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Marivel Bermudez

Position: Counselor
School: Rancho Alamitos High School
School District: Garden Grove School District
City, State: Garden Grove , CA

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Marivel Bermudez was nominated by her sister, Maritza Bermudez.

Marivel is a true LifeChanger, not only for the students of her school, but for the families of her community.  As a high school counselor, she makes sure she guides her students to career and college readiness. Marivel takes pride in her work, and it's more than a job to her - it's a passion. Besides doing her daily job at her school, Marivel also volunteers countless hours to educate parents on how to better support their child's education. She also helps students with their financial aid applications, college applications, and giving advice. Marivel never says no when it comes to helping out students. She creates a atmosphere where everyone can succeed. Marivel has very high standards and always gives it her all. You can always count on her.

"I am very proud of my sister. I have personally seen the direct impact her work and love has had on her students and community," said Maritza. "I'm very thankful for all the support she has personally given me and my daughter, particularly two years ago, when my daughter was applying for financial aid and university admittance. I can say that thanks to my daughter's hard work and my sister's guidance, my daughter is on her second year at UC Merced. We need more counselors like Marivel who create a atmosphere were everyone can succeed."

Comments (13)

Martha E Gonzalez Posted over a year ago

Marivel is an AMAZING counselor and asset to our school district. She always goes above and beyond to help students, parents, and staff. Marivel is deserving of the Life Changer award!! Thank you Marivel for all that you do!!

Jorge R Velastegui Posted over a year ago

Awesome! Super happy for Marivel! She goes above and beyond the call of duty for her students! Congrats!

LaTisha Vaicaro Posted over a year ago

Marivel is an amazing asset to the support staff at Rancho Alamitos High School! She goes above and beyond for her students, and is very deserving of the LifeChanger award. Thank you for all that you do, Marivel!

Monica reyes Posted over a year ago

She deserves to have it because shes really good in school. Shes very caring, helpful, responsible and motovated. Always ready to learn something new and never complains. Whatever you need shes there ready to help and assist. Very respectful and always has a smile on her face

Angel Duran Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on the nomination, Mrs.Bermudez is an outstanding counselor who goes the extra mile for her students, as well as a counselor who very much deserves the award. Without her help I wouldn't have gotten my FAFSA done. Thanks for everything and hope you get this award.

Mrs. Moreno Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Mrs. Bermudez! We are all not surprised, you have a beautiful heart with the natural desire to help not only the students, but also us the parents. In my four years as a PTSO parent I have seen parents in and out of the office asking for orientation advices along with any other advice you can give them. This is a well deserved nomination Mrs. Bermudez!

Ashley Nguyen Posted over a year ago

Marivel is an exceptional counselor. She genuinely cares about her students and the community. Marivel goes above and beyond her scheduled work day to ensure student success! Marivel has a kind heart and is always willing to lend a helping hand. She cares about her family, friends, students, colleagues and the community. We can always count on her!

Matthew K. Burger Posted over a year ago

Marivel is an outstanding counselor and colleague. I have had several at-risk students over the years here at Rancho, and Marivel has always taken the extra time to get to know and help them. She doesn't just place students in classes and forget about them; she tracks their progress and doesn't hesitate to call them in to her office to discuss challenges and devise plans of action. She will facilitate meetings with parents and teachers to problem-solve and come up with doable intervention plans. She is most attentive as well to teacher concerns about students and always has keeps open door for all. In addition to going above and beyond as a counselor, she serves on the school's AVID Site Team to help implement and revise its plan. She has been the perfect liaison between the site team and the Guidance Office in helping the AVID program be the wonderful success that it is.

Justine Schafer Posted over a year ago

What an amazing person!! Congratulations and keep up the extraordinary work.

Liz Stimmler Posted over a year ago

Congratulations for being nominated for Life Changer of the year. Marivel is an amazing person and counselor. She always goes above and beyond for our students. She definitely deserves this award!!

Sue Blandford Posted over a year ago

Marivel has been a wonderful support for the students at Rancho Alamitos High School. She is devoted to helping our students consider their post-graduate options and has been active as a member of our guidance team helping students in the AVID program. She wants to ensure that our students and parents have all of the information necessary to make informed decisions about their education in high school and beyond. Furthermore, she has demonstrated consistently that she is willing to "go the extra mile" as a professional by attending conferences, conducting parent meetings, and participating in community outreach. As her colleague I frequently seek her guidance and expertise in helping my students.

Trang Ferguson Posted over a year ago

Thanks Marivel, for all the hard work you put in to ensure students' success. Marivel goes above and beyond to help students and families not only at Rancho, but in her community. She is so knowledgeable in regards to financial aid, Cal Grants, college applications and college admissions. Rancho is definitely lucky to have you.

Elizabeth H Posted over a year ago

Marivel is an amazing human being! She is someone who always goes the extra mile for her students and her colleagues! She is always there whenever there is a need and is always the first to donate, help, and support our Vaqueros! She truly is a LifeChanger, and Rancho would not be the same without her!! Thank you Marivel for all you do!