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Kristan Giddinge

Position: Autism Aide
School: Schofield Middle School
School District: Clark County School District
City, State: Las Vegas, NV

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Kristan Giddinge was nominated by her father, Mac McAnallen.

Kristan has been working with special needs students at Clark County School District since she graduated from high school in 1998. She has spent most of her time working with Autistic students and has dedicated herself to the four students assigned to her. She works very hard to help them progress inside the classroom and out. She also has worked with them during summer breaks, tutoring and keeping them focused on thier goals.

"Kristan has been nominated for Lifechanger practically every year since it has been founded! She is very dedicated to her students and Schofield Middle school," McAnallen said. "I am sure you can go back through the years and see the comments from her peers and parents as well as friends and family."

Comments (15)

Stephanie Posted over a year ago

Ms. Kris is the most kind, caring, loving person who always puts other before herself. She is dedicated to both her jobs. By day she has worked for 19 years with special needs with the last 9 years with Autism kids and by night she works in home health with Elderly clients with Alzheimer and dementia. Doesn't matter what she is doing or what is happening she always smiles and loves her kids and clients. She also has a family at home that she finds time for. She deserves this and a vacation for all she does she probably would not go on vacation but she deserves it. Way to go Mrs.Kris

Ralph Stabile Posted over a year ago

Loving caring person,puts100%of her focus on her children.She is dedicated teacher,that loves her job,and children

Fred Posted over a year ago

Ms. Kris has been with this group of students going on I believe four years. She works with them as a group and one on one as well. I have seen her working on lesson planning at home and focusing on what each students strengths and weakness's are ! She has been nominated close to every year of the program's existence! Win or loose she thrives on the responses of her peers, friends and family. Next year will be number twenty for her! It has gone by so fast. It takes a very special person with a special personality to dedicate such a long time doing what she loves!

Marshafarrell Posted over a year ago

Kristen is a dedicated teacher and adores her kuds and helping them achieve sucess.

Sacks Posted over a year ago

Ms. Kris does a fantastic job in a professional manner with dedication to her students and the school. She assures that her students are on top of the goals set for each of them. There have been different times that she has had to step up and handle the class by her self and She steps up and does it without skipping a beat. She has been nominated , I believe each year of the programs existence! Hopefully this year is hers! Thank you Ms. Kris!

Richard Freidhoff Posted over a year ago

I think that Kristan has shown superior dedication that goes beyond the pay that she receives by working with these autistic children all year and not just when school is in session. THAT'S TRUE DEDICATION!! She's demonstrated her love for the students year round.

Marshafarrell Posted over a year ago

This young woman loves working and helping kids reach thier full potential. And they soar when she is with them.

Charla Burek Posted over a year ago

Hello to whom it may concern, I have known Kristan McAnallen Giddinge for 25 years and think of her as my second daughter. I see people writing about her students and the clients she cares for in the evenings let me add a little bit to who she is. 1st : Her student that she Loves so much as if they were her own. Doesn't matter what happens or what kind of day it is she still Loves them the same as she did the day before and the day before that one. She will and does what ever she can for her students and there families. I am sure if they could get on here and write they would tell you they love her back. 2nd: To her Alzheimer and dementia clients she works with. She not only works 6 hours at the school but then goes and works another 6-8 hours sometimes over night with these lovely people. She has been with one client over a year and she loves him just as if he was part of her Family. 3rd: I have health issues, as has her dad and mom. Kristan has always dropped what she is doing to help others. I had a massive stroke in December and she sat with me in the ER and everyday after that when she got off work. She always makes sure I have what I need and calls to check on me regularly. I am so deeply grateful. 4th: Her own Family Kristan has a Husband and 2 boys Dustin 17 and Corey 7. while doing everything else Kristan tries her best to make time and enjoy her Family. 5th: About Kristan she is 38 and has been doing this since she was 19 fresh out of high school. She has had a lot of curves and road blocks thrown at her but she seems to break threw it and continue moving. One thing I will share is that in 2009 Kristan almost died from blood clots she was in the critical care unit for almost a week and then moved down stairs for a little while longer. She got out the night before mothers day 2 things she was thinking about one she needed to get her mom something before tomorrow and two she need to get back to her students. She couldn't go back to the school she was at, but she found a home at Schofield Middle School which is where she is at today 8 years and still going. See if you have learned anything about Kristan is her Love and Kindness goes to EVERYONE Not Young, Not Old, Not Small or Large Not a specific Color or Gender It goes to EVERYONE. Kristan I Love You and you deserve this a lot but remember no mater what everyone you touch will always love and remember you. Love MaMa #2

Sherry Wolf Posted over a year ago

A few Notes on Kristan Giddinge I have worked with her since 2009. Beside Kristan being an incredible hard worker and not acknowledging the out of the box work ethic.Also I need to acknowledge her kindness and Love towards these children ( and these are tough cookies at times ). I don't think I could even remotely give you the full picture of how incredible and patient this women is and she is only 38 and has been doing this since she was 19. She has been in classes that would make a veteran run. The most severe problem and situations did not deter her from showing love and guidance to these children. Kristan Giddinge is not only a powerhouse in the field of special education, but also has a second job doing in home health care where she works another 6-8 hours M-F with people who have Alzheimer and dementia. She also has a family at home Corey who is 7 and Dustin who is 17 plus her husband and some how she finds a way to be dedicated to all. She is also a tremendous co-worker. She is always willing to step in and go the extra mile.She has also helped me tremendously with my technological inadequacies, and is always willing to help ( even though it has been years, I never seem to get any better ). Well this woman has been nominated several times and I have commented each time and each time this woman amazes me even more. Kristan Giddinge you deserve this recognition , a big one. Keep on amazing us.

Freddie Posted over a year ago

Ms Kris is exceptional with her students and very dedicated to thier staying focused on the goals set for them to accomplish! She has dedicated her adult life to special needs especially the autistic department!

Marsha Farrell Posted over a year ago

Kristen congratulations on being nominated ! I know how proud your Mom and Dad are of you and the wonderful job you do with the kids ! Moulding Thier character and helping them achieve success is an job you do very well ! Know you care about the kids and I know Thier parents appreciate all you do !! Well Done ??????

Paula Swarmer Posted over a year ago

Kristan is a very loving and compassionate women! Love her gentle spirit! ??

Sharyn Bastiani Posted over a year ago

Very special lady. Gives her all to these kids!

Christy Grant Posted over a year ago

Miss Kris is an AMAZING woman, wife, and Mom. Both of my boys have been in classes with her, and she never ceases to impress me with her love of "her" kiddos and all that she will do for them. Proud to call her my friend.

Mac McAnallen Posted over a year ago

It should be graduated from high school not college!