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Jay McCracken

Position: Superintendent
School: La Moille CUSD #303
School District: La Moille CUSD #303
City, State: La Moille, IL

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Superintendent Jay McCracken was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Superintendent Jay McCracken has made a great impact on the lives of students and staff in the La Moille District. Everyday, he comes in with a smile on his face, ready to dedicate his time and effort to a small but mighty district. All decisions he makes are in the best interest of students. This year, a College and Career Readiness program was approved for students in the district. It's because of his hard work and dedication that these programs have been made possible and available to the students.

"He is a great leader that many look up to. He is always there for staff and students, offering 100% support. We are thankful for him on a daily basis," said his colleague. 

Comments (10)

Brandi Wright Posted over a year ago

I had Jay as a fifth grade teacher at Henry. He showed his students compassion and taught us and others great things to which to this day I will carry with me and catch myself telling my well young adults about. He truly is a great man puts students and families first. He was also my boss when he was Mayor if Henry years later I was a lifeguard and he made sure safety and things were okay with all of us and would interact with all of us. As Mayor he really changed the community and pulled is together. I always think back to those days they were safer and happier and mostly because he did his best not just from 9_5 but all the time for everyone. Then twenty some years later my Children had the privilege to have him in Putnam County School here is the great honor and like I said privilege we were going through a rough time pretty much homeless and I went to Jay and he took care of things kids in school eased my mind little bit. My kids could already talk to him anytime. He always takes the time even when he really don't have the time to make but he does it. He Great Man and any Community it's blessed to have him to be apart of it. When he does something it is done with the people in mind not for self gain and or recognition. He is guy Genuinely for the Kids and People he crosses paths with weather its days or years.. if anyone deserves. Honor it is Mr. Jay McCracken for he has changed many lives over the many years he has put in with all the communities he has worked with.. Thank you Mr. McCracken

Margy Mattern Posted over a year ago

Jay is most deserving of this honor. His dedication to all students is constant. His continuously positive and caring attitude is just one of his many strengths. He is a good listener and works toward solutions for the common good. Very happy to see him recognized!

Nicole Kays Posted over a year ago

Jay is an excellent example to everyone!!! We were very fortunate to have him in the PC district. I have always said, when we lose him we have lost a lot!!! I 100% agree with Stacey Harper comment. He was always happy, pleasant and dedicated!! He always went above and beyond and is so deserving of any award available. Thank You Jay for your wonderful example you have set not only for us adults but also our children.

Waynette Johnson Posted over a year ago

You are such an awesome person, Jay. Continue doing good on all you do you do amazing.

Jesse Posted over a year ago

Truly a wonderful educator and individual. I was a student in his second grade class in January of '86... one of my few memories from those thirty-plus years ago was the compassion he showed when he had to explain to a group of eight-year-olds what had just happened to the space shuttle Challenger. There is nobody more deserving of this award!

ione glatz Posted over a year ago

Congrats to Jay. Well deserved.

Nancy Mattingly Posted over a year ago

Jay McCracken's hard work and dedication during his years as an educator has changed many lives. He is very active in his community even with his busy schedule of being a Superintendent at La Moille and serving on the board of Illinois Valley Community College. Jay truly cares about the students and their future. He is very supportive and caring of others. He deserves this award more than I can put into words.

Stacey Harper Posted over a year ago

Very involved and very present person in both the community and schools. Everyone knows a good person shows up to work everyday but a dedicated person like Jay McCracken is there after school hours, long after the students and staff have left he remains at the school. Jay is there at night at the volleyball, basketball, baseball, football, and track games even the games that are in another town. You can even see his car parked outside the school on the weekends too. I feel very fortunate that my children get to witness such a hard working, dedicated, truly caring individual.

Sara Posted over a year ago

He is the most caring, selfless person I have ever had the pleasure to meet and work with. He is so dedicated to his job and will do anything for anyone, especially the students. He always puts the students and staffs needs as a top priority. He is so easy to talk to about suggestions or questions I may have.

Cynthia Shevokas Posted over a year ago

Lifechanger of the Year doesn’t begin to describe Mr. McCracken! He gives his unlimited support and encouragement to staff, students and community every day! I truly believe that he has saved LaMoille Community Unit School District! I can’t thank him enough!