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Edna Wright

Position: Family and Consumer Science Teacher
School: Pocomoke Middle School
School District: Worcester County Public Schools
City, State: Pocomoke City, MD

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Edna Wright was nominated by her principal, Matthew Record.

Mrs. Wright embodies all of the greatest qualities of a teacher. She is passionate and caring for her students and has severed as staple in the Pocomoke Community for over 40 years. Don't let Mrs. Wright's years of experience fool you - she is a vibrant part of each student's life and has been for many generations of students that she has taught. Each year, graduating students reflect and give thanks to those teachers who have influenced them, shaped their lives and helped make them the person they are today. Hands down, Mrs. Wright is always Teacher of the Year nominee. There is never a day that goes by without her finding lost and struggling students and having them pulled under her wing. She is quiet in her approach and is deliberate in her strategies. She truly has changed the lives of thousands of students and continues to do so each day.

"While not a social media participant, Mrs. Wright has to be the most popular Facebook teacher we have," said Record. "When her picture is posted, she receives hundreds of likes and shares. Former students comment on her influential ways and how she made them see their own talents and inner strengths. Mrs. Wright even gets credit for helping former students in a parenting role. As one former student said, 'I teach my daughter everything you taught me, and I am so grateful because of you, Mrs. Wright. You made me the mom I am today.'"

Mrs. Wright's leadership within her school has been essential to its most recent four star rating from the Maryland State Department of Education. Pocomoke Middle School is one of the top performing combined schools (grades 4/5 and grades 6/7/8) in the state because of Mrs. Wright's leadership and contributions to the school's climate and culture. This was no easy task, since over 70% of students at Pocomoke Middle School live in poverty. Mrs. Wright is a leader in acknowledging the many obstacles of her students' lives; however, she refuses to allow that statistic to define her students. She has high standards and expectations for each student and fellow teacher. These high standards translate from the classroom and teaching to positive relationships after school, a class she teaches each week. All activities and ideas get the blessing of Mrs. Wright before finalized. Her service to the Drug Free and Tobacco Free student groups have earned them a first place award in local contests and have promoted a vigilance of safety and security in a much needed time. Mrs. Wright is a leader in the district and school when it comes to helping students making positive life choices for the benefit of themselves and others.  

"Mrs. Wright is truly a gem and has changed the lives of so many current students and past generations of students, too. She has led our school through many decades both as a student advocate and peer leader to her fellow teachers," said Record. "Changing lives is exactly what she has done for the past 40 plus years. She has changed the future for her students and has made their lives a better and brighter place."

Comments (21)

Tamara Mills Posted over a year ago

Mother. Grandmother. Friend. Colleague. Loved One. Sister of Faith. There are not enough positive descriptors to use when speaking about Edna Wright. She has helped thousands of children, thousands of adults feel loved, feel respected, feel confident. She treats every person who walks through the doors of Pocomoke Middle School like family. She is the epitome of a caring educator. She has loved the ones who are sometimes the toughest to love; the ones who push away everyone else. I taught beside her for many years, and now I work with her as she is Pocomoke Middle School's SADD advisor (Students Against Destructive Decisions). She tries to educate her kids about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, smoking/vaping, and other risky behaviors. Edna Wright is a legend in her community. I have known people from ages 12 to 50 that sing her praises, have fond memories of being in her class, tell stories of things she taught them and describe her hugs! Oh.....her hugs....they are the best!!!!!!!! I will forever be grateful for all she taught me about life, love, teaching and friendship! We are all so lucky to have Edna Wright in our lives.

Diane Posted over a year ago

I have known Ms. Wright for 35 years. She was an inspiration to me when I was a new teacher. I learned so much from her and her work with students. I wanted to be able to build the type of relationships with my students that she had developed with hers. She has mentored so many of our children and taught them so many life lessons. As a teacher, she truly has changed lives and has helped so many children see their value. We are all better people for having known Mrs. Wright!

Eileen Lamb-Davis Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Mrs Edna Wright for your Life Changer of the year 2018-19 Nomination. You have made a huge difference in Worcester County students for over 40 years. You have been a family Consumer Science teacher at Pocomoke Middle School and have taught students in the After School Academy Program. Congratulations.

Sandra Trader Posted over a year ago

I have known Edna Wright for over 40 years. I have been blessed with her being my children's teacher through the years and now my grandchildren. There is not a more selfless person that I have known. I have watched her give everything she has to give daily to the students while I was blessed to work with her at Pocomoke Middle School for thirty years. No has never been in her vocabulary. In the last three years she has worked with me with our Young Moms Program of the Eastern Shore at the High School in Pocomoke sponsored by the Grace Pregnancy Center. There is much history between Mrs. Wright and I and our families. We have laughed together and we have have cried together. She has been my prayer partner when I was at the bottom always lifting me up. I can't say how many pants she has shortened for my spouse and how gowns she has shortened for my girls and their daughters. I can say when I child leaves her room at the end of the day they know they are loved and cared about. If you haven't had a chance to meet Mrs. Edna Wright......I urge you to stop by Pocomoke Middle School and meet this extraordinary women of faith and love for each individual on this earth. I am privilege to call her my friend.

Erica Posted over a year ago

My children have been blessed to have Ms. Wright in class. She loves each of her student as her own. Everyday she puts out everything for children. She can be found washing clothes for kids and packing food for the weekend whenin need. She is a blessing.

Sarah Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Wright is an excellent teacher. The students learn so much from Mrs. Wright; they are able to apply the skills and knowledge that they get from Mrs. Wright in their daily lives. She is a role model to staff and to students.

Phyllis Porter Posted over a year ago

Edna always makes people feel good about themselves. She does this with her students and the adults in the building. Congratulations, you are a kind and caring person. The world needs more people like you.

Brenda Posted over a year ago

This award was named for Mrs. Wright! She has changed the lives of many Pocomoke students and guided quite a few teachers, too! I admire her strength and dedication! Thanks for just being a great person!

Heather Riser Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Wright has made my first year at Pocomoke Middle School an amazing one. She greeted me with open arms from the first day we met over the summer as she worked in her room preparing for her students. Her dedication to the school and community is unparalleled. Mrs. Wright cares for everyone as though they are family and helps everyone without hesitation. She is an inspiration and I am so blessed to work along side Mrs. Wright on the specials team at PMS.

Hanna Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Wright has a kind word and a smile for everyone. She is an exceptionally warm and kind person who makes a difference in school climate.

Stephen Posted over a year ago

Edna Wright, serves as a “mother figure” to the vast majority of our students and staff. She routinely will go out of her way to assist and help any person that is in need. I have many friends that are former students of Mrs. Wright, and all recall her as having a tremendous influence on their lives in some way. Clearly, Mrs. Wright epitomizes what it means to be called to empower and motivate.

Kelly M. Russo Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Wright is one of the most amazing women I've had the pleasure to teach with and know. She is a calm force in the eye of every storm. She is kind, warm, thoughtful, and so wonderful with our students. She goes above and beyond the call of duty. From altering former students' prom dresses, washing their clothes when they can't do it at home, teaching students to make homemade, nutritious food, and being an ally to some of the kids other teachers have trouble with, Mrs. Wright does it all and more. She is truly a gift to our school.

Leah Posted over a year ago

Although I have only known Mrs. Wright for a short time, it is obvious how much on an impact she has on the students and the community. She is always smiling and the students love her! <3

Karen McCabe Posted over a year ago

Miss Edna is the heart of our school. She is always there to lend a hand, a hug or a needle and thread to anyone. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this award. She truly embodies the spirit of our school.

Leah Posted over a year ago

She is a light to our school, to both the students and staff. She is incredibly humble and always lifts everyone before herself. She deserves this award for her decades of dedication to the students and staff at Pocomoke Middle School.

Sue Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Wright taught both of my children. She is a warm, loving, dedicated teacher. Her door is always open to her "children". My kids are better people because she was in their lives. She taught the kids how to sew and cook. And how to slow down when they were going too fast to do it right.

Tabatha Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Mrs. Wright!!! You're amazing. Thanks for being a great teacher to all of us! Class of '86 - Tabatha DeAngelis

BEVERLY HART Posted over a year ago

Caring people change the world and that is exactly what Edna Wright has done for the Pocomoke community. She tirelessly gives her time and expertise to the citizens of Pocomoke. She is a positive role model in our school and community. Mrs. Wright has touched the lives of thousands of students, parents, and teachers. She works diligently with children, and through her expectations and love she has changed many lives for the better.

Kelly Russi Posted over a year ago

Edna Wright is a more than a teacher. She is the heart and soul of our school. She is love and honor personified. I can’t think of anyone who has changed more lives, students and teachers alike, than Mrs. Wright.

Brianna Posted over a year ago

She's the most kind and sweetest teacher. I would probably never learned to sew or bake using correct measurements if it wasn't for Mrs. Wright.

Brian Posted over a year ago

Ms. Wright has been a dedicated figure in the Pocomoke community for decades. She continually works closely with children and brings out the best in them daily. She is the epitome of the word "role model."