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Tawni Martin

Position: Eighth Grade English Teacher
School: Selah Middle School
School District: Selah School District
City, State: Selah, WA

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Tawni Martin was nominated by an anonymous student.

"I was so lucky to have Mrs. Martin as my teacher for two years in a row," said the student. "She treats everyone equally, and she does not look down on students for any reason. She not only cares about her students' work, but their well-being. When I had problems or a tough decision to make, I always felt comfortable enough to talk to her about it and get her opinion. She not only taught me how to be a great writer, but she also taught me how to find the best in every situation. She's a leader, not only to her students, but to her colleagues. If you listened around the school, you would hear all the good things everyone has to say about her."

"Mrs. Martin pushes all of her students to be the best students and people they can be, and I have never had a teacher who I felt cared more about her students than she does," said the student. "Before her class, I was not very excited about English, but that changed when I entered her class. She always finds a way to make everyone enjoy English. Mrs. Martin has been a teacher for a very long time, and she has changed many lives in the best possible ways."