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Jennifer Ames

Position: Secretary
School: Snow Hill Middle School
School District: Worcester County Public Schools
City, State: Snow Hill, MD

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Jennifer Ames was nominated by her principal, Christina Welch. 

Mrs. Ames encapsulates the primary tenet of Snow Hill Middle School (SHMS). When a question is asked, the answer is always what is best for kids.  Mrs. Ames started her career at SHMS over 20 years ago as an educational assistant, providing support to students within classrooms.  She grew up in the community of Snow Hill Middle School and attended Snow Hill Elementary, Middle, and High School.  Her children attended her community network of schools and her grandchildren are currently enrolled.  She lives, breathes, and sleeps the Snow Hill community.

Mrs. Ames begins each day by caring for family members who have medical issues.  After working all morning, she attends to the front office.  She is the first face that students, parents, and staff see every single day. She knows where every student lives, their families (both immediate and extended), and any other minuscule detail that the school family needs to know about a student.  She is calm and nurturing to the students and handles parents who are worried, angry, or excited with compassion.  When the school system experienced a system-wide bomb threat two years ago, Mrs. Ames was the glue for the school community when reuniting families with their children.  Social media was peppered with remarks regarding the calm and composed nature that Mrs. Ames maintained during this emergency.  When she leaves SHMS at 5:00 each day, she then goes to the feeder school, Snow Hill Elementary School's After School Program, where she also coordinates their front desk and ensures that all students arrive at their homes safely.  "Mrs. Ames does not leave until every bus driver calls in to report that all students have been delivered home safely," Welch said. "The poverty rate in the Snow Hill community is over fifty percent.  Every student needs a Jennifer Ames to watch out for them."

Mrs. Ames' day does not end when she leaves Snow Hill Elementary School.  She is a very active member in her church, which is located only a few miles from her school and her home.  She assists the elderly, sick, and poor in her community.  She is a leader within her church, attending conferences to expand her faith.  Mrs. Ames also volunteers with a local organization honoring a late Snow Hill Middle School teacher.  She assists in the coordination of a scholarship given to a Snow Hill High School teacher majoring in education.  Her commitment to the students in Snow Hill is felt kindergarten through grade 12 and beyond.

Mrs. Ames is also the person that can have hard conversations with students who are not motivated to be at school to learn and then take them to see the Ravens...a once in a lifetime opportunity for some students.  She is at every football and basketball game...both at school and at local venues.

"As the Principal of Snow Hill Middle School, I often tell people that Mrs. Ames is the glue that holds Snow Hill Middle School together.  When a student is sick, sad, or excited...Mrs. Ames helps them.  When a parent is worried, angry, or happy....Mrs. Ames helps them.  When a copier machine is broken...she fixes it!  When a student needs a ride home...she takes them.  When a student needs a hug and a band-aid...she gives it to them," Welch said. "I can not think of a better recipient for the Life Changer Award of the Year.  This award would be a thank you for the impact she has on the students, staff, parents, and community every single day."


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Comments (43)

Antione Stevenson Posted over a year ago

CONGRATULATIONS sister, may GOD continue to bless you as you bless the SHMS and others.

Annette N. Austin Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Ms. Ames!! You are very deserving of this award nomination because you make a positive impact on everyone who walks through the office doors at Snow Hill Middle School! Your smile, patience, and warm demeanor is demonstrated always! It's obvious that you enjoy your job, but most especially, the children! You can multi-task like no other, and it doesn't appear to stress you at all! If in doubt, ask Jennifer! If you don't know, rest assure, an answer will come quickly! I am grateful to call you co-worker and friend indeed! You are appreciated in more words than you will ever know!! Thanks for being a blessing to all!!!

MARIGOLD MORRIS Posted over a year ago

God's grace, what an awesome accomplishment, everything noted about her is so much of the person she truly is, she is extraordinary, an all around phenomenal person she goes above and beyond her boundaries on & off her job, listening to her nightly communicating with the school bus contractors as they transport the students, , sometimes they have be rerouted back to school but she handled those situations with a calm & positive attitude . she gives a lot of students a positive out look on life,, she cares about how they conduct themselves in & out of school. She is very very deserving of such an award because she has & continue to touch so many students, parents & teachers in so many ways as wells as family members & the elderly in the community. Congratulations Sis, !!!!!!

Velma S. Wilson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Ames can multi-task more than any person I have ever met. I worked with her at the Snow Hill Middle School many years ago and currently working with her at the Snow Hill Elementary Haven House After School Program, She knows everyone, can answer all your questions and will do anything and everything you ask her to do. She has been such a blessing to me and others. She is always calm and does a fantastic job at all times . She loves children dearly and is a people person. She is active in her home, church, school and community, All of us feel so blessed to have her in our lives. Jennifer, we love and appreciate you so much. Congratulations.

Kenya Baine Posted over a year ago

Congrats Mrs. Ames you are truly a blessing to Snow Hill Middle School. No matter the question I ask you always know the answer and if you don't know they answer you will find out and call me back... Your caring smile and will to help others is very appreciated. When I call the office if you don't answer the phone I know to call back when your at your desk. Some of the other staff that answer the phone don't have a clue what is going on... That you for being so efficient at your job... I wish you the best of luck at wining this award that you deserve....

A'Leigh Daniels Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Jennifer Ames, You are such a good helper. If I were a grownup you would be my helper. You are so beautiful in the inside and outside. Haven House Student. We Love You! A’Leigh Daniels

Sandra Blake Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Ames is an excellent role model. She goes above and beyond to assist everyone. She treats people the way she would want to be treated. As a child, Jennifer possessed leadership qualities. She continues to be a great leader in her church, school and community. She is an wonderful example of how successful you can be as a citizen of Snow Hill and having attended the great schools in Snow Hill. The needs of others are often addressed before her own needs. Secretary, mother, teacher and helper are just a few of the many shoes that Mrs. Ames wears. If the world had more individuals like Mrs. Ames what a spectacular world this would be. I believe that Mrs. Jennifer Ames deserves the Life Changer Award; for she changes the lives of anyone who is in her presence.

Lisa Stevenson Posted over a year ago

SELFLESS!!!!! This is the best word to describe Jennifer. She is always somewhere helping (the school, the church, elderly relatives)!!!! No matter when I call, she takes the time out to answer my questions and offer any advice especially when it come to my children. Its always about the welfare of others for Jennifer.

Amanda Collins Posted over a year ago


Barbara D. Butler Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Jenny! I am delighted to hear your principal, Dr. Chris Welch, has nominated you for the “LifeChanger of the Year Award”. I have been quite fortunate to have worked with you for over 25 years in the Worcester County Public School System. Your dedication, and secretarial skills have paid off for you. I, having worked in the County for 54 years with numerous secretaries at the elementary and middle schools can declare I have never seen anyone devote such long hours after the school day completing various task to ensure the staff has the materials needed to do their jobs especially at the beginning and end of the school year. I am quite amazed at the fact you know all the parents, their children and their residences, bus assignments, mode of transportation in the Snow Hill area. No matter how hectic/busy the office becomes you go above and beyond your secretarial duties/responsibilities in a calm, respectful manner to everyone you come in contact. Your nomination is most deserving! Jenny give yourself a pat on the back for an excellent job! I am so very proud of you. Barbara D. Butler, Director Haven House After-School Program

Sherron L. Stevenson ( Bro. ) Posted over a year ago

Award Nomination that recognize the exceptional accomplishment wish Ms. Ames exemplify, well deserving of. Never The Less , She is still the pillar that keeps our Kids encouraged , Parents informed and Teachers back bone to there success involving our kids. What a Blessing ! Sister Ames continue to press forward touching hearts of staff , caring for the elderly of her community ( Snow Hill ) Church isn't the building but the person who instill Love outside of the church each and everyday . I feel very optimistic that you are the best candidate for this Award. Congratulations Sister !

Rachael Rogers Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Ames' perpetual smile and constant sunshine are contiguous. She can make any bad day, or situation, disappear with just "Hello". That's her Super Power.

Angela Ayres Posted over a year ago

Ms. Ames is the face of Snow Hill Middle in the sense that her warm smile is always the first to greet you when you enter. This is so important to not only parents, visitors, faculty, and staff but mainly to students. Starting your day with a friendly smile can make all the difference, it sets the tone for SHMS's students each and everyday. Having someone that cares for each student as if they're her own in your school is a blessing. When my children enter Middle School next year and again a few years later I will feel a little more at ease knowing Ms. Ames is there when they'll need her. She's a life changer not only to her students but the entire Snow Hill Community!

Angel N McKinney Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Ames is the best.

Annette Mills Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Jennifer. Seems you've been there forever, seemed like that for me too. Your heart is in the right place, help nurture each child as you would your own.

Degan Allen Posted over a year ago

Ms. Ames, Thank you! Thank you for dedicating your life to not only your own family but every one that walked into Snow Hill Middle. When I was in 6th grade I walked in that office and you greeted me with a smile. You knew I was scared and you welcomed me and introduced me to your son who I still call a friend. Many years later I walked back through those doors and again you greeted me with that same beautiful smile. Again you saw the pain in me and again you comforted me. That was a tough year and every time we spoke you encouraged me. What makes you so special is my story is not unique. For over 20 years you have comforted child after after child and guided countless mother's to stay strong when it's the hardest. There is no way to guess how many hugs you have given, how many tears you have wiped and how many times your laughter has rung through those halls. You know each and every one of us. You remember us, our siblings, children, accomplishments and failures. Just the other day I called and even though my son is now a sophomore you knew my voice right away. So again, thank you. Thank you for everything we know and all that we will never know. You are Snow Hill Middle! Eternally grateful, Degan Allen C/O 1998

Theresa Smullen Posted over a year ago

Whenever I go to the office she knows exactly who my child is and where to find find him. She is an awesome inspiration to all!

Marlyn L Barrett Posted over a year ago

Jennifer is a wonderful person. She is a great asset to her school and to her community. She always has a pleasant smile and a good word for everyone.

Kamesha Johnson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Ames is an amazing woman. I have had four children pass through the halls of Snow Hill Middle School and she was a blessing to each of them. Her positive demeanor and kind words are always a given when interacting with Mrs. Ames. She is most definitely a Life Changer!

Sierra Posted over a year ago

Ms. Ames is truly heaven sent. To know her is to love her. She has made such a huge impact on our community by guiding individuals into being outstanding citizens for multiple generations. It takes a special person to do what she does. Congratulations Ms. Ames

Brian Cook Posted over a year ago

Thank you for serving children, Ms. Ames. You are an asset to the Snow Hill community.

Brian Cook Posted over a year ago

Thank you for serving children, Ms. Ames. You are an asset to the Snow Hill community.

Brooke Reynolds Posted over a year ago

I often refer to Ms. Ames as the “knower of all things”. I cannot think of a more deserving person to receive this award. Ms. Ames changes lives every single day. She saves teachers, parents, students, custodians, and anybody else that crosses her path...and she does it all with a smile on her face. Everyone should have a Ms. Ames in their life. She is remarkable!

Zci’Aera Ames Posted over a year ago

My grandmother is the best ??

Becky Bradfield Posted over a year ago

Great lady!!

Amy West Cossairt Posted over a year ago

She’s such an asset to our school!!!

NanNette Stevenson Posted over a year ago

Ms. Ames is one of the few people that I know that have a heart for the people. She is caring and will go beyond to extend a hand. Congratulations Ms. Ames. She truly deserve this award.

Shalonda Manuel Posted over a year ago

My big sister....I am not surprised that you are honored with this nomination. You have always been and always will be Snow Hill. Your selflessness and dedication to improving and expanding the lives of others is inspiring and motivating. Best wishes.

Terrie Ward Posted over a year ago

Jennifer Ames is one of the most caring people that I have ever run across. Her compassion for the students is life changing. She knows every person in the community and is willing to help in any way shape of form .

Eileen Cooper Posted over a year ago

Mrs Ames has been the rock that our family relies on to handle business for my 89 year old Aunt (her cousin)who lives alone. Jennifer is the one we call from the Philadelphia when there's an issue. She always responds in a generous manner. She handles all finances and oversees medical and homecare services. No matter the day or time of night that we call we can rely on appropriate action being taken. Reading the recommendation she received from the school principal compelled me to share how much she does for our family and how much we appreciate her diligence, perserverance and kindness in caring for my 91 yr old mother's sister. She has truly been a blessing to our family.

Kelley Holloway Posted over a year ago

I attended grade school in Snow Hill, along with some of Mrs. Ames’ own children. Mrs. Ames was always there to be a team mom, a leader, a shoulder to cry on, a helping hand, a great supporter, or whatever else the school needed her to be. Her dedication to the Snow Hill school system, as well as to our community, has been ongoing and unyielding. She is very deserving of this honor, and more. Thank you, Mrs. Ames!

Melissa Barrett Posted over a year ago

Middle school was a very difficult time for me (as it is for most of us) and Mrs. Ames was like a light in the storm. I remember her being in the office, always with a bright smile and a kind word. I don’t think I ever entered the office without her asking me how I was doing, and genuinely listening to the answer. I am so glad to hear that she is still a mainstay at SHMS, encouraging kids and lifting them up when they need it most. Congratulations Mrs. Ames on this honor, you truly deserve this recognition!!

Chiquita Jackson Posted over a year ago

Aunt Jennifer (Mrs. Ames) when i was in shms always had a smile on her face. Whenever i went into the office with whatever question that i would have she would go out of her way to make sure i received the best answer possible. She has been a vital part of shms and she is very deserving of her nomination and i truly hope she wins she deserves this for all the years she has been at shms.

Angela Boulanger Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Cousin Jennifer

Alice Jean Ennis Posted over a year ago

Jennifer is a kind and caring person. She is always willing to help no matter what the job. She respects the students and they respect her.

Angel Hunter Posted over a year ago

Ms. Ames is so deserving of this award. After working with her for 20 years, I can not imagine anyone who could change lives better than her. She is my hero and saves me on a daily basis. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to answer or find the answer to any question I might have. She is such a valued asset at our school and to our community!

Cassidy Hamborsky Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Ames knows EVERY family in the community. She is the one-person welcoming committee at our school. She brings a smile to every face and provides great advice to kids and adults alike. She also prays for those that want it and provides support to students and their families. I love her!

Emily Taylor Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Ames greets me everyday with a smile on her face! She truly has a heart of gold. Whenever I have a question about anything Mrs. Ames is there to help (and knows everything) I am so grateful Mrs.Ames is in my life!

Robin Bruzdzinski Posted over a year ago

I think she sould win she is such a great person.

James Tingle Posted over a year ago

My first son went thru middle school about 8 years ago. My youngest just started this year and it's like Mrs Ames never has missed a beat. She is always in the know of things parents need. Super nice lady. She deserves 1st place and more.

Kristil Wheelee Posted over a year ago

I attended the Snow Hill network of schools as well. Ms. Ames always had a smile on her face each day when I saw her in middle school. She is always willing to answer your questions, lend a hand or just be an ear to listen if you need someone to talk too. She definitely deserves this nomination! <3

Kathy Vail Posted over a year ago

Well-deserved! Mrs. Ames is amazing in every way!

Katie Bashor Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Ames is always smiling and helpful. She always has the answers to my questions and she cares about all of the kids!