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Christina Davis

Position: Preschool Special Education teacher
School: Kaiser Elementary School
School District: Roseville Community Schools
City, State: Roseville, MI

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Christina Davis was nominated by her spouse, Kurt Davis.

Mrs. Davis has a warm and kind heart.  She is a mother of three, a wife, a mentor, a care provider, a chauffeur, counselor, and so much more.  Every day, she puts her heart on the line.  She is willing and able to meet her daily challenges with warmth and grace.

"No kids come with a owners manual when they are born - ours sure didn’t.  Yet she manages to provide care and guidance everyday to more than 20 children with special needs," said Mr. Davis. "This is all before she gets home and has to deal with making dinner, getting the kids off to their extra circular activities, doing laundry, grocery shopping, dishes, packing lunches, giving the kids showers and putting them to bed.  She manages to do all that and then some every day."

While juggling all of these tasks, she earned a Masters in special education and has 4 certifications: special education, early childhood, mathematics, and language arts. Despite all the challenges and thankless tasks, she remains loyal to her district and family. She is a true LifeChanger in every sense of the word!

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Frankie Davis Posted over a year ago

Hi mom