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Kendra Murphy

Position: Fourth Grade Teacher
School: Joseph R. Dawe Jr. Elementary School
School District: Stoughton Public Schools
City, State: Stoughton, MA

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Kendra Murphy was nominated by an anonymous student.

Mrs. Murphy is a caring and loving teacher. Some kids don't enjoy going to school, but when they walk into Mrs. Murphy's classroom, they light up with joy. She encourages her students to be adventurous, but they still learn something new every day they're with her. Mrs. Murphy helps children in the community to be better citizens. Some kids in other grades look forward to fourth grade, simply to find out if they are going to be in Mrs. Murphy’s class. She always has time to help a child in need, even if they aren't a student in her class.

Comments (30)

Joyce spencer Posted over a year ago

Yes your are a great teacher and i miss you and can't wait to see you again.

Matthew Potter Posted over a year ago

All teachers in my opinion are heroes and some of the most valuable members in our society. With that said, Kendra Murphy exemplifies the essence of using the classroom as a "laboratory" for teaching real world skills. Both of my boys (now 25 and 22) gained life-long skills from having the privilege of Kendra being their 4th grad teacher. "Murphy Mart" is just one of many examples that stand out in my mind. Setting up a system whereby children understand and appreciate how our society functions both socially and economically were the hall marks of "Murphy Mart." Kendra's dedication to being a teacher is contagious. She has a very unique gift of being able to understand the challenges of each of her students and developing a program for long-term success. She is fair, compassionate and most importantly understands the complexities in teaching our children in today's complex environment. We all remember our favorite teachers from grade school and there is absolutely no doubt that any child who has the privilege of her being their teacher will benefit from her guidance. In my estimation, Kendra is the clear winner for this nomination.

Jessica Posted over a year ago

My currently is currently in Mrs Murphy’s 4th grade class, and he absolutely adores her! She has truly made such a positive impact in his education! Much deserved!

Jennifer Clark Posted over a year ago

Both of my children attended the Dawe elementary school and even though my children didn’t have Mrs. Murphy as their own teacher, they loved her. She is always willing to help kids that aren’t in her classes and she makes a positive impression on all the children and parents she interacts with. Good Luck Mrs. Murphy!!

Paula Taylor Posted over a year ago

I'm part of the PTO and Mrs Murphy's enthusiasm for our school and all of our (many!) events is amazing! She supports everything we do and her excitement shows in every way!! We are so lucky to have a teacher who brings her best self to school every day!

Sharon Knowles Posted over a year ago

We have known Kendra the entire 30 years of her teaching career. She has inspired, challenged and nurtured children each and everyday. She is a life changer for all. We were blessed to have her be part or our children's education at the Dawe Elementary School!

Annie Luu Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Murphy is such an awesome teacher. My son had her in 4th grade and she was his favorite! She always encouraged the kids to try their best and was always so helpful! Well deserved!

Dawn Nunnally Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Murphy had my daughter in 4th grade and she is an AMAZING teacher. Not only did she teach in a way that was easy for the students to learn but also fun. She always used life experiences of her owns as a way to reach out to her students. She always lends a good listening ear and someone my daughter could confide in. One thing that really stands out, my daughter who is currently in 6th grade was preparing for a math test I said are you prepared for your test? Her response was mum I got this Mrs. Murphy taught me this in the 4th grade" I said well okay then have a great day and Bless Mrs. Murphy for preparing you for this test two years later. Mrs. Murphy is so deserving of this reward and to the student who nominated this teacher you're PRETTY AMAZING YOURSELF to notice all the amazing qualities of your teacher. She truly is a LIFE CHANGER! Good Luck Mrs. Murphy!

Pamela DiCastro Posted over a year ago

Mrs Murphy has my daughter’s 4Th grade class in tears on the last day of school. No one wanted to leave her!! She’ll always be my daughters favorite teacher.

Jodi Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Murphy was absolutely born to share her love of teaching with the world. Our family has been so blessed to have her in our lives. ??

Sean McCarthy Posted over a year ago

Go Mrs. Murphy!!

Jodi McConkey Posted over a year ago

I worked with Kendra for two years at Dawe. She always had a smile on her face and so did her students! She was not only a supportive colleague, but a wonderful friend. What an awesome nomination!

Rachel Estremera Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Murphy was my 4th grade teacher. She always let me help her out with cutting lamination or sorting mail into everyone’s cubbies! She is one of the people who inspired me to go onto college to teach! I will be graduating in May with my Master’s of Education! Thank you for everything Mrs. Murphy!!!!’n ??

Sandra Posted over a year ago

I had Mrs. Murphy many years ago and she taught me there was a love for learning. She made it interesting and there was never a full moment in her class. Her love for teaching and helping her students (even after she had them) is what makes her different from everyone else. She teaches her students life skills and more that they can carry through school and beyond with them. Much deserved.

Kelley Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Murphy has made such a positive impact on so many kids lives. She was by far my daughter’s favorite teacher. She always takes the time and listens to the kids and you can tell she truly cares about each and everyone of her students. My daughter will be graduating high school next year and we still reference back to Mrs. Murphy. She showed so much interest in my daughter’s writing and gave her the confidence she needed to push the limits of her writing abilities. Thank you for always making each kid feel special and taking the time to connect with each and every one of them. Congratulations Mrs. Murphy!!

Hayley Knowles Posted over a year ago

I was so very lucky to have been in Mrs. Murphy's first grade class 22 years ago. She is the type of teacher and person that has an infectious smile that brightens your day whenever you're with her. She makes every student feel welcome and feel like they belong, even if they aren't a part of her class. She genuinely cares for the students in her class and in her school. Her classroom has provided a safe learning environment that makes it possible for all students to succeed. I now work in special education and I try to emulate Mrs. Murphy's positivity and enthusiasm that makes so many students want to come to school and want to learn. She has truly made an impact on so many students lives, many of whom have decided to work in the field of education. Her teaching will leave an impact for many generations to come.

Rory Kangiser Posted over a year ago

One of the best teachers! She definitely deserves this nomination!!

Charlotte Mullen Posted over a year ago

My daughter was a student in Mrs. Murphy's class 10 years ago (she's now a sophomore in college). My kids have had many teachers throughout their education, and I work with teachers on a regular basis. Mrs. Murphy is by far THE best teacher either child had. Certainly she taught her the 4th grade curriculum, but Mrs. Murphy also teaches life skills. The students all had a check book and debit card and earned "money" by completing classroom tasks. Each Friday they could spend their "money" at Murphy Mart, deciding to spend it all at once or save some for another time. She also taught them how to sign their names in cursive, even though that is no longer taught in the schools. She is always enthusiastic, smiling and welcoming to every child. And all these years later still remembers my daughter's name and wants to know what she is doing now. Mrs. Murphy is a gem and well deserving of this recognition!

Charmaine Jordan Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Murphy is the absolute best! She is passionate and fights for her kids to get everything they need to be successful during their time with her and beyond. I have watched her through a few generations of teaching and she makes sure each kids experience is a special one. I can’t think of anyone who is more deserving. Thank you for your support towards all of my family members. Your guidance, support and passion to bring out the best in each child is second to none. You are a true definition of a life changer.

Barbara Young Posted over a year ago

Congrats! Well deserved nomination!

Susie Morgsn Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Murphy is a great teacher. Both my kids did mot have her directly but she was ones reading teacher and the other got to know her since her and Mrs. Morrison are such great friends and co-workers. They are a great asset to our school system. Way to go Mrs. Murphy. We are rioting for you!!!

Mary Leal Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Murphy was an amazing educational force for all three of my children - So much so that my daughter selected Mrs. Murphy as the teacher who made the biggest impact on her life to represent her during her induction into the National Honor Society years later. Mrs. Murphy makes every student know they can succeed no matter what challenges they may face. Her inclusive approach and always positive and encouraging demeanor works across a diverse student base helping all those she touches fly!

Cristin Posted over a year ago

My daughter is now a sophomore in high school and Mrs. Murphy is still one of her favorite teachers. We return to the Dawe two to three times a year for her to visit and check in. As a parent I want to say Thank You Mrs. Murphy for helping to shape my daughter into the person she is today! You have my vote!

Kaitlyn Reardon Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Murphy was my third grade teacher. I am now 26 years old and a fifth grade special education teacher and Mrs. Murphy is one of the reasons I became a teacher. She made learning fun. Whenever I had a problem she was there for me. She was one of the teachers that never gave up on me in school when I was struggling academically. Because she believed in me, I believed in myself. I now get to pass that on to my students that I teach today. Thank you for believing in me and helping me succeed!?? Great teachers like Mrs. Murphy make other people, like me want to give that back tenfold for someone else.

Paige Posted over a year ago

I was lucky enough to have had the pleasure of having Mrs. Murphy for both third and fourth grade, and I don’t have anything but amazing things to say about her. She helped form me into the person I am today. I was always smart, but sometimes too smart for my own good. I would rush to try to finish my work so that I would be the first one done. Mrs. Murphy taught me one of the most valuable lessons of life; it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Not only did that apply to my third and fourth grade tests and busy work, but it applies to every aspect of life. She often made learning fun and even like a game within our groups (desk pods). If we earned x amount of points for being well-haves, helpful, or doing school work right, we earned points. The group that had the most points had a pizza party I believe every month. It motivated you not only as an individual but as a team to help others succeed so that you could be rewarded. That was an important lesson in the value of teamwork even at a young age. Even after I left elementary school, I frequently stopped in to visit Mrs. Murphy and she was always welcoming. My senior year of high school I had to do a service project and she, along with my former first grade teacher, allowed me to work in her classroom alongside her and her students in order to give back to someone who gave everything to me. There’s no one more that deserves this award. She is by far, the life change of the century, not just the year.

Becky Goode Posted over a year ago

I was in Mrs. Murphy’s first class out of college 30 years ago. She is an amazing teacher! She made such a strong impression on me and the other students. She is a kind, caring and compassionate person. She recognized strengths in every student and worked patiently with everyone on their weaknesses and issues. She always worked tirelessly to make a difference in every child’s life.She is literally the best teacher I have ever had and I have two bachelor degrees behind me so I had many teachers. Even still, my 6th grade teacher is the best. She deserves this award without a doubt. It would mean so much to her and no doubt every single student past and present would be so proud and happy to see he receive this award! Sincerely, Becky Goode

Mary Petrilli Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Murphy is a warm, dedicated and kind teacher. I have seen the enthusiasm in Mia since the beginning of the school year. She is so eager to go to school and is just as eager to get her homework assignments completed. Mrs. Murphy makes learning fun. She uses the Where's Waldo approach to teach students about geography. Mia comes home from school so happy and talks about how Mrs. Murphy helps her with her math skills. Murphy Mart is a great tool to teach her students how to earn money and how to spend it wisely. The Capitals' song is amazing...Mia sings it to prepare for a test...Mrs. Murphy is a SUPERSTAR!....Mia has improved immensely this year and it is thanks to Mrs. Murphy...Mia's confidence has soared thanks to Mrs. Murphy! SHE DESERVES THE LIFE CHANGER OF THE YEAR AWARD! I personally worked with Mrs. Murphy 25+ years ago and her dedication to her students has been one of her greatest skills...MRS. MURPHY, you are a LIFE CHANGER!

Jennifer Slade Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Murphy is one in a million!!! My son Daniel was thrilled to be a student in Mrs. Murphy's class. Mrs. Murphy's enthusiasm as a teacher transcends to her students. Daniel looked forward to every day in her class. He often said how much fun she made each day of school. He was curious to learn about gemstones, the state capitals- as the class could be heard singing "the capitals song" in the halls on the way to lunch, and how Mrs. Murphy kept the class engaged in every lesson. She is always positive, she goes above and beyond for each and every student. Mrs. Murphy calls her class SUPERSTARS and Mrs. Murphy is a superstar educator. Mrs. Murphy gave my son the foundation to being organized and these lessons were so instrumental that even today, 4 years later in 8th grade, he is very organized when completing his homework and studying for exams. My son knows the importance of hard work and is eager to learn, he never forgot her lessons. Daniel enjoys reading and Mrs. Murphy often read to the class to share the wonder of a story. Mrs. Murphy is a Life Changer each and every day. Her energy is contagious and her sense of humor brings a smile and laughter to her students. She makes the Dawe Elementary School a brighter, more wonderful place because of her spirit, heart, and love of teaching. I vote for Mrs. Murphy for The Life Changer of the Year Award!!

Mia H Posted over a year ago

I vote for Mrs.Murphy, because she is kind and always willing to do the right thing all of the time.

Amara Posted over a year ago

I vote for Mrs. Murphy. She is the best teacher I could ever have. When I'm she tells me it"s going to be alright. You should give Mrs. Murphy this award because she is a loving teacher. She's not one of those teachers who has a favorite. She loves all of her children equally. Also she disaplens her children really good. I am so thankful to have Mrs.Murphy as my teacher. I am VERY!!! upset I'm moving.Thank Mrs. Murphy for being my third mom and my life changer. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MRS. MURPHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!