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Rhonda Pevorus

Position: Third Grade Teacher
School: Union Township Elementary School
School District: Union Township Schools
City, State: Hampton, NJ

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Rhonda Pevorus was nominated by her colleague of two years, Debra Sinkiewicz.

"I am continually impressed with Rhonda's dedication to both her students and Union Township School as a whole," said Sinkiewicz. "She is determined to reach every student in her classroom and often varies her teaching style to accommodate a student’s specific needs."

Ms. Pevorus motivates her class with numerous activities, such as a classroom reading chart and cooperative learning groups. Students earn special rewards as a group, fostering a strong classroom community. She also motivates students as individuals, encouraging them to meet or exceed their goals. Each student is in her class feels accepted, supported and loved. Her positive attitude and funny demeanor keeps her students engaged and excited about learning. Always looking for new teaching ideas, Ms. Pevorus often incorporates new styles of learning into her classroom. Every day, she brings a new adventure to her students. This approach has influenced and directed each of her students over the years! Her former students frequently return to her class for visits, which is further proof of her impact on her students!

She has a great rapport with the parents of her students as well, and they often request her as their teacher. Parents have even approached her after their child has left her classroom for advice going forward. She has a great sense of humor and a positive outlook that is reflective in her relationships with her students and their parents.

Ms. Pevorus continually takes the lead in key administrative roles as well. She is often a mentor to new teachers, leading them through the difficult “first year” process. As a part of Union Township’s Vision 2023, she has taken the lead in numerous committees, providing useful insight and unique ideas. She has been asked to take the lead in creating and incorporating new math curriculum. Ms. Pevorus is also on the leadership committee for Future Ready Schools, working to prepare the students at Union Township Elementary School for the digital age. She is a part of SIP, using the data from the state testing to provide information on both strengths and areas that need improvement within her district.

Ms. Pevorus was an active participant in Hunterdon County’s Techfest over the summer, providing insight on new technology for teachers in the classroom. As a participant, she not only encouraged other teachers from other districts, but highlighted the strong teachers of Union Township Schools. Ms. Pevorus has also taken the lead in training staff at Union Township. Often used as a turnkey, she provides insight, training and support with new computer programs and technology for others. She does all of this with a positive, friendly attitude.

"For these reasons as well as many others, it is without reservation that I nominate Rhonda Pevorus for LifeChanger of the Year. I feel that we, the staff and students of UTES, are lucky to have her as a part of our Tiger Family, and I am proud to be a small part of her creative and inspiring classroom," said Sinkiewicz.

Comments (7)

Tina Russoniello Posted over a year ago

I happen to be lucky enough to work with Rhonda. She inspires me each and every day! She truly has the kids best interest at heart and is always looking for new inspiring ways to reach her students. Rhonda is also always there to support her fellow teachers with encouragement and guidance. Thank you Rhonda for all you do!

Katie Seitz Posted over a year ago

Rhonda is an amazing teacher ad an exceptional mentor teacher and colleague. Rhonda contributes to every aspect of the UTES community. She is dedicated, kind, patient, and always comes to school with a smile on her face. Rhonda’s responsibilities are numerous but her generosity is limitless. Rhonda sets the bar high and not only teaches her students the required material, but gives them the necessary encouragement to reach and go beyond set goals.

Daniel Allen Posted over a year ago

Rhonda has been my son's teacher for two years in a row. When he found out that he had the same teacher again, he was both relieved and excited to be back with her. She has gone out of her way to make him feel comfortable, as a shy child he often is hesitant initially in his surroundings, but she has quickly put him at ease and made him truly love to learn. Over the winter recess, he picked up some books to read and would not set them down, even when we would go to the grocery store. I attribute this transformation to her guidance and her ability to relate to each child on an individual basis. We feel very blessed to have her as a teacher at our school and thank her for her service.

Marie Cascio Posted over a year ago

Rhonda is hands down an amazing teacher, she is the teacher that boosted my daughters confidence and her love of learning. I could not think of a better nominee

Sharon Flynn Posted over a year ago

Rhonda taught my fifth grader two years ago when he was in third grade, and is currently teaching my third grader. She is a very kind and warm-hearted teacher and both of my children really like and respect her. She teaches with excitement and enthusiasm and motivates her students to do the best that they can both academically and personally. Both of my children gained so much from being her students. The study and work habits that she instilled in my children are very evident, especially in my current fifth grader who continues to use the skills that she taught him. She really has a way of making learning fun and keeping her students interested in their lessons. Futher, as a parent, I have found her to be very approachable and fair, and I truly believe that she cares about my children and their success. She is very deserving of this award.

Carol Ebeling Posted over a year ago

I met Rhonda in second grade. She was my kind enthusiastic student. We reconnected after my retirement of 33 years. She was teaching at the time and I was pleased to be assigned to her preschool class as a substitute. We worked many times together. When I was not working directly with her I loved to stop in her class and to see what was happening. I was always in awe that Rhonda was willing to learn new techniques to use with her students. She always came into school with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. That compassion followed her through life. We have been Facebook friends and I watched her children grow into a beautiful family. It shows that her compassion and consistency flows easily from work to home. I believe that Rhonda is perfect for the Life Changer of the Year. Congratulations to her district. They hired the best!

Kathy Posted over a year ago

A very well accomplished young lady who always puts others before herself