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Karlyn Supple

Position: Health Teacher
School: Exeter High School
School District: School Administrative Unit 16
City, State: Exeter, NH

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Karlyn Supple was nominated by a student, Michael Mahoney.

When Mahoney was coming out, Ms. Supple was the one that he went to first. She showed him support, love, and care as she does for all her students. She helps Michael when he is struggling, and supports him when he succeeds.

Mrs. Supple is a role model that people should look up to, and she deserves the best of everything. She demonstrates all of the following without even breaking a sweat: a proven ability to make a beneficial difference in the lives of students; the ability to positively add to the development of the school's atmosphere; leadership within her school and/or district; a record of excellent performance at the professional level; commitment to producing a nurturing atmosphere; and adherence to high moral and ethical standards.


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Camden Ward Posted over a year ago

I didn’t even have Supple (that’s what people called her) as a teacher when I was at EHS (grad 2016) but still, she made an impact on my experience. Everyone knew her as a friendly face and resource. I’ll always remember seeing her roller skate in the hallways on special school occasions. It was regular that she made people’s days and she knew me regardless of the fact that I had another teacher for Health. She is a true highlight at Exeter High School and the general community.

Kris Birr Posted over a year ago

I had Mrs. Supple for health education at EHS in 2003/2004. I went on to move to Oregon where I now live and married my husband and had two beautiful sons. I am now pursuing a master’s in sexual therapy, and I always cite her as my reason. I firmly believe in sexua education in schools and vehemently fight for LGBTQ rights. Thank you, Supple! Your class was inspiring and truly changed my view on sex and how I am choosing to raise my boys with regards to sex, consent, and my career path. With regards, Kris Birr (formerly DiGesu)

Karsan Taylor Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Supple was my health teacher, and not only that but someone that was always willing to talk and help you through whatever it was. She was always intrigued with what was going on outside of her students' schooling, making it a very fun environment. Best experience I have had with a teacher! Not only was the class fun, but a lot was learned! Mrs.Supple deserves this award more than anything!

Audra Cook Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Supple has changed so many aspects of my life and shed light on different perspectives to view life. I am so forever grateful for having her in my life. She never fails to remind me of who I am and everything I want to achieve in my life. There is nobody as selfless and hard-working as Mrs. Supple. She is not only an amazing mother and teacher, she is a beautiful woman inside and out. I know all that she has done for not only me and everyone that has encountered her never fades from one's memory. I am so thankful to have such an honest and supportive mentor to look up to. She is so deserving of the LifeChanger of the Year award. Anybody who knows Supple knows that she deserves nothing less than the world for all the dedication and guidance that she has given to her students and friends and family.

Hannah Burke Posted over a year ago

As a former student, I couldn't be more proud of Mrs. Supple receiving this award. No one deserves it more. As most teenagers will come to find out, high school is rough and my own experience was not any different. The one difference was having supple as both a health teacher and a study hall teacher. The relationship we forged in my first two years of high school has carried through the rest of my education as well as beyond school. I spent years wanting to throw my life away and she never stopped reminding me the value I really had and what life really had to offer. A teacher like supple is very rare. She meets each of her students on their level and cares about each one of them so much. I have watched her make a differences not only in my life but in the lives of so many others throughout the years. Anyone who has had the privilege of being impacted by her will understand the community that she has built at Exeter high school. The credit for the success that I have had in my adult life must go, in part, to Karlyn Supple. She taught me how to value myself and to think about my own impact on others. She taught me how to critically think and to make decisions that are both healthy and effective. She was someone that I could trust and rely on when other adults in my life were lacking those qualities. I am so happy to find out there are awards out there that recognize individuals like Supple and I am so happy that she has been nominated. The world could use more teachers like Karlyn Supple.

Caleigh B Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Supple was my backbone sophomore through senior year or high school. I knew I could tell her anything and I would have her to just listen to me or to give advice. She is an incredible role model and truly knows how to make you feel important. Supple deserves this honorable award!

Aly Fisher Posted over a year ago

Supple is and always will be my favorite teacher from high school. She knows how to connect with students both in her class and outside in such a big way. She is always the person to turn to whether you’re having a good day or a bad day, she’s always there to listen. She embodies perfectly what it means to be a teacher. I am so thankful for her and everything she has done for the people of EHS.

Ismini naos Posted over a year ago

I must say that I am not surprised at all that Karlyn received this nomination and truly hope she is awarded this honor as she is truly deserving of it. Karlyn was my high school basketball coach almost 25 years ago in Baltimore MD and even then was an extremely approachable person, someone who would connect and support her students, someone one felt comfortable with, who was always there to lend a friendly ear, give advice and push you to be the best you could be. She is a fantastic educator who will always go above and beyond what is expected and who is truly there for her students. Congratulations Karlyn. You have touched so many lives over the years and deserve this!

John Walker Posted over a year ago

Some things never change! Congrats! John Walker Hawriver, NC

Adam Krauss Posted over a year ago

Inspiring, influential, role model, mentor and endless source of support, guidance, and love ... what hasn't been said of Mrs. Supple?! We don't get to work together much but she's always a steady presence ready to listen, support, and share in the work we do. So deserving!

Caitlyn Keating Posted over a year ago

Supple is not only an amazing teacher, but also a true mentor and friend. It's a huge testament to the type of person she is that her students from 10+ years still remain close to her to this day and remember the sound advice she's given to all of us. She pushes you to be the best version of yourself - I'll never forget the timed 4 mile run we had to do in lacrosse and thinking that it would be a miracle if I finished it at all, let alone at a good time. Because Supple was right there with us pushing us throughout the run and encouraging us, I ended up finishing at my best time yet, and felt so incredibly good about myself after. She doesn't give up on her students, but instead she sees the potential in everyone and pushes students to be the best version of themselves. Because of this, and so much more, Supple is so deserving of this amazing acknowledgement.

Cameron Breton Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Supple has got to be, hands down, the most memorable teacher from my highschool career. From someone who couldn't be more eager to leave highschool, Carlyn Supple stands alone as the only teacher I had who I developed a relationship with on a personal level. It takes a lot to be a widely respected teacher, it takes more to be a friend. She tackles both with ease.

Conor C. Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Supply was easily one of the best teachers that I have ever had! She had a great balance of being fun while still expecting a lot from her students academically. If anyone deserves this award it is Mrs. Supple, her enthusiasm is contagious and she truly cares about each and every student. I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to have her as a teacher and get to know her as a person!

Madison DiPrima Posted over a year ago

I did not have the pleasure of having Ms. Supple as my health teacher while in attendance at Exeter High School, but whenever I encountered her, you could physically see the love and support radiating off of her. I used to work at a Dunkin' Donuts she used to constantly frequent at, leaving me and my coworkers with tips and compliments alike. In addition, Ms. Supple was always a beacon of light for her students, including those she didn't have as students, like me. She deserves this award more than anyone else I know.

Mary O Posted over a year ago

I also had the amazing opportunity to have Mrs. Supple for Health class my sophomore year . At the time I was just learning how to cope understand my ADHD, I was just diagnosed at the time and I was struggling with trying to find the right medication for me and honestly I reached out to Mrs. Supple and she helped me tremendously to understand that my ADHD can't hold me back academically because I'm now studding Bioengineering at UNH. Supple continued to make an impact on my life even after health class, my junior year my family was going through a lot, within 3 months I had ACL reconstructive surgery, my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and my dad was diagnosed with brain cancer. It took me a while ti reach out to anyone and explain these events, but at the time Mrs. Supple had a knee injury of her own and I remember being in the athletic trainers room and connecting to Mrs. Supple and she really did care because that summer she shopped often at our Family Business that my dad owned and she continues to support my family by stopping by and checking up on my family which is significant to my family and we value that. Mrs. Supple gave her time and compassion and My family and I are forever grateful.

Catherine S. Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Supple has a kind spirit yet wittiness to her that is unparalleled. She invites students in with open arms, and truly cares for each and every one of them. She truly is the most selfless teacher I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, and she does so much more for her students than what she is required to. I love Mrs. Supple and I think she deserves this award more than anyone else!

Renee Posted over a year ago

As a former student of Mrs. Supple’s, it is hard to begin to express how much of a caring and supportive person she is. She listens to everyone, and finds ways to not only make class interesting, but acknowledges that the material in class will be sensitive to some, and does a great job at making everyone feel comfortable. My time in her class made me realize that in a large school building, I’d always have someone who would listen if I needed to talk to her. I am so greatful to have had the experience of her class, and to know such an empowered and understanding individual.

Renee Rousseau Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Supple was the most fun teacher I ever had. She used real movies (rather than cheesy educational videos) so we could relate what we were learning to real life situations in a way we could enjoy it. She always made sure to explain what she was teaching in a way that we could understand and she was always trying to prepare us for what college was going to be like. She didn't just teach health, she taught life lessons. She truly cares about every student and is always there to help. I have never learned more from a teacher. By far my favorite class I've ever taken.

Payton Posted over a year ago

I have never met a better educator than Mrs. Supple. The whole school knows her as the person to go to when needing help. She's helped so many people that I know through hard times and EHS is lucky to have her. No one deserves this award more than her, she's probably saved more lives than she could ever know.

Katie King Posted over a year ago

Exeter High School would not be the great school it is without Mrs. Supple. As one of her former students and a recent graduate of EHS, I am able to say with utmost sincerity that she truly goes above and beyond in her role as a teacher and she provides each student with an environment where they feel safe and secure in asking for help or advice, and you can feel this in the atmosphere the moment you step through the door into her classroom. Mrs. Supple more than exceeds the expectations of what an amazing educator, role model, and friend should be, and this is why she is one of the hardest working women I know. Despite all that she does she never loses her poise, and her grace and dignity are both reassuring and inspiring.The advice I have received from Mrs. Supple has never failed me, and I will never forget all that she has taught me inside of her class and out.

Allie Robinson Posted over a year ago

I had Mrs. Supple the second semester of my sophomore year for Health class. At the time I was struggling with depression and anxiety, and going to school was an everyday challenge for me. Coming to her class every morning 1st period would absolutely make my day! She would give me endless support throughout the semester, and help me though my struggles. I continued to see her throughout my junior year and she continued to show great support and give amazing advice. I am currently a senior and still try to see her everyday for lunch. I can’t thank her enough for her endless support and encouragement! She is the best teacher I’ve ever had, and I don’t know where I would be today without her.

Meredith Wilson Posted over a year ago

I too, have had the wonderful opportunity to know this incredible woman over the years. As an EHS graduate, this news of her incredible nomination, floods my memory with the past. You would never begin to think that one person, could make such a difference in anyone’s life. But then you begin to recollect the moments in high school when life is hard and you feel no one is listening. Supple is. She always is. It only takes ONE person. She listened as I struggled with the after math of being raped at 13. When I missed almost 3 weeks of school Junior year (assuming I was a slacker), she was crushed when I told her my father passed away and with tears in her eyes, hugged me and said she’s there if I ever want to talk. At the moment, I didn’t. My world fell apart. When my life was spiraling out of control with depression from my father’s death, I became anorexic, incredibly thin and as I lost myself, she was there to help me find my way back. Now, I’m 35, I have 3 kids and we stay in touch, reconnecting as if no time at all has passed, which is crazy considering I was 15 when we met! Supple’s love for everyone deserves the highest recognition.

Nya Barnette Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Supple has recently been helping me through a difficult time, and I could never thank her enough. She deserves this nomination and she deserves to win, I would not be able to handle what I am going through without her. She assisted me greatly and changed my life through it.

Katie Cashman Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Supple is someone who exudes compassion to everyone she encounters. She gives thoughtful and nonjudgemental advice, and is a constant source of support for anyone who needs it. Exeter High School is lucky to have her, and I am blessed to have had had her in my schooling experience.

Taylor Posted over a year ago

She sure changed my life! So grateful to have her guidance through my high school and adult life

Meral K. Smith Posted over a year ago

I've known Karlyn since she was 14 years old. She is a wonderful woman, roll model, mother and friend. This is a well deserved nomination. Congratulations Karlyn.

Ellen Garnett Posted over a year ago

Karlyn is more than a friend and a mentor; she is a reminder that women are leading the future by building strong communities of people that learn to believe in themselves. Karlyn makes every student feel like they matter during a crucial time in their lives when they are trying to figure out who they are as individuals. She is an unwavering presence at Exeter High School for her dedication to providing her students with the support and resources they need to succeed, in and outside of school. From student crisis management to her engaging teaching methods, Karlyn is an everyday hero for her current and former students. As a recent graduate of Simmons College, a women-centered institution, I look to Karlyn as the strong, inspiring and influential woman I hope to become one day.

Emily J Posted over a year ago

Supple always shows the utmost support whenever someone confides in her. The number of students that have gone to Supple for help, advice, kindness and love is incredibly high. Many people love this woman and she definitely deserves this award!

Abby Beauregard Posted over a year ago

As a former student I completely agree with all that was said about Mrs. Supple! She is an amazing educator, coach and role model, woman the list goes on. Those of us that have had the chance to be her students are better because we were her students.

Laura Smith Posted over a year ago

Karlyn is a force. She forges relationships with her students that endure long after graduation. She has touched the lives of so many students in SAU 16 through her health class and through coaching lacrosse. Our district is lucky to have her!

Marilyn Wesley Posted over a year ago

Karlyn interacts with every student. The students really appreciate her support and caring. They make an effort to seek her out even when she is no longer their teacher officially.

Kendra MacBride Posted over a year ago

No one deserves this award mire than Supple! She was the best coach I've ever had on and off the lacrosse field. She helped me through a very hard time and gave me the confidence to be the happy and successful woman that I am today. Love you Supple!!

Matthew A. Burton Posted over a year ago

As a former student. I can fully attest to the kindness, care, and attention Supple gives to all her students. She always injected humor into her classes, but was also firm at the same time. She rightly deserves all the praise she receives.

Kelly Sardinas Posted over a year ago

This nomination could not happen to a more deserving, and wonderful human being. Ms. Supple was my high school health teacher and in a time where life changes right before your eyes as a teenager and theres NO slowing down, she was always the calm in the storm. Her words of wisdom, support and understanding were sometning that have stuck with me, years later. Class of 2001 Is with you

Megan Clinton Posted over a year ago

Karlyn is the absolute best!

Chuck Gargaly Posted over a year ago

Karlyn is an amazing teacher and her contribution goes far beyond the classroom. She is always out in the community and connected with students current and former. She celebrates and shares their successes and supports them through their trials. She is full of life and love, and is deserving of this award and much more.

Brenda Caron Posted over a year ago

So proud of this wonderful member of our community! Not surprised that Karlyn has been nominated for such an award! She is such an upstanding person and role model... thankful to have her as a neighbor and a teacher for our children!! #lcoy

Ashley Burke Posted over a year ago

I never personally had Mrs. Supple but she is one of the most amazing teachers I've ever met. She is actively supportive of her students and encourages them to be the best version of themselves. Mrs. Supple isn't afraid to tell you how the world is nor does she sugar coat the tough stuff. She equips her students with the knowledge and skills to help them succeed.

Laura Martin Posted over a year ago

I fully agree with this nomination for Mrs. Supple. She is a constant supporter for all students, especially when they are going through hard times. Personally, she has been a person that has helped me get through the hardest times in my life and anyone who knows her is a better person for it.

Becky cook Posted over a year ago

As a parent of one of Mrs.Supple’s students, my support of behind her all the way. My daughter found the support that she needed with Mrs. Supple. The struggles that my daughter has she knows that she can always reach out and get the guidance and support from Mrs. Supple. As a family we know that she is there to help her and give her the courage to be herself and teach for her goals in life. We are honored that Mrs. Supple is in our lives.

Jessica Posted over a year ago

Karlyn's impact is evident by the students who seek her out after graduation to say hello and thank you.

Erica Inglis Macduff Posted over a year ago

As a former student of and fellow SAU 16 colleague of Mrs Supple; I fully support her for the LCOY. She was a great support during my and my husbands younger years. As well as an adult with my own children in SAU 16. Karlyn’s wonderful sense of compassion, humor, and openness make her a perfect recipient. The Macduff family wish her all the best.

Roxanne Hanna Posted over a year ago

My daughter was fortunate to have Mrs.Supple for health education in her sophomore year. Recently Mrs.Supple learned our family was going through very difficult times and reached out to my daughter to make she was doing ok even though she is now a junior. Mrs.Supple is a caring, devoted teacher that deserves every award and aculade that she is nominated for.

Ashley Collins Posted over a year ago

Ms. Supple was a role model to me as my health teacher. I have thought of her many times in the 10+ years since I had that class. Health can be awkward for all and I’m sure challenging for many teachers. Ms. Supple created a safe environment where classmates felt comfortable discussing sensitive subjects and supporting each other. She respected us as individuals and expected us to show the same respect to our classmates. Not to mention we had fun and lots of laughs! I have relied on Ms. Supple’s teachings in my life and have shared them with friends and teenagers I have mentored. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve said “didn’t your health teacher explain that?”! It comes as no surprise that she is nominated for this award. She surely has had a positive impact on many lives. I know she has on mine.

catherine supple Posted over a year ago

As mother-in-law to this remarkable woman I can testify to being witness to her natural skill in deep empathy and considerable talent at sincere sympathy for others especially her students. Over the years I have known her she has commented so often showing her pride in so many of her students. Don’t all parents wish this kind of teacher for their child? Lucky are the ones who know her.

Carol Samuels Posted over a year ago

I worked with Ms. Supple at Friends School if Baltimore. I saw her life changing work first hand. Students gravitate to her because she will listen and be honest and supportive. And in some cases that is life saving! Good luck!!

Curtis Grace Posted over a year ago

Karlyn is an amazing person and deserves this award! She has had a positive impact on so many kids over the years including mine.

Carolyn O'Hara Posted over a year ago

Life is what happens beyond the walls of high school. Life is college, careers, weddings, babies. Life is all the moments that make you cry, and make you laugh. Life changes you. I had Mrs. Supple for ONE semester my sophomore year, I was 16. I am now 36. Twenty years of life. That ONE semester changed by life because I made a life long friend. Karlyn has been at the receiving end of AOL messenger chats in college, celebrated with me as I married my best friend, was the first to welcome my little girl into the world, and the next two down the road. Karlyn is an amazing teacher who touches the lives of her students in ONE semester that stays with you for life! She is most deserving of this award! Thank you Supple!

Stephanie Harrison Posted over a year ago

Karlyn's students and former students light up when they talk with her. If you sit with Karlyn at a sporting event, don't expect her to be in her seat right away -- she'll take a while getting there chatting with students all along the way. This nomination is well deserved. Congratulations, Karlyn!

Kate Segal Posted over a year ago

As a former school board member and SAU 16 colleague, I fully support Mrs. Supple as a Lifechanger of the Year recipient. My 15 year old son is fortunate to have her as his health teacher. She has high academic standards for every student. She has a welcoming classroom. She is a fitness role model for the student body and faculty. She has a great sense of humor and a sense of service for her students and her community. I wish her the best of luck.