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Brittany Jozwiak

Position: Second Grade Teacher
School: Matzke Elementary School
School District: Cypress Fairbanks ISD
City, State: Houston, TX

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Brittany Jozwiak was nominated by Paula Kurday, the parent of a student.

To know Mrs. Jozwiak is to love her. She is a kind soul dedicated to teaching her students by making a positive impact on their educational journey and social growth. She is a leader within her school and creates a nurturing environment within her classroom, school and community. Mrs. Jozwiak has a heart of gold and truly is an extraordinary educator.

"Last year, she taught my daughter’s second grade class. Mrs. Jozwiak  inspired my child to attend school regularly by encouraging her to learn and stay connected," said Kurday. "My daughter always knew that she was an important part of her classroom. Mrs. Jozwiak inspired my child to constantly pursue academic growth, as well as social and emotional growth. Now, my daughter’s current routine includes a quick walk down the hall to say hi to Mrs. Jozwiak before school starts."

Mrs. Jozwiak is a positive, enthusiastic and loving educator. She has demonstrated consistent communication with the families in her classroom and encourages volunteering to provide collaboration between parent and teacher in order to be role-models.

"As a result of her academic structure, encouragement and support, my daughter has become a voracious reader and is dedicated to academic excellence," said Kurday. "In addition, my daughter aspires to be an author and has begun writing many stories. The reason this is so important and relevant is that my daughter wishes to help Mrs. Jozwiak spread the message about kindness and love around the world. Mrs. Jozwiak planted the seed in my daughter's heart, and we are grateful to support her on this journey. We are blessed to trust Mrs. Jozwiak with our child and know a truly remarkable educator that deserves to be recognized for going above and beyond in the classroom."

Mrs. Jozwiak can often be found cheerleading, encouraging and supporting her students to reach their maximum potential, and she is willing to step in and provide the support they need in order to succeed. Mrs. Jozwiak leads with her heart and by example. Last year, her school had a program named Genius Hour. Each grade provides a variety of hobbies, vocational and learning opportunities for their students. Each student elects the program they would like to participate in for the semester. One hour a week is dedicated to Genius Hour, where children learn about their respective group.

Mrs. Jozwiak had a group focusing on kindness. She encouraged students to participate, share and provide acts of kindness at home and school. She provided a platform for children to model kindness to adults and peers alike. It was heart-warming to see children sharing encouragement and support for each other. The impact that it had on students and their families was incredible.

"Mrs. Jozwiak spreads joy and happiness around campus, and her peers love her, too. I believe she makes such a great impact at her school and her community," said Kurday. "I am certain that she has been a LifeChanger to my daughter, and for this, we will always be grateful."

Comments (3)

Laneigh Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Jozwiak, You were a perfect fit for Trent. You listened to our concerns. You worked with us and him when he was struggling. You bolstered his confidence and addressed his needs promptly. You were welcoming and joy radiated from you whenever we would run into you. Your passion for teaching and changing lives is evident in your interactions with your students and their families. We are blessed to have had you as Trent’s teacher!

Kristen Boatman Posted over a year ago

Brittany was my partner teacher the first two years of the beginning of my career as a teacher. She is truly inspirational. She was always positive no matter how hard it got. She always kept a smile on her face. She cherishes each and every one of her students and does whatever it takes to make sure they succeed. She instills courage, hope, and love into them. She takes the time to know her students and their families. She communicates in a professional manner in all areas of our profession. She is also kind, caring, giving, and always supportive. Thank you for helping, guiding, and showing me what a great teacher looks like!

Paula Kurday Posted over a year ago

We appreciate your standard of excellence with everything you do. The seeds of kindness that you have planted have sprouted and made a world of a difference for our children, school and community. Way to go!! We Love you and appreciate you. You have made a difference in our child's life, we are forever grateful for your kindness. With Love, The Kurdays