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Candace Booker-Goode

Position: ESE Support Coach
School: Silver Lakes Middle School
School District: Broward County Public Schools
City, State: North Lauderdale, FL

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Candace Goode was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Mrs. Goode has worked at Silver Lakes Middle School in North Lauderdale for the past seven years. In her capacity as ESE Support Coach, she works directly with teachers and students, providing instructional and emotional support for students who have been identified as needing this intervention. Meeting Mrs. Goode is a unique experience. From the moment you see her, a warm welcoming smile permeates the environment and draws you in. It is this personality trait that allows her students to connect with her on a personal level.

Although working with the ESE population is her primary task, Mrs. Goode supports her school in ways that are almost too numerous to mention. She is the Social Emotional Liaison for her school, Junior Honor Society sponsor, member of the School Discipline Plan Committee, assistant secretary for the School Advisory Council, former SAC Chair, and is currently training two incoming chairs. She is also the TIER Liaison coach for beginning teachers and those new to her school, in-service facilitator for her school, where she works to ensure that all teachers fulfill their responsibilities to maintain their certification, and she offers professional development for the CHAMPS discipline program, where teachers complete earn in-service points. Mrs. Goode wears all these hats with a smile and always has an encouraging word for everyone she meets.

For Mrs. Goode, student success is of utmost importance. Consequently, she works deliberately and directly with teachers to provide support for students who might otherwise fall through the ‘proverbial’ cracks. To ensure that all teachers have direct communication with her, she created a weekly survey that she accesses to acquire up-to-date information on her assigned students’ academic progress. She then uses the information to strategize interventions that, upon implementation, have decreased the failure rates among the ESE student population. She has an open door policy where she coordinates with district directors, who bring other ESE support staff in to observe her modeline how to conduct a learning strategies class.

In her classroom, Mrs. Goode has created a relaxed atmosphere that is positive and elicits excitement within her students. Students are often overheard talking about how empowered they feel after receiving individualized assistance from her. On a regular basis, she tells her students to “…struggle with it a little”. She understand the importance of allowing them time to try on their own and experience the joy of success that their efforts produce. Her goal is not only to provide them with an answer, but teach them how to get to the answer so they can adapt their learning to a future activity.

Every student on campus knows Ms. Goode. As the social emotional coach, she coordinates activities such as Random Acts of Kindness (RAK), which teaches students to be kind to each other. This year, she revised the activity to have students work in groups to complete designated tasks. The students acknowledged the benefits of strength in numbers as opposed to working individually. It was awesome to watch the camaraderie and enthusiasm among students.  

In her role as Social Emotional Liaison to the district for her school, she designs and coordinates training for staff. This is accomplished by working with administrative staff and supporting teachers on the Social Emotional Committee she leads. Recently, she prepared a series of posters that were posted in various locations around the school campus. They serve to uplift and remind students on the importance of attitude and academic success. Through her dedication to bringing awareness to the relevance of social-emotional topics in education, she has garnered attention from district level directors who have utilized her skills to conduct workshops on the topic. These workshops are presented to various district stakeholders to include: principals, assistant principals, community stakeholders, and parent groups.  Upon completion of the workshop, they are able to take the techniques learned and apply them based upon the needs of their specific population.

For Mrs. Goode, application in the real world is the ultimate proof of learning transferred. She arranges activities where Junior Honor Society students can provide service to the community. Whether they're designing and implementing a plan of action to keep the school and its surroundings clean, or distributing food at area shelters, students learn that giving is just as important as receiving. It isn’t unusual for her and the JHS students to be seen at a community center on a Saturday. For them, this is the norm.

Mrs. Goode also works with Junior Honor Society to provide peer-tutoring after school. Her students also see her modeling this "caring is sharing" mindset as she runs a “Book Bag for Champions” program onsite at Silver Lakes Middle. This venture is supported by the faculty and stakeholders, who donate bags to her cause. Any student in need of a book bag only needs to show up at her door and trade their damaged book bag or just ask for a bag. She gives them a new bag – no questions asked.

"Mrs. Goode gives 100% of herself to her students, peers, and community. The many hats she wears would be overwhelming to some. However, it is just another day on campus for her doing what she does best … serving others," said her nominator. "She believes that being an educator is more than teaching. It is about caring and sharing. It isn’t any wonder that she was nominated teacher of the year by our staff for the 2017-2018 school year. For this reason, I am nominating Mrs. Goode for the LifeChanger of the Year award."

Comments (20)

Maggie Riveros Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Goode has truly been a life changer on my boys educational life. Entering middle school for my younger son was such a challenge especially with 8 periods. I remember the first week for my younger son was so challenging that I thought he would never adapt to middle school. I was a bit frustrated because my younger son would get lost about his class schedule and his eight teacher’s class requirements. However, one day in open house I met Mrs. Goode and from that day she said something I would never forget. Mrs.Riveros, it’s allot of schedule changes something new for him but I promise he will get it and I will help him. Here I am thinking how is she going to help him ? Since there is so many students to help she will probably forget about my son school challenge. Well I have to say that promise she made from that day was a commitment she has committed not even knowing who my son was and not knowing how much medical health my son has been dealing with yet her kind heart and passion of helping truly embrace who Mrs.Goode truly is my hero and my boys hero. Without Mrs. Goode, help for my younger son to adapt through middle school would have been very challenging. Mrs.Goode indeed is a blessing from heaven and I truly appreciated all her help with my boys. I notice how much she puts of every time to assure all the students that need help to get the help that is needed. Thank you

Mishca Ricketts Posted over a year ago

Five years ago I met Mrs. Goode at the start of my teaching career and there was no way she was going not let us become friends. Mrs. Goode is one of the most down to earth people I have ever met and it translates into her teaching and her daily interactions filled with compassion. The friendship transitioned into mentorship and-she has truly been instrumental in helping me become a great teacher. She is a constant source of motivation, information and love. As a support facilitator I’ve seen how she’s created a safe haven in her classroom and the students come in and know they are welcome and loved. Mrs. Goode has always done always incorporated social emotional learning (SEL) which is why it was so natural for her to train the staff and lead the SEL initiative in our school. Mrs. Goode is the representative of life changer of the year because of the many lives she’s impacted and changed with her kindness and love.

Susan liese Posted over a year ago

I worked for Broward Schools as an ESE Curriculum and Instructional Support Program Specialist. Meeting and working with Candice has been a highlight of my practice. When I first met her at Silver lakes Middle School, she was a new teacher packed in a very small classroom in the library with a group of middle schoolers. From our first meeting, we “clicked “. She understood and cared about each of her students. She had the rapport with her students and every teacher strives for. I observed her discussing the 2015 Baltimore Riots with her classes. She had her students organized. They were seated in a circle facing each other. Every individual had a role and opportunity to express themselves. They first watched a clip of the news. This ensured that everyone was updated on the issue. Her students expressed their feelings and frustrations. They were totally engaged! It was a wonderful experience.

Adah Nelson Posted over a year ago

I have known Ms.Goode for 2 years and I am very grateful for the way she has helped me. Ms.Goode is an amazing teacher who takes time to assess each students needs and tries her best to help them to understand. She Is very nurturing and kind to all who she comes in contact with.Ms.Goode a very determined person who takes care in the way she does her work and always completes it with excellence. I am very happy for all of her accomplishments and honored to write a paragraph to nominate her.

Neena Grosvenor Posted over a year ago

Upon meeting Mrs. Goode there was an instant connection between the two of us. She is like a daughter to me. Mrs. Goode is the most down to earth person I have ever met and it translates into her teaching style. The students know right away that she cares about them. Her personality is infectious and the students gravitate toward her immediately. Students respect her no nonsense method of dealing with them because they recognize that she is in their corner. Mrs. Goode is an outstanding educator who has a genuine commitment to student success academically as well as in the area of social and emotional growth. Mrs. Goode is the best representative of life changer of the year because of the impact she has had on the students she serves. She gets my vote hands down!

Rick A Myers Posted over a year ago

My wife and I have worked with Ms. Goode for the two years our son has been at Silver Lakes Middle school. I can honestly say that she is in fact a life changer. She has worked with our son Patrick very closely, both in the classes of hers that he was in, and as his ESE coach. Her communication with us is fantastic, and just knowing her has made Patrick a better student and person. She is also looking out for him, and in some cases knows things before we do. Mrs. Goode works with our son, and probably everyone in her charge to become better students, and better people. She quite simply cares, cares about all students, the school and the several committees I am involved with her in. She not only cares, but her personality is so fantastic that people just wanted to give their best around her. I am proud to write a paragraph endorsing her nomination.

Dawn Davidson Posted over a year ago

I have known Mrs. Candace Goode for almost two years now, and I can truely say that she has been a blessing to my family. We are forever thankful that GOD has smiled on us, knowing that my son needed guidance and he sent Mrs. Goode into our lives. Since then she has been helping my son Solomon by keeping him on track and actively communicating with all of his teachers and myself to see how he can improve his grade and make-up work that he didn't do so great on originally. Mrs. Goode is sweet an have such a big and kind heart, that her joyful spirit is contagious. It is no wondering why all the children in her class loves her and all want to be there. As a parent, she has never turned me away when I've come to her with a concern. Mrs, Goode is an excellent candidate for this award, for she has most definitely been a life-changer in our lives.

Shelley Eugene Posted over a year ago

I have known Mrs.Candance Goode for about 8 years now. I met her when I was in the 7th grade at Silver Lakes Middle School and ever since the first day we met we've been close. Its so weird for me to call her "Candance" because I usually call her "Mrs. Goode" or "Mom". She is very important to me and inspires every single day, she is the true definition of black girl magic. When I have a problem whether it's about school or something personal Mrs. Goode is always there for me and genuinely cares for me. It's my senior year in high school and i've been stressed and overwhelmed with school and work. When I'm stressed I run to her, When i'm mad I run to her, When I'm sad I run to her, she is my second mother, best friend, and counselor. She wears many hats and execute every single job with class and grace. I don't know who else deserves this award other than Mrs. Candance Booker-Goode!

Aaron Harrod Posted over a year ago

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Mrs. Candace Goode. I can personally attest to the following admirable characteristics: creative problem-solver; always cheerful and dependable; take-charge personality; has a true flair for organization; Mrs. Goode’s sensitivity and concern for others; innovative and creative; meticulous attention to detail one of the finest, and lastly the most well-rounded person on this planet!

Gwen Lampkin Posted over a year ago

Candace Goode is truly an asset to all SBBC stakeholders that she encounters. Her unwavering dedication exemplifies her tenacity and level of commitment. Mrs. Goode is a shining star and her enthusiasm is contagious to those she interacts with not only professionally, but personally as well.

Yvette Harrod Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Booker-Goode has a unique and wonderful rapport with the faculty and students. She’s driven, extraordinarily talented at connecting with students and educating in a creative and engaging fashion. I’m completely in awe by Mrs. Booker-Goode’s inspiring vision, positive spirit & warm demeanor. I recommend this Award with extreme enthusiasm & confidence. Way to go!!

Deidra T Jackson Posted over a year ago

Ms.Goode is a wonderful woman inside out.. She is a ONE of a kind individual whose always willing to help others. She loves her career and students wholeheartedly.. I couldn't see fit for her NOT to receive this reward...

Jerrad “Tyger” Ferguson Posted over a year ago

Candace Goode and her family are very close friends of mine for many years. The way she talks about her career you can tell that she enjoys making a difference in those kids lives. She is the kind of person that if you ask, she will give her last to help you out. She is a person very deserving of this award.

Tanaia Parker Posted over a year ago

Candace Goode is an absolutely rare find. I know Mrs. Goode personally as she has been a wonderful resource for my husband and me in helping our own child (who is not one of her students) and now professionally through her community service (particularly her book bag campaign as she looks to grow her ability to serve more students). From the moment you meet Mrs. Goode, you know she is special. Her love for her students (and people in general) as well as her craft is real and felt deeply by those who encounter her. I am also impressed with her passion and drive to improve upon her own skills by advancing her education in the field, continuously going to workshops and reading books to expand her knowledge and awareness to be a better resource for the students she supports. She does ALL of this with a family of her own and a circle of friends that she always is there for. Mrs. Candace Goode has certainly been a life changer to me, my family and her students. I couldn’t wish for a better person to receive this honor.

Tanya Thompson Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of meeting Candace when I visited her school. I immediately recognized that she was a wealth of information and very resourceful. I tapped into her to train a group of assistant principals in social emotional learning. This experience has provided her the opportunity to tap into a different skill set for a new audience. She was wonderful! She is the real deal!

Lloyd Parker Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Goode is a very close friend of ours and we’ve known her for many years. It doesn’t take a long conversation with her to realize she is very talented as an educator and extremely passionate about her work. By most standards, being an excellent educator would be enough but she “CARES” and recognizes the vital role she’s playing in shaping the lives of kids from all walks of live. Her energy and advocacy for the kids makes her a gift to the community and our youth. Even though our kids attend school in a different state, I’ve consulted her numerous times for her expert opinion and guidance with respect to decisions we faced in their education. In each instance she provided sage and practical advice that allowed us to make decisions armed with knowledge and understanding. Additionally, she continuously seeks to deepen her expertise through training and schooling. This keeps her relevant and timely in her awareness of educational trends and the state of our kids (and their families). She is ALWAYS willing to freely share her ideas, knowledge and insights with anyone who asks without hesitation. It is refreshing to encounter someone who loves what they do, brings a loving approach to it and freely works to the betterment of others without any expectation of reward or recognition. I am personally thrilled for her and this nomination and greatly thank the person that nominated her - she is fully deserving of this recognition and more!

Sheila Posted over a year ago

In addition to all of Candace’s contributions to the ESE community, she manages to volunteer at her church consistently keeping herself available to help new guests. Such a pleasure to know her and work along side her!

Tadessa Anderson Posted over a year ago

I love Mrs. Goode my son Jadon is in her class and he loves her too. She has helped him accomplished his goals for each semester. He has mostly A's and B's because of her and he also was on the A/B honor roll for the first time in the his first semester at silver Lakes middle. As a parent that is very involved with my son's education she is always available for me to talk to or ask any questions, if a teacher assigns something I'm not sure about she is always there to explain and help in anyway she can, she's very approachable and easy to talk with about any concern I might have about my son and for that I'm ever grateful for her doing an exceptional job. When I first met her she told me my son is her son now and she truly embodies that statement in everyway.

Daniel Riveros Posted over a year ago

Thank you for helping me and making me go through half of the school year and you are to one of the most kindest teachers to me.

BRYAN MCDOUGALL Posted over a year ago

HELP with evrything i need an helps with home work all in all just a great teacher