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Shannon Hancock

Position: Math Teacher
School: Cape Fear High School
School District: Cumberland County Schools
City, State: Fayetteville, NC

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Shannon Hancock was nominated by her colleague, Rhonda Hill.

Mrs. Hancock is known as Mrs. Positive at Cape Fear High School. Not only does she tutor kids all the time, but she establishes personal relationships with them. When they do well, she makes a personal call to them and congratulates them. Students look forward to getting these calls. She is also a parent representative on the PTA.

"Mrs. Hancock is there to step up whenever we need someone. She stepped up to coach the bowling team this year when they needed someone. She also has helped audit pageants each year," said Hill. "Mrs. Hancock has been the SIT Team chair. She is always helpful to anyone in need, and she definitely makes a positive impact and difference in our school, each and every day!"

Comments (14)

Mark Hancock Jr. Posted over a year ago

Congratulations mom! You have indeed touched the lives of others and filled them with joy and made them happy. Your love and encouragement is very supportive to lots of other people. You have touched my life as well. You deserve this great title. Your a great life changer mom. Love your son, Mark.

Barbara H Sargent Posted over a year ago

My "Life Changer" made her first appearance on the stage of life on January 21, 1971 at 9:17 PM. Her name is Shannon Raper Hancock and I knew she was my gift from God even before she was delivered. Shannon's love and compassion for people was evident very early as she would share with everyone. Our pediatrician had a poster on the wall in the exam room titled "Children Learn What They Live." She loved that poem and still practices the principles outlined in that poem i.e., everyone is entitled to be treated with love and respect. Shannon's showing that compassion and respect has helped her students to value their time in her class. When she was studying to take her first National Board Exam, she came up with the idea to call each student when they made an "A". So, when she gives a test, the students know they can depend on Shannon's calling or texting them that night with the great news. This results in fewer bad calls to parents because each student is looking forward to getting a call that evening. In October 2011, there was a shooting at Cape Fear High School. A girl was eating lunch in the courtyard when she was shot in her neck by a former student. When this happened, the school was put on "lock down" with restrictions for everyone, i.e., Shannon could not call to let us know she was OK. She and her friend L.L. stayed at the school until every student was accounted for and picked up by their appropriate parent/guardian. To me, this was a selfless act of her love for her school.

Jaylen Hudson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hancock epitomizes the teacher that every student deserves, never lacks enthusiasm in the class and is the most school spirited person i know. If one thing has suck with me throughout the years i’ve been blessed to have her as not only a teacher but a motherly figure is that she always says god gave her a gift of teaching and she always gives it her all because if she wasn’t maximizing the gift god gave to her she isn’t fulfilling the duty god bestowed upon her. She always puts the student first one of the most approachable teachers i’ve ever had and goes above and beyond to make sure each student gets the top notch education they deserve. The signature “Howdy” as she enters the classroom always warms my heart and makes me smile. I never was a fan of math and honestly didn’t want to be in her class my junior year when i took pre-calculus, but she said give her a week to prove not only to her that i could handle the workload but also myself. Fast forward a year, and i can’t wait to enter Calculus Class at the end of the day because she makes it that enjoyable. I can’t imagine a world where I didn’t meet Mrs.Hancock because she has made a genuine impact on the man i am today, changed my life, and challenged me to push myself to do things i thought never could. Love her to the moon and back. With her around it’s always a great day to be colt!!!!

Karen McCune Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Shannon since she was a young girl. She babysat my boys and they loved her so much, as did my husband and I. She is a beautiful person inside and out. Whatever she does she shows love and caring for all.

Cynthia Black Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hancock pours her life into Cape Fear High School and her students. She sees them as individuals and genuinely cares for each of them. She has high expectations for her students, which is supported by her teaching skill and methods, as well as the tremendous encouragement and support she gives each one of her students. She is full of school spirit and her optimism and joyful spirit are contagious to her students. She steps up when she sees a need and gives selflessly. She is professional yet warm in her demeanor and is a leader and mentor to younger teachers. Her students don't just respect her, they love her, and they LEARN. She is changing lives at Cape Fear High School. She helps her students recognize their potential and develop courage to try difficult things, which they carry with them into adulthood. She makes her students feel important, capable and loved. She sets the standard for excellence in teaching.

Lynne Lewis Posted over a year ago

Shannon Hancock epitomizes excellence in and out of the classroom. Mrs. Hancock gives 100% in every role she has at Cape Fear High School. She readily steps in to assist colleagues and students alike. Her classroom is alive with well-prepared and well-taught lessons. Students are actively engaged. Students know Mrs. Hancock cares about their learning as well as their well-being. I am thankful to work with Shannon Hancock and that my daughter had her as a teacher. Mrs. Hancock is well-deserving of the life-changer of the year award.

Monika Moore Posted over a year ago

Shannon Hancock always has a positive effect on the people and situations around her. She goes above and beyond for her students and her school and she would certainly be an excellent choice for this worthy award.

Marisa Owen Posted over a year ago

Such an amazing teacher, her effects are felt many years later. Her teaching methods got both of my children through college. My daughter even tutored students while she was in the Marines with the formula songs! But she is also one of those teachers that doesn’t just “love to teach.” She “loves students!” And they love her.

Cecille Booth Posted over a year ago

She really cares about her students!

Karen Gatesman Posted over a year ago

I have known Shannon for 25 years and she has always been a helpful, caring, organized woman. She would be a great choice!

Shannon Trejo Posted over a year ago

To be a math teacher is enough, however, to be a math teacher that students look up to and admire is taking teaching to a whole different level. Shannon has earned this honor!

Ryan V Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hancock was one of my favorite teachers throughout my entire educational experience (and that includes my college professors at Cornell University). I have always had trouble with math, and Mrs. Hancock was one of the first and only educators to make me believe in myself in a math class. She is willing to go above and beyond to help her students succeed and leave her classroom with a positive sense of self, which is no small task for a highschool teacher, especially one that teaches math. Besides being an excellent math teacher, she models what it means to be a good person. I have seen her stand up for her students on multiple occasions and provide support when our school experienced devastating events and loss. I will always look back on my time in her classroom fondly. She is a wonderful woman.

Elizabeth Matthews Posted over a year ago

Shannon is a wonderful math teacher and gives it 100% every day in class! One will never walk by her classroom and find her students or her slacking off. She tackles teaching her upper-level math classes with enthusiasm every day! L It is known around Cape Fear that if one embarrasses easy you better hide from Mrs. Hancock on your birthday . . . she loves to sing a boisterous Happy Birthday to each of her students on their special day! Students love the special attention and her caring rendition on their special day of the year. Our PTA is stronger than ever under the leadership and guidance of Shannon - from making our teachers feel special with treats and messages of encouragement to providing mini grants to fund our classroom dreams! Shannon is very deserving of being honored for her devotion and love of her teaching profession!

Cecilia dean Posted over a year ago

Yes my son got a text message from her today. The first thing he said when he walked in the door was that he got a text from his teacher. Both my child have had the privilege of having her as a teacher. She is amazing.