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Charles Beckwith

Position: Middle School Language Arts Teacher
School: Denver Academy
School District: Association of Colorado Independent Schools
City, State: Denver, CO

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Matt Roberts Posted over a year ago

Charles has been a life changer for a long time. He was previously a pub preacher and pontificator prior to presiding over pupils. Bartender, that is. His skills were finely tuned and easily transferable. He was articulate up and down the interest ladder – politics, sports, philosophy, economics, heartache and dream visions. He tempered the unruly and lauded the celebrants. He instilled hope and eased doubt. He cushioned the fall and soothed the pain. He cheered champions and encouraged participants, one and all. Charles is an irrefutable life changer. He brings evolution to anyone in his circle. His passions for life and learning and truth and justice are required values of acceptance in his world. Students know it, parents understand it, coworkers witness it and the world at large benefits. Keep doing what you do Charles. Keep changing lives for the better.

Stuart Gilman Posted over a year ago

Charles Beckwith possesses a unique set of skills that brings out the very best in the students under his care. He holds his students not only to a high standard of academic achievement, but of personal conduct as well. He takes the time to know each of his students in order to unlock their individual potential. All of this he accomplishes in an environment that is non-threatening and fun. Charles truly cares about all of his students, as evidenced by how many of them who seek him out, long after they have passed through his doors. “LifeChanger” is an understatement.

Patrick Gilman Posted over a year ago

I was homeschooled for the first decade (approximately) of my life and Mr. Beckwith was the first homeroom teacher I had outside of it. When I came to DA I could not write, it would take hours to a day to write a paragraph (which would normally be awful despite my effort). After that year, due to his guidance, I could (and did once, by accident) write an essay in two days. Though I continue to improve, I credit Mr. Beckwith with rolling the boulder of writing down the hill of complex literacy, giving enough momentum to allow me to continue in academia. I find it easier to write with music playing and, while doing so, a song came on reminiscent of his math class. Each day he would begin class with music and a minute of familiarization with math operations. By doing this not only did he introduce me to good, modern music (a concept that seemed fanciful to me), but he also managed to make me capable of doing mental math. He also made me capable of writing with this old fashioned “grammar” thing by prohibiting us from using Grammarly, which is a skill I use daily. Mr. Charles Beckwith still remains the best teacher I have ever had and it brings me no small pleasure to see him nominated for an award of this magnitude.

Christine Fromont Posted over a year ago

I am a grandmother in New Zealand and my grandson attends DA. I can tell you, that even from this distance, I have seen the positive influence that Mr Charles Beckwith has had on my grandson. When he started at this amazing centre for learning, Mr B was his 7th Grade homeroom teacher as well as his English and Literature teacher. My grandson who, though extremely intelligent, was having challenges with his learning and his ability to cope with these challenges. This impacted on him personally as well as with regard to his studies. Mr B was able to reach the lad on a level that has enabled him to move forward. He has a gift for understanding different perspectives and is a true communicator, so that others can see different perspectives too. He inspires the young people to grow through their challenges, often going "the extra mile" for them. He lives up to the mantra of being "consistent, persistent, gentle but strong". My grandson is currently enjoying many successes in this 9th Grade year which is in no small part due to this amazing teacher. I fully and enthusiastically endorse Mr Charles Beckwith's nomination as Life Changer of the Year for it describes him perfectly.

Cathie Walker Posted over a year ago

We homeschooled our son through 7th Grade, when it became obvious he needed a teacher specializing in helping students with unique learning profiles unlock their potential. I will be forever grateful that he was accepted into Denver Academy, and especially that he was placed as a 7th Grader in Mr. Charles Beckwith's 7/8th Grade class. Mr. B. helped our son face, work through, and overcome the intense personal and academic challenges involved in this transition. Our son is now a motivated and thriving 9th Grader, thanks in large part to Mr. B's caring, observant patience, honest communication, academic leadership, and personal support. Mr. B. accepts no nonense and explains things, even criticism, in a way Middle School students (and their parents) can understand and absorb. In a school full of amazing teachers, Mr. B. is outstanding - a shining light - a definite Lifechanger, and he has my gratitude.

Hannah Butler Posted over a year ago

Mr.Beckwith was my homeroom, literature, and math teacher last year. He some how manged to actually make me enjoy math to a degree; and the stuff he taught me about writing has continued to help me in my freshmen year of highschool. Mr.Beckwith can make even the most boring lessons engaging and enjoyable to his students. Mr.Beckwith changed how i viewed reading a book and gave me the tools to be able to suceed in the honors literature Class i am in this year. I truly belive he deserves the life changer award after all the students lifes he has influenced.

Scott Posted over a year ago

Mr. Beckwith is a passionate teacher, fully committed to students reaching their potential. Rather than dwelling on weaknesses, he focuses on the strengths and positive attributes of his students. Our son has struggled in school for years. Mr. Beckwith is so incredibly kind, respectful, and inspiring to our son. He works to boost his self-esteem. Great sense of humor. Our son thoroughly enjoys going to school and having Mr. Beckwith as his teacher. Mr. Beckwith is a true LifeChanger!

Joseph Hofstadter Posted over a year ago

Charles Beckwith was my son's 8th grade homeroom teacher. Charles providing a caring environment that also holds students to high standards for academics and behavior. With the help of Charles, my son grew into a calm, focused student well prepared for high school. Charles was a very positive a life changer for my son and is deserving of the award.

Rhonda Marciano Posted over a year ago

When my son started middle school at DA, he was beaten down and had no self confidence. Mr. B is the reason my 20 year old son is a happy and well-adjusted college sophomore. Mr. B is dedicated to helping his students love learning. He is patient and kind but also firm when needed. The positive impact Mr. B has had on my son's future is immeasurable.

Jim and Barb Lewis Posted over a year ago

How apropos this engaging photo of Charles for we know him as a fellow trout fisherman. We've spent quality time with him up in the mountains, far from the classroom. Even then, in those tranquil moments, Charles' students are always near. He loves talking about them because teaching is his life's passion. His remarkable success derives from two natural talents: he readily brings out the best in others and can make almost anything interesting. Nobody who meets him ever forgets him—including, especially, his students. As Henry David Thoreau once observed, "Many go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after." Charles goes fishing not to find himself or to escape, but to find fish. He goes to class and teaches for the pure joy of it. He is indeed a Life Changer.

Bob and Stephanie Shalhope Posted over a year ago

We have had the extreme good fortune of having Charles Beckwith’s home room class for both of our kids. Charles’ dedication to his trade craft is a true inspiration. We have a boy and a girl who both have very different and unique learning profiles. We were repeatedly impressed with Charles ability to teach, motivate, and inspire our kids to become excellent students and believe in their abilities for academic success. If you were to ask either one of our kids who was their best teacher and impacted them the most they would immediately say - Mr. Beckwith. Chalres Beckwith was a “Lifechanger” for our kids. Congratulation on the nomination. Bob and Stephanie Shalhope

Michael Lewis Posted over a year ago

I have the privilege of calling Charles my friend. Many of Charles' teaching virtues shared by his colleagues and students alike come as no surprise to me: supportive, caring, thoughtful, intelligent, hilarious, engaging, empathetic and professional. Charles is all of these things and more to me and our many friends. These students (and parents) truly count on Charles to not only develop them intellectually, but also to be a mentor who they can trust and grow through. My 15 year career has taken me in and out of school districts throughout the U.S., providing me with a unique perspective along the way. Without a doubt, Charles is an elite-level educator and more importantly, an elite person on so many levels. My respect for Charles is endless. And it's very clear that same respect is the cornerstone of this nomination.

Shannon McQuillen Posted over a year ago

Charles is amazing! As a newer teacher, Charles has talked me off the burn out ledge so many times! He cares so much about his students and colleagues, going above and beyond to make sure everyone is supported. :)

Katharine Posted over a year ago

He got my son to read and pushed him to his best academic performance. Now my son wants to be a teacher because of Charles. He is a total life changer!!