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Kim Assenso

Position: Seventh Grade English Language Arts Teacher
School: Pontiac Middle School
School District: Pontiac School District
City, State: Pontiac, MI

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Kim Assenso has a proven ability to make a beneficial difference in the lives of students. She does this on a daily basis, dealing with middle school students who struggle with personal challenges. She helps them resolve those issues and concerns, as well as teaching them academics. Ms. Assenso demonstrates leadership within her school. For the past two years, she has not only taught full-time, but has participated in a teacher leadership program with the Galileo Leadership  Academy. She has pursued an education leadership education specialist degree with Oakland University, all while working full-time as an English language arts teacher. She's committed to what she does, and she’s very professional as to how she conducts herself and business.

Comments (6)

Donzetta Landry Posted over a year ago

Kim Assenso affects change in her community by simply engaging with her students through dedicated service of teaching. Her passion to get it right while pouring into her students not only influence them positively, but builds a solid foundation that can catapult and impact their future success.

Cynthia Rush Posted over a year ago

Kim Assenso is a true life changer! She has high expectations for her self and students. She is very creative and talented in the way that she inspires and motivates her students to learn despite their many challenges. Her compassion for her students is evident by the organization of her classroom and the positive climate and culture that she has developed to provide students with a safe learning environment. Kim is an asset to the Pontiac School District and is deserving of this honor. Congratulations Kim!

Ivana Maplanka Posted over a year ago

Kim Assenso has been and continues to be a vital asset to the Pontiac School district. She is extremely dedicated to the students, school district and profession. By using her creativity, Kim has the ability to think outside the box when finding innovative ways to teach and reach each student. Congratulations Kim.

Nelson A. Henry Posted over a year ago

Kim Assenso is a student advocate and asset to Pontiac Middle School. She helps students balance personal changes, educational expectations, and societal standards every day. She exemplifies excellence in all she does and is definitely a "real life changer"!

Lauren Davis Posted over a year ago

I have had the privelege to learn from and work with Mrs. Assenso for several years now. She is truly a difference maker at Pontiac Middle School and she continues to hold every student to excellence. She makes all her students accountable and they know she cares about them deeply. Thank you for what you do and continue to do for the kids at Pontiac Middle School! Congratulations!

Keri Olds Posted over a year ago

As a colleague of Kim’s I can attest to her dedication to her students. She prides herself on pushing students to be successful despite the many obstacles they may face! Kim is continually attending various profeasional developments in order to gain knowledge into best practices for her students and herself. Congratulations!