bell's guidance, leadership and let alone the vast computer knowledge that was passed onto me. If you ever meet Mr. Bell, some may say he looks intimating but on the contrary he isn't. He is such a stand-up guy that truly cares for all human beings. Don't get me wrong, showing compassion for one another is one key trait that is taught throughout his classes but he also educates all to be professional, mind your manners and to work effortlessly hard at anything we set our mind too. He is not one to waste your time nor should anyone do the same. Everyone that steps into his classroom can feel and smell the presence of SUCCESS throughout the area as his work, countless awards, pictures, certificates, etc. are displayed without him even talking. Besides this, Mr. Bell exceeds a reputation not only in his school's administration, outside his work duties but mostly through his former and current students. If you have an issue, he also has an open door policy on any subject matter to help those in need. For those who want to go above the bar, please take his course. He will teach, mold and steer you in the right direction but be mindful that you have to put in the work. Life's tuff no question about it but having this gentleman in your corner, you will for sure tackle all of life's obstacles! Mr. Bell, I want to humbly thank you again for being such a great mentor and friend to me throughout the years and I hope life sees you well good sir! If you ask me one word to describe this gentleman, he’s just Sharp! "Successful people are not gifted; they just Work Hard, then Succeed on purpose" - G. K. Nelson

Angel Pineiro Posted over a year ago

Without any doubt, I wholeheartedly support this nomination. Mr. Bell is a one of a kind individual. He sincerely cares for each of his students and will do whatever is necessary to ensure each student maximizes his potential. He believes in industry credentials and prepares his students to pass the necessary tests in order to obtain them. He himself is a holder of countless certifications, serving as an example for others to follow. If we could find a way to clone Mr. Bell, this world would be a much better place.

Churanie Ramnaras Posted over a year ago

As I like to say Mr. Bell is my "school dad." Mr. Bell is one of my main role models, he has taught me life skills like no other. The person I am today has a lot to do with how Mr. Bell ran his class, Mouse Squad and the relationship he build with me and many of my other peers. I now work in a school and I have my own class room, I try to bring the same type of energy that Mr. Bell has in his classroom, even the same morals. Mr. Bell does not take sides, he takes right from wrong. He will advocate for you 100% but when you're in the wrong, he will educate you and explain to you why you're wrong and how you should have went about doing something. My greatest memories made at Thomas Edison High School was in room 111 in Mr. Bell's class. If you want to be a successful human in life, step right in there and don't be afraid. He's pretty awesome.

Allen Powell Posted over a year ago

Alex Bell is a positive role-model, an extraordinary teacher. He sees great potential in every student even when they cannot see it i themselves. He focuses on them at their best and holds them to a higher standard of integrity. Through his own example, Alex is a positive role model and educator. He knows his students can perform at higher levels and knows they can achieve anything they believe and aspire to be.

Shakeem Ffrench Posted over a year ago

I owe everything to Mr. Bell, he is personally responsible to who I am today as a man. Mr. Bell took the time to show me why school and professionalism are important in the world. Not only is he a great teacher, but he is a great mentor and coach as well. He was my teacher in 2003 and I still keep in contact with him to this day and he shows a vested interest in what I am doing in my personal life and in my career.

Huey Ferguson Posted over a year ago

Alex is incredibly passionate about education. His desire to educate and enrich the lives of the students he interacts with is unmatched. Every student he works with, comes away a not just a better student, but a better person. He demands excellence of himself and expects excellence from his students. He is a positive role model and mentor. Truly one of a kind.

Dwight Threepersons Posted over a year ago

This post is regarding Mr. Alexander Bell. I have known Mr. Bell for over 35 years. When I first met Mr. Bell, he had just graduated from high school, and I had the responsibility to either accept or reject him for a teacher apprenticeship program, that I had just created called the SVA program. Mr. Bell was a tough young man, rough around the edges, and at first I was not sure if he was cut out to be an educator, but I saw during the interview and subsequent interactions that I had with him, that he had something that a lot people did not have. He liked a challenge, he had an intellectual curiosity that was far beyond his years, he was willing to work hard to learn new things, he had great empathy for others and a social consciousness. Later in his life, he used this knowledge to fight social injustice whenever he encountered it. These personal qualities were profound, intrinsic values that he had as a teenager and these qualities have only grown over the decades. His rock solid commitment to young adults and their education, have inspired many to step out of poverty, or overcome other social obstacles to become successful and productive citizens. I wholeheartedly support his nomination for Lifechanger of the Year.

Jack Powers Posted over a year ago

Alex Bell is a true teacher and an energetic and committed advocate for his students and his school. He navigates changing technologies like an expert but never loses focus on the more important job of developing the character and life competence of the young people under his care.

Dwight Threepersons Posted over a year ago

Mr. Bell is among the best, of a tremendous group of CTE educators in NYC.

Tajrian Islam Posted over a year ago

There is not an individual I know that is more deserving of this reward... Go Mr. Bell!

Christine Sookhai Posted over a year ago

I first met Mr. Bell sophomore year of high school when I joined the National Technical Honor Society. Back then, I only got to see a glimpse of the kind of educator he was. However, during senior year, I became the president of said honor society with Mr. Bell becoming my advisor. Mr. Bell gave me the confidence to be my best self. Observing his interactions with his students, you can tell how much they respect him. Out of all the educators I’ve ever come across, he is the only one that prepares us for what the outside world is like. He sees potential in every student, and encourages them to aim high. He taught me about professionalism and leadership.Now in college, these are skills that I carry with me.After all these years, I am proud to call him my mentor and my friend.

Dr. Robert L. Marraccino Posted over a year ago

Career and Technical Education is life changing to everyone, teachers, students, university faculty and business partners, and the very best of CTE teachers deserve this nomination from LifeChanger. It is my pleasure to see my most respected colleague nominated this year. In the NYC area, I urge anyone to go to the website and second Mr. Alex Bell's of Thomas Edison H.S. nomination for LifeChanger.

Rajinder Kaur Posted over a year ago

Mr.Bell not only provides technical education, he also helps build good character. Room 111(our classroom) is where I learned to be confident in myself and inspired to make a change in the world.