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Elena Hansen

Position: Assistant Principal's Secretary
School: Cedar Hill High School
School District: Cedar Hill ISD
City, State: Cedar Hill, TX

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Elena Hansen was nominated by a member of the community, Maria Teresa Garcia Pedroche.

Mrs. Hansen is an inspirational, life-changing assistant principal's secretary. For the past five years, she has provided effective support to Cedar Hill High School. Her dedication and passion is a win-win for everyone! Highlights of her professional experience include:

1990-2004 - running her own translation business - government contracts, books, movies, simultaneous interpretation

2006-2007 - Real Estate

2007-2013 - Substitute teacher at Cedar Hill ISD

2013-present- Assistant Principal Secretary

2017 - District Star Employee

Mrs. Hansen was awarded with the District Star Employee Award in 2017. Mrs. Hansen is always learning and wanting to help her community. She is a LifeChanger because she positively adds to the development of her school's atmosphere and is committed to producing a nurturing environment.

Comments (10)

James Snipes Posted over a year ago

As a veteran educator on Ms. Hansen's campus, I can state with the utmost veracity that she makes an enormous contribution to the success of educators and scholars. She has been there for me and my last minute needs and requests at the drop of a hat and has never refused to help me even though she had her own tasks to complete. She is indispensable to my success. I have had the opportunity to observe her daily as she deals with all the trials and tribulations of scholars including, but not limited to, disciplinary issues and their physical and emotional needs. She handles all challenges presented to her with grace and efficiency. It is staff like her that I consider to be part of a strong foundation of campus success and a cornerstone of excellence. She is an ideal candidate for the LifeChanger Award.

annette villarreal Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hansen is a joy to work with. She is a team player and very hard worker.

ROSEMARY VILLARREAL Posted over a year ago

Ms Hansen is a hard-working team player. It is great working with her

Ivy Martin Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Mrs. Hansen since 2013 at Cedar Hill High School. She always has a smile on her face and willing to help anyone in need!

Lauren Taylor Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hansen is the bureau best! She's so kind and helpful!

Josephine Parras Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hansen is an awsome person. I have known her for the last 7 years since I became a member of the CHISD family. Mrs. Hansen helped me and adjust into a new environment. She is an inspiring person and helpful with anyone that comes across her office. She has a great rapport with students. I congratulate Mrs. Hansen on the nomination for the LifeChanger Award. Mrs. Parras

Kellye Hillery Posted over a year ago

Ms Hansen is a dependable and hard-working team player. It is great working with her!

Bobby Soehnge Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Ms Hansen for the last six years and I have consistently found her to be upbeat, cheerful, helpful and professional. She is a joy to be around and a pleasure to work with.

Shirley McShan Posted over a year ago

I have had the opportunity to work with Elena for over 10 years. She is a team player in cultivating and growing students into being a positive part of our society.

Cassandra D Johnson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hansen is an amazing women. She is patient with employees and students. She makes sure the school runs like it is supposed to and does it with a smile on her face. She is the best! :-)