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Melissa Artz

Position: Eighth Grade Inclusion Teacher
School: Thomas County Middle School
School District: Thomas County Schools
City, State: Thomasville , GA

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Melissa Artz was nominated by a family member, Julie Warr.

Ms. Artz is a LifeChanger in several different areas in her community. She became a teacher of the deaf and learned sign language while in high school. She also began initiatives such as a recycling program that continue to this day at her high school.

Ms. Artz has encouraged many students to follow their dreams. She is a very compassionate individual who looks for the best, not only in her students, but in the teachers she works with. She is a person who seeks out resources and modifies them so students finds success in what they are learning. 

Ms. Artz gives over 100 percent of her time to each project or activity that is given to her. She participates in many school and community activities. She has taken people into her home who needed a place to stay when they did not have one, fed students who did not have food, and supplied clothing when needed. Ms. Artz definitely shows compassion for individuals in the community.

Ms. Artz has also been on both National and International mission trips, where she has worked with children from different countries. These experiences have helped her develop her compassion for children, both in and out of the country. 

Being in special education, Ms. Artz has to converse with parents on a regular basis. She forms a strong bond with each of her parents. This helps keep communication open, and parents appreciate this. She has not only worked with people who are deaf, but she also works with individuals who have behavioral problems, autism, and physical disabilities. 

She is in the process of working on her Doctorate program, so she is current and up to date in all educational issues. Ms. Artz is a member of Georgia Association of Educators (GAE), National Association (NEA) and formally of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) 

"I have seen Melissa show dedication to her students by checking on their grades and creating modified worksheets to help them, even after she had surgery and was home recovering. She loves her job and wants what is best for students," said Warr. "Melissa is definitely a LifeChanger, whether in the school environment, in the community, or on a mission trip. She will find resources to get what is needed to be done. If she can’t do it, she will locate someone who either has access or might know someone who does. She likes to expose her students to real life experiences so they can learn how to be productive citizens in their community. She works very hard, and she is a wonderful person and a great teacher."

Comments (12)

Trish Kearce Posted over a year ago

I met Melissa through the school system 3 years ago. The past 2 years, Mrs. Artz has been the Inclusion teacher in some of my daughters classes. She transitioned with them from 7th grade and now with them in 8th grade. She goes above and beyond her requirements and is an asset to these students. I have seen her in action with them in school, on field trips and after school. Melissa has built a bond with her students and their parents. She has made lasting impressions on these students with her encouragement, her knowledge and her connection with each child and their skills. She is definitely a Life Changer!

Emma Upton Posted over a year ago

Hi my name is Emma Upton and I was a student of Mrs.Artz. Mrs.Artz was a life changer because she helped me with anything I needed help on.If I went to her with something she would help me and explain any questions I had afterward. Just because she was a teacher she acted like my mom and cared for me as if I were her own. Although I was not her child she loved me like one. I love her sooooo much and I am so proud of her for everything she has accomplished.

Angel Slocumb Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Artz has been my child’s IEP teacher for the past 2 years. When I first met her I wasn’t sure how dedicated of a teacher she was going to be. But she has been an incredible beacon of light to my child and so many others. She is truly in the right field with the skills she possesses and the passion she has for seeing students succeed. She has taught Sierra so many important things over those 2 years and has become like a family member to us. She goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure her students get what they need to help them learn. She stays after school to help tutor. She always encourages Sierra and always has kind words to say. Mrs. Artz is so much more than a teacher, she is a friend. She has definitely made an impact on my child’s life and the way she sees herself. She has a gift to educate and love these kids that cross her path. Thomas County Middle School is so lucky to have an educator like Mrs. Artz.

Brittany Stockstill Posted over a year ago

Melissa Artz has continually been there for anyone who needs her. I have seen how amazing she is not only with the students but the parents as well. Melissa has had a huge impact in my life. From when in was pregnant till now she has been there for me, and my daughter!

Justice phillips Posted over a year ago

Mrs.artz has always been the best she has always cared for me in my class and always helped me with school in and out of school she has always helped me when I need and and she is the best teacher she supports me I’m and out of school and she is the best teacher

Alexia Phillips Posted over a year ago

I have known Mrs.Artz for a long time she has helped me from school and things I absolutely didn’t even have a clue how to do I really appreciate all that she has done for me I could not asked for a better teacher and better person than her Thank you so much Artz for being my teacher in the school. Thank you so much

ShaKeri Fedrick Posted over a year ago

Melissa has definitely been my lifesaver. She started out as my mentor at Thomasville High School when I was going through a very rough patch in my life and has been there for me ever since. Even when I had completely stopped believing in myself she wouldn’t give up on me and still to this day, her love and effort for me has been genuine and unmatched. I consider her family. She helped me mentally get through high school and has always motivated me and helped me find better jobs and discover new ways to better myself. Not once did she ever make me feel like needing her help was an inconvenience. I’ve never met someone that’s always so eager to help out and give back in any way possible. She’s definitely a blessing to myself, her students, the community and anyone she comes in contact with her. I’ll always be grateful for what I went through in high school which led to meeting and getting to know Melissa.

Cortazia Dent Posted over a year ago

I met Mrs. Artz at Thomasville High School my 11th grade year in 2016-2017. She helped me a lot in Math and Science. I though I was going to fail math but when I met Mrs. Artz I talked to her about my math situation and she stayed after school with me until I fully understood what I was doing and she also broke the problems down and use the hands on method. I love Mrs. Artz and appreciate her for her hard work not just for me but other students that she helped out along the way.

Ashley Lafferty Posted over a year ago

Melissa is the most dedicated teacher I have ever met. Even on her off time, her mind stays on contemplating ways to encourage her students and help them shine for the future. She is such a bright light for the world, and she's always been a person that shows the most level headed empathy towards any situation. Her compassion for being the change she so strongly wants to see, her love for her career (because teaching is definitely NOT just a job for her), and her devotion is the most astounding combination I have ever witnessed from any other teacher. I am so blessed that the universe saw fit for our paths to cross in life and being allowed to watch her love for education flourish not only through her own children, but with any kids that she is in the presence of.

Julie Robinson Posted over a year ago

She is the BEST teacher I've ever had. She helped me out when I needed it.

Bettie Prestridge Posted over a year ago

The foregoing article describes, Melissa Artz so well. She is a loving and very compassionate teacher and mother and helpful individual. She is always going above and beyond what anyone should expect of her.

De'Nariah Posted over a year ago

My name is De'nariah and i am a student of Mrs.Artz , and Mrs Artz is a life changers she changed my life i used to think i couldnt do anything but when im down or need any help Mrs.Artz is always by my side and helping me and pushing me to do better she always say i want to push you sucseed and do better i love Mrs.Artz so Much i wish she could come to 9th grade with me .