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Thomas Leonard

Position: Physical Education Teacher
School: Alexander City Middle School
School District: Alexander City Schools
City, State: Alexander City, AL

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Coach Thomas Leonard was nominated by his cousin, Desmond Leonard.

Coach Leonard is a graduate of Alabama State University. He is the first male cheer coach in his school system, and the best one yet! He coaches middle school cheerleading and is also the assistant track coach for Alexander City Middle and Ben Russell High School. Coach Leonard is very kind, considerate, and connected to his students. He is always available for advice or help. He is a very upbeat, funny and outgoing teacher who has a very close bond with his students, and he makes learning a wonderful and entertaining experience for all of them.

Coach Leonard is a teacher who everyone who looks forward to seeing. He's a true role model of what you can be if you stay focused and keep yourself in order.

"On a personal level, Coach Leonard like a second father to me. He has been a blessing to me physically, emotionally, and a few times financially," said Desmond. "He is one of those teachers who likes to take his students and introduce them to things beyond the grade school level."

"Coach Leonard is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated," said Desmond. "He founded our city's first high school fraternity, which changed the lives of many young men in Alexander City. It instilled the power and vision to be successful by going to college or the military, and it gave them the confidence to be better assets to their community. Coach Leonard is truly a class act educator!"

Comments (37)

Michael Jones Posted over a year ago

Coach Leonard is a my most inspiring teacher because when you do not understand something, he breaks it down so that we can understand it better. He is a mentor, teacher, husband, a dad, a coach, and may I add, he's a great dancer. Coach Leonard is very intelligent with a great personality. He works well with the faculty and staff and he never misses a day. With him not missing a day, assures me that he is dedicated, determined, and a dependable person for his students. When I grow up, I want to achieve my goals JUST LIKE Coach Leonard!

Rosalyn Salter Posted over a year ago

This guy is awesome!. He is such an inspiration to our kids. They love him. Thanks for all you do!!!

Amy Hamlet Posted over a year ago

Coach Leonard is an amazing cheer coach! He treats his cheerleaders as he would want someone to treat his own children. It is very evident that his love for cheer is 100%! He not only teaches the girls cheer skills.. he also teaches them life skills that will last a life time!!

Lavone Young Posted over a year ago

Awesome role model and coach on and off the field.

Jamarion Whetstone Posted over a year ago

Before you guys vote please consider this. Coach Leonard, or Pops is what I call him. This guy I love him to death and has changed my life. It is so hard to put everything into words to explain what this man has done for me. My mom is a single parent with 3 kids and one on the way. My own father doesn't even treat me the way Pops does. Pops has taken me into his home, makes sure I'm fed, when my mom isn't financially equipped he supplied my needs, keeps my hair cut, he makes sure I look good physically, mentally, and academically, makes me feel like I'm his very own child. What I love most is that after all this is said and done, I realize that he does it because he cares. Because of Pops, he has inspired me to go to his Alma Mater after high school and major in Journalism and Communications. I can not express how much he has changed and enhanced my life and inspired me to be better and do better than I have always given myself credit for. Thank you for everything!!

Jackie Posted over a year ago

Hi Thomas, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the hard work, long hours, and dedication you put into helping coach our girls. You are an awesome young man, and I so appreciate your zeal and enthusiasm! Thank you for helping build not only skills in our girls, but character. We look forward to next week’s tournament with anticipation. Thank you again for all you do! Much love, Jackie Brewer

Anita Kelley Posted over a year ago

Coach Leonard is a man of passion consumed with doing all he can to be the difference in our children lives. This passion is so enormous it extends outside the walls of the education institution into various arenas .Coach Leonard a man of integrity is the same polite gentleman wherever you meet him .and very deservant of this award.

Marion Slaughter Posted over a year ago

Best coach,mentor & neighbor. My grandson was a part of Theta Nu Pi High School Fraternity..Some years back He was committed then and still committed. He is a great example for our future Girls and Boys..He's got my Vote!!!!

Jasmyn Posted over a year ago

Great Role Model!

Rosalyn Salter Posted over a year ago

Hey is an awesome person!

Linda Pollard Posted over a year ago

I am so grateful for you, you have taught my daughter do much. But most importantly how to be all she can be no matter what or where she comes from. Thank you for teaching my child how to trust herself and the sky is the limit. A great mentor. God bless you.

Tawana Kendrick Posted over a year ago

Coach Thomas is a great young man. I have watch him from growing up in the city to now been a coach, mentor, and teacher. He does an awesome JOB! PROUD OF YOU. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. I'm your best cheerleader.

Norma Leonard Posted over a year ago

I have seen first hand how he has been an inspiration to my daughter. Helping her with tumbling while in high school and supporting her when she decided to join her sorority in college. Awesome young man!

Lisa Wilson Posted over a year ago

He is a great cheer Coach! He has been so encouraging to my daughter and her friends. He really cares for each of them and teaches them skills so they can grow to be the best they can be. Thank you Coach!

Eltoro Freeman Posted over a year ago

Without a Doubt or Contradiction - THE BEST TEACHER/COACH ANY KID COULD HAVE!

Donna Chapman Posted over a year ago

I met coach Thomas Leonard serveral years ago he was my daughter middle school cheer coach. We became friends now we call him KOCH. He is a awesome cheer KOCH. He takes time out for our youth in the community they really look up to him and so do my family and I He is a dedicated family man he shows love to everyone and we love him also congratulations KOCH your a blessing from God keep up the good work.

Margie Thames Posted over a year ago

Even though Coach Leonard has only been my daughters cheer coach for a few short months I can tell he already has high expectations for his team. He encourages his athletes to do their best and sets high standards for them. During the week of tryouts he set aside time to help all the athletes trying out with their skills after clinic.

Jalen Posted over a year ago

Thomas exemplifies the definition of life changing.. Great work Big Bro

Maria Posted over a year ago

Congratulations! I'm so proud of you. Also thank you for being a great coach to my daughter.

Shun Kelley Posted over a year ago

I'm grateful for having you around in our was a big inspiration to the boys I can't thank you enough...JOB WELL DONE!!! You Deserve IT COACH LEONARD ??

Diane Deloney Posted over a year ago

Invited Mr. Leonard to speak to our youth at my church. He was awesome. Not only is he a good educator but he is encouraging to youth in our community. Always give back.

Courtnie Perry Posted over a year ago

Very deserving candidate! He is a mentor to the young men and young women of our community. Whether it is through cheerleading, the classroom, or the local high school peer organization, he is a guiding light for the young and the old to support and come to when needed.

Danielle Laney Posted over a year ago

Thomas Leonard has made a great impact on my niece at the middle school. Middle school was a dark and troubling time for and she always came home and told some encouraging words he told her! Thanks for everything Coach Leonard great teachers matter ??

Robeeta Brager Posted over a year ago

Thomas is a wonderful Teacher and agreat Pearson will do anything possible to help someone he over and beyond what is required of him.

Angela Golden Posted over a year ago

I have watched you change many lives when you started the first high school fraternity. It keeps the young men of the future grounded and it today's society positivity is something they need. Good job Thomas Leonard you already know how proud of you I am. Keep up the good work!

shana turner Posted over a year ago

coach thomas is a very kind man, he is well respected by everyone!

Shay Buie Posted over a year ago

Very well deserving, You definitely changed my life forever ??????

Jr Posted over a year ago

The is the best coach ever ??

Sherry Ellison Posted over a year ago

Congratulations!!! Coach Thomas Leonard is a great teacher and awesome co worker!!!

Shay Buie Posted over a year ago

Very well deserving, You definitely changed my life forever ??????

Jekeisha Goggans Posted over a year ago

Congratulations!!! I'm so proud of u

Rev.Antonio Stone Posted over a year ago

Coach Leonard is an awesome man of God. He is a blessings to the community. He is a very educated ,dedicated, and inspiring,young man that I have the honor of knowing!

Isaiah Holloway Posted over a year ago

I support the candidate.

Davede Posted over a year ago

The goat ??

Kristin Fuller Posted over a year ago

Absolute amazing with the kids! Always goes that extra mile to teach our youth, our athletes but also inspires them to want to do their best and be the best! Well deserved

Miranda Wyckoff Posted over a year ago

Awesome coach/teacher; well deserving of this award!

Retunda Posted over a year ago

Congrats fam ???