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Sean McMenomy

Position: Social Studies Teacher / Football Coach
School: Century High School
School District: Hillsboro School District
City, State: Hillsboro, OR

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Sean McMenomy was nominated by Steve Breault, the parent of a student.

Mr. McMenomy arrived at Century High School as a social studies teacher and the new football coach. It did not take long at all to see an immediate impact in his students and athletes. A mandatory study hall was in place to ensure all athletes had the opportunity to complete their homework and maintain a nice grade point average. As a result, the average GPA of the football team increased dramatically.

"My son was a teacher's aide in his You and The Law class and is also a Varsity Football Player. He has already been presented with the possibility of playing football in college with his GPA and skills on the field," said Breault. "Not only did Mr. McMenomy make my son the confident athlete and amazing student he is today, but he has also inspired him to become a teacher and football coach some day.  I see this from so many other students and athletes, as he has made a positive impact on lots of students in the last couple years at Century."

"I have a younger son who is in the Century youth football program who wasn't involved with the high school before," Breault continued. "When Coach arrived, he brought all the kids to the high school field and built a whole new family with the youth program. They finally get to use the high school fields, as it wasn't an option before."

Ever since Mr. McMenomy took over the youth development camps and started using his football players to teach the youth how to play football, the younger students began to feel like they were being trained by celebrities. They look up to the high school players, and both programs have quickly become a family.

"I know Mr. McMenomy wants the best for each and every one of his students," said Breault. "From a parents' point of view, I would like to say that I don't think I have seen a teacher or coach ever viewed with such high regard from students as I have seen these last two years with Mr. McMenomy. Zander wouldn't have nearly as many opportunities for college or football after high school if it weren't for him."

Comments (27)

Samantha Knopf Posted over a year ago

As a fellow swim coach in the community, it has been a privilege to witness how Sean coaches! Being a first time coach, it’s coaches like him I look up to for inspiration. Our community needs more mentors like Coach Mac!!

Kristi Posted over a year ago

What a remarkable coach and teacher!! He has the ability to lead by example and children lucky enough to know Sean aka Mac have been blessed. He reaches these kids with his humor, kindness, and big heart. The young adult/teenager feel it! We need more role models in our school system like Sean!

Madison Piazza Posted over a year ago

Thank you Coach Mac for being a great teacher and making sure everybody's okay and making people's day everytime we walk into the class room

Ben Burch Posted over a year ago

He's a great coach great person and taught me alot

Kathleen Bond Posted over a year ago

Thank you Coach Mac for encouraging the students you work with to be their best possible selves. The support both on and off the field in all areas of life has been astounding. I appreciate that you support your students to grow into responsible adults and the community you are creating benefits everyone. Thank you for being a positive light in the lives of our students.

Marc Nicholson Posted over a year ago

The positive impact that Coach Mac (Sean) has had on the students through his teaching and coaching at Century High School on and off the field is immeasurable. The support and guidance that I have seen him give his students and athletes continues past the years of high school. We are extremely fotunate to have Coach Mac at Century High School, he is a true life changer!

Kelly Posted over a year ago

Coach Mac is an amazing teacher and coach. His love for students be successful showed in very things he does. He not only teaches what is in the books but he also teaches how to belong to family and to work for something bigger.

Claudette Posted over a year ago

Coach Mac is an inspiration to all who know him. He is, without a doubt, the man behind a team of success. His team is also his classroom. There is no difference in the two. He treats every student and player with the same respect he would give anyone. You can see in him, the true compassion he has for every player as he makes it his job to know every player by listening and truly understanding them. He uniquely tailors his coaching talents by making it his job to knowing every players strengths and weaknesses and working with them in a positive and constructive approach. He takes his players where they never thought they could ever go. He makes every player feel good about themselves. His players have absolute respect and care greatly for him for who is to them. Anyone can see how much his players not only respect him but love him like family. How does a coach achieve that? I don’t think it's achievement, it’s his natural ability but can’t always be easy. I don’t think I could have all that patience and ability to be that successful. I honestly believe that his team would do anything for him. I see that in the players and you know what? I see it from the stands as well. Coach Mac, Thank you for being such an awesome coach plus more to your football team and to all your students.

Angela Strauss Posted over a year ago

I feel blessed to know Coach Mac as a mentor and as a friend. He has changed my sons life for the better for sure! Gave him a renewed love for the game! When you impact this many kids lives it does NOT go unnoticed! Take a step out on that field and just listen to all the kids yelling "Let's Gooooo" and "BUD" those are Mac's legacies!

Alicia Mahlman Posted over a year ago

Coach Mac has coached our son for the last year and already has made such an impact on not only his but our lives when tyler broke his arm he came immediately to the hospital to make sure he was ok and stayed with him and his wife dropped everything to rush us dinner not even onowing us that well yet they have gone above and beyond in his life in just a year and could not imagine him not being his coach so many times he has been there with no questions asked tyler looks up to him in so many ways and talks with him about his future playing ball life goals and everday struggles coach is definitely family to us and has made the biggest impact on our son players and the whole century program and family

Rebecca Gardner Posted over a year ago

You’re such an awesome person and coach! We love having you at Century High School and can’t wait for Lucas to have you as a coach! Well deserved award!

Natalie Boehler Posted over a year ago

Wonderful addition to Century not only as a teacher but as a coach. He has a way of connecting with the kids and inspiring them. Pushes the kids on and off the field. Blessed to have him in my son's life.

Austin Ramsay Posted over a year ago

Coach Mac was my coach for two years, and has changed me more than the other 15 years of my life. I have never met someone so hard working, passionate, or as driven as Coach Mac. He has taught me the skills and other lessons that you can’t learn in school, responsibility for not only myself, but for others as well. He taught me to break my barriers and push past my limits and has lead me down a path that has brought nothing but success my way. He made me capable of things I could have only dreamed of a few years ago. He opened so many doors for not only me, but other players as well. Often surprising us with recruiters from colleges around the state and even as far as bringing players to showcases for exposure in Nebraska. He is truly one of, if not the best man I know, and I am honored to be able to call him my coach.

Angie Wilson Posted over a year ago

I have been fortunate enough to know have known Sean for many years. He has passion, enthusiasm and the love of education and for the game of football. My son, Jack was lucky enough to be on Sean’s football team and in his classroom for his last 2 years of high school. The experience grew him and changed him so much. He has taught him how to be tough and resilient when the odds are against you (on the field and in the classroom/life). He’s shown him how to love and respect your classmates and teammates. He has prepared my boy for life after high school. I believe that he was so lucky to have him as a teacher and as a coach at Century. His knowledge and enthusiasm is exactly what was needed to bring the community there together! You’d have a hard time finding someone else that brings out the best in those students and athletes!! Thank you, Sean, for being what my son needed, when he needed it. Your trademark hashtag of #family couldn’t have been more true. We will never forget how much you’ve changed our son’s life! Sincerely, Angie and Mike Wilson Jack Wilson’s parents (Class of 2019) #LCOY

Briann Heatherington Posted over a year ago

Mac is an amazing coach, a great teach, and wonderful person. He does so much for his school. All of his students and players adore him! He’s been a huge impact on many people’s life. I couldn’t think of a better fit for life changer for the year.

Brandon Struckman Posted over a year ago

Coach Mac has helped me with so much throughout the 2 years he has been at Century so far. And I can’t wait for the future with my little brother coming into Century next year I hope that he enjoys high school as much as I have because of Mac. He dedicates his life to everyone in his life but himself. No matter what he does it is always for the best interest of the community and his students and student athletes. Thank you Coach

Mason Wright Posted over a year ago

Coach Mac has been a great addition to our staff. He provides an abundance of energy and is such a friendly, caring teacher.

Cayson Hammer Posted over a year ago

Great coach, teacher and person day in and day out... always helping people in need and making sure his students are having a good day and always putting others before himself

Maddisun Bilderain Posted over a year ago

Couch is the most amazing teacher I have ever had the privilege of working with. He cares for all his students and his athletes and wants the best for all those he knows. Hes an amazing dad to his 2 kids and an outstanding member of centurys community. I thank him for the impact he has made on my life. Hes an amazing man.

Zander Breault Posted over a year ago

Coach Mac has made a huge impact on my life and I have seen him make many in many other people. He has changed the whole entire atmosphere at our school and our football team by emphasizing school spirit and a family like feel and has engrained that from the high school all the way down to our youth kids. As a teacher he is that teacher who they trust and can talk to about anything, he is like a father figure to many. Also every thanksgiving and Christmas he adopts a family and goes out and buys a thanksgiving dinner for them and goes out and buys gifts for a family in need. He is a huge contributor to our community and has changed the lives of so many. Life changer of the year is perfect fit for coach Mac!

Jeanene Ness Posted over a year ago

I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting you but, by knowing just a few of the fine men you have coached I’m sure that you clearly have had a key impact on the fine young men they are today. Great example of tough athletes turned nice gentlemen. Congrats Coach! Well deserved!

April Breault Posted over a year ago

Sean is an amazing teacher and incredible football coach. He has brought so much to our Century program. What an honor to have him at Century High School. Let's Go!!!

Debbie Rayburn Posted over a year ago

The stories are epic and endless of how many kids he has mentored over the years as a teacher and a coach. I hope he gets this honor he so rightly deserves. Keep up the great work Sean!

Erika Tofaeono Posted over a year ago

Coach Mac has made a difference in the life of my student. He is an amazing educator with a passion for teaching. Coach Mac is dedicated to pushing his student-athletes to the next level. Coach Mac is invested in building relationships and mentoring his students! He has made a tremendous impact on my child. My son would not be as successful as he is without the guidance of Coach Mac. Life Changer of the Year!!!!

Regina Springer Posted over a year ago

The kids at Century are vary blessed to have Coach McMenomy!!

Steve Breault Posted over a year ago

Thank you Coach!

Jessica McMenomy Posted over a year ago

I married him, I guess that makes me a fan! ;-) In all seriousness, I knew when I met him that his heart was gold. Anyone who dedicates year-round tireless effort to youth development, in the classroom, in the weight room, on the field, in college, in the workplace and into their adult lives is the very essence of life-changing. I’ll never forget a call from former student from a base in Iraq, “Coach, I need someone to talk to.” I knew then, he was a beacon of hope for that life at that moment. Partnering with resource agencies for those in need, medical experts and researchers to improve safety for athletes, serving our community and engaging businesses to step in and rebuild and so much more. He never sleeps more than 6 hours, never takes off more than a day. There are scribbles of ideas and plans on notes everywhere. He’s hard to keep up with and easy to love. I’m so proud of Sean! He is a Life changer!