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Vicki Hutchinson

Position: Third Grade Accelerated Math Teacher
School: Beacon Cove Intermediate School
School District: Palm Beach County School District
City, State: Jupiter, FL

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Vicki Hutchinson was nominated by Peachie Thompson, the parent of a student.

"Mrs. Hutchinson teaches the third grade Accelerated Math Program (AMP), where students with elite test scores and high recommendations learn all of third grade and most of fourth grade math in one year. My daughter was in AMP class SY 2017-2018," said Thompson. "As a room mom, I was able to observe how Mrs. Hutchinson created an amazingly nurturing atmosphere for students who are already advanced in math and other subjects to grow by leaps and bounds." 

"Hutch", as she's dearly called by students, teaches complex concepts and mathematical foundations using a combination of fun hands-on activities and a positive/high energy style within a constrained time period. She makes learning fun for both students and parents. She creates fun activities throughout the year, such as bi-weekly banking and shopping at Toy Hut. During this activity, students earn Hutch Bucks (play money) every day for good deeds or work. They can use the money to shop on Toy Hut days and learn real-life banking skills, such as making deposits and balancing their own check books.

The science experiments she holds are also fun and educational, such as watching an eclipse in real time. All occassions/holidays are celebrated in such a fun, engaging and educational fashion. The fall festival consists of hands on math and science experiments such as weighing pumpkins, using estimates, slime making etc. On MLK day, the students recite poems. On Valentine's day, the students make their own mailboxes and have a Valentine's exchange. During the holiday party, it "snowed." Mrs. Hutchinson had a Mother's Day tea in class, where the kids served their moms tea and treats.  The kids learned economics by putting together a business plan for a store and selling in class on "Outlet Mall Day," the final Toy Hut event of the year.  Students and parents end the year with an indoor beach bash.

By the end of the year, the amount of knowledge the students retain, their test scores, and the maturity they show are clear evidence of Hutch's effectiveness as an educator.  Hutch produces multiple STEM fair winners, spelling bee winners, and other award recipients. 

More importantly, she teaches her students about valuable lessons in life. She instills the corelation of hard work and success: how to have pride in one's work and how much fun it is to do great things! High achievements and good behavior are given emphasis and positively reinforced throughout the year.  

"My daughter, who is now in a different school, continues to get accolades at her new school. She is now the school's first and only 4th grader who qualified to do 5th grade math," said Thompson. "We both agree that Hutch left her with a great impression and special 3rd grade memories to cherish. 

Hutch collects unused supplies at the end of the year and donates them to other schools who need them.  She also teaches kids to donate some of their "Hutch  Bucks" to charity. She won the 2010 Excellence in Education award at the WM T Dwyer school and continues to be a great leader and advocate for students within the learning community. Hutch has parents' approval and support, as evidenced by the 100% parent participation rate for activities and donations throughout the year!

"I, along with my daughter Arielle, other students and parents, believe that Mrs. Vicki Hutchinson is a LifeChanger in our community," said Thompson.

Comments (16)

Debbie Taylor Posted over a year ago

My son, Nicholas, was in Mrs. Hutchinson AMP class in 3rd grade. He absolutely loved going to her class everyday. She always made learning, fun, energetic and exciting for these children. Her passion for teaching these young children is simply amazing. She had a unique way of teaching with using weekly positive quotes. My son still remembers his first quote, "I am who I am because of who we are altogether." So, from the scientific experiments to the Math Gallery, this amazing teacher has taught my son many things that he will always remember thanks to her. If anyone is so deserving of this award, it is her!

Jim Glass Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hutchinson is an amazing teacher. We heard a lot of great things about her before our son started his first day in her program. We were so impressed by her genuine enthusiasm and sincere love for teaching that it seemed unreal. She didn’t take long to figure out what motivates our son and appeal to his competitive nature. She used this motivator to push our son to his full potential. When we met with her during conferences she spoke so kindly of our son that I fought back tears. Since her class our son has continued his success in 4th grade and we remain grateful for the opportunity to have had her as a teacher. I’m glad that she is getting the recognition that she deserves.

Kathy Salvador Posted over a year ago

I have four children that have been through the PBC public schools. They are currently in grades 12, 11, 5 and 2. We have experienced every type of teacher with hosts of personalities. Some teachers are memorable and others are not Mrs. Hutchinson is one of those teachers that you will never forget for the tremendous impact she has on the children. Her undeniable enthusiasm for teaching and the manner in which she thoroughly engages the children is apparent to anyone who has the pleasure of knowing her and observing her with the kids. My daughter loved going to school, and didn't want to miss it even when she was feeling ill. Mrs. Hutchinson was firm yet caring. Importantly, she is an excellent teacher. My daughter continues to excel in the AMP program thanks to the solid foundation she was provided in the 3rd grade AMP class. I can't say enough about Hutch! She is fully deserving of this award!

Milissa Walker Posted over a year ago

My daughter, Audrey, was in Mrs. Hutchinson’s inaugural Accelerated Math Program and she thrived in her class. Mrs. Hutchinson is incredibly passionate about teaching and it shows through her commitment, energy and enthusiasm she pours into her lessons each day. She will always hold a dear place in our hearts. I agree with all the comments listed. Most importantly, I loved that she taught famous sayings and quotes each week for them to memorize and at the end of the year, the entire class could recite them all. That is the type of experience that will stay in our hearts and mind for a lifetime.

Cristine Pike Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hutchinson is dedicated to her students, and it doesn’t end when the school bell rings. She truly teaches the whole student and is constantly thinking about enriching the mind and spirit. I’ve never met anyone like Hutch. From Hutch bucks to a snowball fight in the class to Mother’s Day tea. Mrs. Hutchinson doesn’t just show up, she knocks it out of the park every day. Her tireless energy and her passion has fostered a love of learning in my son. She has made a lasting impression on him and exemplifies all that we hope for in a teacher.

Leslie Santelli Posted over a year ago

My son is fortunate enough to be in Mrs. Hutchinson's class this year. She truly is a standout teacher because of her sheer dedication to her students. She is always thinking outside of the box and has planned so many great activities with a teaching style that really resonates with the kids and gets them excited about going to school. It is wonderful to see my son come home everyday in a great mood with wonderful things to say about his day and eager to share the things he is learning about. It is not easy to teach an advanced level class to a bunch of 8 years old but somehow she is able make it fun while still engaging them as learners. I appreciate all your hard work and the positive learning environment you provide for both my son and all your other students. Thank you, Santelli Family

swetha Posted over a year ago

Mrs Hutchinson is the best teacher and we were touched by the ways she will motivate the kids and teach them science and Math with out they know that they are being taught !!! She is very cheerful and happy and made all the kids feel so special in her class. She does her best every day and my daughter now in 4th grade go and see her when ever she can do that !! Regards Swetha

Kendra Joynt Posted over a year ago

My son is fortunate enough to be in Mrs. Hutchinson's class this year. The experience has been wonderful for him and I am consistently impressed with her enthusiasm, dedication, and caring. Learning is engaging and fun in her classroom. The students are challenged in an atmosphere that is safe to make mistakes. This is something that has been particularly important for my son. To feel empowered by mistakes versus dejected is life changing!

Beth Mohanty Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hutchinson taught both our daughters. Our kids still reference Mrs Hutchinson’s math strategies and life lessons she shared through fun stories and famous quotes.

Elizabeth Amin Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hutchinson is the epitome of who you call a real-world super heroine. She was my daughter’s 3rd grade teacher last year and has had such a lasting effect in my daughter’s success in 4th grade. Her love for teaching is genuine. She is passionate and nurturing and makes learning in her classroom always engaging and fun. My daughter broke out of her shell because Mrs. Hutchinson believed in her and didn’t dismiss her shyness. She helped my daughter to light that spark in science and math, to feel connected with her peers and most importantly to feel safe in her classroom. Mrs. Hutchinson got to know my daughter along with every single child in her classroom as if they were all her children. She was supportive to all of their interests. As a parent, it was such a privilege for me to volunteer and support her classroom because I was and still am so appreciative of how much she gives of herself to teach our kids and make learning fun. She goes the extra mile, just to see smiles from every kid’s Aha moment when they figured something out on their own. She has helped foster independent thinkers. To see my daughter enthusiastically want to go to school every day because she wasn’t bored but actively engaged was priceless. I am truly indebted to her selfless teaching and for expanding the breadth of my daughter’s learning. I can only wish that every child entering 3rd grade can be lucky enough to get her as a teacher. Mrs. Hutchinson is truly an original who deserves to be honored at the highest level possible. For it’s teachers like her who embolden the children of today to reach their fullest potential tomorrow!

Donna Murray Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hutchinson is currently my youngest child's third grade teacher and we couldn't be happier to have her in our lives. My daughter often remarks what a wonderful teacher she is and I know it is because she feels she is learning so much. The independence, motivation and great attitude demonstrated by, not only my child, but by all of the children is a direct result of Mrs. Hutchinson's approach to teaching. I truly believe she "sees" all children as individuals, while moving the entire group along at an impressive pace. Mrs. Hutchinson often invites parents in, whether it be for donuts and coffee to view science fair boards, or for extended periods of time to assist in events, special celebrations or the regularly scheduled, Hutch's Toy Hut, a real-life store set up for the children to learn how to purchase, spend, budget, balance a checkbook, and make important decisions. The point is she connects the childrens' lives at school with their life at home and that makes the children feel supported and safe. She is truly a life-changer and a teacher I believe my daughter will always remember as one of the best!

Sandy Pitchford Posted over a year ago

Both my boys have had or currently have Mrs Hutchinson, and they both love her!! She goes above and beyond for her students and truly puts in the time. She not only makes learning fun, she caters to each kids learning styles and really knows how to help the kids improve. She is good with kids that fit in the box as well as don't. She keeps kids enthusiastic about learning and wanting to go to class. She also has the kids work together and become a team which is so hard at this age!

Emily Spilker Posted over a year ago

When my husband and I met Mrs. Hutchinson, prior to our son entering her class, we were touched deeply by her passion. Her enthusiasm was clear. She was genuinely excited about learning. Her love of learning inspired her teaching and my son woke up and went to sleep at night happy and excited to go to school. Now a fourth grader, he finds ways to go back and visit with her during his school days. Her energy is electrifying and magnetic! All the parents and children in our community are in awe of Mrs. Hutchinson’s (The Hutch) way of teaching. Mrs. Hutchinson teaches with every cell of her being and she gets to know what makes each student tick in her classes. As a result of her respect for her students she gains the love and respect of all those she encounters! Her classroom is dynamic and creative. She is fully present each and every moment. She loves all subjects and the students gain the same even in areas they may not have initially had an interest. My son enjoyed public speaking in her class despite his shyness! The magic in her classroom comes from hard work and dedication. We hope she receives this well deserved award!

Jennifer Klug Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hutchinson is an amazing teacher! My daughter has her this year and I’m just in aww of what my daughter is learning. My daughter has always loved school and I greatly appreciate how she Mrs. Hutchinson goes above and beyond for her students not just academically, but, emotionally as well.

Cassie Minicucci Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hutchinson has worked with both of my daughters for a little more than a year! She is an amazing teacher and person! We have been so blessed to have her in our lives! She deserves to be recognized for the wonderful impact she has on her students!

Anne Rutter Posted over a year ago

My kids are now 14 and 16. We still say she was the best teacher they ever had. She instilled a love of learning and in particular a love of the world. They made suitcases, passports, and “traveled” around the world which included Skyping with other countries. My son wants to travel the world in his career all because of Hutch! She also taught them vocabulary by using the weekly vocabulary words in the normal course of the day. My kids never had to study vocabulary because they knew the words by the way she integrated them into their every day lives. What other 3rd grader knows the word metacognition and can use it appropriately? She also helped to identify some medical issues that were causing difficulties for my child. Because of her attention to detail, we were able to seek out occupational therapy and get a 504 in place. She was amazing! We were so blessed to have her.