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Gail Dubois

Position: Elementary School Paraprofessional
School: Highland-Goffe's Falls Elementary School
School District: Manchester School District
City, State: Manchester, NH

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Gail Dubois was nominated by her principal, Susan Matthews.

Mrs. Dubois is a kind hearted and unassuming individual who has made considerable contributions to many of her school's students at Highland-Goffes Falls Elementary School.  Mrs. Dubois trains a therapy dog named Remington who is an English Cream Golden Retriever.  Each week Mrs. Dubois brings Remington to school so that he can visit students and staff throughout the building who need a little extra love and care.  Mrs. Dubois and Remington have helped a little boy with cerebral palsy walk with confidence and pride, while holding on to Remington's collar.  They helped a child struggling with her behavior become more patient and responsible as she carefully sees to Remington's needs. One of the school's preschool children with autism spoke her first word to Remington and it was, "Dog." When one of her students was stricken with cancer, Mrs. Dubois bought the whole grade level special bandanas. Remington wore one too.  Although there was not much that students and staff could do for this child, these bandanas let her know that they were with her.

"One of the most special moments in many wonderful moments that involved Mrs. Dubois, occurred when one of our young students showed me a doll with clothes. This doll was different because it had clothes that could be put on by a child who was physically challenged," Matthews said, "Mrs. Dubois got a friend to make this doll and clothes for her young student. Many tears of happiness streamed down this little girl's face as she showed the doll off to all around her."

This is a small snapshot of just some of the amazing things Mrs. Dubois has done for her students at Highland-Goffe's Falls.  When Mrs. Dubois brings Remington to school, the days just seem brighter.

Comments (32)

Rhonda Vitagliano Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Dubois is a giver. She spreads love and happiness to our students on a daily basis while challenging them to be the best they can be. Mrs. Dubois has introduced the Dog Therapy Program to our school which helps some of our most challenging students by building their confidence as learners and as social beings. She goes over and beyond what is expected of our staff. She sees a problem or someone with a need and she works to find a solution. She is a team player who our students and staff can count on for her friendship and compassion. Mrs. Dubois is a true example of a positive life changer for all who know her.

Sarah Morse Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of having Gail work in my classroom since September of this year. I hosestly don’t know how I ever taught without her. She has become more of a co-teacher than a paraprofessional. She works tirelessly to make sure our students needs are met every day and has such high expectations for them. Gail is loved by all of our students because she makes them believe that they can be successful and gives them the tools that they need to be independent learners. She is amazing all on her own, but when she brings in her therapy dog Remington, the kids light up! The work that she does with our children, with and without Remington, is second to none.

Sherry Tellier Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Dubois is an exceptional educator. Students adore her because she shows genuine care and concern for each and every one of them. Colleagues love her because she is always willing to do what needs to be done and always with a smile on her face. Parents cherish her because they know that a compassionate, loving and positive influence is working with their children on a daily basis. What Mrs. Dubois and Remington have done for Highland is immeasurable. We are so very fortunate to be blessed to have her at our school and working in our community!

Seth Posted over a year ago

I have just started working at Highland this year and I was so happy to find out that Gail had a partner each Friday: Remington. Gail has shown me just how effective a therapy dog can be in a school environment. She encourages all sorts of interaction between Remington and the students and I can see how excited the children with special education needs are when Gail and Remington are in sight. Gail patiently every question the children have for Remington and her and I see the smiles on their faces, knowing that Gail has made a brightened their days!

Kelly Posted over a year ago

Gail has made such a positive atmosphere in the school. She has made such a different in the children's lives that she works with. Having Remington come to school gives the children something to look forward to. Her face lights up when she sees the smiles on the children.

Whitney Reyes Posted over a year ago

Working with Gail is truly a pleasure. She constantly goes above and beyond for the students of HGF. Gail and Remington come into my classroom for 45 minutes on Fridays. Having Remington in our classroom has made one of my English Language Learners so happy! He looks forward to Fridays and getting to see Remington and Gail. I feel lucky to not only call her my colleague but also my friend.

Melissa Chase Posted over a year ago

Gail is such an amazing and caring person. What she does for our school on a daily basis is remarkable! Gail is super resourceful and generous with her time. On top of that, she also has a beautiful, gentle, and well-groomed therapy dog, Remington, who she generously brings to school to help our students who struggle with a variety of ailments. I can tell you from personal experience that the kids at school aren't the only ones who look forward to a visit from Remington. Of course, we also look forward to visits from Gail, too! She is always so positive and upbeat, and she has a great sense of humor, too!

Diane Shaffer Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Gail! This is a well deserved honor.

Susan Matthews Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Dubois shares her caring and loving nature with all staff and students at our school. Students look forward to their special days with Remington, and can't wait to come to school on the days Mrs. Dubois brings him to visit them. Mrs. Dubois has a special gift in knowing who is having a difficult day and quietly sees to their needs. She never talks about all of the wonderful things she has done, but people can't help but share with others the many ways she has touched their lives.

Mary Grimes- McGrath Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Dubois and Remington changed the face of education in Manchester! Mrs. Dubois is a true example of selflessness, generosity and professionalism! As our paraprofessional during the 2016-2017 school year, Mrs. Dubois conducted lessons in the classroom about therapy dog training, shared her expertise and of course, brought Remington to school every Friday without fail. Friday was affectionately known by our first graders, as "Remington Day!" Not only did Remington directly impact our classroom in the area of Reading but, Remington also impacted those students needing additional supports outside of the classroom. Remington was always a calm, loving friend for those students who experienced significant disruption in their lives. But, Mrs. Dubois didn't stop there! She also filled Remington's schedule with students from other grade levels, who also could benefit from spending time with Remington. Mrs. Dubois is passionately dedicated to student success! The unyielding rewards of Remington's comfort and love was remarkable! It is without a doubt that Mrs. Dubois and Remington changed the lives of so many here at HGF and continues to do through hard work, empathy and dedication! Congratulations Gail!??

Sheila Falcon Posted over a year ago

Ms. Dubois we are very grateful for all the work and love with my son. Thank you for all of your help. We love you

Christine Dubois Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Gail, You have always been a kind and caring neighbor and I always believed that had to extend to the work you do in your school. It is awesome that you have been acknowledged for your commitment to the kids and the kindness that emulate daily. Best wishes. Chris

Carole Donovan Posted over a year ago

Remington and Mrs. Dubois come into my pre-k classroom every Friday afternoon and it’s like a light switch goes off for many of my students with autism.They come to life and truly make a connection that we don’t always get to see. One of the biggest and unexpected blessings has been the relationship that is being built between Mrs.Dubois and one of my non verbal students. One of her rare moments with speaking verbally was saying “Dog” one day last year when Remington came to visit (barely a dry eye for the adults in the room) so we expect that she will get very excited to see him now. The first day he came to visit this year, she ran over to Remington and went right past him to take ahold of Mrs Dubois’s hand while looking her straight in the face,smiling and vocalizing gleeful sounds as if to say, “I’m so happy to see you again!” I am so grateful for the impact Mrs Dubois has made in the lives of my students. She TRULY is a life-changer and I cannot think of anyone more deserving!

Deb Cox Posted over a year ago

Gail has such a loving and caring spirit about her. She is interested in all the kids, not just those she is able to work with. Through her sharing of herself and Remington, Gail has had a lasting impact on students in my classroom. This has built self-confidence in these students that has opened up new doorways into their education that otherwise would have remained shut. Our school is so lucky to have Gail as one of our staff members!

Christine baer Posted over a year ago

Thank you for ALL you do! Both you and Remington Are a blessing!!!

Krista LaBonte Posted over a year ago

Congratulations to you on making such a difference in so many lives. I am proud to say I know you.

Vanessa Eastman Posted over a year ago

Mrs. DuBois is an inspiration to so many people-- tall and small! She has a heart of gold and cares deeply for her students, work and school community. Gail is always thinking of others and what they need...then she does everything she can to get these needs fulfilled. Remington is a priceless asset to our school who makes everyone smile on Fridays! She works tirelessly, always smiling and 100% dedicated to her beliefs through her actions. Thank you Mrs. DuBois for all you do for us every day!

Kerstin Dumas Posted over a year ago

Gail is a game changer for students who struggle with phobias and anxiety. It is amazing to watch a student who once struggled through the day, look forward to coming due to their time with Remy and Gail and begin crossing over the techniques they are learning to their daily life. We are truly blessed to have them both!

Mary Ann Skersey Posted over a year ago

I am sure we are not aware of all the lives positively impacted by Gail Dubois. She volunteers at the Salvation Army's Kids Cafe in Manchester's inner city. Last year, she had scheduled suppers with a child while his mom got a needed break. She loves her family and the students at Highland-Goffe's Falls. We are blessed to have Remington and Gail working here.

Michael Porter Posted over a year ago

I don't know Mrs. Dubois, but it truly seems to me she has gone above and beyond to touch the lives of others!

Barbara Shaw Posted over a year ago

Anyone who brings this much joy and shows this much compassion to children deserves the highest honor that could be bestowed on anyone. Thank you Mrs. Dubois

Leigh Ann Shriver Posted over a year ago

Nathaniel looks forward to the time each week when he can read to Remington. Spending time with this gentle, patient dog is always a bright spot in his week. Nathaniel enjoys tells us how Remington is in involved in school activities and stories Mrs. Dubois tells students about life with Remington. We are grateful to Mrs. Dubois' for her commitment to the children at HGF and to Remington

Angela Paris Posted over a year ago

Mrs Dubois and Remington have made such an amazing impact on the entire Highland Goffes Falls Elementary School community! Gail's kind nature, ready smile and ability to connect with students make her such an incredible member of our school!

Karen Smith Posted over a year ago

Gail and Remmington have had a very positive impact on our school. All of the students look forward to the weekly visits and a chance to pat Remmington. HGF has been very fortunate to have such a unique opportunity.

Judy Rondeau Posted over a year ago

Gail is a wonderful paraprofessionsl. Her dedication to her students is excellent. She has gone above and beyond the normal para with her introduction of our favorite pal, Remington. Remington is a service dog who accompanies Gail weekly. He has given the students the benefit of a non judgemental friend. Someone who is willing to spend time with them unconditionally. Someone who allows them to read to him and not judge the reading errors, therefore building confidence in these students without judging them. Gail proceeds every Friday to offer this support to as many of highland's needed children as she can. With one on one time. She also goes out of her way to make sure that all students are loved by our mascot Remington. A service of this type has made our school a much better place for our students and our staff. Without her many of our students would not feel like they are important. The atmosphere changes when all feel that they are valued.

Tricia Towne Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Dubois is such a blessing to have in our school. Mrs. Dubois and Remington (her therapy dog) provide our school with such a valuable resource. With their help, Mrs. Dubois and Remington have given voice to a preschooler who uttered his first word, a sense of responsibility to a student who was struggling, and a calmness to some of our students who have anxiety. This is the first program of its kind in the Manchester NH School System, and we proud to say that it has been started by one of our own!!

Michelle Munjone Posted over a year ago

I got to know Gail thru her daughter Hannah. She truly is a giving and kind hearted soul. I feel lucky to know her.

Andy Kushner Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Dubois is a wonderful caring person. She has brought such goodness to HGF with herself and Remington. I second the nomination!

Cathy Berube Posted over a year ago

Congratulations to Gail! I couldn't agree more. You put a smile on everyone's face, children and adults! Bravo my friend??

Marissa Brunelle Posted over a year ago

Congratulations, Gail!! What you do is absolutely wonderful! Your students are so lucky to have you!!

Pamme Boutselis Posted over a year ago

Gail is such a kind and caring woman and the selfless acts noted above are not surprising at all. How wonderful she is able to include Remington in her intentional acts of kindness throughout the school. The world is such a conflicted place these days and it does my heart good to know there are people like Gail in it. We're all better for it. ??

Carol Spiewakowski Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Gail! You make such a difference in those children's lives! The world needs more people like you! May you & Remington continue to have great success! Love you!