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Gloria Pereyra-Robertson

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: Washington Elementary School
School District: Medford School District
City, State: Medford, OR

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Gloria Pereyra-Robertson received multiple nominations from various members of her community. The following profile contains text from all nominations.

“Mrs. Pereyra-Robertson is an inspiration as an educator and a friend, as well as an exceptional human being,” said Stephanie Splain, a parent, PTO member, and school/community volunteer. “I have had the unique experience of working with Mrs. Pereyra-Robertson at two different schools as well as being her friend over the years. My son started at Howard Elementary in 2005, and my daughter in 2011. Over the years, I have witnessed Gloria treating children as if they were her own. In fact, one student thought of her as a second mom when he had lost his own. She makes sure every child who comes into her class - whether they are her student or not - gets the tools they need to succeed, not just in school, but in life.”

Mrs. Pereyra-Robertson is the daughter of Mexican immigrants and one of 20 teachers in her family. One can say that teaching is in her blood! One of her first teachers and role models was her father, who immigrated from Mexico after receiving his Green Card for working in the Bracero Program during WWll. Her father taught her perseverance and pride in her native language and Mexican cultural heritage. It was these lessons that he passed on to her, that would eventually help her overcome language barriers and discrimination through her own education and teaching career.

At an early age, she started interpreting for teachers, students, her parents and people she would meet in the community who needed help. This is something you will see her do to this day at school, parent workshops, and in the local community. Her mother taught her the value of learning the English language and having a strong work ethic, which she now shares with her students, student teachers and peers.

In her teen years, Mrs. Pereyra-Robertson would volunteer helping at her younger sister’s school, and as the president of her high school Spanish Club, she collected toys and basic goods for orphans in Tijuana, Mexico. She also volunteered at fundraisers to support her school and was recognized by her teachers as her high school’s alumni of the year.

Unfortunately, on the path to becoming an educator, Mrs. Pereyra-Robertson has come across people who have discriminated against her and her students because of the color of their skin and the language they speak. For example, when she came back from school one day, she told her mother that people were mean and racist to her. Her mother said, “Great, you can go to work with me all day manana.” After she worked all day in the fields, Mrs. Pereyra-Robertson was ready to go back to school.

When these situations happen, it makes her sad for the ignorance of those who can not see the beauty of all people and all languages. She doesn’t let that get in the way of her teaching, however. It is these experiences growing up as a bilingual Mexican-American ELL student that would shape Mrs. Pereyra-Robertson into the most amazingly, incredible, innovative, inclusive, equitable, creative and caring teacher she is today. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but her actions speak volumes.

“Providing all children with a great education, no matter where they come from or what language they speak, can give a family the opportunity to change their socio and economic status for the future in just one generation,” said Pereyra-Robertson. “I know, because my siblings and I are living proof of it!”

This is why you will see Mrs. Pereyra-Robertson doing whatever it takes to provide an equitable and inclusive education to all her students. Why? Because she sees herself in so many of her students, and she wants them to be proud of their cultural heritage, to be accepted for who they are, and not be discriminated against by the labels that are out there today.

Every Christmas, each child in her class gets a Christmas gift. This might be the only gift they receive, as the majority of her students live below poverty level. She has arranged to get shoes for a child who did not have the means to get shoes that fit properly and weren’t falling apart. She has made sure every student in her class had a warm winter jacket, hat and gloves. This year, she arranged for a few to have Christmas trees, umbrellas, beds, heaters and more. Through the last 22 years, she has secured over $60,000 in donations for food, clothes, beds, blankets, space heaters and medical services for her students and families. She believes it takes a village or community to educate a child, which is why she spends time recruiting volunteers and inspiring them to engage in the learning process of all children.

“I have witnessed kids coming in years later to invite her to their graduation, or to talk about important life events such as college, church missions, and engagements,” said Splain. “Some, while in school, want to shadow her for their own benefit of seeing if teaching is the career for them. Students in 3rd, 4th, 5th, and even 6th grade want to give up their recess time to come and help her with whatever she needs. She has made an impact in these children's lives that they take with them everywhere they go.”

There are kids who walk into her class in September knowing nothing. By the time they leave in June, they know so much. Many have caught up with the kids who went to preschool, and some even surpassed them!

Mrs. Pereyra-Robertson has students who speak fluent English, while others only speak Spanish. There are kids who come in that have other native languages, and she takes it upon herself to learn their language to help them and their parent. Many times, she learns from a relative or the Internet and friends. In the last couple of years, she had a child who spoke Samoan and a child who spoke Tagalog. She learned many phrases so she could help these children and made sure each volunteer and teacher assistant had a copy of the words, as well.

Mrs. Pereyra-Robertson always makes time for parents. Many parents are comfortable to approach her, including migrant families. If a parent is struggling at home with their student, she offers ideas and solutions to help. If a family comes to her needing things at home such as food or clothing, she gets a list of current food pantries and clothing rooms. She has members of the community willing to donate to help these families. She makes many of her own worksheets and usually has extras for children to take. For many kids who are struggling, this is a great way for them to get extra practice. If they have a sibling wanting to do work, they can have a few pages, as well.

Mrs. Pereyra-Robertson incorporates art, science and more into the lessons that many times focus only on reading and math. She makes learning fun! She also teaches students songs to sing and takes them around the school to perform for the office, principal, cafeteria, etc. They learn little dances and more. She has gotten shy children to open up and talk when they previously couldn’t.

“I could go on and on expressing my knowledge and gratitude for Mrs. Pereyra-Robertson,” said Splain. “As you can see she is exceptional and has a big heart. She teaches more than just the student, and they learn much more than ABC's and 123's. This is why she’s a LifeChanger in our community!

“I have personally experienced watching my wife for the last 22 years impact lives inside and outside of Title 1 classrooms, like no other person I have ever met,” said her spouse, Stuart Robertson. “Her incredible story in education and advocacy began as a child and all the way through becoming the 2017 Oregon State Teacher of the Year, and receiving the 2018 NEA Teaching Excellence Award for the state of Oregon. One thing about my wife is that she is a hard worker, and she is one of the most creative innovative people I have ever met. Because Gloria struggled with her own language and cultural barriers in a sink or swim classroom, she learned with the help of her mother how to overcome these obstacles. This is why you will see Gloria flying off to New York City, to be on a teacher advisory panel for Facebook Education to share crucial information about the classroom that impacts ELL students and how organizations like theirs can help make learning easier for ALL students.”

The following are letters that Mrs. Pereyra-Robertson has received over the years from students and parents.

“Dear Mrs. Robertson, Would you please give this letter to the donor you were able to get for our family? I just want to tell them thank you for the space heaters and blankets. We really needed them because it gets really cold at night. Our heater was broken and we didn’t have any blankets. Now I can sleep at night and not fall asleep in class. Thank YOU!!!!” - Anonymous

“I can’t believe what it takes to be a teacher today. I see you teaching new teachers how to teach and teach students with multiple languages who are new to this country. I never seen anything like it. Where did you learn how to do that?” - Volunteer

“I am ashamed that when my child was placed in Mrs. Robertson’s class, I was concerned at first because my child, who was advanced at the time, was going to need to be challenged. I believed placing my child in her room was an inappropriate placement because I didn’t believe she was going to be able to provide my child the educational challenge she needed to be successful in school. Although Mrs. Robertson was nice, she had cultural differences from our family, and she had to work with students who come from a different country and are unable to speak English. Let me tell you, after having my child spend Kindergarten in her classroom….boy, was I wrong. Mrs. Robertson’s teaching style, work ethic, differentiated lessons, and innovative techniques creates success for all kids. The only regret I have, is that I can’t have Mrs. Robertson be my child’s teacher all the way through high school.” - Anonymous parent

“Mrs. Robertson was my sister’s teacher in 2006, and over the years, I have seen her make positive impacts on her students and the siblings of students,” said Stephen Wike, a friend.  “Even many years later, she made sure I had the tools I needed to graduate on time. She has helped my family during the winter with jackets, blankets and heaters.”

“My sister and I helped her school and class with the performance at the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration. We sang Pride by U2,” said Wike. “When I was able to volunteer she would have people visit who were once in her class that were graduating or had just graduated. I’ve been told she has had a few students who are now in college come back to her for mentoring and to see if teaching is for them...She advocates for children of all backgrounds and abilities to help them get what they need.”

Mrs. Pereyra-Robertson’s passion to show and teach other educators across this country that all students can learn is one of her driving forces in education. She supports education for all students, and that is why she is on the committee for Southern Oregon Latino Scholarship Fund, the Kindergarten Assessment Advisory Panel for the Oregon Department of Education and the Medford School District’s Equity Partners for the Meyer Memorial Trust Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work group.

“Gloria has inspired me by her relentless strive to provide an excellent level of education and opportunities for all students, no matter where they come from or what language they speak,” said Mr. Robertson “She has taught me and countless others that all children can learn, no matter what their circumstances are, by providing an inclusive, equitable education. She impacts education and students by: her passion to share her innovative techniques; her knowledge and best practices for culturally responsive teaching, being a peer coach and mentor; recruiting bilingual and teachers of color to reflect the student population; training student teachers; educating the local community and across the country; and just because she loves kids and teaching. Gloria is a teacher who thinks outside of the box! All teachers do amazing work every day in our schools…But it takes a special teacher like my wife, to change the mindset of community members and educators to believe that all children can learn and be able to see through the eyes of diversity.”

Comments (59)

Cindy Hardcastle Posted over a year ago

I know firsthand what an amazing teacher and person Mrs. Robertson is because I had the pleasure of being her assistant for approximately three years I have never seen kindergarten students grow and learn so much in one school year as I did see in her classroom She helps every single student so so very much. There is just not enough to say about Mrs. Robertson and her wonderful impact on our community

Cambria Stelle Posted over a year ago

I am so grateful to have met Mrs Robertson and even more grateful she got to teach my daughter. After a rough year moving around a lot my daughter was very behind im school but after a few short months in glorias class she is compleatly thriving in school in all areas she is excited about learning and loves to go to school. She is now at the top of her class. Gloria really takes her time to help everychild in many different areas they need help to succeed..She also goes out of her way to make holidays extra special for the children..she is by far one of thee most amazing teachers i have came across..She deffinatly is a great canadite for the life changer of the year award. My daughter said she is the best teacher she has had, she loves her and makes her feel important eveey day..

Maxfield Angel Posted over a year ago

Gloria is an outstanding person and servant of our community. She does so much for those around her and actively seeks out more families to help all the time. Hearing her talk about what she has done recently and telling me ways in which I can help to give back is always so inspiring! I always walk away from our conversations fired up and excited to help people. We are truly blessed to have her in our community and caring for children and their families in the way she does.

Gail Plowman Posted over a year ago

Gloria is a great teacher and a perfect candidate for the life changer of the year award. She is very kind and adores the kindergarten students.

Sean Pearce Posted over a year ago

My experience with Gloria Robertson was that I was her janitor for over three years at her former school. I emptied garbage cans as the night Janitor. But I think it’s very revealing to realize that Gloria had the only classroom where the garbage cans were completely full of garbage and not the floors! She taught her students the importance of picking up after themselves. I think that’s a great life skill to learn at the very outset of one’s school experience. She always made sure that her students recognized and thanked me for the work I did. Gloria was nit only great with students parents and other teachers she was great with staff and made them feel that their contributions helped her classroom directly and the school at large. But I think the most important thing to know about Gloria is just how much of her own money she put into her students. Every summer the janitors strip down the schools and clean everything to the bones. And I was able to see just how many extracurricular tools, helpful learning aids, healthy snacks And so many other items that she purchased with her own money. It would be fitting for Gloria to win the life changer of the year award because she has touched so many students, so many parents and even a few janitors... in doing so she made a tough job a bit brighter!

Sydney Chaffee Posted over a year ago

Gloria is a tireless, lifelong advocate for children. She pours everything into her work to ensure that her students and their families are welcome, loved, and supported in school. She is also an innovator. After seeing the potential uses for Google Translate in her own school, she pursued a partnership with Google to explore how to expand the program to more teachers and students. Her work eventually led her across the country to work with teachers in New York using these resources. This is just one example of the kind of teacher leader Gloria is; when she sees an opportunity that will benefit her students, their families, her colleagues, or the community, she is relentless in pursuing it-- with a smile.

Nina Van Orshoven Posted over a year ago

I taught with Gloria as a Kindergarten teacher at Jackson Elementary in San Diego, California. Gloria taught Kindergarten Latino bilingual students and I taught English language learners from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Sudan, Somalia, Korea, China, and elsewhere. Gloria and I worked together and did a variety of activities to promote cultural awareness. We exchanged students each day for about 45 minutes so that the students had a chance to work together and gain an understanding of each others culture. We focused on teaching the children the holidays of each country, including those of the United States, by sharing customs,literature, festivities, and food of each country. We also took many educational field trips together to provide students with opportunities for hands on learning in an environment where students gained joy and respect for learning and an understanding for their likenesses and differences. Gloria’s dedication to making learning fun and wanting the best education for all students, made this collaboration a wonderful learning experience. Both parents and students gained respect for each others cultures as their first experience of education in school in America.

Kelisa Wing Posted over a year ago

Gloria is a passionate educator who makes a difference in the lives of everyone that she meets. Gloria contributed to my latest book, 'Promises and Possibilities: Dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline' bu talking about the importance of providing students windows and mirrors in which they can see them selves and at the same time access curriculum that will lend to their success. I met Gloria because I was a State teacher of the Year as she was. When my daughter was being bullied for doing her school work, Gloria sent her books and dolls that looked like her to uplift her spirit and to remind her that it was okay to pursue success no matter what others say. Gloria deserves the Life Changer of the Year award because she truly changes lives, not only in her classroom, but for my own daughter, who she never met, but took the time to pour into her life and remind her that there are no more hidden figures!

Mary Spiker Posted over a year ago

Abraham Maslow said, “A musician must make music, a builder must build, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself.” To this quote I would add...and a teacher must teach. That is who my friend and colleague is, she is a teacher and she must teach. Oxford Dictionary defines a teacher as someone who causes someone to learn or understand by example. Every opportunity presented her is an opportunity to teach, an opportunity to learn, and an opportunity to create understanding. She leads by example as she strives to empower her students and their families by bringing their voices into the conversations that matter. The very conversations that allow her to change lives within her classroom and far beyond. The very conversations that create awareness and give birth to a better tomorrow where diversity is not feared, but celebrated.

Paige Roady Posted over a year ago

Gloria is an amazing person, teacher and friend. I have known Gloria for the last ten years first as a client now as a friend. She is a life changer for people and children that she’s involved with. She wants the best for her class room and her kids. She’s not afraid to ask or to speak up when it come to them. She wants their best and they want to do their best. Her heart is so big. She teaches about life and is so inspiring about it She’s an amazing friend and person I’m truly blessed to know her.

Daniel Corbett Posted over a year ago

Gloria is an amazing human,knowing Gloria for over a decade has been wonderful. Over the years she has helped to give me and many other hairdressers the opportunity to help go into the schools and give haircuts to kids in the community. The stories from the kids are awesome, it really feels great to give back. Having a friend like Gloria who has her finger on the pulse is wonderful, like when see was visiting are shop and let me know a family in her class needed a heater at there home during the cold of winter. It was great knowing as a salon we could go out and get a couple heaters and directly help real people in need. Gloria is always an ambassador for Love and care for her fellow humans, especially the kids. I can’t even find enough words to express how much kindness she brings to the picture of life.

Terri J Posted over a year ago

Gloria has been a friend and client of mine for many years. I have whatched her work hard to give to her students, her students families, and the community. For several years she served as a school liaison with SALON VIVID to organize free haircut day for the whole school before the holidays. She’s always looking to help someone, whether it’s a full Christmas meal for a family that’s in need, a child that’s not sleeping in a bed, or a family that needs heat. Gloria has the biggest heart and it shows in her actions. Congratulations on your nomination; you deserve this.

John Sherfey Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your nomination, Gloria! You are an incredible inspiration to your students and those who work with you! Your care and motivation to help your students achieve success is unmatched. Gloria goes above and beyond to enrich the lives of her students and those around her. Gloria is the most kind, sincere and dedicated teacher I know. She is certainly well deserving of this recognition. Your amazing!!!

Sallie Johnson Posted over a year ago

I have known Gloria since 2005. During this time, she has been an advocate for our English Language Learners and our students of diversity. She continues to seek new instructional strategies and technological aides to challenge her students, support their learning and increase their achievement. Gloria supports new teachers, especially those wanting to increase their toolbox of skills in working with diverse students. She is a master teacher and deserves the recognition.

archie robinson Posted over a year ago

In two years of witnessing Gloria personality and teaching skills , she is welled deserved of this award . She's amazing ....

Martha Almendarez Langland Posted over a year ago

As an educator, woman, and immigrant, i follow in the footsteps that Gloria has set. Currently I work in Higher Ed, training the next educators that are coming from Teacher Prep programs. There are few educators of color that are multilingual in our state, which is why I am extremely grateful for her example commitment to the education career. On multiple occasions she has made herself available to me and my pre-service teaching students. It is because of individuals like her that I a 32 year old immigrant from El Salvador can make a career in education. Caring and educating all our students that are found in the state of Oregon. Gloria, this is well deserved. I appreciate your partnership and example. Thank you for being a trail blazer for educators like me in this state.

Rick Middlested Posted over a year ago


The Honeysuckle Cafe Posted over a year ago

Gloria is Amazing, well deserved!

Diana R Posted over a year ago

There are great teachers and then there’s Mrs. Robertson she’s AMAZING! My youngest child had the privilege to have her as a kindergarten teacher last year. Being a single mom and working full time I honestly slacked on teaching him the basics he needed. He started school not knowing much I felt so guilty when we went to evaluate how much he knew so they could put him in the proper class that would benefit him. I wanted to make sure my boys all spoke spanish at home that made it harder to on my son. My experience growing up I knew that my kiddos would learn english in school. The beginning of his kindergarten year was a little rough, but being young and a little sponge he started soaking up everything that Mrs. Robertson taught him. Writing his name, learning his alphabet, and math. By the end of the school year this little shy boy was speaking fluent English, reading and writing. I wish my other two boys would’ve had a kindergarten teacher like her. I love that Mrs.Robertson helps kids build a great foundation for their future success. Keep up the amazing work Mrs. Robertson!

Amber Posted over a year ago

Gloria Robertson,  There are not enough words in our vocabulary that can describe her dedication to our kids. There are over 200 analogies that describe love in our languages. Gloria Robertson has more. I have over 17 years of descriptions of her love and dedication, here are a few of the many:  1. She is the teacher who doesn’t say “ no way” she says “maybe he or she isn’t learning the way they need to learn” Gloria ask questions before saying “No” 2. Whatever project that is handed big or small Gloria puts fourth 150% effort. That means , time, energy, finances, and love.  3. When faced with a situation where the easy route can be taken, she takes the route of fairness, and kindness, no matter how unpopular that route may be, or how hard, she never gives up.  4. Gloria is someone you want on your side, she isn’t pushy, she isn’t mean, but she will go to the end for you. She will give her entire heart, to every kid, friend, family, to her husband, to your neighbor, to your mom, she is your best friend. Most people say it takes a village with Gloria it’s just her heart. 

Charyl Ray Posted over a year ago

I have heard countless testimonies to Gloria from her friends, co-workers and former students. She is a shining example of what a teacher should be; giving, compassionate and has a real passion for her craft. I use that term because she is always learning and looking for ways to inspire not only her students to be their best, but also those she works with as well as her friends. Gloria has overcome many obstacles in her life, and she uses those as teaching moments always. I don't know if her proudest moment was being named Oregon's Teacher of the Year, but I know her community was so thrilled, but not surprised, given her tireless dedication to her students, their families and the community as a whole. Congratulations on your nomination, Gloria! I can think of no one more deserving !

Sandra Padilla Posted over a year ago

Gloria aka Mrs. Robertson, Is a wonderful role model as a teacher and human being. She treats all her students equally and with respect. She loves to be inclusive to all diversities and have a classroom where her students from all ethnicities feel welcome, as well as their families or anyone who comes in her classroom. I am majoring in Elementary Education and de ided to do my practicum in with “The Teacher of the Year” two years ago, since I had heard that years teacher was a local teacher and bilingual! I can not express how thankful I am to have met Mrs. Robertson, she has taught me so much over the last two years. She is honest and tells me what to expect as an educator and will ask me why she does certain things a certain way. It has been a blessing having the chance to meet a teacher who really shows you how the education field is like and how rewarding it can be! She has been a wonderful role model to me, especially since she is bilingual like me and has taught me how important our second lanuage can be a benefit to children who are also second language learners. She is AWESOME!

Lisa Ocasio Hirkaler Posted over a year ago

Gloria is an inspirational teacher leader, her generous nature is uplifting and appreciated. I have had the pleasure to receive a leadership gift from her. We were at a National Teacher of the Year event and I became overwhelmed. There is statement that goes, “if you feel that you are the smartest person in the room, then you need a new room”. Well, I was feeling just the opposite, I felt inadequate with all of our country’s great teachers. Gloria came to me with guidance, direction & affirmation. She lifts others and acknowledges teacher leadership because she knows how vulnerable we can feel. I have deep admiration for her and agree, she is a selfless game changer!

Terri Dahl Federal Programs Supervisor Posted over a year ago

Gloria is an outstanding educator that is an equity advocate for students and families. She has many outstanding leadership qualities and is a source of inspiration.

Katherine Bassett Posted over a year ago

Gloria is a tireless advocate for the importance of a strong foundation of early learning in the life of children. In addition, she recognizes that in addition to feeding the mind and souls of early learners, we need to meet their physical needs. She personally organized a drive this winter to make sure that students had blankets and warm clothing, as one example. Gloria sees the whole child. She understands how to learn about her students and address their needs - academic, social/emotional, and physical. In addition to being an outstanding educator she is an exemplary human being.

Christina Lassman Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your nomination! Gloria, you are one of the most caring, giving, selfless people I know! I can only imagine the insperation you are to your students. I know you do all these thing not expecting anything in return, You deserve all the good that comes your way!

Stephan Wike Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Mrs.Robertson!! Thanks to you with the mentoring, the tools, and encouragement you provided I am thriving at my first job ever and this may work into a career.

Janet Mount Posted over a year ago

I am privileged to be a volunteer in Mrs. Robertson's kindergarten class. She has a very calm demeanor while teaching the children basic concepts and challenging them to be the best they can be. She does not do the work for them but encourages them to complete work sheets on their own. She not only teaches basic classroom skills but gives them life skills of persistence, self control and consequences for actions. She motivates with understanding and love and truly cares about each child. She is an inspiration.

Sarah Long Posted over a year ago

Gloria Pereyra-Robertson was my son’s kindergarten teacher in 2003. Never having had a child in school, I wasn’t sure what to expect. By the end of the year, I can tell you that Gloria ruined us for all other teachers. We have yet to find another teacher who shows the dedication and talent for teaching that she does. My son was and is quite bright, and she recognized that and pushed and challenged him in the most amazing ways. We will forever be grateful for our experience in her classroom!

Sue Musolf Posted over a year ago

I am a volunteer in Gloria Pereyra-Robertson's Kindergarten class at Washington Elementary in Medford Oregon. She teaches because she truly believes that providing a good education can change a child’s destiny. And...she has a heart for each student who passes through her classroom doorway. This year, I helped Gloria with her "Secret Santa" program. It was amazing. She obtains a list of "needs" (not sure how, but she does it), shoots a message out to her "elves" and each need is met in a BIG way. I had so much fun shopping for clothes, shoes, belts, warm hats and gloves, under garments, space heaters, grocery store gift was amazing. Gloria did her own shopping and we ended up with LOTS of gifts for each child. Add THAT to the Christmas Party she organized and funded and the smiles were glowing and tears of thanks were flowing. It was wonderful and I'll never forget it. Gloria is a remarkable woman, blessed with ALL the talents and skills to truly change lives. - Sue Musolf

Tere Duran Posted over a year ago

He tenido el placer de trabajar con Gloria por los últimos dos años. Gloria es una maestra dedicada y que siempre está disponible tanto para sus alumnos como para las familias. El hecho de que sea bilingüe, ayuda inmensamente a nuestra población de habla hispana en nuestra comunidad. Es un gran honor recibir esta nominación. Ella es en verdad una "Life Changer" ¡Felicidades Gloria!

Maria Topete Posted over a year ago

Tengo el privilegio de trabajar con la maestra Mrs. Robertson y veo cuánto le importa el futuro de los niños, trabaja duro para ellos. También los ayuda regalándoles zapatos nuevos y chamaras para el frío, es un placer trabajar con ella.

Emily Zevely Posted over a year ago

Way to go, Gloria. We at the National Teacher of the Year Program are amazed by the work you are doing for students and teachers.

Diana Koehler Posted over a year ago

I have only had the opportunity to work with Gloria for a few weeks as a volunteer in the classroom. I was there before Christmas and got to see first hand her care for the students. She personally saw to it that students who would not have Christmas would have it. We were wrapping presents and stuffing bags for them to take home. I look forward to Mondays and my time in her classroom. Congratulations on your nomination. The students are the winners.

Adriane Morejohn Posted over a year ago

Gloria Robertson is an inspiration to her students and the school culture of Washington Elementary School in Medford, Oregon. Mrs. Robertson has worked tirelessly to acquire books with a VOYA Grant that celebrate cultural Diversity for our school library Not only does Mrs. Robertson promote unity in her classroom, she affects ALL students! Congratulations on your nomination, Mrs. Robertson!

Shelly Vroegh Posted over a year ago

Gloria is one of a kind. From the moment I met her, I could tell that she is a selfless, caring teacher and person. Anyone who knows her understands how passionate she is about her students and their success. She is most deserving of this honor!

Darbie Posted over a year ago

Congratulations, Gloria! Gloria's commitment to be a voice for her students is second to none! Way to use your #TeacherVoice, Gloria!

Vanessa Dexter Posted over a year ago

I have had the opportunity to work with Gloria for the past two years. She is a highly effective and dedicated teacher. She is always an advocate for all of her students and has such a broad ELL wealth of knowledge. Congratulations on your nomination, Gloria! I wish you all the best!

Brandie Brown Posted over a year ago

Gloria is an amazing teacher! She was my daughters kindergarten teacher and my daughter and I love her. She is really great with kids. My daughter has severe ADHD and Gloria was able to work with and was able calm her down really good. Gloria is a all-around great person.

Brett Bigham Posted over a year ago

At the 2018 NNSTOY National Teacher Leader Conference I was in charge of a series of round table discussions called "Sunrise Sessions." These were sessions just before breakfast to allow conversations to happen between attendees. I was so honored that Gloria agreed to host a session for Latino teachers. This was a chance to some of the most respected Latino teachers in the country to meet and discuss their role in our current education system as well as a chance to connect them and empower them to find strength in numbers. The day of her session we checked in and she told me she wasn't feeling well but refused my offer to take over her session. She is such a fierce advocate for not only Latino kids, but every kid, and she had made it very clear that this session could lead to some real impact in the lives of Latino children and every teacher who teaches them. After the session wrapped up and Gloria saw that her work was done, she said, "Call 9-11." I'm still kind of furious with her that she put that session before her own health, but that is the kind of teacher she is. Her kids come first. The teachers she meets and impacts come first. I rode with Gloria to the hospital and even through the scary part of it she was calm, turned her Kindergarten teacher charm on the doctors, relaxed them with her straight forward attitude, and by the time we left later that day she had a group of Doctors and nurses all coming in to check on her, crack a joke with her, and to thank her for her service as a teacher. That's why I was so excited to hear about this nomination. Because I saw teacher Gloria at work on a day that would have had most of us curled up in a ball crying. She finished her session in incredible pain and was so calm and relaxed about it, nobody there even had a clue. That's a prizewinning teacher, if you ask me.

Alex Kajitani Posted over a year ago

Congratulations, Gloria! What a well-deserved and fitting award! The impact you have had on so many students and teachers has transformed so many lives. I am so honored to know you, and not only are you a "Lifechanger of the Year," you are create change that lasts a lifetime!

Sandi English Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your nomination, Gloria! I've enjoyed collaborating with you on our math curriculum team. All the best on your award.

Solen Posted over a year ago

Gloria is an outstanding role model! Always leading by example. Congratulations on your nomination but mostly congratulations on being such an inspiration to many generations.

Colleen Zickgraf Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Gloria! Your passion and commitment to your students and her community shines through so brightly. I cannot think of anyone more deserving!!

Margo Lyon Posted over a year ago

I worked with Gloria for two years in her Kindergarten class at Howard Elementary a few years ago. I always looked forward to the time spent in her class because of the interesting activities she planned and had ready for the children each day. It felt like an accelerated class because of the rigor yet those children who could not keep pace were given just what they needed. Gloria's pets were very much a part of the classroom by picture and the occasional visit. Each staff member who worked in the classroom was treated as a special guest and received a warm welcome each day. I loved working with Gloria--she has a unique perspective to children; bilingual children in particular.

Chelsea Guinn Posted over a year ago

I have known Gloria for many years now, and with each day, her passion and love for teaching grows stronger. Her ability to put her students needs first and provide a safe, nurturing and thriving evironment for them is a remarkable gift. She helps everyone around her to flourish and reach their full potential. Gloria is the epitome of a wonderful teacher, and an extraordinary human being! #LCOY

Bekah Sabzalian Posted over a year ago

Gloria is deeply passionate about her students and ensuring that emerging teachers are both responsive and representative of ALL students. I've been amazed by her seemingly boundless energy when promoting opportunities for her community. When she talks about her former and current students, her eyes beam with admiration and care. She is a treasure to the education community in Southern Oregon and across the state of Oregon!

Robin Scruggs Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Gloria, You are a great teacher and a wonderful person. Very happy for you.

Annelise Cohon Posted over a year ago

Congratulations! You are an incredible teacher and are so deserving of this award!

Carol Durr Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on the nomination and thank you for caring for all the little people lucky enough to know you.

Tom Sayer Posted over a year ago

Gloria is an incredible teacher, but more so she's an incredible advocate for English Language Learners, and is pushing for change in support of them. I have worked with Gloria while at Google for Education, and was so impressed by her commitment and passion, but also her skill in creating solutions that will serve the needs of ELL students.

Julie weaver Posted over a year ago

Gloria is an extremely dedicated and highly effective teacher. Congratulations on the nomination! #LCOY

Edna Rodriguez Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Gloria! You deserve to be nominated.

Zac Burnett Posted over a year ago

Gloria Robertson was my kindergarten teacher growing up. All of my siblings also grew up learning from her. I’ve never met a teacher so invested in the lives of her students even long after they had grown up and gone their separate ways. She stayed involved with me through asking to write little stories for her students when I was still in elementary, reaching out after going to pick up siblings, Eagle Court of Honor attendance, graduation memories, and even for my homecoming after living for two years in the Philippines as a missionary. On behalf of my siblings, she also has gone to my brother’s Court of Honor, my sisters’ choir and band concerts, and has always lifted them higher in excellence. She remembers those students. She attends because she genuinely loves them, and would do anything to help them be the best possible person they could be. As far as her work among the minorities here in our community, she naturally welcomes and invites a multicultural union between human beings. I learned to sing and say things in Spanish. Though I didn’t end up becoming a Spanish speaking missionary, the principles she taught of love and devotion for learning and understanding languages and culture applied as I was learning to speak Tagalog and Ilocano. While I was away from home if she ran into a member of my family she would genuinely be interested in what I or one of my siblings were doing and remembered those details. In full, if I had to define a true, genuine human being, Gloria makes all of those qualifications and then exceeds far above what is expected. If the world were filled with more people like her in education, world issues, and any other practice, we wouldn’t be hearing about the issues presented today. She’s a Nobel Prize winner in the hearts of those who know and love her, a saint in every aspect of the meaning, and one of the reasons I’m pursuing education with the hope of trying to teach like she did.

Wendy Turner Posted over a year ago

Gloria is a true champion for her students and is highly dedicated to her craft. She is a wonderful example of a selfless teacher who works so hard to make people's lives better. She is so deserving of this honor!

Jenni Knaus Posted over a year ago

As the state program coordinator for Oregon Teacher of the Year, it was an honor working with Gloria as our 2017 Oregon Teacher of the Year! Gloria is a fierce advocate for ALL students, and she continuously works to ensure students receive instruction that is rigorous and culturally rich. I am happy to support Gloria's nomination! #LCOY Jenni Knaus Oregon Department of Education Oregon Teacher of the Year Program

Stephanie Posted over a year ago

You are an amazing person! If I could I would nominate you every single day with a different story, one for each person you have helped and that would never come close to how many lives you have changed and continue to change. No matter the outcome of this you are a gift! #LCOY

Shane DeRolf Posted over a year ago

Gloria is a beacon of light and love shining her light wherever she goes. As the author of "The Crayon Box That Talked," I have watched with joy as Gloria has shared its message of unity from diversity and the appreciation of others with teachers, students and parents across the country. I enthusiastically support her nomination as Life Changer of the Year...a perfect title to describe Gloria!

C. John Larson Posted over a year ago

I met Gloria two years ago when she was named Oregon Teacher of the Year. In my capacity as the President of the Oregon Education Association I have had the privilege to hear Gloria speak and I got to spend some time with her in her classroom as well. Her undying dedication to her students and the families of Medford make me proud to lead an organization that would have members such as her in it. She is truly a Life Changer!