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Harold Abraham

Position: Principal
School: Hoboken Middle School
School District: Hoboken Public Schools
City, State: Hoboken, NJ

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Harold Abraham was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Leadership in today’s schools is very important. Ultimately, the principal or administrator sets the tone. Fortunately, Hoboken Middle School has the most energetic, charismatic and innovative principal a school could ask for. He is the talk of the school community for the change that he has so passionately delivered.

Mr. Abraham has an ability like no other to form genuine relationships with his students. This goes far beyond knowing the first and last name of all of his kids; they have true bonds formed. Mr. Abraham started a math-infused before school fitness program for staff, students, and parents, that has taken the school by storm. Historically, it’s a battle to get middle schoolers out of bed, let alone to get them to school early, but not for Mr. Abraham. His club has over 25% of the student-body attending each week, and it continues to grow.

Mr. Abraham continuously inspires students to overcome adversity through hard work, perseverance and grit. He shared with students that he is a formerly classified student and struggled tremendously during his K-12 schooling. To add to this message, Mr. Abraham designed a nationally recognized reading incentive titled “Read-Believe-Achieve." This incentive centered around an inspirational visit from his close friend, ESPY Award winner, Eric Legrand. Each class was challenged to log their extracurricular reading for the duration of a month. During the assembly, it was shared that as a whole, Hoboken Middle School read over 33,000 minutes! 

Hoboken Middle School has been transformed into a magical place of learning. It is evident that both staff and students enjoy coming to school each day. Under Mr. Abraham’s leadership, a true holistic approach is taken, and lessons are designed to teach students through hands-on experience. The combination of passion, innovation, and personalization has been the recipe for success for Hoboken Middle School. Mr. Abraham is truly changing the lives of his students each and every day.

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Alexis Andres Posted over a year ago

It was a great time with you at Knollwood! I miss you and I’m sure the rest of Knollwood does too. Alexis. Me too. Glad to have had the chance to meet you. Made me wish I could have been a kid at your school. Grandma.

Suzanne Labombarda Posted over a year ago

I am truly honored to have the opportunity to work with Mr. Abraham as part of the Persist Kids Leadership Program. From the start, it became clear that Mr. Abraham is an extraordinarily talented leader. He immediately took it upon himself to ensure that all staff had the required training and foundational skills to make the program a success. Moreover, he designed and implemented a number of initiatives to complement and reinforce the program principles. For example, during the 1000 to 1 Movie Night, Corey Weissman appeared in person upon the completion of the film to continue to inspire the students. Having the star of the film show up in the flesh is a great example of one of the many ways in which Mr. Abraham routinely goes above and beyond the call of duty. In addition, he arranged for former American football defensive tackle Eric Legrand to provide the students, parents, and staff with an inspirational talk on overcoming the odds to triumph over adversity, which is a tremendously valuable lesson for everyone. Mr. Abraham is a truly transformative and inspirational leader, and the students, staff, parents and larger Hoboken community are extremely lucky to have him as the Principal of Hoboken Middle School.

Michele Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham demonstrates the leadership qualities that only a lifechanger could. He has totally transformed the schooling experience at Hoboken Middle School. It is because of him that families are deciding to stay in district. He has created a place where teachers enjoy teaching and where students enjoy learning. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Maureen Micales Posted over a year ago

Life Changer of the year! What an honor for Hal and for those of us lucky enough to call him friend and colleague. I met him as he began his teaching career after graduating from MSU. Hal always took the time to be sure that every student, especially those with compromised abilities, had the best PE class ever! Hal created many programs to bring fitness and nutrition awareness to students,parents, and staff. His enthusiasm is infectious! I cannot imagine a better candidate for this award. Hal’s passion for life, learning, and teaching shows in everything he does for himself and every life he touches. I am so proud to know Harold Abraham!

Maureen Nolan Posted over a year ago

Hal has always been someone who wanted to make a change. Someone who could truly step into any roll and go above and beyond to succeed. Ever since college he has had the ambition to not only be an educator but to do something better and change lives. I remember the days he use to mention how he was going to go beyond the classroom and improve the lifestyles of every student he could, and he wouldn’t settle for less. Hal is the type of person everyone wants to be around and know. His passion, leadership and dedication to affecting his students is inspiring and contagious and something you hope every educator should strive for.

Sylvia D Posted over a year ago

I love that Mr. Abraham meets his staff, students, and parents at the door each day. He always has a smile on his face. Mr. Abraham truly knows his school community and demonstrates the ability to bring people together. I think his “1000 to 1” essay contest and motivational talk is a perfect example of this. In total, there were 200 people in attendance, funds were brought in to the school, first responders were highlighted and students were recognized for their incredible writing. This event was flat out incredible and this is the sort of thing Mr. Abraham seems to do on the regular.

Robert Jackson Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham is the type of leader that makes everyone around him better. His positivity and tireless work ethic are infectious. He has a great pulse on the school because he is always outside greeting students and families, in the hallways, classrooms and cafeteria. No problem is too large or too small for Mr. Abraham. He will always make time for you. Student achievement at his school is at an all time high and the culture is like no other I have ever seen at the middle school level.

G. Rivera Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham's diligent work with Eric LeGrand and the Christopher Reeve foundation is inspiring. His Read-Believe-Achieve competition coupled with the motivational assembly is really moving. Mr. Abraham also had students participate in the Air Jordan Sneaker design competition to give to Legrand during his visit. The sneakers turned out absolutely amazing. Most importantly, students learned about developing grit and determination when facing adversity. Kids go through a lot, especially at the middle school level. Mr. Abraham teaches his students how to overcome these obstacles and be the best versions of themselves.

Dr. Kevin Brentnall Posted over a year ago

It is with great enthusiasm that I write this post on behalf of Mr. Harold Abraham. He is an asset to the Hoboken School District and a flat out life changer. I have known Mr. Abraham since he was just a young man growing up on our hometown of Suffern, NY, and have had the honor to mentor him throughout his educational career. Therefore, I can attest that he is a highly intelligent, goal oriented, and data informed leader. Mr. Abraham demonstrates strong conviction, dedication, and commitment in his efforts to provide every child a quality 21st Century education. His professionalism, integrity, and loyalty are traits that have garnered him great respect of staff, parents, and students. I believe Mr. Abraham exhibits the professional and personal characteristics of a highly effective leader. As an administrator, he works in a collaborative manner and provides opportunities for all voices to be heard. Moreover, Mr. Abraham understands the importance of shared responsibility and in providing the resources necessary to those he has entrusted in order to achieve success. Mr. Abraham is as high quality of a person that I know and his passion for doing right by children is inspiring. He is personable, caring, and determined to constantly improve his craft. As a school administrator myself, Mr. Abraham has consistently inspired me by his conviction and passion, which is driven by his will to do right for kids. Please note that this is merely a snapshot of Mr. Abraham and his accomplishments.

Rebecca Posted over a year ago

I am a former colleague of Mr. Abraham’s. His impact on students is something truly inspiring. Kids flock to Mr. Abraham. He makes everyone around him feel special. The educational programs that he develops make learning fun. He has a the ability to engage an entire community and this is a powerful tool!

Carmen Dominguez Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham is a true lifechanger. When our family was in need, he really helped us. He’s more than a great principal, he’s an awesome person. Our kids want to grow up and be just like him and I hope they do! He make sure it cool to be smart, hard working, straight-laced, and kind to others. He’s an incredible role model and just an overall positive person.

Darien Barner Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham is a wonderful Principal and an even better person. Kids really relate to him and staff know that he supports them. He is a visionary leader and a true lifechanger.

Marcie Posted over a year ago

As my sons Principal, I could not have asked for a more dedicated leader. Mr. Abraham inspires his students to do their best. He celebrates their successes and makes them feel smart and valued on a daily basis. Mr. Abraham gets kids to do things they never dreamed they could do. It is because of him that my son loves school. I know the entire school community feels the same way. For the work that he does, he is the talk of the town.

Ray Kaplan Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham has totally changed our school community. Not too long ago, parents refused to send their students to the middle school. Through hard work and dedication, he has been able to create an innovative place for learning. He is kind, compassionate, innovative, and driven. My son hasn’t learning difficulties and for a very long time did not like school. Mr. Abraham meets with him on a daily basis to motivate him and progress monitor. I’ve never seen a Principal with a more personalized approach. Mr. Abraham is the best thing that ever happened to HMS.

Carlos W Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham brings great energy to the school atmosphere. He received Teacher of the Year after his 1st year teaching and never looked back. Since this time he has served as an elementary supervisor, AD, VP, and Principal. In each of these roles he has thrived and served as an agent of transformation. He possesses the ability to motivate and because of this, he is able to move mountains. He has worked on hundreds of projects that support student achievement and captured national attention. There are many school administrators, but none other like him. He is dedicated to each and every student - nobody falls through the cracks under his watch. He genuinely cares for everyone in the school community. Hoboken Middle School is lucky to have him.

Andrew F Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham leads with passion, enthusiasm, and innovation. He has completely transformed Hoboken Middle School. The school recently held a Showcase of Excellence and the entire community was in awe of the outstanding work being done. I was proud to say that my son goes to HMS and has been a part of the schools transformstion. Mr. Abraham has taken the culture, instruction, and programming to another level. Because of him, the school is an incredible place for learning.

Presnel Dalmeus Posted over a year ago

From the moment I met Hal, he has exemplified mentorship. When I moved to Rockland County, playing basketball was one of my methods of meeting people and making friends. I was an 8th grader at the time, going to my first high school open gym. I got there early. Hal was already in the gym shooting around. He introduced himself, and we shot around for a little while and got to know each other. Throughout the open gym he was very mindful of the younger players, giving us pointers and helping out with drills. It brings me great joy to see that he has continued to inspire young people, encourage them to pursue their dreams, and serve as an example of how be successful.

Darnel Clayton Posted over a year ago

Although I don't work there, I'd describe Hoboken Middle School is a community of fortune. I know this because my friend Harold Abraham is the principal. In short, he is an inspiration and makes others better in his vicinity. Easily someone you want in your corner and even better, leading the young minds at the school!

M Donnelly Posted over a year ago

I’ve had the pleasure of watching Mr. Abraham work hard and grow into the young professional he has become. It is impressive to watch a young person successfully take on the role and responsibilities of a school administrator and gain the respect of his colleagues, staff and community. While Mr. Abraham has moved out of the classroom he has clearly done it for all the right reasons and continued to keep his responsibility to support students as a main focus. He makes it a point to be a visible and active memeber within his schools communitys continues to organize,support and push for programs that make school a fun and engaging place for his students and staff. It is clear from reading other comments here as well as the nomination he received that he is highly regarded by his faculty which means he is not only supportive of his students but also those that he works with. These are qualities that many adminstrators lack and I am proud to see what a positive impact he has been able to make.

Manny Galan Posted over a year ago

Hal is as genuine as they come. A true professional who is passionate about educating and helping others. Great role model, even better person.

Danny Balaban Posted over a year ago

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham is a truly dedicated educational professional who is totally committed to the success of each student that walks through the school doors. He works exceptionally hard to make sure that his students have the opportunity to reach the highest level of success in all endeavors.

Gabriela Posted over a year ago


Gabriela Posted over a year ago


Gabriela Posted over a year ago

He is my principal and I love him and so does the rest of my school. He is the best principal I will ever have

DAVI Posted over a year ago


Carli Katz Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham brings such wonderful life to Hoboken Middle School. He has totally transformed the school since taking over. In result to his leadership, families are finally excited to send their kids to Hoboken Public Schools. He constistently goes above and beyond for the school community. It is obvious that his main goal has been providing education that caters to students needs which has made a remarkable impact on student achievement. We couldn’t be more proud to have Mr. Abraham as the principal of HMS!

Ross Block Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham is charismatic, energetic and passionate about his work. He is constantly bringing innovation to the school. Students love coming to school each day because they know that the learning process is hands-on, and relevant. Mr. Abraham has developed an education experience for staff and students like no other.

Richard Brown Posted over a year ago

It has been incredible seeing the impact that Mr. Abraham has had on our school community. Historically, many people rarely saw their school principal. This isn’t Mr. Abraham’s style in the slightest bit. Mr. Abraham greets students and their families at the door each and every day (regardless of the weather - he’s out there!) He is constantly in the halls, classrooms, cafeteria assisting our students. Mr. Abraham has trained the staff to perform hands-on lessons that engage all students. He constantly sings his teachers praise and I believe this is what motivates them to work so hard. In the past, many people choose not to send their kids to HMS, with Mr. Abraham in place, this is the complete opposite!!!!

R. Markley Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham is truly a life changer. He is hands down the most passionate instructional leader I have ever met. It seems as if every week he is developing a new program to excite students about learning. Our students love coming to school each day and he is the reason why. He is an asset to Hoboken Schools! Greatly enjoyed this article about his work and the life changer nomination. He deserves this more than anyone for his tireles dedication to our kids!

Rodney Freeney Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham’s energy is contagious in the school setting. He is such a passionate leader. Mr. Abraham raised $17,000 for the Cancer Institute of New Jersey. This was done in honor of one of his students father who passed of cancer. This is just one of the many examples as to how he goes above and beyond for his community. Every one of his students knows that he cares about them and that he would do anything for them to succeed.

James Bryant Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham’s story is inspiring and it has been amazing to see him impact the lives of so many students in so many ways. He is the most creative school administrator I have ever met. Mr. Abraham truly personalizes the learning experience for his students and families. Loved his feature on NBC this past fall - he’s simply a life changer!

Nicole Sanca Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham is the most dedicated principal of schools that I have ever come in contact with. He forms relationships with students, staff, and parents like no one I have ever seen. With these relationships, he is able to develop brilliant programming that takes the schooling experience to all new heights. What he does for the school community is special.

Carlos R Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham is simply a transformational leader. He invokes change through innovation and genuine warmth for all those around him. He is a valuable asset to the Hoboken School Community. As great as Mr. Abraham is, he remains a fantastic listener - this is a true skill. His passion is contagious to staff and students. This is the type of schooling environment parents dream for their children to receive.

Dr. Rob Gilbert Posted over a year ago

I am not psychic, but when Hal Abraham was a student and an athlete here at Montclair State University, I knew he was going to do great things. Hal’s a difference-maker and a change-agent. Whether he was in the classroom or on the court, he always brought positive uplifting energy! In my 39 years at MSU, I have never had another student like him. Hal, congratulations on this great honor!

Vera Sirota Posted over a year ago

While my daughter is an elementary school student, I am truly inspired by Mr. Abraham's work with Hoboken Middle School. Whenever I walk by the Demarest School building in the mornings, I see Mr. Abraham greeting his students with handshakes and high fives. His smile is always bright and I see how his students respond to his warmth. Whenever I see Mr. Abraham at school and community events, he goes out of his way to build rapport with everyone around him. It's this dedication to building connections that is transforming the culture of Hoboken Middle School. I have to say that I love hearing about his early morning work-out club with the students. I think I need to join!! This innovative initiative is a testament to Mr. Abraham's commitment to honoring the mind-body connection and to upholding a holistic view of education. Congratulations to Mr. Abraham on this nomination and warmest wishes from this Brandt Bear family!

Diana McDonough Posted over a year ago

It has been amazing to see how Principal Abraham has transformed the culture and climate of Hoboken Middle School in the short time he has been principal. Through is innovative programs and initiatives, he has found ways to engage students, staff, and parents. We are grateful for the passion, dedication, and enthusiasm he brings everyday. Congratulations Principal Abraham on this very well deserved nomination!

Arthur Schmidt Posted over a year ago

Principal Abraham embodies the Mission, Vision and Values of the National Life Group. He achieves this every day in his school and community by making a significant difference in the lives of his students. He not only demonstrates Excellence in his actions, but highlights Excellence in the students and those people who students can look up to. His positive “Can Do” attitude is a Positive Influence on teachers, parents and most importantly the students. Principal Abraham understands that Leadership means creating an environment where everyone has an interest in student success. It’s notable that Principal Abraham has fostered programs like the morning Cardio which brings together students outside the normal classroom routine. The reading challenge is another example of engaging students in a new and creative way to read. Principal Abraham takes the initiative and puts every ounce of his passion into giving students the opportunity to be the best versions of themselves. He becomes a teacher, a coach and close friend all in one to each and every student. At the end of the day, the students know Principal Abraham really cares about them. He has created a sustainable environment for student success by having parents and teachers involved with this approach. In a short time, Principal Abraham has had a positive impact on Hoboken Middle School. This is just a continuation of his past achievements with students. Principal Abraham should be recognized with the Life Changer of the Year Award for all of this. I am certain Principal Abraham will continue to light brighter futures for his students for many years to come.

Diana McDonough Posted over a year ago

It has been amazing to see how Principal Abraham has transformed the culture and climate of Hoboken Middle School in the short time he has been principal. Through is innovative programs and initiatives, he has found ways to engage students, staff, and parents. We are grateful for the passion, dedication, and enthusiasm he brings everyday. Congratulations Principal Abraham on this very well deserved nomination!

Frank Spinella Posted over a year ago

Principal Abraham maintains a professional demeanor by demonstrating respect, courtesy, and tact when working with his students, parents, and teachers. The great contributions fostered by Mr. Abraham in the Hoboken Middle School will benefit the students, teachers, and the entire community. He has always had the ability to listen to different perspectives and views and come up with novel methods to help find innovative and creative solutions. I have always been impressed by Mr. Abraham's teamwork approach and his ability to connect with students, teachers, and parents. Mr. Abraham is an asset to the education program in Hoboken. It's great to see all that Mr. Abraham has accomplished in a short time, and look forward to seeing all that he achieves in the future. Good luck and looking forward to all his future success.

Rich Posted over a year ago

Principle Abraham has had an impressive impact of Hoboken Middle School. The cardio club and GlowFest has been particularly popular programs.

James-Edwards Boyd Posted over a year ago

Mr Abraham defines the word leader through his actions. Mr. Abraham has always demonstrated exceptional leadership within his community. He is the type of person that can inspired teachers, staff and students, and even changed the trajectories of their lives. It was pleasure to not only work with Mr Abraham but to learn alongside him as well. This is a well deserved nomination.

Diana McDonough Posted over a year ago

It has been amazing to see how Principal Abraham has transformed the culture and climate of Hoboken Middle School in the short time he has been principal. Through is innovative programs and initiatives, he has found ways to engage students, staff, and parents. We are grateful for the passion, dedication, and enthusiasm he brings everyday. Congratulations Principal Abraham on this very well deserved nomination!

Eveleana Matthews Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham is a stellar principal. When he worked as a Assistant Principal in Piscataway, New Jersey he was very warm, relatable and friendly. Mr. Abraham really had a knack for bonding with students, especially boys. He remembered what it was like to be a growing boy and all of the joys and pains that come with that growth. Mr. Abraham is a fair person and not quick to judge or rule out difficult, different or underachieving students. In summary, Mr. Abraham deserves to be honored!!!

Diana McDonough Posted over a year ago

It has been amazing to see how Principal Abraham has transformed the culture and climate of Hoboken Middle School in the short time he has been principal. Through is innovative programs and initiatives, he has found ways to engage students, staff, and parents. We are grateful for the passion, dedication, and enthusiasm he brings everyday. Congratulations Principal Abraham on this very well deserved nomination!

Malola Iduh Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham exhibits the qualities and embodies the characteristics of a Lifechanger of the year award recipient. As he is a former school admin of Piscataway, NJ where my children attend, I have come to appreciate Mr. Abraham’s consistent dedication to our students and the community. Our students not only saw him as an adult role model but also someone with whom they could have fun with, especially with his implementation of cardio club, Eric Legrand reading incentive, and the all time popular Glowfest. Although he has moved on to the Hoboken school district, the remnants of his empathetic, humorous, and inspirational personality has left a lasting impression on our students and community as a whole. We still cannot believe he let the students shave his head as a fundraiser for cancer research! Mr. Abraham definitely raises the bar for what a school leader should be!

Jill Cruz Posted over a year ago

Although Mr. Abraham has moved on to another district, he is still a topic of conversation in my home. As he is the former vice principal of Knollwood elementary school in Piscataway, NJ, my daughter experienced many fun filled days at school. Whether it was attending his energetic cardio club, watching him shave his hair for spirit days, or just having lunch with him and a group of friends, Mr. Abraham always made for a fun and exciting experience for all the students. He embodies all of the characteristics of a true educational leader and I am proud that my daughter was privileged to start her elementary school experience with a leader who not only cared about her education but her overall school experience and well-being.

Marilyn Marecek Samuels Posted over a year ago

As a grandparent of two young boys who live in Hoboken, Hal Abraham has changed our whole family's outlook on the future of education in that city. Our children love living there but thought that might have to leave for the suburbs, like many of their friends. Hal has breathed new life into their school system. He is hardworking and dedicated to making the schools more innovative and hands-on. I can see how much the parents and students love him and how much has changed in a very short time. I know Hal lives and breaths for his work there and that he is very quickly becoming the new face of the Hoboken school system. I applaud his decision to take on this challenge and admire him for all that his has already accomplished in such a short time.

Kevin Ulmer Posted over a year ago

I've know Hal for quite some time and his passion for education and helping kids is unmatched. He truly believes that every student will succeed and will do everything in his power to make sure it happens.

Tara B Posted over a year ago

Hal Abraham is truly and genuinely one of the most dedicated individuals when it comes to his students and the school community. Hal is a significant role model for every student he comes in contact with. Hal inspires students to believe in themselves and never give up! Hal also has a great appreciation and relationship with all of the teachers within his school. The pride that Hal displays each and everyday within his work shows the passion and dedication he has to continue improving and motivating students in his school community.

Steve Natoli Posted over a year ago

Just an all around good person. When things become challenging, that is when Hal steps up. Mark of a true leader!

Kristy Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham is not only influential to his student body but the entire surrounding community of Hoboken New Jersey. Mr. Abraham demonstrates commitment to the academic success of each student and creates a safe and friendly environment for a thriving educational experience. Mr. Abraham is highly deserving of recognition for being a Life Changer!

Andre Williams Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham is a pure leader, he’s one of the most dedicated, and humblest, individuals, I’ve ever seen at his craft. Especially when it comes to interacting with students, and staff. It was a pleasure to see him grow as a professional leader, in our community. Any individual that have an opportunity to meet Mr. A. will immediately feel the genuine compassion, and energy through their encounter. Congratulations Mr. A., on your nomination, and I wish you nothing but the Best for your future!!!

Lori Kaye Posted over a year ago

I have had the honor of knowing Hal Abraham as a colleague and a friend. His enthusiasm and passion for inspiring personal growth and achievement know no bounds. Hal motivates students and parents alike with his innovative approaches to learning, and envelopes everyone in the school community as he challenges them to be the best that they can be. With the understanding that physical fitness, fun, learning and achievement go hand in hand, Hal gets his message through to students and parents alike. While statistics prove increased participation, the best measure of Hal’s success, dedication and achievement are the smiles on the faces of his students, along with their increased efforts to soar to their highest level of success.

Max P Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham’s knowledge of curriculum & instruction is superb. However, what separates him from the rest is his ability to form relationships and organize large-scale programming. He genuinely impacts the lives of all of his staff and students and has transformed the entire learning community! Totally deserving of this award.

Megan K Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham is dedicated beyond belief. His story is inspiring to staff and students. Mr. Abraham’s work is innovative and like no other principal I’ve seen. He works around the clock to help every student in his community succeed. I was proud to see him honored on NBC News for his great work and know that there’s nobody more deserving of the Life Changer of the Year award than him!

Dave Johnson Posted over a year ago

A great example of someone who has overcome adversity. Mr. Abraham went from being a special education student, to a life changing principal. Through passion and innovation, he makes school a memorable experience for all.

Justin Guzman Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham is a passionate educator who pushes the envelope to inspire, challenge and change the dynamics of his community. Hal is a highly effective leader who encourages his students to work hard and become the best version of themselves.

Brandon Hall Posted over a year ago

Hard working educator who has set out to make a difference in the lives of everyone he encounters. Goes above and beyond to please others! Couldn’t think of a better person to be up for such a prestigious award.

Dr. Angela Cornelius Posted over a year ago

It is an honor to recommend Harold Abraham for LifeChanger of the Year! I’ve had the pleasure of teaching Hal as an undergrad student at Montclair State University and have continued to mentor him through his educational journey. Early on I could tell Hal was destined to accomplish great things. Over the years Hal has consistently demonstrated his conscientiousness and genuine commitment to educating all children as well as being an innovative professional leader with colleagues. I am extremely proud of the exemplary educator and leader Hal has become!

Rose Cornelius Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham is a proficient and dedicated leader in education. For the past eight years, I have known Mr. Abraham. I have witnessed his many successes in the field of education. Mr. Abraham is articulate, tactful, and an impressive instructional leader. I believe there are leaders who, because of their commitment to education and students are considered outstanding. Mr. Abraham is clearly outstanding. He has the talent to perform at an exceptionally high level! Mr. Abraham is a rarity and richly deserves to be honored as Life Changer of the Year!!

Michael Hern Posted over a year ago

Hal is the absolute most genuine person around. He is a true hero to many and everyone is lucky to be around him.

Staci Berger Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham is an incredible person, who has a unique ability to bring people together, motivate them and execute big ideas. He connects with students, parents, staff and community members, and makes everyone feel heard. He not only made a huge difference in our intermediate school, by starting a cardio club, he also improved our middle school athletic program when he helmed the department on an interim basis. He brought energy and enthusiasm to his role as the Assistant Principal too. His life changing contribution to our community, though, has been his leadership role in transforming our local cancer support event into a premiere fundraiser, GLO for a CURE. (He brings the GLO whenever he goes!) He touches people’s lives forever. Thank you for all you do Mr. Abraham!

Leonore Johnston Posted over a year ago

I have known Hal for many years. We first met when he was a student in my graduate class. Hal has always stood out amongst his colleagues not only as a dedicated educator but also as a true student advocate. He continues to be innovative implementing programs and services that encourage students to perform at their personal best.

Anthony Stellatos Posted over a year ago

Harold Abraham has tremendous interpersonal skills that allow him to effectively communicate-build bonds with students, parents and educational staff. This strength has allowed him to lead/inspire/transform communities of people at every stop in his life. We should all be so lucky to have such a person in our lives.

Tara Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham has a great educational vision. But what makes him special is his approach. He is kind, compassionate and charismatic. This is how his vision is brought to reality. Staff and students go the extra mile for him and as a result, everyone wins!

Jennifer Diszler Posted over a year ago

Hal is innovative, passionate, and always has kids at the heart of his work. He has accomplished more is his tenure as an administrator than some do in an entire career! I am proud to know him.

Charlie Kellman Posted over a year ago

I coached Hal in basketball during his middle school years. He was a uniquely focused young man on the court. He worked very hard to maximize his skills and never backed down from adversity. It’s been a pleasure watching him grow up and I take some pride in his achievements. I’m sure his history has prepared him to be an efficient administrator and an inspirational leader and I think we can all look forward to the amazing things he is going to accomplish.

Artie Yannaco Posted over a year ago

At the age of 30, Mr. Abraham has accomplished more than most do in a lifetime. Here are some of his greatest achievements: 1. Teacher of the year after 1st year of teaching (2011). 2. Began nationally recognized before school fitness program. 3. 2014 Became youngest school admin in NJ. 4. BA in Science, MS in ed Leadership, MS Special Ed, Doctorate in Curriculum & Instruction. 5. NBC recognized Reading Incentive 6. Admin of the Year

Dani M Posted over a year ago

Mr, Abraham is a true educational innovator and game changer in the most positive sense. While at Piscataway, he was able to construct a schedule that integrated fun athletic workouts into busy morning schedules not just for the students but for the families as well. His whole program not only unified students with their families, but also extended to the whole community. His morning family fitness workouts were a highlight for the township. People were more fit, but just as importantly, people were mentally fit and healthy and ready to tackle the challenges of the day whatever they may be. Students and their parents were able to start their days with a boost of positive energy and supportive enthusiasm thanks to the inspirational stewardship and goal-minded mindset of Mr. Abraham.

Robert Horwitz Posted over a year ago

Hal Abraham, has always had the dedication, and the determination to succeed at anything he has set his sights on. His positive energy is second to none. Today's education system is fortunate that Hal has chosen to be an educator. There is no one better. 

Chris Y Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham exemplifies what it means to be a life changer. He leads with such amazing passion. Mr. Abraham is a brilliant principal and an even better person. He knows every single student on a personal basis. The kids are obsessed with him, they literally swarm him wherever he goes. It’s becajse he’s genuine, caring, funny, and fair!!!!

Alyssa Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham is a such an awesome Principal. Kids love going to school each day because of him. I used to cringe when I saw the schools # on my caller ID. Now, I get excited because Mr. Abraham celebrates our kids so much! What a culture change!

Clarke Osborn Posted over a year ago

Hal is an awesome educator who always makes the needs of his students his first and foremost priority. I was his DARE officer several years ago and even back then he was always doing the right thing for others! He is a natural leader!

Kendrick Madronero Posted over a year ago

It is an honor to have the opportunity to support and acknowledge a friend and fellow educator for this amazing award and recognition. Hal has always been an example of hard work, selflessness, and self-made opportunity. Seeing first hand and from a far, Hal’s personal and professional success comes to no surprise. His work ethic and attitude in life has always encouraged and inspired those around him.

Theresa Minutillo Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham came into the Hoboken District at the start of the school year and has made tremendous strides in making the Hoboken Middle School a source of pride for our district. His dedication and energy towards his staff and students has created a thriving and exciting experience for all. He can be seen outside on the sidewalk welcoming his students every morning, running down to the Hudson River before school begins with his students who show up early for his Cardio Club, attending a Saturday Broadway matinee, The Prom, with his MS theatre students on his day off. And inviting his inspirational friends to be a part of his student's lives: Eric LeGrand and Corey Weissman. Mr. Abraham has made a positive impact on the lives of his students and he fully deserves to be recognized for his efforts and dedication.

Brandon Perez Posted over a year ago

The most dedicated Principal you will ever meet. I have known Mr. Abraham for 10 years and he truly loves his work. He teaches people to believe in themselves and that they can accomplish anything they put their mind to. It still amazes me that he raised $10,000 at his “Glow For a Cure” event for cancer research. The entire community came out to support in epic fashion!

Edgar Sotelo Posted over a year ago

A true community influencer that goes above and beyond for our youth.

Tom Seeland Posted over a year ago

Hal was the “rookie” teacher, and I was the veteran- and I always spent my “free” time in his room. He would ask me to do stuff- I was the band director with the microphones, speakers, music, and anything else to propel his program forward ! His friendship also pushed an old (now retired) teacher to a new lease on life as an educator- my equipment was part of his show, my students performed at his events- and as a result- my program & his program were more successful. Students want to be part of a wave- a wave of something great. I was always glad to be part of a program when I was asked by Hal to be part of it. The students around Hal are the lucky ones- just like I was- only a few years ago- when I was coming to the end of my career.

Dion L. Patterson Posted over a year ago

A leader that truly inspires passion and purpose. His dedication to the students he serves is a testament to the true meaning of the word “village”. He meets students where they are and uses new ideas and strategies to ensure their growth. His leadership is transformational and I look for great and exciting things happening now and in the future!!!

Shari Simpson-Cabelin Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham is incredible. Hard-working, consistently cheerful, going way above and beyond the call of duty. He has almost single-handedly turned Hoboken Middle School around, with the support of his amazing staff and teachers. My son loves school and a lot of the credit goes to the atmosphere Mr. Abraham encourages. We love him!

Helayne Taub Posted over a year ago

This doesn’t surprise me. Great job Mr. Abraham. We are very proud of you.

Andrew Anderson Posted over a year ago

I have been working with Harold over the past year in the capacity of his advisor at Northeastern University as he pursues his Doctorate in Education. As a fellow Middle School Principal, Harold embodies what it means to be a middle level educator. He inspires all members of his learning community and places an emphasis on developing the whole child. He is thoughtful, reflective, and passionate about his craft. From our frequent conversations about teaching, learning, and leadership, I Can affirm he his a talented leader and he has a strong devotion and love for his school community.

Kenny S Posted over a year ago

Mr. Positivity! Mr. Abraham sees the glass half full in every situation he’s been in and teaches his staff and students to see it this way too. He teaches others to overcome adversity and to be persistent in all that they do! Mr. Abraham challenges people to think outside the box and make learning fun! NBC highlighted his work as principal and I am sure they will be back!

Alyssa Stephen Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham undoubtedly a life changer. In one marking period he made over 130 POSITIVE phone calls home. He also challenges his staff to celebrate student achievement as well, no matter how large or small. His work transforms schools, we could use more like him!

Maryse Sanon Posted over a year ago

Hands down the best Principal in the country! Mr. Abraham, is a constant motivator to staff and students. He went from being in special education to earning his doctorate!!!!!! He’s living proof for students that you can accomplish your dreams if you work hard. Because of his story and the relationship he has with kids, they all go above and beyond for him. As a former college basketball player, he’s also known for schooling them on the playground as well!

Wesley Sanon Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham is a change agent! As principal, he uses his platform to change the lives of staff and students every day. His programs for students like read-believe-achieve, Eric Legrand day, Math-infused Cardio Club, Math Olympiad, Persist Kids Essay Contest and Glowfest are beyond incredible. He has transformed Hoboken Middle School! We love him and all he’s done for our schools very much!

Mindy Posted over a year ago

Hal has faced adversity as a young man and has used that experience to change the lives of his students with innovative ideas

Randi Albert Posted over a year ago

A truly awesome educator and a compassionate individual who always goes above and beyond!

Jason Wombough Posted over a year ago

Harold has been an inspiration to me as a fellow physical education teacher and a leader within his school district. He has inspired me to take risks in the classroom and to truly see the best in my students. As a friend I admire Hal’s passion for education.

Dale Leon Posted over a year ago

Transformational leader!!!!!! That’s what Mr. Abraham is. His love for kids, learning and motivating teachers is unparalleled. The PD he offers is targeted and focuses on educating ALL students. No child slips through the cracks in his school. He is the most involved, caring and passionate principal you’ll ever find.

Steven Leon Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham is such an innovative leader. He constantly reinvents himself and the programming of his school. Staff and students enjoy this approach very much. Mr. Abraham is both personable and approachable. With him, everyone’s opinion matters and this is what makes him a fantastic leader.

Tyler McKinnon Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham is a highly motivated and genuine role model for his students. His passion for education is not limited to academics, but extends to social character building as well. He is heavily invested in changing the lives of his students. Mr. Abaraham is tirelessly committed to finding new ways to challenge and engage his students socially, culturally, and academically.

Mike Nassar Posted over a year ago

Hal student taught PE for me in Dumont. I knew he was special from day one. He developed an incredible rapport with the students in his short time at my school. I never knew of his desire to become a principal. I told him, you are so great teaching the kids why do you want to become an administrator...he replied, because as a principal i can impact them in a greater way. Obviously he was right...each step of the way in his career he has initiated programs to inspire kids. What he is doing now in Hoboken is wonderful. I am very proud of Hal and glad I could mentor him!

Jerry Posted over a year ago

Hal Abraham is as dedicated as there is when it comes to seeing his students succeed in the classroom. He is passionate about his work and continues to think of innovative ways to motivate, staff, students, and all others around. He has influenced and changed the lives of many.

Rachael Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham was born to be a leader. He goes above and beyond in his professional life in both the academic areas and social/emotional areas. Hal is the epitome of a lifelong learner and continues to improve in his leadership and education everyday so he can better support his staff and students. He motivates everyone he has contact with and creates a positive, collaborative and safe environment within his school and town.

Mike Ercolano Posted over a year ago

Hal is an absolutely amazing human being! He is a tremendous positive influence on the Hoboken, NJ community, and all of the students in the school system. It’s an absolutely honor to call him my friend, because he is doing so much positive good for so many people!

Michael Posted over a year ago

I first met Harold when we was selected to be a guest speaker for one of my Educational Leadeship graduate school courses at MSU. It was at that moment I realized that he truly leads with passion. We got a chance to meet again during an awards ceremony where we were both receipents. After exchanging contact information, we now continue to trade experiences and opinions on what it means to improve the field of education for students and professionals. I hope we have the opportunity one day to work in tandem to make positive change for others.

Megan Donnelly Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham simply gets it! He is a people person and he knows how to bring the best out of people. Academically, he inspires students to achieve new heights. Behaviorally, he cultivates a highly respectful learning atmosphere. Kids strive on a daily basis to make him proud and when they do, he celebrates them!

lori Cohen Posted over a year ago

Hardworking,energetic,passionate,caring,dedicated and inspirational are a few of the words I think of to describe Hal Abraham. I have known Hal since his birth, and have had the pleasure of watching him grow into this amazing young man.He is truly deserving of this prestigious award!

Jimmy McCarthy Posted over a year ago

It was no surprise when Mr. Abraham was awarded the Teacher of the Year award in 2011 and it is no surprise that he is nominated for this award now as principal in 2018. Mr. Abraham’s constant positivity is contagious and infectious wherever he goes. He has changed the lives of thousands.

John Yannaco Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham has been an inspirational person in my life since the day we have met. He exemplifies the character you want to instill in your own kids, knowing that there is a kind hearted gentlemen in our schools is very gratifying. Me. Abraham is changing the culture of his community day by day and it has become contagious in a short period of time! He has accomplished so much at a young age, and personally I think thats why he is so deserving of this award. He has dedicated himself to his craft, continuing his professional development to a doctorate level before the age of 31 is the kind of influence we want to pass on from generation to generation. Best of luck! Everything happens for the best and he is the best out there!

Peter Sozio Posted over a year ago

When I interviewed Harold for a teaching position in Piscataway, his energy, enthusiasm and passion stood out above all the rest. He immediately made an impact on students, colleagues, parents and administrators. As I got to know Harold, it was obvious that he set clear, attainable goals for his students. He also had goals for himself professionally. Harold continued to pursue his education, advancing into the ranks of administration. Throughout his growth he always sought advice from fellow administrators and worked collaboratively to impliment the districts goals. I was delighted to see him embrass the opportunity to step into a leadership role. I have no doubt that he will continue to grow as an educational leader.

James McCarthy Posted over a year ago

In all my years in education, Mr. Abraham is by far the best principal I have ever come in contact with. He motivates people in a way that very few can. His creativity with curriculum & instruction coupled with his special programming is nothing short of an art!

Safiya Posted over a year ago

I was lucky enough to work with Mr Abraham in his former position as vice principal in Piscataway. He was always very supportive of both the staff and students. He made each of us feel valued. He also took the time to get to know the students and would eat lunch with them and even come and play basketball with them during the aftercare program. He was an asset in Piscataway and I am sure he is an asset in Hoboken as well!

Michael Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham's Math-Infused Cardio Club is a total hit in the Hoboken School community. He has over 25% of students in his school attend regularly. Students enjoy calculating their steps as they run on the Hudson River waterfront, push tires, and engage in team-building exercises. Through this program he has formed relationships with students that no other principal is able to. The kids simply love him and so does the entire district.

Katherine Posted over a year ago

My daughter never enjoyed going to school before this year. Mr. Abraham is the reason she has fallen in love with Hoboken Middle School. He makes the learning experience exciting and vibrant for students.

Deirdre Austin Posted over a year ago

I met Mr. Abraham a few years ago as he was the assistant principal in the school in which I am a paraprofessional. Mr. Abraham always made staff members from lunch aides, custodial staff, paras, and teachers feel appreciated. He always had a wonderful rapport with all students. They loved him! Hal brought Cardio Club and GlowFest to our school which were both extremely successful! He is creative, deeply conscientious, professional and hard-working! He is the consummate life changer. He was our building Superman!!!

Stanley Francois Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham has totally transformed Hoboken Middle School. The entire community is inspired by his work. Some of his most inspiring work includes his math-infused before school fitness program, his nationally recognized reading incentive program called read-believe-achieve, his innovative curriculum implementations, his caught being kind program and his overcoming obstacles essay contest. He was also recently featured on NBC for his work with Eric LeGrand and the Christopher Reeve foundation.

Stephanie Posted over a year ago

Hal has always been a stand out educator. He is truly dedicated to his students and community. My son was very fortunate to be closely involved in many of his events over the years. And I enjoyed the many opportunities to work with him and his staff on numerous projects. We wish you all the very best Mr. Abraham!

Stephanie Robbins Posted over a year ago

Hal has always been a stand out educator. He is truly dedicated to his students and community. My son was very fortunate to be closely involved in many of his events over the years. And I enjoyed the many opportunities to work with him and his staff on numerous projects. We wish you all the very best Mr. Abraham!

Richard E Posted over a year ago

Hal is cut from the same cloth as his mom. His mom is the same way. A lot of her characteristics and personalities had rubbed off on him, to be given, caring and compassionate to others. That is why Hal is the way he is now. When I first met Hal, in person, for the first time at my organization’s Summer outing last year, I knew immediately that he is a given and compassionate individual that cares about people that was taught correctly by his mom. I know a caring and compassionate educator when I first meet them, my wife being a former educator herself and a former “Teacher of the Year” award winner, as well as me being around educators for the most part of my life. I know Hal has these qualities to succeed to changing many young lives, to be successful individuals. Students at a young age are always looking for a role model to look up to. What a better person, one can look up to, Hal.

Alanna Fisher Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Hal since our days at Suffern High School. Over the years, I’ve seen Hal grow and succeed in both his personal and professional life. I’m proud to see him nominated for Life Changer of the Year and cannot think of anyone more deserving of this wonderful award.

Lindsay Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham is the most passionate principal I've ever met. He enjoys making school an amazing place for all.

Emily Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham encourages everyone around him to be the best versions of themselves. He removes the word "can't" from staff and student's vocabulary and replaces it with "will."

Beth Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham embodies what it means to be a life changer. He builds relationships with staff, students, and communities like no other Principal I’ve ever seen. The culture and climate and academic environment that he develops is remarkable!!!!

Brendan Holland Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham is a true student advocate. He leads with passion and finds unique and innovative ways to motivate everyone around him. Mr. Abraham works tirelessly to make school a special place for staff and students. The learning process under his leadership is rich, stimulating, hands-on, and most importantly fun!!!

Rebecca Posted over a year ago

How many people do you know that went from being in Special Education, to speaking at college graduation and then becoming the most innovative middle school principal there is?! Only one person comes to mind; Harold Abraham. He is a true success story who’s mission is to inspire our youth! It is amazing what he does for our children each and every day.

Kristina Betz Posted over a year ago

I have known Hal for over 10 years and he has never ceased to improve his role in education. Hal has excelled in leadership since day one and the sky is his limit. His passion for education is immeasurable and his love for all the people in his life is evident. I’m proud to have worked side by side with Hal; he is a true example of what an educator should be.

Melissa Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham's positive outlook is contagious among, staff, students, and all who are in his company. He has the ability to find the good in every situation. His motivational techniques with his students are admirable and working with him is always a pleasure. He is fair, honest and definitely an asset to the Hoboken Public School District.

Uril Parrish Posted over a year ago

Hal Abraham is nothing short of amazing. He has shown an unbelievable level of dedication and deligence to improving the quality of life for his students. The rapport he has with his students and colleagues has fostered remarkable emotional responses. Mr. Abraham’s leadership is inspiring and contagious. Many look up to him and use his believes, manners, and philosophies as guidelines to become successful. He is unbelievable.

Ken Spooner Posted over a year ago

I have had the great pleasure of having Hal not only as a close friend, but also as a collegiate teammate & mentor. His ability to lead has had a tremendous impact on my personal growth and his positive energy is contagious to those that surround him. He has always had the ability motivate the youth in a way that will have a direct impact on their lives. He has the ability to listen and makes kids see the true potential in themselves as they move into adulthood. Hal Abraham is the epitome of a life changer--he's changed mine.

Jess Loux Posted over a year ago

Hal and I worked together for several years in the Piscataway School District as members of the Piscataway Education Foundation. Hal’s enthusiasm for teaching and learning, desire to bridge the schools and community, and unique and creative initiatives were the driving force behind our success in the district. His vision and mission to educate the “whole student” transcends beyond the four walls of any school building. He is hard-working, passionate, and always has the students’ best interest at heart. I cannot think of any educator more deserving of this distinguished award than Mr. Hal Abraham!

Vanessa Fowler Posted over a year ago

I have had the great pleasure of working with Hal in many different capacities. As an administrator to a coach to a friend. Hal’s love of education is apparent in how he communicates with the kids and staff. He is creative, interactive and always has a smile on his face.  His calm demeanor is welcoming to students because they know they can talk to him anytime.  He will always make time to listen to you ( and it doesn’t matter what time of the day / night). He is a role model to both his students but also to his colleagues. He strives to learn and educate himself by continuing with his education. Never stopping to strive to the next level! I am in awe of his energy, his positivity and character! He is a life changer to SO many people and he continues to changes lives each and every day!!!

Craig Jacoby Posted over a year ago

We are so very proud of the work Hal Abraham is doing in support of student growth both academically and sociology-emotionally! The life lessons he champions extend learning beyond the classroom, providing needed support for students in an increasingly diverse and challenging world. We here at Suffern couldn’t be more excited to support Hal for Life Changer of the Year!

Laura Benjamin Posted over a year ago

Harold is a visionary leader who always seeks to get the best outcome for those in his charge. He is enthusiastic, inspiring, overall a great person. I have known Harold for the past seven years, and have seen him excel in everything he does. He has left a huge impact on everyone he meets!

Paul Posted over a year ago

Harold Abraham is a natural born leader. He has transformed the schooling experience entirely to a personalized domain. Each morning he greets students at the door with a smile and motivation. During the day you can find him in their classes, lunch, recess and work labs. After school you can find him at their games, practices and rehearsals. You won’t find a more hands-on principal!!!!!

Elizabeth Caccavella Posted over a year ago

Harold is a true scholar practitioner! His passion for making school a place where ALL students and teachers are successful is palpable in the work he does in the doctoral program at Northeastern University. I am confident that Harold makes a difference everyday because everything he does is informed by his blend of scholarship, professionalism, vision and compassion!

David Posted over a year ago

As mentioned above, Mr. Abrahams ability to form genuine relationships with students and colleagues, is truly something special. These relationships open many doors, like trust, honesty, and creativity. Fact of the matter is these relationships are easy to build for Mr. Abraham, because he genuinely cares about the persons.

Ed Ward Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham is a talented leader. He adds a personal approach to leadership which makes people a part of the process. His staff and students know that they are valued and in result, they exceed even their own expectations. Mr. Abraham is the most innovative leader I’ve ever met. His professional development for staff is absolutely astonishing. He challenges staff to think outside the box which ultimately does the same for his students. We will have thousands of life changers in our world one day because of the work he does on a daily basis.

Ted Fiore Posted over a year ago

I have known Mr. Abraham since 2007. Since the day I met him, I knew he would be a life changer. Mr. Abraham is passionate, enthusiastic, and goal-oriented. Give him a task, and he will get it done. More importantly, he will go above and beyond. His staff and students mean the world to him and he makes this obvious every day. He brings out the best in everyone by motivating them and encouraging them every step of the way! Mr. Abraham is a true life changer!

Thomas Donnelly Posted over a year ago

I've known Hal since he has been in high school. He turned things around in high school and is exceeding expectations. I couldn't think of a better person to receive this award. Congratulations on your nomination. Well deserved.

Dayvon Shivers Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham is truly a life changer. After learning that a family member of one of his students had passed away from cancer, he took matters into his own hands to uplift the community. He organized an innovative fundraiser to raise money for cancer research. In total, $10,000.00 was raised for the Cancer Institute of New Jersey (CINJ). He has a gift of bridging the gap between home and school. This is just one of the many examples. There’s nobody more fitting for this award than him!

Jeff Cerro Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Harold Abraham since 2011 and seen the amazing impact he’s made on staff, students, and entire communities. I’ve watched Harold blossom from Teacher of the Year after his first year teaching to becoming an award winning administrator! Harold’s vision to enhance the learning experience for all students is incredible. In my 22 years in education, I have never seen any educator impact the lives of students like Harold has. Because of him, students love coming to school. Harold finds greatness in every single student and celebrates their every achievement as if it were the super bowl. Harold is truly a genuine agent of change and because of this, his staff is always in support. He leads by example and models the way! In each building he has been in, his teachers have felt valued, respected and inspired to be great! Harold applies the same enthusiasm to administration as he did in the classroom. When you think of lifelong learning, he is the poster child. Harold went from being a special education student himself to completing his bachelors of science, masters in special education, masters in educational leadership to now being in the finals stages in completing his doctorate in curriculum & instruction! He shares his early obstacles with staff and students all the time to motivate them to succeed; how could you not be inspired by his story? Lastly, Harold knows the importance of the being a people person. No matter how successful he has become, he always remains humble. Although he has moved up through the ranks, Harold always refers to himself as a teacher because that’s who he is! He enjoys teaching staff and students on a daily basis and challenging people to be the best versions of themselves. Harold Abraham is fully deserving of the Life Changer of the Year award because he embodies each and every characteristic of this award. He truly changes the lives of everyone he comes in contact with and I am proud to be a part of it!

James Whall Posted over a year ago

Hal has been one of my closest friends for more than fifteen years. One of his most impressive qualities - and one that I'm sure has led to his immediate success at Hoboken Middle School - is his ability to relate to people of all backgrounds and form genuine connections. Moreover, Hal never settles for the bare minimum or even the satisfactory. Whether it's finding an inspirational speaker to talk to his students, leading a first-of-its-kind extracurricular program, or organizing a fundraising event, Hal always delivers the best for his school community.

Shirley Eyler Posted over a year ago

I had the good fortune to hire Harold Abraham right after his graduation from Montclair State University. He hit the ground running and professionally, has not slowed down! Mr. Abraham brought his enthusiasm, dedication, and innovative ideas to create a “Fitness for Life” program at our school. Staff, students and parents quickly accepted the challenge to become physically active and make their health a priority. Mr. Abraham led the school community in color runs, basket ball games with dads, and his highly successful early morning Cardio Club. As one event concluded, Mr. Abraham was already planning the next one. While keeping busy with his day to day responsibilities and initiatives, Mr. Abraham simultaneously took advantage of opportunities to broaden and deepen his professional knowledge. His potential was quickly realized by district administrators. He was taking positive steps toward being a successful leader. Since becoming the Principal of Hoboken Middle School, I have had many conversations with Mr. Abraham. I continue to be impressed with his endless energy, sincere dedication to student achievement, and commitment to being a lifelong learner, too. Mr. Abraham is very deserving of this recognition. I am certain there will be more to come!

John Kardos Posted over a year ago

Hal is an amazing asset to not only the school, community, but everyone he gets a chance to speak to and influence. He’s a jack of all trades and is willing to do whatever it takes to help people get what they want. He’s a natural born leader and and an amazing example to our youth. We are lucky to have a role model like Hal!

Maria Zaharakis Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham and I coached together in 2013 and I have had the pleasure to watch him grow as an educator ever since; from teacher/coach to athletic director, vice principal and now principal. He approaches every year as if it where his first, with an open mind and an eagerness to learn. He is a passionate educator, to say the least, and is always looking for ways to improve his craft.  What is most admirable, is not only his love and dedication to the field but to the success of his students.  Both as a teacher and principal, Mr. Abraham looks for ways to better the lives of those around him and it is for that reason that I cannot think of a more deserving individual for this award!  

Cory Weissman Posted over a year ago

Hal is someone who is always coming up with ideas of how he can have a positive impact on someone’s life. He is always thinking of new programs and strategic ways to get his students to be more active and engaged in and out of the classroom which will ultimately make them more successful. Implementing programs like ‘cardio club’, ‘glowfest’, ‘glow for a cure’, ‘Read Believe Acheive, he has shown that he is willing to put in extra hours to make his ambitious ideas become reality. His personal work ethic rubs off on those around him and he has been able to establish a lasting culture everywhere he works.

Donna Posted over a year ago

I worked with Hal for several years. The passion that he brings to everything he does is inspiring. His drive and energy for students is commendable. Hal works hard to make sure that all students’ needs are met. He gets to know the students and their families on a personal level which has a positive impact on the school community. All of these factors together have contributed to him making a difference in students’ lives.

Indira Wojcik Posted over a year ago

Mr Abraham is a true leader. Not only for his students but also for his community. He is a great role model for our young children. He is a young man that is making a huge difference in our young children's lives. Keep up the great work.

Cristiana Smith Posted over a year ago

I would have to say that Mr. Abraham's passion for innovative thinking is one of his most inspiring leadership qualities. He understand the importance of thinking outside the box to truly reach those students that would otherwise fall through the cracks. His dedication to reaching those students is evident in the way he immerses himself in his school community creating genuine connections through shared experiences with his students. There is no doubt that many of his students will one day look back on their childhood and say "That man changed my life!"

Cindy Taus Posted over a year ago

I met Hal Abraham at an event he put together a couple of years ago where my nephew was a speaker. I’ve been following him ever since. He left an enormous impression on me with the way he interacted with the students, parents and his colleagues. His caring and kindness shines through with each person he speaks with. He is definitely a life changer to all those lucky enough to cross paths with him!

Chris Wynne Posted over a year ago

I would like to congratulate mr. Abraham on being nominated for this award. How many people can say they still speak to their friend from 1st grade? Hal does just that. Knowing him all this time he has always been a driven person. Watching him make this transition to the administrative side of education seamlessly did not come as a surprise to me. He is always talking about the kids, and you can tell he loves his job. I cannot think of anyone else who has done more for their kids in this short amount of time; congratulations!

Dana Paribello Posted over a year ago

I am not at all surprised that Hal Abraham was nominated for this prestigious honor. As a former colleague and now friend, I have seen first hand how his hard work and dedication has impacted the lives of his students, staff, and the community. He is intelligent, innovative, passionate, and a true leader. As an aspiring principal, he is someone I look up to and know I can always count on. Hal Abraham is a role model both in and out of school and I cannot think of someone more deserving of this title.

Eric LeGrand Posted over a year ago

Hal, Continue to keep on making a huge impact in this world. It definitely does not go unnoticed. You’re a role model for everybody that comes across your path. Keep up all the hard work

Jennifer Santana Posted over a year ago

Hal, you are an amazing person who is making a huge difference in the lives of our youth. Caring, positive and are always looking for new ways to make the world a better place. Ed and I are honored to know you and we are so proud of you! There is no one more deserving of this recognition!!

Bob Steere Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham is a colleague of mine in our doctoral program. He is truly an individual of integrity, grace, and passion. It is an unwritten rule in leadership that one should never step on enthusiasm. Harold personifies that saying in word, action, and deed. All through our classes, Harold has shown a willingness to embrace whatever challenge was before us. He constantly steadied the team, eagerly embraced the learning, and always asked questions to further our goals. When he told me he was being named Principal of Hoboken, all I could think of was how lucky they were. I can think of no better nominee to be “life changer of the year“ then Harold Abraham.

Nicole Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham has always gone above and beyond for his students. I’m not sure I know anyone so eager to shave their head or get a pie in the face to support his students and show them how much he cares. He has proven himself to be dedicated and committed to making an impact on those around him. I have witnessed lives change as students’ eyes light up during assemblies Mr. Abraham has arranged. He has created a fun, accepting, and positive learning environment and is more than deserving of this nomination.

Julie Schick Posted over a year ago

Congratulations!!! I knew you would move forward quickly in your career when I met you as a new teacher. Your energy and commitment to the overall student was evident from the start. You always seeked ways to engage students and involve students, staff and parents in community events.

Andrew Himmelfarb Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Hal Abraham since our college days at Montclair State University and can that he brings such passion to his work. From a dedicated student-athlete, teaching and now administration he tries to inspire his students to be the best they can be.

Michele McCarthy Posted over a year ago

Harold Abraham is a born leader. Not only does he possess all the qualities that strong leaders need to have, but he connects to people in such a genuine and authentic way. He inspires his staff to be at their best, which in turn, inspires their students to be at their best. He leads with a passion and energy that are so contagious that those around him can't help but to feel that same energy. His innovative ideas for programs go beyond just promoting physical fitness, math and literacy. HIs programs are designed in such a holistic and engaging manner that students stay motivated and keep coming back for more! His genuine attitude of positivity and approachable demeanor have quickly made him a favorite of staff, students, parents and administration. He is truly changing the lives of the students of Hoboken Middle School, as well as the lives of the community as a whole.

Dr. Joseph Oluwole Posted over a year ago

Mr. Harold Abraham is an extraordinarily leader. I agree with everything referenced in his nomination. He is a highly talented visionary leader who understands the importance of modeling the way and cultivating relationships. I have been extremely impressed with his inspirational leadership. He would be an outstanding choice for the Life Changer of the Year award.

Alyssa Goldfond Posted over a year ago

Mr. Abraham is truly a genuine leader. He’s a an amazing role model for students, resource for parents and instructional mastermind for his staff. It’s amazing to see a principal with such a passion for student achievement!