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Amy Braun

Position: Principal
School: Sky Ranch Elementary School
School District: Moore Public Schools
City, State: Oklahoma City, OK

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Amy Braun was nominated by her colleague, Karen Bradford.

"I had resigned my teaching position in another school district for many reasons, one being that the administration was not the leadership that I believe is needed in a public school," said Bradford. "My husband and I talked and decided it was time for me to leave. A weight was lifted off my shoulders. I finished out the year and was so happy to start summer break and look for a new school that I would fit in at. I searched all summer and had two interviews. At one point, I knew I should be working in a classroom, but I had no classroom. I kept applying to school after school, when I received a phone call that changed my life. It was a school I knew nothing about. They called me to set up an interview. I was ecstatic!"

"My husband and I drove to see the school that evening to check it out. My heart was pounding," said Bradford. "I went to the interview and sat at a table with a panel of teachers and administrators. I left the interview feeling confident. I received a call the next day offering me the position, and I took it."

"Even though I had a job, depression had taken over my life," said Bradford. "I met with Amy in her office, and she made me feel human again and told me, 'That's the past, and this is where you are now, so let go of it!' This was also her first year as a principal, so we were both starting something new. Throughout the first year, I went to her and had a lot of pep talks. She reminded me this was a new start, didn't bat an eye, took me under her wing and guided me. That summer was tough for both of us, but she kept her chin up and did lots of interviews and hired many new teachers."

There are many other reasons why Ms. Braun is a LifeChanger. Her school is a pretty tough school, with lots of children who deal with daily trauma outside of school. Regardless, she is always calm and takes these students to her office to calm them down. They walk out of her office feeling better and ready to go back to their class. She is always loving and kind to these students. She stays late, missing time with her own family.

"I sit in on many interviews with her, and the very first thing she lets candidates know before the interview begins is that our school is tough, and we must love these students first," said Bradford. "When they realize that, the learning will come easy."

"She is always on the go doing things to help our students and teachers in any way she can," said Bradford. "These kiddos love her and truly know they are loved when they are at school. I truly believe she is fulfilling her purpose on Earth! She started out changing my life, and she is most definitely a LifeChanger."

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Rosemary powers Posted 7 months ago

I miss you so much