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Claire Immell

Position: Third Grade Teacher
School: Monroe Elementary
School District: Jonathan Alder Local School District
City, State: London, OH

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Claire Immell was nominated by a family member, Sarah Immell.

Claire is currently in her fifth year of teaching at Monroe Elementary School in London, Ohio. Monroe is a small elementary school in the Jonathan Alder District, and the demographic is rural; 80% of students receive breakfast/lunch assistance. She has such a big heart; her students face many challenges at home, and she strives to ensure they learn in a positive and loving environment. She is very aware when a student may not be able to participate in an activity or bring a birthday treat (due to a home situation), and she will discreetly see to it they have something to share with their classmates.

Claire has volunteered in the afterschool program, which offers students exposure to activities they may not have access to from home. She also makes herself available to teach the summer school program, which Monroe Elementary offers to students who need a bit more enrichment during the summer break. Her priority is to help her students grow during her time with them. She is not wrapped up in “grade level” achievement - instead, she strives for each child's own growth and development throughout the year she has with them. Claire is a passionate reader and shares this with her students as well.

At Monroe Elementary School, Claire is on the PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention System) committee, and she is the teacher liaison for the PTA, where she enjoys working with the parents for the betterment of the whole school. For the Jonathan Alder District, she is on the Science Committee and Gifted Student Committee.

"Having volunteered in her classroom, I am in awe of her gentle command of this room of young learners. Her students adore her, and she loves the challenge of pushing them to excel past their own expectations to realize their potential. She enjoys working with the staff in her building," said Sarah. "Claire Immell is a true LifeChanger; and I am honored to share a little glimpse into this passionate young teacher with a big heart."

Comments (12)

Brianna McCray Posted over a year ago

Claire’s passion for her students and her relentless commitment to helping them succeed by meeting each of their individual needs is consistently evident. The sheer joy that radiates from Claire any time she talks about her students is admirable and would make any parent hope that their child’s teacher would find so much dedication to their profession.

Jennie Storts Posted over a year ago

I was lucky enough to work with Claire in her first year of teaching. I was her mentor, but she taught me as much as I taught her. Claire's knowledge of her students and their lives allows her to tailor her teaching to completely meet their needs. Because her school's population consists of a high free and reduced population, her students have both academic and social emotional needs. Claire teaches with empathy, skill, knowledge and a full tool box of strategies that ensure her students learn and are taken care of in every way possible. She is an amazing educator!

Kelly Newman Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Claire for the past four years. Her dedication to this profession is unmatched. She is a kind, loving support system to so many children who do not have the same supports at home. I have witnessed this love on numerous occasions. Just this school year, Claire had a day off during the week of Halloween. When I told her that one of her students came to school without a costume, she immediately stopped what she was doing, went to the store and bought him a costume. She then came in on her day off to make sure her student had a costume like all of his peers! She’s the best!

Lexi Posted over a year ago

Miss Immell is so nice! She helps me with math and reading and type my papers when I need help. She always smiles and makes me happy! I love her!

Will Posted over a year ago

She helps every time you can't do a math problem! She is so nice and helps me when I can't understand something. She is a great teacher!

TJ Posted over a year ago

Miss Immell is a great teacher! She is so nice to me and she is the best teacher in the world! She always helps me with my math and helps me when I can't read something that's too hard for me.

Myles Posted over a year ago

She is a really great teacher! She always makes my day better and checks on me when I am having a bad day! She always encourages me and helps me do my best! She is the best teacher ever!!

Destiny Posted over a year ago

Best teacher ever! She always gives me hugs and makes me feel better when I am sad. She helps me with my homework and classwork and always talks to me when I need to talk. She even braids my hair in the mornings when I don't have time to do it at home.

Wendy Roberts Posted over a year ago

I’ve known her for a little over 2 years. She is the sweetest, compassionate, most caring teacher. She truly cares about her students. I worked with her last summer with 21st Century program. It was amazing to see how much the kids love her. The kids at our school need all the extra love they can get. She demonstrates what a true teacher represents and should look like. The whole staff here really goes above and beyond for each and every student. She really is a special teacher. We all love her.

Erin Priday Posted over a year ago

I work with Claire and she is one of the best teachers in our building! She comes in on her days off just to bring kids Halloween Costumes or lunches for students who forgot to pack their lunches. She serves an a mentor after school and often gives up her lunch and planning time to spend with students who need extra help or extra attention!

Lindsay Posted over a year ago

As a fellow staff member AND a parent of one of Claire's former students, I can fully appreciate everything she does to enrich children's lives! She has the most loving, calm demeanor that creates a warm, welcoming learning atmosphere in her room. Every student loves her and knows she will think creatively to meet their needs... whether it is an academic need or a social, physical, or emotional need!

Skylar Posted over a year ago

Claire is such a hardworking teacher. As her coworker I see how much she loves her students and how much she does for them on a daily basis. She truly cares about not only their academic achievements but also their social-emotional ones. Claire is very supportive of her students and her fellow teachers. She gives her all everyday and it shows in how she runs her classroom and how happy her students are to come to school. Claire is a true Life Changer!