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Lisa Thyre

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: Belle Creek Charter School
School District: Belle Creek Charter School
City, State: Henderson, CO

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Lisa Thyre was nominated by her colleague, Alice Arceneaux.

“Lisa is a great example of what we all hope to be as teachers. She is patient and kind with her students, and she sets very high expectations for herself and her learners. I have always been impressed with the creativity and care that she pours into the classroom, effectiveness at teaching the content, ability to create positive relationships with students, parents, and community, and her hard work to support a positive school climate,” - Paul Hurst, assistant principal at Belle Creek Charter School

Currently, Mrs. Thyre enriches the lives of 27 Kindergarten students. Over half of her students are ethnic minorities, two are identified GT students, five are EL students, one student is on a 504 Plan, one student has autism, and there are two severe IEP students in her classroom. Her ability to reach all students is impeccable. Mrs. Thyre is able to maintain such achievement due to her excellent communication skills, which are evident when examining her success in creating strong-parent teacher relations and in connecting to the whole child, both socially and emotionally.

"Her greatest strength is her ability to connect with her students by designing creative and engaging lessons. She challenges student’s abilities in order to encourage as much growth and development as possible," said Jacolyn Fields, Belle Creek's executive director.

As a specific example, for the last ten years, Mrs. Thyre's Dibels Data has shown that each student, regardless of their economic background or ethnicity, has made an incredible amount of growth. Most students make a year to three years’ worth of progress in her classroom.

“Getting Mrs. T is like hitting the teacher jackpot! She stands out because she goes above and beyond in everything she does, including tie dying every student's shirt for the Dash for Cash run and playing music to dance to," said Jenni Pyles-Gaitan, the parent of a GT student. "Everything she does is fun, like how she wrote the 'American Musical' to help teach standards and concepts about the American Revolution, Old Colonial Towns, and the Pilgrims. She teaches personal responsibility and respecting peers with essential agreement plans, like earning and paying tickets from students' own bank accounts to help them take ownership of their actions. She is always open and available for any communications. Mrs. T learns what each student responds to in order to meet their individual needs and help them through their day. My son is a big helper, and she picked up on that early in the year. If he has a rough moment, she asks him to hold the door or do something else to help and he feels better. As a parent, it's very comforting to see that he is in such great hands. My son is GT, and she is helping him work on his leadership skills by doing presentations to the class, which he loves.

To enhance the school community, Mrs. Thyre has gone above and beyond to ensure that the community and all stakeholders are involved in school events. Each year, she hosts an Author’s Tea Party to celebrate her student writers and their school-created books. This event empowers her students as published authors. She has held parent workshops to help bridge the parent, student, and school community in an event called Parent University. Mrs. Thyre brings in the community through Core Knowledge Literacy nights, where school and community come together to create student-directed poetry cafes or a historical wax museum. One time, she brought in Kohl’s employees to help with a Literacy Night Carnival, and Kohl’s donated $500. The community also came together for the fair, and the proceeds went toward supporting the Children’s Advocacy Program.

In addition, Mrs. Thyre is a lifelong learner who believes in supporting her peers by teaching book studies to help support the mindful child. She teaches her fellow peers about the importance of the social and emotional needs of children.

“Mrs. T has helped my daughter gain confidence by encouraging her to step out of her comfort zone. She has created a safe, loving environment for my daughter to express herself, while also allowing her to feel safe in a completely controlled environment," said Jenna Smiley, the parent of an IEP student. "She has taught her to have the upmost amount of respect for others, themselves and all things around them. I feel like one of the most amazing things that stands out about her teaching style is that she teaches through experiences as opposed to lectures. She has put on many events throughout the year allowing and encouraging parent and family participation. We truly feel like Mrs. T is the best teacher we have encountered in our 17 years of being parents. We are forever grateful!”

Comments (18)

Juanita Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure if working with this lovely lady. Mrs’s T Kindness & Compassion. For what she does shows inside and out. Shes always involved! Goes out of her way in Everything. From the playground to Classroom..

Savanna Padilla Posted over a year ago

When I had Mrs. Thyre, it was like she is so awesome! Instead of talking in real life, she told me to write her letters and stories, so that is exactly what I did. She was an awesome influence on me and she still is an influence on me in 6th grade. I just love how well she is with her students and how patient she is. I mean I thought I was patient, but... she is much more patient than I am. Thank you Ms.T for being my teacher!

Kristy Homan Posted over a year ago

Mrs. T taught both of my children Kindergarten. Her classroom management was outstanding and never inhibited the creative environment she created for her students! She never had to raise her voice. Loved the Author’s Tea Party and end of year celebration. She makes the very difficult job of teaching look easy. Thank you, Mrs. T!

Lily Walker Posted over a year ago

We’re so grateful and blessed to have Mrs T as both of our kiddos kindergarten teacher . She’s so amazing, patient and very creative. She has a unique ability and gift with her teaching. Our son was only able to sound out his letters before attending her class and within few months, he was able to read and he’s now an advanced reader for his age/grade. Thanks so very much for all you do Mrs T.

Andrea Montoya Posted over a year ago

My son had her in kindergarten and she was amazing. She is always so involved with the kids and never seems overwhelmed by them being kids.

Ericka Sievers Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Mrs. Thyre for many years and am constantly surprised by the outpouring of love and attention she gives each of her students. Her creativity and passion for education is undeniable. This also includes many staff members. She is a giver, and her strong personal integrity do not go unnoticed at work. I have seen her spring into action and help out others in our community and on our staff when they are struggling with difficulties in and out of our school. She is a wonderful person and is a bright ray of sunshine for all. I am honored to call her a colleague and most of all grateful to call her a friend.

Sheena Robertson Posted over a year ago

Mrs T has made my daughters life change in a positive direction. She recognized my daughters needs and used them to help her learn and bloom. She hosted a homework seminar that helped my family get the most out of the work sent home. This year I feel our entire family benefited from having her as our youngest daughters teacher. She gave us the opportunity to volunteer in the class room. She has a unique ability to reach each student and help them become a leader and a top student. She is an amazing teacher and an inspiration to many people.

Shannon Wester Posted over a year ago

I was so blessed to have Mrs. T as a teacher for my son Kolton this year. In my experience with 3 kids, she is hard to match. Her creativity keeps the kids engaged all year, her excitement is palpable, and her love for the kids is real! For my first year having my kids back in public school, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for my kindergartener. She is a great example to other teachers and I hope that the other teachers have a chance to learn from her.

Brooke Lonergan Posted over a year ago

I have 4 kids and have been through 4 kindergarten teachers now. None of the were as amazing as Mrs T is! The difference between what my other 3 kids knew as a kindergartener, and what Araeah, who is in Mrs. T's class this year, knows as a kindergartener is just incomparable. It is quite amazing to see how far Araeah has grown this last year. She went into kindergarten not knowing her letters or sounds very well. She is now full on reading at an advanced level! She is also doing math I wouldn't think even an almost 2nd grader could do! Mrs T knows specifically what my daughters strengths and weaknesses are in school and how to help her learn the best way that is specific to her own needs. Araeah went into her class very shy and very unsure of things. She came out with in the first week, loving school and really came out of her shell because of Mrs T. She has made her love of school so great! Araeah loves to read, write, draw and do math even when it isn't required of her with home work or school work. She is constantly wanting to learn all the time. I thank Mrs T for all the help! She is really the BEST teacher I have ever come across in the 20 years I have had children in school! These words are truly not enough to express how amazing Mrs T is!

Megan Gunther Posted over a year ago

We’ve seen the change in our child this year, and we wish to thank Mrs T for all she has done to grow her mind and spirit this year. She is a truly amazing teacher who has made a difference in Allie’s life every day. We realize that teaching is a thankless job, but she pours her heart and soul into it. Her passion is inspiring to us as parents. Our respect and admiration for Mrs T as a teacher cannot be expressed in words. She makes an impact on the lives of the students in her class, and we will remember her for many years to come. We thank her for being the positive change in Allie’s life. The school may have found a teacher in Mrs T, but our child found a hero in her. Thank you, Nate & Megan Gunther (Parents of Allie)

Elena Posted over a year ago

I'm so glad we had the opportunity to meet Mrs. T, my douther had learn so many things academy and personal. Thank you so much for all your kindness and help, wish you the best Mrs. T.

Heather Avila Posted over a year ago

Wow!! I do not even know where to begin. Mrs. T has taught 3 of my 4 children and I am so grateful for that. She has blessed them with knowledge and tools that they will carry with them for eternity. Finding ways to make learning fun and enjoyable is her forte. She is constantly engaging with her students, is aware of each and every learning type and utilizes what she has to guarantee no child falls in the cracks. She loves and cares for her students in a way that just feels so genuine. She possesses rare traits of selflessness, generosity, compassion and tenderness yet she exhibits strength, structure, and purpose. Families will remember Mrs. T for generations to come. Thank you!!

Marci Rasmussen Posted over a year ago

I was nervous about my son starting kindergarten because he had previously been on an IEP for speech and I thought the class size might be too big for him to get focused care from his teacher. Before the first day of school, Mrs. T called all the parents to introduce herself and answer any questions we had. I had the opportunity to discuss my concerns and she was so thoughtful and helpful that it put my mind at ease. No other teacher had ever taken the time to do this and it was greatly appreciated. This is just one of many examples of how she goes above and beyond for hey students and parents. Since starting kindergarten my son has thrived and loves going to school. I don't think my son would be as ready for first grade as he is today without Mrs. T. Thank you so much Mrs. T!!

Jana Jones Posted over a year ago

Mrs. T fosters the love of school and learning in everyone she meets. I am so very grateful for the positive impact she has made on my son. Thank you Mrs. T! You Rock!

Samantha Duran Posted over a year ago

Our family has had the absolute privilege of having Mrs. T teach both of our daughters for kindergarten. It is because of her that our daughters love school! Mrs. T goes above and beyond to make sure that every single one of her students succeed. She has shown our daughters that learning is fun and exciting by incorporating songs, dances, and performances. She has taught them life long lessons about behavior, kindness, and friendship. We cannot thank Mrs. T enough for pushing each one of our daughters to be their absolute best. Her dedication and love for every single student shines brighter than the sun. She deserves so much more than we could ever give.

Anna Hiatt Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Thyre has made an amazing impact on my son's Kindergarten year. She has motivated him to love learning and challenged him academically. He has made incredible growth this year and is well prepared for first grade. He loves school, working in small groups, and is excited about all the fun activities that she continues to engage her students in. We couldn't be happier! Thanks for taking the time to educate our son, inspire his dreams, and reinforce appropriate behavior. We appreciate your hardwork and dedication to your profession!

Yesenia Tarango Posted over a year ago

There are so many kind words I can use to describe Mrs. T. I am very grateful to have her as my sons kindergarten teacher. My son is new this year to Belle Creek charter school and I can say we are very lucky to have Mrs. T in his life. He has learned so much and every special event Mrs. T has had during the school year has helped my husband and I see the extraordinary work she does with her students. I can see how every student is engaged while learning. When I sit down to help my child with his homework packets he always tells me he remembers doing that in class and there are many times where I don't have to tell him what to do because he already knows what to do. That's a great sign Mrs. T is putting her soul into every students learning. She has the most creative ideas to teach her students, she makes learning come to life! Thank you Mrs. Thyre for your incredible ways of teaching every single day. May God keep on blessing you everyday.

Andrea Vest Posted over a year ago

Mrs. T is defiently a gem! She is so creative and always finding ways to keep her students engaged and always makes learning fun. She goes above and beyond to plan special events for her students and parents which makes Kindergarten more exciting. She has made an special impact on our family. We just adore her and her commitment, passion and love.