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Beulah Willis-Brown

Position: Business & Information Technology Teacher
School: T. C. Williams High School
School District: Alexandria City Public Schools
City, State: Alexandria, VA

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Beulah Willis-Brown was nominated by her friend, Letitia Bryant.

Renowned educator Rita Pierson once said, “Every child deserves a champion, an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.” Ms. Willis-Brown is that champion! Undoubtedly, she is a LifeChanger.

Ms. Willis-Brown has been teaching, coaching and mentoring future leaders at T. C. Williams High School for thirteen years as a Business & Technology Instructor. Her position is extremely important, as economics and personal finance is a graduation requirement for high school students in Virginia. Ms. Willis-Brown is passionate about her role and responsibility in the preparation and development of her students. For the past seven years, ninety percent (90%) of her students in at least one class have passed the W!SE Financial Literacy Certification test. This test is the only approved industry certification test for finance recognized by the Virginia Department of Education. Ms. Willis-Brown's consistent demonstration of excellence resulted in her receiving recognition as a Gold Star Teacher for the past seven years. Her and her students' efforts not only resulted in individual achievements, but also put a positive light on T.C. Williams High School and the Alexandria Public School district.

Ms. Willis-Brown's positive influence extends well beyond the walls of T.C. Williams High School. In 2012, she felt the public schools were not meeting the spiritual, emotional, and academic needs of young boys like her son. She, along with another mom, founded a summer camp to bridge the gap. The creation of the Brothers’ Fun Camp resulted in a comprehensive program reflective of high academic expectations. At the time, the camp was home-based.

Word spread quickly about the success of the camp and led to it being hosted by Heritage Fellowship Church as an annual event. During the two week sessions, approximately 30-40 young men from 6th grade through college freshman, participate in programs and activities such as PSAT/SAT prep classes, transition to college course, college tours, and financial aid workshops. Each program and activity is designed to encourage, support, and provide examples of academic excellence.

"Driven, Caring, Status Quo Challenger, Believer, Game Changer….these terms and more describe this servant leader," said Bryant.

Video Clip of 2015 Brother’s Fun Camp:

Comments (17)

Jim Pondolfino Posted over a year ago

Beulah has spent her life helping others by giving advice, creating summer programs for to support our youth, teaching the Academy of Finance career program in Alexandria, VA, always being there for her colleagues and family, and best of all.... by being a great listener. She does all this instinctively with no desire for any special recognition. She is sincere and genuine. Just her presence in the same room as you can make everything seem OK. Everyone should have someone in their life like Beulah. It will be forever changed.

Asia Posted over a year ago

Beulah is such a devoted mother, wife, sister, friend and teacher. She is passionate about everything that she is involved in and her hard work and dedication goes beyond her classroom walls. The impact she has on the people she meets in infectious. Her warm heart and kind spirit makes her the perfect candidate for this award. I am proud to call her mom and I hope that as I continue to grow I am at least half the woman she is.

Michelle Davis Parker Posted over a year ago

Beulah is a woman of God, educator and a motivator; and that is what makes her a life changing legend.

Angela Posted over a year ago

Beulah and I were college roommates at South Carolina State University. Fast forward over 30 plus years and she has become the sister that I always wanted. She has been the shoulder to lean on in both the good and bad times,shared secrets for life, been a living auntie to my children and showed unconditional love. She shows that same compassion, dedication, and commitment to any and everything that she pursues!

Ayanna Posted over a year ago

I met Beaulah over two years ago at a convention through a sorority sister. At that moment there was an instant connection, her kindness was infectious. Her passion and dedication is what makes her a perfect nominee for the Life Changer of the Year. Continued blessings as you change the world, one student at a time.

Krista Ray Posted over a year ago

Always a PLEASURE & HONOR to acknowledge a hero!! Educators shape the character, caliber and future of tonorrow. Congrats to you Beulah! May your selfless love and inspiration continue to ignite the minds of our future! You are a true CHAMPION!!

Veronica McCain Posted over a year ago

Beulah is a wonderful person. Always willing to help others. She has a kind heart and a warm spirit. I have seen the wonderful work she has done in the community. She is always willing to go the extra mile. It is a pleasure to know this extraordinary woman.

Ariana Frazier Posted over a year ago

Ms. Willis-Brown is an overall phenomenal woman. I have had the pleasure of knowing her for 2 years now, first as a student in her Economics and Personal Finance class and now as a regular visitor. Her class was always the highlight of my day as her electric personality shone through in everything we did in class, from simulations to group projects. She taught us the hard things that we will definitely need later in life but there was never a dull moment where I felt the class was dragging on. Ms. Willis-Brown made generally boring topics come to life with her personal stories and interactive lessons. Each lesson and presentation had her own special flavor weaved into it that some teachers just don't have. For those that may not know her, her 90% pass rate on the W!se Financial Literacy test may seem exaggerated or even overly confident. But her style of teaching, attention to detail, and availability for extra help make it almost impossible not to learn and learn well. Though I only had the chance to meet her in a school environment, I consider her a part of my family. I go out of my way to visit her class every school day just to chat and enjoy her company now that I am no longer in her class. We share laughs and our experiences throughout the day. If anybody knows how stressful being a senior in high school is, it's Ms.Willis-Brown and it warms my soul knowing that I can talk to her about anything. She shares in my joys and listens when I have things to get off of my chest and I always feel comforted when I am around her. Ms. Willis-Brown is truly an amazing individual who is dedicated to the people around her and I am so grateful to be one of them.

Sherri Chapman Posted over a year ago

Beulah Willis-Brown is a positive, creative life changer for every student she meets. I have been Beulah’s supervisor for the past 9 years at TC Williams High School, the largest high school in the state. Beulah started her career in Alexandria City Public Schools as a middle school business and information technology teacher. She motivated all students by Gwu g a role model and creating engaging lessons in her classroom. When she moved to the high school she blossomed as a teacher leader and took the reigns of writing curriculum for Economics and Personal Finance and leading the professional learning team in this area. She has created hundreds of exciting, hands-on, real life experiences for her students and her teacher team. You don’t have to look long in Beulah’s classroom to see that her students have the utmost respect for her. She wins national Gold Star teacher status for the WISE test results from her classes in the Academy of Finance that she co-directs. She is an active member of Virginia Business Education Association and the lead advisor for the school Future Business Leaders America chapter. When she first arrived at the high school she was instrumental in increasing student membership in the chapter as well as increasing the number of students who compete and win at regional, state, and national competitions. Her students in the Academy of Finance look up to her as a mentor and friend. Her high expectations for every student are reflected in their continued success year after year. 100% of her students go to college and come back the following year to share their stories. She is one of the most positive examples in Alexandria City Public Schools. She lives her life inside and outside the classroom the same treating everyone with equal dignity and respect. Beulah is most deserving of this prestigious award.

Alanna Albritton Posted over a year ago

Beulah is truly an awesome woman! She really takes the time to help mentor the younger generation. She exudes compassion and love in everything she does for her community and the lives she has touched as a teacher. I don’t think she will ever understand the impact she has made on so many lives by simply being there for people. Beaulah is an Angel among us!

Pamela Peterson Posted over a year ago

Beulah is truly a life changer for many young teenagers. Beulah is one of the co- founders of the Brothers Fun Camp. She helped create a summer camp for young African American boys that focused on making academics fun and building self esteem. My son participated in the camp for two summers. I was very impressed with Beulah ability to connect with each student. She inspired the boys to care about their work ethic and how they represent themselves. Most of all, I was extremely grateful that Beulah sacrificed her summer break to voluntarily run a summer camp. My son received so many benefits.

Bernadette Carroll Posted over a year ago

Once in a while I have the opportunity to meet women that are truly inspiring leaders, thoughtful, generous, always looking out for others and willing to help where needed. I am excited because Beulah is one of those women. She puts her heart into her work and pour into others, with the end result of each person being better and living their best life. Beulah you are a life-changer! Wishing you all the best!

Lena Hickman-Miott Posted over a year ago

Beulah gives back to her greater community educationally, spiritually and civically. I know that she is limitless in service. Her kindness includes helping children of incarcerated parents during the holidays, crafting enrichment programs during her summer for young male students all while being a devoted mother and wife. When I am out working in the community, Beulah is always willing to help volunteer even in addition to the other civic programs she is leading.

Mamie Parker Posted over a year ago

She is my accountability partner. I often ask myself “What would Beulah do?” This thought brings me back to love and light. Her knowledge, love for being fair and inclusive, her spirit and her smile make her amazing to her students, the young and old ones. Celebrating my sister and accountability partner!

Olivia Toatley Posted over a year ago

Beulah you are amazing. I am so blessed to know you and work with you at the Brothers' Fun Camp. Because of your commitment and dedication HFC will host the 8th Annual Brothers' Fun Camp this summer. You have a heart and a mind for our children. Thank you for all you do. God is Glorified through your work. .

Alicia Anderson Posted over a year ago

Tirelessly, with dedication and love, Beulah served children of Heritage and Brothers Fun Camp and created a safe nurturing environment for my black boys. She was consistently kind and giving.

Letitia Bryant Posted over a year ago

I am so extremely proud of you Beulah! You are truly a servant leader! The positive impact you make on youth is immeasurable. You provide the perfect blend of encouragement and challenge. I know you don't do it for the spotlight, but it is my distinct pleasure to show the world what I have had the pleasure of witnessing from the front row! All the best!