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LaKisha Ballinger

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: Baker Elementary School
School District: Jackson Public Schools
City, State: Jackson , MS

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LaKisha Ballinger was nominated by a family member, Rena Ballinger.

LaKisha has served as a kindergarten teacher for the past ten years. She has always known her path in life. There are not many people who can say they have the opportunity to live their dream job. LaKisha knows that children are like sponges; they soak up everything around them, whether it's good or the bad. For example, if students are exposed to reading and writing at a young age, they will thrive.

LaKisha gives tirelessly to her students, who she often refers to as her "babies." She loves them and wants nothing but the best for them. She will help anyone to the best of her ability. Also, she is dedicated and truly loves what she's doing.

Comments (14)

Sandra Kyles Posted over a year ago

LaKisha is an awesome teacher with a loving and caring personality! She goes above and beyond to reach her students! Way to go on this nomination! You Rock!

Latiaha Latiker Posted over a year ago

LaKisha is an excellent and dedicated teacher and person. Her commitment to her students and community as above and beyond what is expected. She is truly planting the seeds of success in future leaders.

ENID LEE Posted over a year ago

Lakisha's students have all benefited from having her as a teacher. I know that so much of her efforts go unnoticed, but I want to express my sincere appreciation for all that she does, she is dedicated and compassionate in the life of every child that she touches. Lakisha touches hearts and lives of the students she teaches everyday that will last forever. Lakisha continue enjoy working with and igniting the spark of learning in your 'babies". Continued success!

Felicia Campbell Posted over a year ago

LaKisha Ballinger is a very compassionate asset to education. She loves her job and calls every child she encounters “her baby.” She set high standards for her students and help each child individually, achieve each goal set!! My first grader, whom was taught by Ms. LaKisha in Kindergarten now reads on a third grade level. Although my babies are at different schools currently, she still checks on them and offers her assistance if they need extra help! LaKisha has many talents but it seems as though teaching our future generation is by far one of her favorite!!! She deserves to be recognized!!!

Pamela Wells Posted over a year ago

Ms. Ballinger and I have been working together for about 10 years now. She is a compassionate and loving teacher who goes out of their way to ensure that each student learns. It is an honor to call her a friend. It would be even more of an honor to have her teach my God-children and future grandchildren.

Jacqueline Wells Posted over a year ago

Ms. Ballinger would be the perfect candidate for the "Life Changer of the Year Award", because of her caring and generous personality. For instance, as a teacher, she is constantly giving to her students in need, as well as, offering extra help and assistance to those students needing more guidance. Another reason, Ms. Ballinger would serve well in this position is due to the way she shows consideration to her co-hearts of employment by delivering her support with different tasks as needed.

Valerie Posted over a year ago

Lakisha is an outstanding teacher and overall person. She loves teaching and the children she teaches. Her passion is felt by all.

Barry Williams Posted over a year ago

LaKisha is my oldest niece. My wife and I are so proud of the young lady she has become. She always speaks well about her career and how much she loves giving of herself to her “babies”. Her dedication is only surpassed by her love for her students. She is a blessing to any child that’s fortunate to have her as a teacher at the foundation of their education. There is nothing but success ahead for her as she continues advancing in her career.

Melissa Dearman Posted over a year ago

I’ve worked at Baker for many years with Lakisha! She loves teaching and always strives to be the best teacher and most inspiring person to her class. She shows this throughout the school with the other students. It’s not unusual to see a former student in and upper grade go to her if they need something. You can see the love she has but also makes sure they learn each day! She is a true asset to our school!

Barbara DeSue Posted over a year ago

Lakisha has proven to be a kind, caring, helpful, gifted teacher and mentor to little ones. She has a heart for children from all cultural backgrounds and this alone is commendable. She will make all of us very proud as she continues her career as a teacher of children. Thanks

Heather Posted over a year ago

Prayers for continual success, as you pour into those babies and help the succeed throughout life. There’s definitely Blessing in doing what God has called you to do. May you have a most prosperous and productive year.

Chéree McCurdy Posted over a year ago

Knowing Lakisha Ballinger as an educator is a gift and a privilege. Her dedication to the craft of teaching is inspiring. She works tirelessly to ensure that her students know that they are smart, capable, valued, and loved. She nourishes the littlest minds, planting seeds of enthusiasm and hope, trusting that they will nurture their education and produce a future full of possibilities. The genuine joy she brings to the classroom is revealed through the success of her students. They are eager to learn and willing to work hard. She inspires change, she motivates change, she promotes and encourages growth, development, success. She sees the potential in all and more importantantly she believes in it. That is why she works so hard, that is why others follow; she has a vision of success and a beautiful hope for the future.

Courtney Brown Posted over a year ago

Lakisha is a great person and educator! She’s very outgoing and has a heart of gold!

Keith Rose Posted over a year ago

La Kisha is My Oldest Daughter Our Family is so Proud of Her Accomplishments. She is one of the most CARING & CONSIDERATE Teachers that I KNOW, She has been Teaching for a LONG-TIME and has GRADUATED many Students, She ALWAYS does what’s BEST for Her Students, even if that MEANS keeping a Student BEHIND, which SHOWS Me that She takes a great deal of PRIDE in what She DOES, and it’s ALWAYS in the best INTEREST of The Students.