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Lina Older

Position: Second Grade Teacher
School: Valhalla Elementary School
School District: Federal Way Public Schools
City, State: Auburn, WA

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Lina Older was nominated by a parent who wishes to remain anonymous.

The nominator's child struggled for a period of time because of health problems and some behavioral issues. Ms. Older, who was a new teacher at the time, worked together with the nominator to come up with a plan that worked for him in the classroom.

"Once my child saw that we all were on the same page, everything came together for him." the nominator said. "Ms. Older gave my son a buddy to work with and they helped each another. By helping my son, she gave him the willpower that he needed to want to go to school and want to learn. And by doing that, he was able to help another kid in the classroom."

Ms. Older is a positive influence on the nominator's child and has been a great support for him and the other students in her class.

"I am so grateful that she decided to come join the Valhalla team and have a positive influence on all the kids and adults in our school," the nominator said.

Comments (4)

Amita Posted over a year ago

As much as I know about her is,that she is not only a good teacher but great mother and amazing personality also. Many congratulations ????

Himalayan Posted over a year ago

Ms. Older has been a wonderful team member since she has joined Valhalla. She has played a positive role in helping the young scholar specially those who needed special care and attention in their learning process. Thank you for your great contribution and it is very much appreciated.

Muntazir Posted over a year ago

I always find Ms Older is such an amazing cooperative teacher with wonderful teaching skill.My three nephew arein Valhalla and I m so surprised and grateful for her the great changes and improvement she brought in them. I wish her best of luck in her future and hope she will bring more success in our young generation. With lot of congratution, Muntazir Mehdi

Angela Smith Posted over a year ago

Thank you for the best year that my child had. And being so understanding about Alex's stuff.