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Mary Giarrusso

Position: Reading Specialist
School: Marion G Vedder Elementary School
School District: North Babylon UFSD
City, State: North Babylon , NY

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Mary Giarrusso was nominated by her principal, Kerry Larke.

Ms. Giarrusso has been a reading specialist at MGV for many years. Each and every day, she focuses on filling the gap between where her students are in their reading ability and where they need to be. She works side by side with teachers to create individual RTI plans that address the specific needs of each one of her students. When entering her room, you see the numerous strategies she employs to motivate her students and build their confidence. Recently, she was trained in the Lindamood Bell method of Reading instruction and has happily added it to her list of strategies. 

Ms. Giarrusso is also a vital member of the RTI Problem Solving Team, the District Assessment Committee, and is the 2nd Vice President of the MGV PTA. She is actively involved in frequent data analysis meetings, which have proven her impact on her students' ability to find success. Ms. Giarrusso has been involved in the PARP Program, the Scripts Spelling Bee and MGV Literacy Day, helping to develop themes and activities to enhance these special events. 

Ms. Giarrusso is viewed by her colleagues as one of the kindest, most hardworking professionals they have had the pleasure to work with. She often goes above and beyond for students. She is an advocate for her school's programs and her colleagues. Never doubt that she will stand her ground if she feels decisions being made are not in the best interest of her school or students.

"It is a sincere pleasure to work with Mary each and every day here at MGV. She changes the lives of our students in all she does to make MGV the place to be," said Larke.

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Kerry Posted over a year ago

Thank you Mary for all you do!