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Kathy Lyman

Position: ESOL Paraprofessional
School: Huntsville Intermediate School
School District: Huntsville School District
City, State: Huntsville, AR

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Kathy Lyman was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Mrs. Lyman has been given the greatest opportunity to impact students in grades 3-5 through her work with the ESOL program. She establishes a great rapport with her students, while simultaneously developing their language for success in the regular classroom.

Being a local native of the area, Mrs. Lyman provides not only excellent academic support, but rich cultural experiences. As a child, she was afforded many opportunities to develop homesteading skills. She uses her actual experiences from living off the land to enrich her students' lives. Mrs. Lyman provides opportunities for her students of differing cultural backgrounds to experience what life is like in a very rural setting, much like what can be seen on Little House on the Prairie. Through her classroom lessons, students took a virtual field trip where many did not know or understand a pond. They would know the word deer, but not doe, buck, or fawn.

She recently took several of her students to the Lyman Homestead. These students have never had the opportunity to see what a working farm looks like. While on the trip, the students saw several working ponds and learned about their different uses. They took a hayride through the pasture land and saw the cows and donkeys. They were given the opportunity to feed the donkeys gingersnaps, play in sage grass, climb a dear stand, and hike through the woods to the falls. The students also roasted marshmallows in an open fire pit. One thing was very apparent - as soon as the children got off the bus, they were not used to such wide open spaces. Mrs. Lyman took them on a tour of her house, talking about the crocks and the old drying rack that sat by the fire place. Also, through enrichment classes, she teaches students about hand embroidery. Many in the community will donate supplies to Mrs. Lyman because she is teaching such valuable and lost skills to the children.

In addition to her classroom instruction and enrichment, she is a valuable asset to her district. She is always called upon to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for school functions. Of course, Mrs. Lyman does not just do this by herself. She involves her students as well as others from the different grade levels. She teaches them how to make floral centerpieces from fresh greenery that has been collected from her farm. 

"Kathy is known and loved by many within the school and community. She gives her time to family, friends, and neighbors. She loves effortlessly. The students, families, district, and community is beyond blessed to have her as part of their lives," said her nominator.

Comments (32)

Mary Posted over a year ago

Kathy is such an amazing person! She is known by all in our small community, because in some way she has touched their life with her kindness. “Kindness is the ability to place the needs of others in front of your own, to be selfless and to empathize with those around you. ... Kindness consists of doing favors and good deeds for others without the expectation of personal gain. This strength requires respect for others but also includes emotional affection.” These words describe her perfectly! The world is a better place because of her! I don’t know of a person more deserving of this award!

Yvonne Carlton Posted over a year ago

Kathy has always given from her heart. She raised two amazing talented children along with taking care of neighbors, friends even random strangers needing a helping hand. She has so many talents and she passes them on to kids in classrooms and out. Very deserving of this award. Appreciate her dedication!

Sharon McCoy Posted over a year ago

Kathy is a true gem and a blessing to all that know her. She is an integral part of the school and community. Her commitment to making a positive impact on each person she comes in contact with is unwavering. She is one of the most selfless people I have ever met. She constantly gives without any concern for receiving for herself. Kathy deserves this honor and so much more!

Cindy Posted over a year ago

Kathy Lyman is a true gem in every sense of the word. She loves her students without effort, and instills in them skills that are not found in a text book. She is a true life changer when it comes to her students. She teaches them love, humility, and expresses to them how important kindness is to others. She also teaches them skills necessary for everyday living. While teaching them how to hand embroidery is not necessary for daily living, she does tell them how important it is to be able to sew on a button or do a quick hem on your clothes. Through the embroidery process, she lets them know that each of the later skills are easy to accomplish. Kathy is loved and admired by all who know her. I have never met a kinder lady that gives so much of her time to others. She is very deserving of being a Life Changer!

Jill Posted over a year ago

Kathy is such an amazing asset to our school & this is well deserved for sure!!

Chonda Boatright Posted over a year ago

Kathy is an angel here on Earth. She comes in each day and blesses each persons she passes in the halls. Our kids have be blessed to be taught things that often fall to the way side because of this amazing lady. Her knowledge is indescribable and unless you see her in action you just can't truly grasp what a true treasure she is. She has taught our students and staff skills that will be able to pass on to future generations. Kathy is beyond deserving of this honor.

Nathan Leonard Posted over a year ago

Mrs Lyman is one of a kind, always putting ofhers before herself. Kathy constantly talks about her kids at school and how much she loves them. She teaches these kids more than just the standard educational criteria. She instills life long lessons that will help these kids to positively contribute to society as adults. It’s the Kathy Lyman’s of the world that invest in our kids and give us hope in the betterment and future of America. Thank you Kathy for your contributions to these kids and our community! You are such a blessing to so many and your impact has and will continue to change lives for the better.

Brittany Posted over a year ago

Everywhere you go, everyone knows Mrs. Lyman. Kids come running trying to say hi and she always acknowledges them and makes them feel special. She is a life changer for sure!

Kendra Thompson Posted over a year ago

Her talents are endless and she truly LOVES her kids. They refer to her as their school mommy. I’m lucky enough for her to be my real mommy! She is one of a kind and is so deserving of this recognition.

Shannon Wood Posted over a year ago

Our school is blessed to have Mrs. Kathy Lyman. She has a special talent of making a regular school day seem like a big adventure! She works hard to make sure every student receives the very best of both her time and knowledge. It is an honor to call her a friend. No better person could have been selected for this award!

Marcia Rivera Posted over a year ago

I have known Kathy fof a whole Lot of years. She loves children with a passion & adults alike. If she can help someone, she will. I hope you win! You deserve it!

Rebecca Posted over a year ago

Kathy is the most deserving woman I know. She goes above and beyond for not only her ESOL students, but for EVERY student in our school.

Lenora Posted over a year ago

There is no one in this world like Kathy! She has so much passion for her kids and her work. She sees the good in everything and it shows! The kids adore her! Her friends love her! We are so thankful she is ours!

Kaela Hawkins Posted over a year ago

Kathy is a special lady! She goes above and beyond her call of duty to make an impact on kids lives. She is so creative and has a wonderful personality that makes it easy for people to feel comfortable around her. She is very deserving of this award!

Kathy Williams Posted over a year ago

Kathy loves her job and it shows! All of the kids want to go to her class because there’s always something fun going on there. She teaches more than academic lessons, she teaches life lessons that will benefit her students throughout their lives. I wish all students had the chance to have such a positive, relatable, warm and genuine individual for a role model. Kathy is truly making a difference!

Cassie Smith Posted over a year ago

As a parent in our community, it is refreshing to see someone like Mrs. Lyman pouring so much love into our students! She is an inspiration for sure! Thanks for all you do Kathy!

Sarah Molyneux Posted over a year ago

Kathy is such a wonderful person! She has the most kind and genuine heart. She has a way of making people feel special. You can't help but feel loved when you are around her! She is such a blessing to our school and community. Kathy is more than deserving of this award!!

Claleigh Tuberville Posted over a year ago

Kathy is one of the greatest people you could ever meet. I am blessed enough to work with her and get to see on a daily basis how she impacts her kids and our school. She is definitely a life changer for everyone who gets the privilege to know her!

Sarah Molyneux Posted over a year ago

Kathy is such a wonderful person! You can't help but feel loved and when you are around her. She is so genuine and caring and has a way of making everyone feel special. She is such a blessing to our school and community. She is more than deserving of this award!

Natosha Posted over a year ago

Kathy’s love for life is infectious. She brightens the day of every single person she encounters. She is so deserving of this award for the impact she has on the lives of her students and coworkers.

Sarah Glenn Posted over a year ago

There is no one more deserving of this award than Kathy. She loves her students and is a blessing to our school.

Lindsay Harp Posted over a year ago

Kathy truly brings a smile to any and all she meets. She’s caring, thoughtful, and mothers everyone she comes in contact with. She not only cares about students in their present day, she invests in their future. Grateful and blessed to know her.

Jean Ficht Posted over a year ago

Kathy is very deserving of this award. Kids love her and she makes time to help all of them. Schools need more people like her to work with all the kids. She goes way beyond what is expected for a paraprofessional to do in the school. Good luck. Hope you win!

Hannah Posted over a year ago

It's an honor to know Ms. Lyman and call her a friend. I can think of no one more deserving of this award. <3

Ruby Davidson Posted over a year ago

Kathy Lyman is such a wonderfully skilled lady. She takes scraps and turns them into masterpieces. She is so talented. She is a fair and loving person who always finds a way to lift you up. The students there are fortunate to have her.

Kelly Yarbrough Posted over a year ago

Kathy is a warm, caring person who is always giving of her time, talent, and money. She is one of a kind individual and a great asset to our school district! We love you, Kathy! Mr. Yarbrough

Dan Hicks Posted over a year ago

As a new teacher to the school district I have only know Kathy for a short time. However, she sure knows how to make an outsider feel welcomed and appreciated. This past December she invited any and all staff to come make a short visit during our prep time to the administration building for a cup hot chocolate. I was there heartbeat. When I arrived it was as if I'd died and gone hot coco heaven! I got a cup of coco with ALL the accoutrements too! I know hot chocolate is not a milestone of an accomplishment but none the less she had a "warming" impression on me.

Dana Bailey Posted over a year ago

Kathy is a blessing to everyone who encounters her. I grew up being around Kathy. I am now blessed to be able to work with her! I love seeing her pour into these kids and teach them real life skills that they will be able to use their entire lives. Kathy is as genuine as they come. Huntsville Intermediate School is a better place because of her.

Terri Kennedy Posted over a year ago

Kathy Lyman is, indeed, a valuable member of our Huntsville School District team! Students and teachers alike can always count on a smile and a friendly word from Kathy. She is generous with her time, her resourcefulness, and her patience. Students that are lucky enough to be taught by Kathy find joy in learning and a friend for a lifetime. I am so pleased that Kathy has been nominated for this award for she absolutely does make a difference in so many lives!

Carla Taylor Posted over a year ago

I love Kathy and all she does for the kids and for us, here at school. She makes everyone feel better!!! Kathy says in her comment that she was an ornery little girl. Well, I can tell you, she still is!!

Joshua Oehler Posted over a year ago

Kathy is a wonderful woman not only to the kiddos that she serves, but also the staff she works with. She is always willing to go above and beyond as needed to help anybody. She always has a smile on her face, and is willing to make anybody smile if they are feeling down. She is a wonderful person, and I am blessed to be able to work with such a woman with such a big heart.

Kathy Lyman Posted over a year ago

I have no words!!! I am so honored to be nominated! The article has lead to a river of happy tears. I was just a poor lil ornery girl growing up. My momma taught me how to make and do with very little. I can relate to my school kids so well. I know a lot of their tricks, I want them to feel comfortable and make learning fun, show them helpful life skills, and be a person they can go to. Our school offers a WIN time (What I Need)each day and I have had the opportunity to share some old fashioned lessons with several hundred kiddos. Kids love it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am blessed!!!