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Gus Rahming

Position: Head Custodian
School: Lake Stevens Elementary
School District: Miami Dade County Public Schools
City, State: Opa Locka, FL

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Gus Rahming was nominated by his colleague, Erika Johnson.

Mr. Rahming has a very collegial, supportive relationship with the members of his team. As head custodian, he provides strong leadership, incredible respect, and consistent support, which is clearly appreciated by all. Mr. Rahming is a man who wears many hats. Not only does he take care of the administrative duties related to his job, but he works side-by-side with his team to ensure that all inspections are passed and that his building is impeccably clean at all times for the students and staff.

"I have personally witnessed several times when Mr. Rahming would encourage students to do their best as well as be their best academically and morally. Mr. Rahming would also reward classes for maintaining a level of responsibility and care for their classrooms and respect for their teachers," said Johnson.

School is not the only place where Mr. Rahming shows his true character. He is also a Bishop at God's Resurrection Ministries. His outstanding services in the community have been recognized by the City of Miami Gardens and other agencies in honor of his selfless contributions. He is truly an example of how we should treat others.

Mr. Rahming's accolades do not end here. He is a licensed contractor for the State of Florida. He has a Bachelor's degree in Biblical Christian Counseling, Master of Arts in Christian Education and a Doctor of Theology degree. Mr. Rahming is also the author of "If You Will Build The People, The People Will Build The Church"

He is always willing to help and serve. One of many of the projects Mr. Rahming led at Lake Stevens Elementary was the school Food Forest inspection preparation visit. Mr. Rahming worked tirelessly to make sure his school passed the inspections with excellent scores. On his own time, he held workshops on safety and taught students how to properly take care of the food forest. In addition, he helps distribute food to the needy on a monthly basis. When asked why he does so much for others, he'll reply, "I have no problem going over and above the call of duty to make it work. My primary goal is to serve others." He also reminds his co-workers that, "whatever your job is in life be it a custodian, teacher, secretary it's always important to do it to the best of your ability."

During his tenure at Booker T. Washington Senior High School, he was given the honor of preparing the school for a visit by Queen Elizabeth and Bill Gates. As result, the visit was a success. Mr. Rahming was presented with an appreciation plaque for his exemplary dedication and service  to this special event.

"Mr. Rahming is extremely modest about his achievements and unselfish contributions to the community. He is indeed a gentleman, an active partner in education  and takes great pride in everything that he does," said Johnson. "We are truly blessed to have him not only as a colleague but as a friend. He is a man of many hats and a man of great wisdom. Without a doubt, he is most worthy of this incredible honor."

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Myrian Meadows Posted over a year ago

He is an awesome leader and I'm proud to be a member of his congregation