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Erica Robbins

Position: Fifth and Sixth Grade Foreign Language Teacher
School: Jackson Middle School
School District: Jackson R-2 School District
City, State: Jackson, MO

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Erica Robbins was nominated by an anonymous family member.

Ms. Robbins is the type of educator who every school desires to have in the classroom. As a successful educator from pre-school through sixth grade, she has demonstrated the proven ability to make a beneficial difference in the lives of her students.

In her classroom, Ms. Robbins sets the bar high and not only teaches her students the required material, but gives them the necessary encouragement to reach and often go beyond the set goals. She instills a love for learning and life in her students. Every lesson is uplifting and infused with her positive moral values and ethical behavior to influence her students and establish leadership qualities.

Having lived and traveled abroad for seven years, Ms. Robbins inspires a passion in her students to be life-long learners, as she opens the world to them through her teaching of other languages and cultures first hand. She has built a curriculum based on team-working skills and challenging activities to make learning fun!

Through a wonderfully engaging classroom setting, Ms. Robbins works hard to connect with her students on a personal level so that she can succeed with them academically, while building a trusting relationship which further enables her to help them at all other levels.

As attested by the positive feedback she consistently receives from her administrators, Ms. Robbins' ability to encourage those around her positively adds to not only her classroom, but to the entire school atmosphere. She gives extra time outside of her daily schedule to tutor those in need academically, or to just spend time with those who need someone to listen or be present. She has volunteered in many ways to make sure that students in need of school supplies or basic essentials such as clothing or hygiene items have what is necessary.

The week before her nomination, Ms. Robbins received a Christmas gift from one of her students. This student hand wrote the poem “God Made Teachers” by Winter Galz, but added this line to the end of the poem: “He made you.”

"Public school educators and employees need the positive recognition they deserve, and Ms. Erica Robbins is as deserving as the best in the nation," said her nominator. "Her co-workers, administrators, family, students and their parents believe she is truly a LifeChanger!"

Comments (65)

Jessica Harrison Posted over a year ago

Erica is a wonderful and genuinely kind person. She always has a smile and says hello to everyone she meets! Her students are always saying great things about her both in and out of the classroom and as a co-worker it is such an awesome thing to witness. Working at the middle school level, it is often a difficult transition... one that I feel Erica makes much easier just by being a smiling teacher in our hallways!

Kathleen Posted over a year ago

Erica is every bit of kind, caring, compassionate, hard working, loving, and dependable. She deserves this award!

Maggie Robbins Posted over a year ago

I've known Ms. Robbins for almost ten years now. She is always trying to think out of the box and find a new way of doing things, no matter what she's doing. She's always got a smile on her face with tons of energy at any time of the day! She's dedicated to her students and helping them along the way, not only to learn, but develop into little independent people!

Emily Kohls Posted over a year ago

I have known Erica my entire life and she has always been an incredibly caring, loving, and thoughtful individual. These qualities serve her wonderfully as not just an educator, but as someone who has a significant impact on the lives of young adolescents. She had dedicated her adult life to education and clearly views this as her mission and purpose in life. She is very deserving of this award as recognition of her dedication to her students.

Kelly Mowery Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of meeting Erica last February, and right off the bat she was enthusiastic about her passion for culture and teaching. She remains positive and encouraging throughout the school year, and adds all the extra hours in to make the difference. Through extra tutoring or lending an ear for the students, she makes sure that each of them know that they can achieve their dreams and goals. As a friend, she is always there with a smile, to encourage and support me in my own dreams and goals, and also encourages me to be the best that I can be through her positive and soulful actions. She continues to touch the lives of everyone she meets, and always with a smile. Thank you, Erica! You are a life changer!

Regina Cárdenas Posted over a year ago

I worked with Erica for a few years teaching English in Spain and she always showed great enthusiasm for her profession and kindness to her students. As a colleague she was always more than willing to collaborate and help others with their lessons. Her personality makes her a joy to work with. I am lucky to have gotten the chance to get to know her, work with her, and to be able to call her my friend.

Elise Buchheit Posted over a year ago

Ms. Robbins is a very understanding person. She is always helping students with whatever they need. She has helped me so many times. Ms. Robbins is a very good homeroom and foreign language teacher. She has helped me learn foreign language, how to use empathy towards others, and so much more. I think she really deserves this award for the reasons above.

Lily Posted over a year ago

Ms. Robbins has made me think more on the positive side about different situations

SHVETHA GOHN Posted over a year ago

Way to go, Erica! You deserve this recognition for all your hard work and dedication to your students!

Misty Thrower Posted over a year ago

My children had Erica last semester for foreign language. They adored her. I’m certain they look forward to their next class with her.

Katelyn Martin Posted over a year ago

Erica is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. She has a servant's heart and enjoys helping others find joy in their lives. I had the pleasure of meeting Erica my freshman year of college through a service organization. She welcomed me with the biggest smile, and was always happy to help answer my questions and lead me in the right direction. Her gentle heart and kind spirit motivate everyone she meets to be the best version of themselves. Erica knows how to enjoy the little things in life, and encourages others to live life to the fullest. You cannot walk away from Erica Robbins without feeling happy and loved.

KC Kavanaugh Posted over a year ago

When we started a language school in Barcelona, Erica was our first hire. She was puntual, prepared, and even helped grow the business. Whenever I had the chance to observe her, I’d walk away with new ideas to share with the whole staff. After the company dissipated, Erica showed herself as the truest of friends and I’m touched that we’re still in touch to this day.

Adam Gohn Posted over a year ago

Erica brings great experience and perspective to the classroom to share with her students. You can't be around her for more than 5 minutes before she starts talking about how much she loves her job -- her passion is easily seen by her students, colleagues, and friends. We should reward educators who pour this much energy into their jobs. Erica is certainly deserving of this recognition, and we are all pulling for her to get it!

Jenni Smith Posted over a year ago

I knew Erica as a teacher colleague in Barcelona. She was always coming up with great ideas and was so encouraging to other teachers. I am sure she deserves this award! Congrats on the nomination Erica!

Paco Giraldez Posted over a year ago

Erica Robbins, is an outstanding teacher, but moreover, a better person. She really wants her students to live life to the fullest, while learning new things everyday. Her capabilities and attributes are marked by the influence gathered living abroad for over 7 years, and she is willing to past these knowledge to her students in an every day basis, which help them to open their mind and be more prepare for the global experience coming their way. On top of that she is a genuinely caring soul, who wants to contribute and influence positively in every child that crosses her way. I have been able to follow her career for many years, and to see her growing and perfecting her craft, which allow me to have a well rounded opinion of what she bring to the table as the LifeChanger she is.

Sascha Vriend Posted over a year ago

Erica is an enthusiastic and warm-hearted person who will undoubtably have much to share with her students.

Lu Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on the nomination Erica, very much deserved. Miss you here in Barcelona.

Esther Hillermann Posted over a year ago

Erica is an inspirational person with a super sweet heart and endless imagination. She is always there with kind and supportive words and helping hands.

Vicki Rotkvic Posted over a year ago

Erica Robbins is my niece and I believe she is most deserving of this award and feel excited that others have also seen how deserving she is. I believe she gives her teaching responsibilities her undivided attention and strives to make the student's experience fulfilling. She is a great inspiration to my granddaughters and an inspiration to her students..

Colin Posted over a year ago

Erica is the most kindhearted and practical individual I have ever met. Jackson, Missouri is blessed to count her as one of its' own, and Barcelona will secretly miss her for years to come.

Ivas John Posted over a year ago

When thinking of people who love their work, I think of Erica Robbins. Her passion for language and culture is plain to see, as is her genuine concern for the students she teaches and the futures that lay ahead of them. In and out of the classroom, she sets an example as a fun and dedicated educator. Hope she wins this well deserved award.

Jenny D Posted over a year ago

Ms. Robbins strives to do her best, so her students can achieve their best. Having taught together with her last year, I got to see first hand her passion and love for teaching! She definitely made an impact on the lives of her students.

Brandon Hale Posted over a year ago

I have known Erica since high school, her deep and caring insticnct travels beyond her classroom, she genuinely cares for the students, staff and community she lives in. She’s a hard worker and the only surprising thing to me is she hasn’t been nominated sooner. She radiates peace and soft spokeness wherever she is. Best wishes always Erica. Brandon

Landyn Posted over a year ago

Ms. Robbins has made my first year at Jackson memorable. I have Diabetes and Ms. Robbins has went above and beyond to educate herself and to meet these needs. She even came into school before school started to sit down with my parents and administrators to get to know myself and my needs! I love having Ms. Robbins as my teacher and advisory. I am so fourtunate she was picked to watch over me at school!!! Ms Robbins you are already a winner to me!

Kathleen Jarvis Posted over a year ago

Erica Robbins is one of a kind. She has one of the biggest hearts and is genuinely passionate about life, education, and her students. She invests time into them, as she truly understands that they are our future. She has not only been blessed with traveling most of the world but had the opportunity to live abroad for quite some time. She brings her knowledge of culture, diversity, and multilingualism into her teaching that gives her an edge among other educators. She is truly deserving of this title, and I am so proud of her and the teacher she has become.

Shanna Wilson Posted over a year ago

I know that Ms. Robbins makes learning fun and hands on. She has real life experience with traveling so her teaching foreign language is certainly not foreign to her! Best of luck!!

Gina Herzog Posted over a year ago

I agree. Erica Robbins is a life changer. I taught with Erica at the beginning of her career, and she was amazing with all the students. She has a very calm, loving personality, and she truly deserves this award!

Cassandra Mills Posted over a year ago

I have had the privilege to work with Erica and her enthusiasm is contagious. She goes above and beyond teaching a simple subject and supports the whole child. Her dedication to education shines, well done sister, you deserve the recognition.

Missy wunderlich Posted over a year ago

Ms. Robbins is the perfect example of acaring and energetic educator. I feel so luck that I have gotten to know her professionally and personally. Erica takes her time developing unforgettable relationships with her students and colleagues. She truly cares about each students success. I would love to see this award go to Ms. Robbins.

Allie Jones Posted over a year ago

After working with Erica for the past 5 months, I have truly seen how passionate she is in her teaching and engaging her students to learn different cultures. She truly is amazing and deserves this award!

Jana Scott Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Erica in our school district. I was so impressed with my first encounter of her as she translated for a non English speaking family during a placement of their child in our program. She handled herself with grace and compassion towards the family. She truly has a passion for helping others and has their best interest at heart. She is an amazing individual and our district is SO lucky to have her!!!

Bradley Posted over a year ago

Erika is one of the most kind hearted people I know. The students of Jackson are lucky to have her.

Melody Ellison Posted over a year ago

Congratulations, Erica!

Brandi Posted over a year ago

Erica is sweet, kind and compassionate. She loves her students and works hard to meet not only their educational needs, but their emotional, and physical needs as well. She is a beautiful soul inside and out. Erica is a true lifechanger in and out of the classroom, and more than deserves this nomination!

Parker Butler Posted over a year ago

Erica is very deserving!

Brad Posted over a year ago

Erica is a fantastic teacher that I had the pleasure of working with in Barcelona! She's very deserving of this award!

Jennifer Lugris Posted over a year ago

Erika is an amazing teacher, who genuinely cares about the success of her students. I hope she gains recognition for her hard work and dedication.

Rachel Posted over a year ago

I have known Erica for a long time and she has a beautiful passion for life, helping others and exploring the world. Her role as a Foreign Language teacher is a perfect fit for her. She has life experience to share and I’m sure shares her love of being a lifelong learner with her students. Ms. Robbins deserves accolades beyond her years of teaching.

Jacob B. Posted over a year ago

Although I have known Erica for a short while, one thing comes through loud and clear, her passion for teaching and reaching children. When you hear her talk about school, it is not just a job to her, teaching children is a way of life. Having been fortunate enough to live abroad she brings not only an understanding of the cultures she teaches to the table, but a passion that comes with first had experience. In my past the most effective educators have been the ones who can give me real life examples and not just information from a text book. Ms. Robbins does just that, using her experiences to reach the children in a way that really drives her lessons home.

Sandra Ferrés Posted over a year ago

Erica is a passionate and kind person who puts her heart into teaching and brings light and happiness to everyone around her. She's truly missed in her former job <3

Michael Steska Posted over a year ago

I have known Erica for nearly 20 years. She is one of the kindest, loving and most genuine people I have ever met! I have always admired her adventurous and independent spirit, which prompted her to live abroad and learn and experience various cultures. She has an expansive world view, which I’m sure is gifted to her students through her teachings. I couldn’t think of another individual more well suited to be the recipient of such an award!

Dan Shepherd Posted over a year ago

I worked with Erica at a language school in Barcelona and she was a fabulous teacher. I wish her all the best with this award. Thoroughly deserved!

Tim Schmitt Posted over a year ago

Erica is amazing and her dedication to the field is obvious. I’m glad she’s getting nominated for her hard work and I’m hoping she will receive further recognition because of her selflessness, determination, & incredible work ethic.

Andy Travis Posted over a year ago

Erica is amazing! We were co-workers in Barcelona, Spain for 3 years. She always brought a smile to my face, especially when we had parties on her rooftop. Go, Erica!!!

Laurie Everett Posted over a year ago

Go Erica go. ??

Katie Hampson Posted over a year ago

I met Erica in Barcelona around 7 years ago where she was teaching English. I was drawn to her friendliness and kind and caring personality. She really is a wonderful human and deserves any award that comes her way.

Erika Miller Posted over a year ago

I wish there where more teachers like Ms. Robbins

Kacie Sandlin Posted over a year ago

Erica brought lots of culture and flair to our school, which was great for staff and students alike! I was sad to see her move on to the middle school, but I am so thrilled to know that she is helping students explore languages and cultures outside of their own. Such a genuine, caring soul. This award would be well deserved!

Loren Miller Posted over a year ago

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Erica for nearly 10 years. She is a beautiful soul who brings passion and kindness to all that she does. The combination of her personality, her education and her world experience has produced in her a wonderful educator. Every child she teaches will no doubt come away more knowledgeable and well-rounded than before. Erica’s impact is profound and I can think of no one more deserving of this award.

Daniel S. Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Ms. Robbins on your nomination! Your love of travel and culture shine in everything you do. Your kind nature, and willingness to help are a blessing to the community. You inspire not only your students, but those around you, to continue to learn and explore. Best of luck! #LCOY

Shawn Posted over a year ago

Erica is so deserving!!!

Chris Merkley Posted over a year ago

A kind soul who truly cares about her students and making them better people.

Kayleen Shaw Posted over a year ago

Ms. Robbins has been a phenomenal teacher for my son for two years now! She takes a vested interest in her students and really loves to see them succeed! I have no doubt that she loves and cares for each one of her students. Her creative teaching style and vibrant personality make her an exceptional teacher. I 100% believe that she deserves this nomination!

SHARON ROBBINS Posted over a year ago

As my niece, I have been excited to hear of Erica's opportunity to teach the language and culture of other countries. Her enthusiasm and innovative ways of connecting with her students and enlarging their knowledge of our ever-shrinking world exemplify her dedication to the profession of teaching and her experiences abroad. I am proud to add my support for this nomination.

Denny Ward Posted over a year ago

I've known Ms. Robbins since the day she entered this world and have followed her career up to the minute. She is a remarkable young lady with a God-given talent for education. Ms. Robbins comes from several generations of educators, and just like the examples set before her, Erica's "Excellence in Education" commitment is second to none. When influencing the future of a child in the classroom, the bar cannot be set too high. It is through goals and objectives beyond "just average" that character is built and excellence is achieved. Her ability to relate to her students is truly remarkable; a combination of professionalism and compassion which equals success for the district, the teacher, the parent(s) and most importantly, the student. I'm honored to endorse this nomination, as I can think of no other more deserving of this recognition.

Monika Keen Posted over a year ago

Ms.Robbins is one of a kind for sure, her passion and commitment for our children at Jackson R2 School District is unreal. I have met Erica when she started teaching at West Lane Elementary, my daughter instantly had a connection with her - even though she was not her teacher. As a President of our PTO I was always asking for teachers to help with several events and fundraisers and Erica never said "NO" . As a parent of a student at JMS now I can not express how exciting and refreshing it is to have her around. Always happy to help with a smile on her face. We all love Ms.Robbins ! #LCOY

Simone Dyson Posted over a year ago

Erica Robbins is a kind and caring teacher who wants her students to learn and experience all the world has to offer.

Carrie Copeland Posted over a year ago

As a mom of a student, I believe Jackson R2 School District is so lucky to have Erica Robbins teaching at Jackson Middle School! My daughter may forget things she said when she was her teacher, but she will never forget how special she made her feel! Thank you for being a teacher, Ms. Robbins! You are truly a Life Changer to us!

Chrissy Ferreira Posted over a year ago

Ms. Robbins is committed to her students and their learning. She is patient, thoughtful, and compassionate. Her students are her world and their success is her top priority. Ms. Robbins has exceptional rapport with her students and she motivates her students to live up to their potential. We need more teachers like Erica; teachers who live their students, treat them with respect, and encourage them to be amazing individuals. I highly recommend Erica Robbins for #LCOY!

Amy McElroy Posted over a year ago

Ms. Robbins teaches at the school where I teach. The students adore her because she does her very best to understand where they are coming from in every situation. Her empathy and compassion for her students are incredible. She sets high expectations for all of her students but also treats them with understanding and love.

Mike Martin Posted over a year ago

Ms. Erica Robbins is an excellent teacher who goes above and beyond for her students. She has a servant’s heart, and all of her students know how much she genuinely cares about them. As a supervisor of Ms. Robbins, she is the exact type of person any school district would be blessed to have educating their students!

Jacquelyn Bruno Posted over a year ago

As a first year teacher, Erica has been a life changer for me! I have watched her interact in so many positive ways with her students that has influenced me to become more positive in my teaching. Erica continuously strives to build relationships with her students and never feels to make them each feel loved. I once found Erica delivering handwritten encouraging notes to her students, just to brighten her day. She has made me personally feel lucky to be apart of our staff at Jackson Middle School. It is clearly evident she is a life changer and motivator to all those around her!

Sherry Ford Posted over a year ago

Ms. Robbins has such a creative way of bringing other cultures to her students. Students enter and leave her room excited about foreign languages and cultures. She is very deserving of this honor!!!

Janelle Pope Posted over a year ago

As her principal, I can attest to Ms. Robbins's dedication to her students and our school! Her caring, compassionate, and positive attitude is a wonderful asset to all of her classes and the building as a whole. While teaching Foreign Language, she is able to instill a sense of belonging and trust while students gain a true appreciation and compassion for other cultures. She extends this attitude outside the classroom as well, taking on projects to raise money for needy families in our district. Ms. Robbins is truly a blessing to Jackson Middle School!

Becky Montgomery Posted over a year ago

As a colleague of Ms. Robbins, I see the amazing effort she puts forth daily for her students. She truly deserves this honor!