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Kaitlyn Holloway

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: Nellie F. Bennett Elementary School
School District: Point Pleasant Borough School District
City, State: Point Pleasant, NJ

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Kaitlyn Holloway was nominated by an anonymous parent of a student.

Mrs. Holloway is an extraordinary educator and a wonderful asset to the Point Pleasant Borough School District. Whether teaching the children to tap out words, count by 10s, record the weather, or other all-important life skills taught in Kindergarten, Mrs. Holloway makes learning enjoyable and interesting. A talented vocalist, she infuses the class with music to engage and inspire the children, and to teach and reinforce new concepts. Her furry friends are always by her side helping with lessons, instilling confidence, and bringing lots of smiles. In addition, she enthusiastically incorporates technology into the classroom to enhance the learning experience. The students use Chromebooks to play educational games that supplement their lessons. At home, they have access to programs that help them practice their reading and math skills. She also brings the “real world” into the classroom with videos and other multimedia presentations, and engages the students each morning with a special message to her “Super Readers.”

Mrs. Holloway keeps families up to date on activities and concepts that have been introduced to the students, empowering parents to help children work on their skills at home. To further encourage parents to participate in the learning process, she invites them to join the class to celebrate meaningful accomplishments and to share interesting and diverse insights. She has made arrangements for community workers to speak to the class about safety issues, and for parents to talk about different cultural customs and celebrations.

Beyond all of this, Mrs. Holloway works with each child individually to ensure that they are personally and academically successful. Not only does she help the children to reach their scholastic potential, but she also helps them to grow socially and emotionally. Her classroom is a fun and loving environment that fosters an awareness of community, promotes diversity and inclusion, and helps students develop a love of learning. She instills a sense of pride, dignity and belonging in her students, a feeling of empowerment, and an understanding of socially acceptable behavior. She has a gift for making sure children know that they are important and deserve respect. Mrs. Holloway gives each child personal attention, challenges them to be their best, and loves them all equally.

Mrs. Holloway is well-respected by her peers, supervisors and students’ parents, and is a great source of information and assistance to all. She regularly participates in professional development activities and is well-versed in the Kindergarten curriculum and innovative teaching techniques. For parents, new programs like Fundations, Everyday Math, Readers Workshop and Writers Workshop can be very daunting. Mrs. Holloway makes these programs accessible to both students and parents.

In addition to her great work in the Kindergarten classroom, Mrs. Holloway is actively engaged in many aspects of the school district. She makes a concerted, thoughtful effort to be involved in her students' lives away from the classroom. She assists with the chorus program and other school productions, engages with older children in the district, and connects with parents about happenings in the classroom, and beyond.

Mrs. Holloway’s passion for and commitment to her work are remarkable. The love and attention she shows her students, coupled with the tremendous time and effort she puts into preparing for each day and ensuring the personal and academic success of each child, is outstanding. She is a wonderful inspiration to her students, and has had an extraordinary impact on many lives.

Comments (36)

Kim Keller Posted over a year ago

I’m pretty sure Mrs. Holloway’s picture is in the dictionary next to the definition of a Kindergarten teacher. She exudes happiness, smiles, and joy. She is kind, thoughtful, smart, and a dynamite teacher!

Kristy Gerdes Posted over a year ago

It will be hard to explain in words, how much Kait Holloway has impacted both of my daughters. Mrs. Holloway was never either of my daughter's classroom teacher but they crossed paths when my oldest daughter joined the 5th grade chorus at Nellie Bennett School. Since that day, Mrs. Holloway has become my daughter's voice coach and so much more. Her impact cannot be measured in numbers, but it is measured for me in the way my daughter says she would be lost without her. She goes above and beyond just "teaching." Mrs. Holloway is kind, compassionate, caring and is one of the most dedicated teachers I know. As an educator, it is inspiring to know people who love their job as much as Kait does. She reminds me every day that I chose teaching to be a role model and positive influence on the students who walk into my classroom everyday. I hope I tell her enough how thankful I am to have her as a role model for my daughters. I truly cannot express in words how much our lives have been blessed by having her as part of my daughters lives.

Jess Moe Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Holloway has been a blessing as my sons teacher. He truly enjoys going to school every day. Every day! He enjoys learning and is excited about his day to day activities. I can see the growth he is making and it’s wonderful.

Lori Byron Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Holloway is quite simply an inspiration not only for kindergarteners but for everyone. Her megawatt smile is contagious and just makes you feel happy. Her warmth is genuine and her little kiddies know they are loved. How great to be five and experience this wonder of a teacher.

Amy Passarella Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Holloway’s compassion, positivity & enthusiasm radiate as brightly as her contagious smile. Our daughter has her for Kindergarten this year and words cannot express how grateful we are! Mrs. Holloway’s charismatic personality is intertwined into her teaching techniques, making for a truly enchanting learning experience. She is nothing short of captivating; from her infectious energy, to her beautiful voice, witty phrasing and eclectic fashion sense. Her nurturing personality, passion for kindness and seemingly endless patience allow her to personally connect to each and every student (and parent). As many have expressed, the level of dedication Mrs. Holloway exudes is nothing short of incredible; from reassuring phone calls and emails, photos sent of special moments in the classroom and attending events outside of school - she surprised my daughter at her dance recital! The amount of confidence, joy and eagerness to learn she has instilled in our daughter is priceless. Mrs. Holloway is a role model for our children and an inspiration to those who are lucky enough to know her. She is a true Life Changer! Congratulations on this well deserved nomination!!

Brittany DeVirgiliis Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Holloway is an actual ray of sunshine. Our daughter is in her Kindergarten class this year and we are just so incredibly thankful to have Mrs. Holloway. Mrs. Holloway’s enthusiasm for learning and life in general has encouraged our sensitive girl to build her self confidence, speak up for herself, and take reading risks by using her super reader powers. When you enter Mrs. Holloway’s classroom you can see the adoration for her in each of the children’s eyes, the beaming smiles on their faces, the endless “group hugs” she encourages and adores. She truly loves each and every one of her students, personally connects with each one, and has created such an inclusive, compassionate community within her classroom. How fortunate we are that she is shaping the young minds who are our future.

Maureen Basta Posted over a year ago

Kait has the qualities that make a superb teacher. These traits cannot be taught in any college. She is dynamic, enthusiastic, intelligent, and creative. She is passionate about teaching, children, and people of all ages. At a recent gathering, she spotted my reticent young grandson hiding under the table. Within minutes, Kait had left the adults and crawled under the table to comfort the child. Not only would you be lucky to have Kait as your child's teacher, you would be as thrilled as I am to have her in your life.

Kerry Hannam Posted over a year ago

I admire Kait's boundless energy and positive attitude. She truly loves her students and goes above and beyond for each of them!

Sheree Severini-Fittin Posted over a year ago

I couldn't have asked for a better teacher for my daughter. Mrs. Holloway in a few words is a "Singing Princess". She is loved, admired and adored by all who meet her or hear of her. The camaraderie and inclusiveness in and out of her classroom is abundant. I always thought I had some great teachers growing up. However, no one compares to Mrs. Holloway. Her spirit, energy, enthusiasm, charisma and affection for human kind is unparalleled.

Courtney Gallo Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Holloway has literally been a life changer for my family this year! My son started kindergarten a few months ago shy, nervous and anxious. He is now happy, relaxed and excited about school thanks to Mrs. Holloway! She has an amazing ability to make each child feel incredibly special, loved, important, all while making learning fun and enchanting. I know my son and I both wish this year with Mrs. Holloway could last forever! She is so deserving of this recognition! Congratulations Mrs. Holloway!!

Dessa torode Posted over a year ago

She is simply the best, as a mom with her first child going into kindergarten the stress was real for both her and I. The unknowing the newness my baby leaving me the list is on going, the second we stepped into orentation and were greeted with the warmest smile the kindest sole and the most compassionate fun beautiful kindergarten teacher point pleasant has to offer. She has forever impacted my heart and the heart of my little. She is wonderful beyond words.

Ginger Anzelone Posted over a year ago

Kait is so deserving of this nomination because she is a shining light in education. I’ve known Kait since she was a child & a student in the very school where she now works. She loves children & she loves teaching. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Congratulations, Kaitlyn, on this well deserved nomination.

Larry Williams Posted over a year ago

Mrs Holloway taught my grandson last year while he was in Kindergarten. Mrs. Holloway made the class very enjoyable, to the point that my grandson woke up every day excited to go to school and was disappointed when the weekends came around. He cried on the last day of school and was upset he wasn’t going to see Mrs. Holloway over the summer. He was surprised and excited when Mrs Holloway took time from her personal time to come and watch him play sports. As a 1st grader, my grandson found he was well prepared for the lessons being taught. I can think of no person more qualified to receive this recognition.

Karla Nedza Posted over a year ago

Well deserved! Neither of my children had Kate for kindergarten but they both love her and hug her any chance they get! She makes a point to interact and include all the kids so that they feel special. I think children and adults alike are drawn to her warmth and positive personality and also her eclectic style!??

Sharon Farrell Posted over a year ago

Kaitlyn was a wonderful student to teach and has blossomed into an enthusiastic educator who makes learning a fantastic experience for her kindergarten students. So proud of you and the talents you share with our students.

Lisa Collins Posted over a year ago

Kait is an enthusiastic teacher and friend who brings out the best in everyone. Kait’s theatrical background simply energizes the classroom and students love having her as a Kindergarten teacher. She also graciously volunteers her time to assist the 5th grade chorus.

Kate Keslet Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Holloway is the kind of teacher you only have once. She embraces her kindergarten students with love, high expectations, and true respect. She tells them daily that she loves them. Mrs. Holloway welcomes challenges that students may face and turns their year into a positive experience and structures the class community to mimic a family. My daughter is blessed to have her, and this nomination is very well-deserved.-Kate Kesler

Kirsten Victor Posted over a year ago

My son is in Mrs. Holloway’s class this year and is OBSESSED with her and her teaching style. She has the ability to make every student feel unique and special. She is not only an incredible teacher but an exceptional human. The personal time that she takes out of her busy schedule to go to birthday parties and sporting events of her students (past and present) is truly unbelievable. She is beyond deserving of this nomination and award.

Elizabeth Williams Posted over a year ago

Not to brag or anything.... but as most of you already know, I have the best sister anyone could ask for. She was recently nominated for the LifeChanger Of The Year award. When I heard about this, I was not surprised at all. She is one of the hardest working people I know. She is compassionate and caring to not only her students, but to everyone around her. After reading all the comments from family, friends, teachers, and parents, I realized that I am not the only one lucky enough to have her. Everyone is lucky to have someone like Kait Holloway in their life.

Elexis Posted over a year ago

A vivacious individual who lights up a room! Students love her inside and outside of school and being in her presence gives you positive energy!

Lee Dugar Posted over a year ago

I couldn't have said it better! Mrs. Holloway nutured my daughter through what could have been a confidence crushing school year and my husband and I could not be more grateful for the love and patience she had shown her. She also brought her ice cream when she had her tonsils out in the middle of the year. A memory my daughter will cherish forever. Mrs. Holloway is the perfect positive introduction to education for our kindergartens and we are blessed to have had her!

Sara Olszak Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Holloway was my daughter’s kindergarten teacher two years ago. She brings joy to her students and their parents, and her enthusiasm for life is infectious. Mrs. Holloway encourages every child in her class to do their best and she brings out the best in all of her students. She takes the time to get to know all of her students and make sure their needs are met. She is dedicated to her job - this is evidenced by the individual attention she gives to each child in her class, every day, even when they have moved on to first grade and beyond. Mrs. Holloway always has time for a hug and a kind word for my daughter, and all of her former students. Mrs. Holloway is a compassionate, generous person and it was a privilege for my daughter to be in her class. She has a passion for her job that not all teachers have, and she is truly deserving of this award.

Jackie Mellett Posted over a year ago

It’s as if this award was created just for Mrs Holloway!! My 2 children had her as their Kindergarten teacher and she was absolutely incredible!! I always say that if you look up “kindergarten teacher” in the dictionary Mrs Holloway’s picture should be there!! She always made each and every student feel loved and special, both in the classroom and out by attending sporting events and birthday parties during her spare time. She deserves this more than anyone!!

Gina Martin Posted over a year ago

Kait is a rock star! She was born to work with her “tiny humans,” spreading a positive attitude charged with an excitement for teaching and learning.

Katie Crain Posted over a year ago

My son thrived beyond my wildest dreams when he had Mrs. Holloway. She was able to bring out in him a reader and learner for life. “Can’t stop the reading “ is our motto thanks to her.

Gianna Masi Posted over a year ago

I had Mrs Holloway when I was in fifth grade, she was Miss Williams at that time. She was my music teacher. She was very kind, compassionate and very easy to talk to. Mrs Holloway is very fun, outgoing and inspiring as well! She totally deserves this award!

Beth Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Holloway is an extraordinary Kindergarten teacher and wonderful human being. Congrats to her on this nomination!

Jen Ludewig Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Holloway, was my daughters teacher two years ago. Not only did my daughter absolutely love her, we did also. She has made such a positive impact on my daurgeters life. Knowing that moving away from Point was so hard on my daughter, Mrs. Holloway stayed in contact. What other teacher makes it a point to come to birthday party or even travel 45 min just to suprise her. That alone shows her passion and what a kind hearted person she is. I have never met a anyone like her. She is magical (as Olivia would say ). She definitely deserves this award for many reasons !!!!

jaclyn kotz Posted over a year ago

she totally deserves to win this award. she was my daughters kindergarten teacher and she was amazing!! she’s still so good to my daughter and she isn’t even her student anymore. great teacher and all around good person

Thomas Giglio Posted over a year ago

Well deserved for this extraordinary teacher who goes above & beyond for her students. My daughter had her last year and she is talked of more like a family member in our household. No one has a bigger heart and puts more into her work than Mrs. Holloway. Her talents don’t stop at teaching, she performs at the Music Man and is terrific! Our family has gone over a dozen times, she’s a fabulous singer! I can’t say enough good things about her, thank you for everything Mrs. Holloway!!

Robin Strassheim Posted over a year ago

She is also an INCREDIBLELY POSITIVE roke model for all children and young adults she comes in contact with! She worked with my 17 y.o.daughter last.year to help her audition for her college applications for a Musical Theater Program (could not have done it without her), and currently.teaches.voice lessons to my 14 y.o. daughter. Her positive, female influence in every aspect of their lives is so important in today's world! So thankful for her!

Kate Lepore Posted over a year ago

Kait Holloway is an amazing person and educator. This nomination is very well deserved.

Noelle Albrink Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Holloway is simply the best! The Albrinks love you! Point Boro has such amazingly dedicated teachers! Congratulations! Xo

Deanne Glenn Posted over a year ago

I am so lucky to teach with this amazing human every day! She is an incredibly talented musician, she puts her heart and soul into every lesson, and truly cares about making her students successful. She attends many of her students’ important events outside of school, such as dance recitals, birthday parties and sorting events. My daughter was lucky enough to be in her kindergarten class, and it was her best year! This nomination is so well-deserved! Mrs. Holloway is the best!!

Abby Posted over a year ago

My daughter had the most amazing kindergarten experience thanks to Mrs. Holloway! She is an amazing teacher with a heart of gold and truly loves each and everyone of her students.

Robert A. Williams Posted over a year ago

Mrs Holloway is an enthusiastic, energetic teacher who has a passion and love for learning. As a teacher she possesses a poise, confidence and highest standards that we wish children and adults to emulate. She has been well trained to take on the rigors of any classroom instruction and is well versed in curriculum and educational standards. Everyday Day Math, Readers Workshop and Writers Workshop are woven into her daily lessons. Her students also reap the benefits of her thoughtful instruction along with her background in the musical theatre which she infuses into their lessons. It is the intangible qualities, though, that truly make Mrs Holloway stand out as a superior candidate. She possesses a compassion for students that creates a nurturing environment for them and allows her quickly to establish a rapport based on mutual trust, caring and respect. She individualizes instruction, intuitively understanding the unique needs of her young students and how best to teach to their various learning styles. In brief, she is a "complete" person and a "complete" teacher. It is evident she spends much time creating and designing lessons that are high interest and target at her students at their individual abilities levels. I must share a story from last year, the school district needed to make up snow days and had Saturday school. A parent shared that his son was so excited to attend school on Saturday because he was in Ms Holloway's class.