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Hank Curry

Position: Eighth Grade Math PBL Teacher
School: Lake Ridge New Tech Middle School
School District: Lake Ridge Schools
City, State: Gary, IN

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Hank Curry was nominated by his colleague, Jenae McKnight.

Mr. Curry is a LifeChanger because of his service to students in the classroom environment, as a coach, and as a role model. Mr. Curry is a quiet and peaceful person.  While quietly working in the background, he helps to transform students' minds about learning the difficult concepts of math. He works collaboratively with his fellow co-teacher to provide challenging and interesting projects for students to use their Math and Science skills in the real world.  

Mr. Curry has contributed to his school's atmosphere by coaching the Boys Basketball Team for the past few years. He has provided a trusting environment for young men so they are willing to be themselves on the court.  The players enjoy working with Coach Curry and see him as a positive role model. Coach Curry has taken his players to games and colleges, and he has given them other opportunities to open their perspective on life. As a father of sons, Mr. Curry always keeps very high and ethical standards for himself, his players, and his students in general.  

"Overall, Hank Curry has proven his faithfulness and loyalty to our school by transforming students' lives for many years. Therefore, he is truly a LifeChanger," said McKnight.

Comments (6)

Alexis rivera Posted over a year ago

Mr.curry you were the best teacher in the world

Caden wolfe Posted over a year ago

Yes indeed Mr.Curry is a fascinating teacher he is very polite and never yells.He is a calm man and very funny he makes jokes all the time.He also is a good basketball ball coach.I am a student in his class and when I raise my hand because I need help he comes help me as soon as possible.He also is a good fisherman so he’s and outdoor guy.This is why I think Mr.Curry is a good nominee.He also changes learning changing life’s and inspiring life long possibilities.Without him I wouldn’t know how to do porthagreom and thearom.

Matthew Flemming Posted over a year ago

Mr.Curry is one of my teachers and I can say for the most part for what I have seen he is a great teacher if u ask for anything he is always there trying to answer your question and if he says hang on it might be till the end of the class but I can tell u he will answer that question so for me saying thing I feel like Mr.curry deserves this life changer trophy bc he is a real life changer

Tommie Johnson Posted over a year ago

Mr Curry is the GOAT!!!

Max Kroll Posted over a year ago

my boy ??

Maureen Swanson Posted over a year ago

Mr Curry is a positive role model for Lake Ridge students. He is calm, quiet and caring and sets a high standard for his students.