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Kelly Mattson

Position: English Teacher / Cross Country Coach
School: Selah Middle School
School District: Selah School District
City, State: Selah, WA

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Kelly Mattson was nominated by multiple students.

"To me, a LifeChanger is someone who impacts your life and makes you feel like you can talk to them about any problems," said a student. "Kelly Mattson matches this more than can be explained."

Mr. Mattson makes an impact on each of his students' lives, both inside and outside of school. There are many examples of his spirit and character. In class, for example, he pushes his students to fulfill their maximum potential. All of his students entered out of school writing competitions once or twice a month. He took the time to sit and read their essays.

"I never wanted to submit my essays because I did not want to get disappointed in myself," said one of his students. "When he heard that, he set up a meeting with our COG board. I wrote an essay on what to do with our homeless project, and because of Mr. Mattson, I was able to present it to high figures in our community and have one-on-one interviews and tours of homeless camps in our area. That gave me the courage to turn in my Benjamin Franklin essay and place second, which earned me $100."

Mr. Mattson makes a point to support every sports team at home games and be there at the finish. When the athletes feel like giving up, he gets the crowd pumped up, giving them the motivation it takes to win. As a coach, he recruits athletes who don't believe in themselves, but whose potential he sees. He changes how they see themselves and their capabilities.

"I could go on for hours about why he deserves this more than any other person, but I still would not be able to describe his attitude, determination, high spirit, faith and trust in everyone," said his student.