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Rosemary Simmons

Position: School Nurse
School: Edison Academy
School District: Middlesex County Vocational and Technical Schools
City, State: Edison, NJ

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On April 20, 2020, Ms. Simmons was surprised during a Zoom call as a LifeChanger Award winner! She received $3,000 to share with her school. Check out her surprise below.

Rosemary Simmons was nominated by Marlene Mulroney, Carly Balsamo, and Stephaine Karanevskii

Although Ms. Simmons' job title is school nurse, she does so much more!

Ms. Simmons is the advisor for Interact club. The Middlesex County Academy Interact Club coordinates breast cancer awareness walks and the Talent Show, which raised $1,000 for Toys For Tots. Interact holds lunches to collect money for worthy causes, works with the Edison Rotary to attend events sponsored by the United Nations in New York City, and facilitates clothing drives and drives for personal hygiene products for homeless/women's shelters. Ms. Simmons is the coordinator for the Student of the Month Breakfasts and the Student of the Year Dinner, both sponsored by the Edison Rotary club.

She is also the advisor for Red Cross club. The Red Cross facilitates two blood drives each school year. Ms. Simmons and the students coordinate the donors from her school and Middlesex County College. They hang posters around the school and college campuses, and they arrange for the events to be approved by the MCVTS Board of Education. In addition, the Red Cross Club arranges for food donations to MCFOODS to help feed those in need in Middlesex County. Last year, the club donated one ton of food to MCFOODS. Ms. Simmons helped make this possible with her organization, diligence and hard work.

She is the co-advisor for National Honor Society. NHS is a national organization that selects the best and brightest students in the Junior and Senior class based on their GPA, the number/type of service hours they complete during their high school years, and through teacher feedback. The club facilitates a Group Service Project each year. This year's NHS class advertised and collected approximately $800 for a charity benefiting the victims of the fires in Paradise, CA.

Each student member will also complete/facilitate an Individual Service Project. Some of the projects this year include:

  • cleaning/replanting/maintaining the Peace Garden;
  • holding a lunch fundraiser to raise money for Barnabas Health Foundation;
  • giving a TED talk and donating the proceeds to charity;
  • arranging for donation of products for hospitals and/or homeless shelters, and;
  • winter clothing drives for those in need of winter coats.

Ms. Simmons is the advisor for Safety Ambassadors, who work in conjunction with the Robert Wood Johnson Trauma Center. She and the ambassadors take a pre-assessment and receive training by RWJ Trauma Center on safety in and around cars, helmet and bicycle safety, and safety around streets/traffic/crosswalks. The students go out on four separate days to Lincoln Elementary School and Franklin Elementary School in Edison, NJ to teach the safety lessons to every first grade student. At the close of the Safety Ambassador time frame, students will attend a banquet where they take a post-assessment to show growth in the areas of safety, instruction and presentation skills.

Finally, Ms. Simmons is the Advisor for Girl Up!. Girl Up! was started by the United Nations Foundation. It is a global movement of empowered young women leaders who defend gender equality. Through leadership development training, Girl Up! gives girls the resources and platform to start a movement for social change wherever they are. Ms. Simmons manages the club and and travels to various events held by the United Nations to promote female empowerment. She also arranged for the use of West Hall on the Middlesex County College campus to hold a statewide conference, and she facilitated an assembly so girls could view/participate in the Fearlessly Girl conference.

The one theme that you can focus on with Ms. Simmons is "Service." She gives 100% of herself in many ways and helps the students see the importance of service, both to others and to their community.

"As I pause to recount all my memories of volunteer opportunities, I am astounded with this woman's dedication and persistant involvement." states previous student Stephaine Karanevskii, "I am still dumbfounded at how Ms. Simmons continues to lead our school with this spirit of service. She's always telling me about another fundraiser or volunteer opportunity she has gotten her hands dirty with."

Comments (110)

JOHN P JEFFRIES Posted over a year ago

Congrats Rosemary! I am so happy that you received this recognition for your dedication to service and teaching our students about the importance of service in their lives!!

Wanda Crespo Posted over a year ago

Bravo!! You deserve it more than anyone I know. Wanda

Regina Simmons Posted over a year ago

Congradulations!! All your work is appreciated! Great job! Love Gina

Pren Woods Posted over a year ago

Rosemary, congratulations. I enjoyed immensely reading about your wonderful impact in your community. I am inspired and I love your endless energy. Thanks for all you do! Pren Woods

Nicolas Williams Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your LifeChanger award!

Imthiaz Azeez Posted over a year ago

Rosemary is an exciting person to be around. She makes anyone who meets her feel good about themselves. She motivates people and leaves them inspired. Everyone should have a friend like Rosemary to talk to and to keep their spirits up. It feels good to be around Rosemary as she is a great resource for ideas on how to help people or to address some of their own personal issues. She has personally helped so many people, raised funds for so many causes and made a difference in so many lives. Too many to list here. I know about the work she does for the students in the School where she works. She routinely goes over and above her normal responsibilities. Everyday she displays her leadership abilities under cover without too much fanfare. Under the exciting personality lies an empathetic and compassionate heart. I met Rosemary and her fiancé Tim in the Meditation and Yoga class at the Unitarian Society in East Brunswick. I feel blessed that our paths crossed.

Marlene Mulroney Posted over a year ago

When I began to think about nominating someone for the Life Changer of the Year, the first person that came to my mind was Rosemary Simmons. She works tirelessly for her students, not only in her main job as the school nurse, but as the advisor to multiple clubs and as a guide and mentor to all of the students, which can include work on the weekends and trips to support them in the extra-curricular activities as well. She is respected and loved by the students and fellow faculty members, and her dynamic and positive personality is an inspiration and a gift to anyone who knows her. She is the kind of person who will help out others in need, no matter what it is, and shows others how important being of service to her community and the world can be.

James Simmons Posted over a year ago

I have known Rosemary Simmons all my life and I am proud to say that she is my sister. She does so much with her job that goes above and beyond of what is required. I always hear her stories about the latest trip she has been on with the student that she works with. Always with a smile on her face and ready to listen or help in any way she can. Rosemary is a leader who cares about the people she interacts with and she will always be there for them. She is a mentor, a friend and a good person.

Angelica Simmons Posted over a year ago

Rosemary Simmons loves her job. She often talks about the trips she goes on with the kids from her school. I believe that she genuinely cares about the students and she wants them be successful. I think the student are lucky to have someone at their school, who is as dedicated as Rosemary is. I think the student probably feel the same way.

Gia Marie Simmons Posted over a year ago

I know Rosemary because she is my aunt, my father's sister. I think aunt Rosemary really enjoys her job, because she loves working with her students and taking them on trips. I like hearing about the places they have gone to and I think she really cares about the students.

Sandra Simmons Posted over a year ago

Rosemary is a dedicated member of the school staff. She really cares about her students and is involved in so many activities with them. Rosemary always talks about the students and you can see just how proud she is when it comes to the students she is involved with.

Anosha Adil Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons is an amazing and crucial part of our school. She leads, guides and cares for our school entirely. She supports every student and carries an optimistic outlook wherever she is. I believe that she is MORE than qualified for this Life Changer Award, because of how many peoples' lives she's affected positively and encouraged.

Bryan Chan Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Simmons is someone who is extremely dedicated to their job, both as an adviser and as a nurse. She makes sure that all her students are taken care of and that everyone is going down the same path. She is a positive energy in our school as she is very kind and fun to talk to, and it could be said that she is kind of like a second guidance counselor for me. She is super active in our school-being the person in our school to advise the most clubs-but she puts 100% of her effort into each club. Because of this, I believe that Mrs. Simmons is more than enough to be a candidate for the Life Changer of the Year Award!

Justin Lee Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons is one of the kindest persons I have ever met. Very hard working, nice, and passionate. Lifechanger!!

Ayaan Qayyum Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons is possibly the nicest teacher at the school and helps everyone, no matter what. She works very hard for all of the students and all of the clubs and the Academy wouldn't be the same without her. She isn't just our school nurse. She deserves this award because of the efforts she has put in to improve our school environment.

Nandana Pai Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons is a dedicated, caring, and passionate individual. I admire how she manages all her responsibilities not only as our school nurse but also as the advisor of many clubs. She is very approachable and conversing with her is always a pleasure. Ms. Simmons never hesitates to help out a student, and I have experienced this many times. She deserves the Lifechanger of the Year award because of all her hard work towards improving our school environment!

Lavanya Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Simmons is one of the kindest and most hard working people I have ever met. She always goes out of her way to make sure we are all comfortable and is one of the most welcoming and warm people I know. Whether it is helping us as a nurse or being a club advisor, Mrs. Simmons is always around to share great and helpful advice and lighten up the mood of whatever room she enters. Even though I have only known her for two years, she has had a positive impact on my Academy experience and I can affirm that she is definitely deserving of this award!

Kumud Joshi Posted over a year ago

Just as her biography says, Ms. Simmons is not just our school nurse. She wears many hats in our small Academy family and wears each one with care. As NHS advisor, she makes sure to work with all the members to make a real impact on the community. Working on not just a chapter service project, but collaborating on a handful of individual service projects, she always puts her 100% into what she's working on. I cannot think of anyone else who would devote so much of their own time for so many different activities and clubs for our Academy family, in addition to being the school nurse. Her self-named "Serenity Center" invites everyone with positivity, even when they are in pain. She is always there to hand out bandaids, ice packs and medicine when we need it. Ms. Simmons deserves the LifeChanger award more than anyone!

Swagnik Roychoudhury Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Simmons is one of the nicest, kindest, and empathetic staff members in our entire school. She always listens to people and gives good advice as to how they may proceed to solve their problem. She really deserves this award, as we need more people like her!!!

Samantha Enriquez Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons is an amazing nurse and advisor. Aside from going above and beyond when volunteering and advising clubs, she also does all she can for the students of the Academy. She is always ready to tell you a humoring and endearing story of her youth that is sure to make you smile even on your worst days. She is the heart of the academy and I can think of no one else that deserves this award as much as she does.

Heer Patel Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons is truly an amazing lady who gives her 100 percent when working with anyone including all the Academy students. Regardless of her needs, she doesn't hesitate to put any of us first and is also a phenomenal leader. She is such a positive mentor and definitely deserves this award.

Dhyanashri Raman Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons is not just a nurse but a wonderful person. She has a very kind heart and always helps the community inside and outside of the Academy. Whenever someone needs a coughdrop or is just not feeling well, Ms. Simmons makes sure to help them out and feel better instantly. Additionally, Ms. Simmons is a part of many clubs and organizations in school and always helps out everyone. She is such an amazing person, and she truly deserves this award!

Katie Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons is a very kind and caring person. She dedicates her time to helping students become involved in service and in their communities. In addition, she always is willing to help plan events. She is definitely deserving of the award!

Darshan Lakshminarayanan Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons has been instrumental in keeping the Academy going for the two years I have gone here. In addition to being a great nurse, she doesn't hesitate to help out when she can. We can tell she cares about what she does and the events she participates in, including the Breast Cancer walk and Talent Show. She is a very caring woman, a helpful nurse, and an influential role model and definitely deserves the Lifechanger of the Year award..

Pranjay Kumar Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons is an amazing person who is involved in so many things around the academy. She wholeheartedly cares about each and every person at the Academy and is involved in so many different organizations. She invests her time to bringing this learning community together and touches everyone she meets. I know I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that she deserves this award.

Emelin Castillo-Abreu Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons doesn't only play the role as nurse in the Academy community. She participates in clubs as an adviser, in field trips, and various events within the school year so as to help and take care of the students in the Academy. She is so positive that she almost always has a smile on her face, making that happiness infectious towards others around her, meaning us students. All in all, I wish to say that she should be recognized for her never-ending positivity and the kindness and affection she shows towards the Academy community.

Shweta Iyer Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons is a very hardworking person who is involved in many aspects of our school. Along with caring for every student at the Academy, she is also actively involved in many of our school clubs such as Red Cross and Interact. She is always busy doing something whether it's taking care of a student or organizing a school activity. It's easy to see how much she cares about all the students in this school and this community. Ms. Simmons is very deserving of this award!

Sruthi Suresh Posted over a year ago

Ms.Simmons is a wonderful influence on all the kids at this school. Her constant dedication to helping out other communities through clubs like Interact and the Edison Rotary is truly amazing. Her efforts to help out these organizations inspires other students to do the same, not just now but in the future as well. Thank you, Ms.Simmons, not only for all the work you do at the school but for all the work you do to help out our society as well.

Sanjana Gunda Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons is a very important part of our school. She spends all of her time trying to make the lives of the students as well as those of everyone around her better. I appreciate Ms. Simmons for all her effort.

Ria Vijayvargiya Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons has always been a dedicated part of our school, who has gone above and beyond to ensure that everyone does their part in bettering our community and any others that we have the ability to help. She has proven time and time again that her ultimate goal is to be the positive change she wants to see in this world, and deserves the Life Changer award more than anyone I can imagine.

Mihir Rastogi Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons is not only a nurse but also a valuable role model in the Academy community. Anytime a student needs advice related to community service and involvement, Ms. Simmons is definitely the best person to go to. Her endless knowledge and her desire to contribute to the community in various manners has been a positive influence on everyone at the Academy. Her leadership in clubs, such as Rotary, Interact, and NHS, and the motivation she provides us with every day has provided the students at the Academy with a greater sense of giving back to society and giving help to anyone who needs it. Thank you for everything you have done for our school Ms. Simmons, and I truly mean it when I say you deserve this award!

Prathit Sanjay Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons is one of the kindest people at the Academy. She helps people every single day and its easy to see she genuinely cares for the good of the school. She works really hard to run the Interact Club, Red Cross club and the National Honors Society club in our school and definitely deserves this award.

Nishil Patel Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons is a very kind and amazing nurse. She always goes more than she needs to make sure that we are the best that we can be. She is more than just a nurse. She is an important part of the academy community and the school itself.

Isabel Toro Posted over a year ago

Ms Simmons is a great nurse and supervisor to many clubs that help other people, such as the red cross club. She is a joy to talk to and brightens up the room.

Yash Patel Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons is the best nurse any student can have the pleasure to encounter. She cares a lot about the students in the school and works very hard to organize events for certain clubs. Her leadership abilities and kindness makes the academy community stand out from all the rest. She truly deserves this award.

Dhruv Misra Posted over a year ago

In my freshman year, I broke my ankle, and Ms.Simmons-even though she didn't really know me- helped me immensely. I could always say hi as a friend, and rely on her for support. She made it much easier for me to adjust to the Academy, even with my injury, and I can safely say my high school career would not be the same without her.

Nishil Patel Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons is a very kind and amazing nurse. She always goes more than she needs to make sure that we are the best that we can be. She is more than just a nurse. She is an important part of the academy community and the school itself.

Garrett Seo Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons is more than just a "school nurse" and she really deserves this award. She does so much for our school, and she puts so much effort and care for the students and the clubs she runs.

Ayush Parikh Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons is an amazing person who is such an important part of the Academy community. She cares about the well-being of each and every student at the Academy, and her involvement with so many organizations at the school shows how much she cares about being part of the community. I have so many positive memories with Ms. Simmons while I was at the Academy including field trip to New York, the annual Breast Cancer Walk in Edison, and the winter Talent Show just to name a few. She is an amazing mentor and definitely deserves this award!

Urmi Jani Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons is an amazing nurse, advisor, and a great person! It is easy to see how much she cares about her students through the time, effort, and hard-work she provides. As advisor to multiple clubs and organizations, I admire how upbeat and kind she remains, even through stressful situations. I know I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that Ms. Simmons is a truly inspirational leader, who continues to prove more than worthy of the Lifechanger of the Year award!

Viral Mehta Posted over a year ago

Ms. Rosemary Simmons is very kind and always gives priority to the needs of others. She truly deserves this award.

Purnima Mehta Posted over a year ago

Ms. Rosemary Simmons is such a wonderful lady who always puts others first! She is so kind and assisted my daughter! I am so grateful to have Ms. Simmons as my daughter's school nurse and she is extremely deserving of this award!

Sofia Vaksman Posted over a year ago

Rosemary Simmons is a very warm and caring person, a good listener, and a good friend - somebody who you can always rely on. She is a dedicated mother, sister, college, and friend. I saw how dedicated and loving she was to her mother - Rosemary took care of her mother till the very end. I got to know Rosemary around a decade ago - we worked together at the Academy before I retired. I saw first hand what a knowledgeable, wise and caring person she is. Rosemary is a real medical professional, I would even call it an expert, who sees and diagnoses different possible health issues and prevents them to turn into serious conditions. She works well with the students with different special needs and their parents in order to help these students to better adjust to the the strenuous Academy life, She always advocates for the students and even fights with the administration when it is needed. She goes above and beyond of what is expected from her. I remember when she helped a very reserved and shy girl not only to overcome her shyness but to become a true leader at the Academy and later at the college. A very active person herself, she inspires by her example and helps many students to take more responsibilities and play a more active role in their life. Always positive, always smiling (her smile is contagious!), always beaming with enthusiasm and true desire to help people - this what I can say about Rosemary. As for me and my family, she is a very good and dedicated friend, who is always there when we need her. I strongly nominate Rosemary Simmons for the LifeChanger of the Year because she is a life changer, She changed so many lives for the better,, and I am honored to call her my friend.

Jon Saloukas Posted over a year ago

My mother, Rosemary Simmons, is the hands-down most life-changing person I know. Besides raising such an amazing son…she spends all of her time helping those around her and trying to make everyone’s lives better. Every time I call my mother to chat she is at another club meeting, helping a student, or organizing a blood drive. Most of the time she puts me on hold to continue whatever she is doing with the student. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many students whom she has mentored, and they are always so excited to tell me about the impact that she’s had on their lives. When Rosemary takes you under her wing, she does so for life, and there are so many of her previous students who she’s helped to find apartments once they graduate college, and follows up with them regularly to make sure that they know she’s always there with an open door and open arms. No matter what part of Rosemary’s life you know her from, be it work or personal, you know that she will go above and beyond to help you or someone close to you. Most of the time, you don’t even have to ask! I am so proud to be your son, love you mom!

Robert Bullaro Posted over a year ago

Your a intelligent supportive, and giving person, the world is a better place with you in it.

Joanne Donato Posted over a year ago

Rosemary Simmons and I have been close friends for the better part of a decade. Starting as her babysitter living on the same block in Bayonne, NJ we grew up to be friends. Over this time, I have relied on Rosemary to give me good solid advice on issues ranging from cooking recipes to health advice of the most profound nature. In recent years, I have come to value her friendship & wisdom even more. For example, a few years ago, II had felt a small lump in my neck that seemed unusual but was not giving me any pain. I asked Rosemary to examine my neck. She immediately advised me to see my doctor. Taking her advice may have saved my life. It was a lymphoma that treated early was curable. Had I not heeded her advice, the outcome may have been dire. In this instance, Rosemary was truly a LIFECHANGER for me! Rosemary continues to be a true friend to my husband Abie and to me. We talk on an almost daily basis & I marvel at her stories of the many ways she impacts her students, her family and those around her. She works so hard to assist her many clubs, always insisting that they involve themselves in charitable works. From Breast Cancer Walks to raising money for Red Cross relief efforts and beach cleanups her clubs to so much good. She is always out there beside the students encouraging them to do their best. She is truly a LIFECHANGER and deserving of all of our praise!

Margaret and Christopher Price Posted over a year ago

We strongly nominate Rosemary Simmons all the love and support she has demonstrated to our family for 14 years. Whenever I need a nurse's guidance she will always be there for us. She goes ABOVE ANDBEYOND her on and off duty . She has been generous with her time and effort towards various charities. Rosemarie has an approachable, warmth, caring and well respected person. I cannot think of another well deserved person. Thank you Rosemarie.

Ann Dworzanski Posted over a year ago

It comes as no surprise to me that Rosemary Simmons has been nominated for the Life Changer of the Year Award. For as long as I have known her she has demonstrated the meaning of “integrity” She is a compassionate human being who cares deeply about helping others. She is genuine and kind and has the ability to make everyone feel special. Her boundless energy and a nurturing personality has truly been an inspiration to not only me but to my entire family. Those traits, combined with Rosemary’s ability to work independently and efficiently to making a difference in the lives of countless people, will no doubt make her an excellent choice for this great honor. In closing I would also like to add that I find it an absolute honor and privilege to call Rosemary my friend.

Rishika Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons has a beautiful, caring, and loving heart. She truly cares about making each student who comes to her feel better and makes sure that they always do. Furthermore, her involvement in the several organizations and causes listed above serve to prove her humanitarian nature. Ever bubbly and charismatic, she heals through her humor as well. Ms. Simmons is indispensable to the Middlesex County Academy: she is an asset and has, most certainly, changed the lives of many.

Andrew Branagan Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons was always professional, kind, and reliable. Her office was always an oasis of calmness in an environment that was very stressful.

Lex Tong Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons has always been a supportive and positive pillar of our high school community. Though I graduated several years ago in 2015, it is wonderful to hear that she has taken on even more charitable roles. While I was in school, I remember that she always got to know students on a personal level and deeply cared about our well-being.

Sreeram Rave Posted over a year ago

Even though it’s only been a month since I joined this school. Ms. Simmons is easily the nicest person I’ve met. She’s extremely kind and fun and she is a great person!

Kipsy Quevada Posted over a year ago

I have had nothing but positive memories with Ms. Simmons. I specifically remember serving elementary school students with her through the Safety Ambassadors Program. I have never seen any teacher be so devoted in service, love, and charity, and so strongly encourage her students to do the same. Through her mentorship, I grew the confidence I needed to sincerely believe in myself in high school and beyond. It was truly a blessing meeting her in high school nearly 9 years ago!

Peter Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons was always a source of such positivity and empathy even dating all the way back to when I met her 17 years ago. She took extra time to get to know every single of student. Even back then, she wore many hats and spearheaded many student initiatives. She always greeted us with a smile and took care of us whenever we were ill.

Richard Fernandez Posted over a year ago

Rosemary isn't just a life changer but a GAME CHANGER as well. Rosemary is a pleasure to work with and always has a smile on her face. She cares deeply about the well-being of our students and school climate. She has her hands in a number of clubs and always always always finds a way to give back to the community! GO ROSEMARY!

Christine Ranieri Cunningham Posted over a year ago

Rosemary is one special person with lots of drive and intelligence. We went to Nursing School together and she stood out as one of the smartest in the class if not the smartest. Always happy to help and give extra time to anyone that needed. I am proud to say I am a friend of hers and as she is a remarkable person and highly accomplished.

Roger Creteau Posted over a year ago

I worked with Rosemary for 20 years in the M.C.V.T. system. She was always the first person to step up and assist in any situation to benefit her students. Her personality, work ethic and caring heart are respected and appreciated by her colleagues and administrators.

Cathy Creteau Posted over a year ago

Rosemary is a dedicated professional who volunteers her time and expertise to demonstrate to students the benefits of helping the community.

John Jeffries Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons goes above and beyond for our students, the community and our school. She plans and coordinates numerous opportunities to showcase the success of her students, and provides opportunities for them to give back to the community on a regular basis. Ms. Simmons has a huge heart and had mentored numerous students to follow her lead by promoting a giving spirit. She is deserving of this award because of her tireless efforts to change the world by giving her time and by using the staff and students at the Middlesex County Academy to bring about real change!!

Wanda Crespo Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons has always been a very supportive employee and has helped many students in our school. She has also involved herself with the students on activities in the community always making a difference. She is the go to person when you need help with medical issues. She helps students and staff with all different kind of issues.

Andrew Silvestri Posted over a year ago

Thank you so much for presenting me with the opportunity of a lifetime. My trip to Japan and the friends I made during the time are two things that I will always hold close and precious to me. This was truly the best experience of my life, and I give you my greatest thanks for helping me along this journey.

Michael Caracappa Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons does take pride in this school and very caring person. She is dedicated as not only as a school nurse she is into many clubs and organizations. Anyone with health issue, Ms. Simmons will help you and make you feel comfortable.

Erin Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Simmons is one of the most supportive and caring people in our school. As a student who works closely with her in clubs, I can very confidently say that Mrs. Simmons truly cares about the students and the community. She is not afraid to go out of her way to help the students and the faculty, which is something that I have witnessed time and time again over the past three years. Mrs. Simmons is 100% deserving of the LifeChanger of the Year Award

Parth Harish Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons does not just help us physically, but she also helps us with our mental challenges. Whether it is because we need a bandage, or if we need a place to rest, relax, and feel better, Ms, Simmons is on top of the situation. You can approach her with any struggles you have, and she takes the time to really listen and understand everything you say. She always wants what’s better for everyone, and whether saving your life physically, or helping you strive with your goals, she is the life-saver of the year

Diane Delikat Posted over a year ago

I have known Rosemary Simmons for over 30 years. She is a wonderful and caring person. In addition to her job as school nurse she is an advisor for many clubs and organizations. She supports the students and encourages them to succeed. Her dedication, enthusiasm, positive attitude and willingness to always help others make her truly an exceptional person and deserving of the LifeChanger of the Year Award.

Maria Zelko Posted over a year ago

Rosemary Simmons is the epitome of positive energy. If one could count each organization and event she oversees, every person involved in each of those organizations and events, and all those who benefit from her efforts, one would be hard pressed to find a person who changes more lives. I haven’t yet mentioned her professional role and those she touches, teaches and heals as school nurse. In addition, she cannot do enough to show her love and support for family and friends. Rosemary Simmons, is one of a kind...a definite Lifechanger!

paul ferreras Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons is a very down to earth person, & likes to help others with a positive attitude and big smile on her face. She inspires every one to be positive in everything,&is a great person to be around and comforting the people who knows are glad to have her in their lives.

Joseph Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons is a continuing source of inspiration for me. She has proved time after time that she is a very reliable person. In addition to being an excellent and caring nurse, she is a very giving, helpful, and caring person. Having worked with her in many school-sponsored clubs, I can personally attest to her willingness to help students first and foremost. Thanks for being such a great person, Ms. Simmons!

Ryan Posted over a year ago

Rosemary is passionate about and jumps full force into every task that comes her way. Whether it’s a small volunteer event, or caring for hundreds, every aspect of her work is conducted with heart and meaning. Rosemary goes out of her way to ensure that everyone gets the most out of their visit or participation. She teaches others to lead with compassion and empathy. She is the kind of person who teaches others how to love deeply. Rosemary simply cares and it shows. We need more people like her in this world! We are all so fortunate to have her in our lives.

Jean E Dvorak Posted over a year ago

Rosemary is a dedicated school nurse and an involved volunteer. She organizes and supervises many school activities giving students valuable experience in working with others and leading various projects. Under her leadership, student safety ambassadors instruct local elementary students in good safety habits. Through Interact and Girl Up, she encourages students to develop self-esteem and leadership skills. Her skills in organizing include blood drives, fundraisers, and many other activities to help make the Academy for Science, Mathematics and Engineering a successful place for students to flourish in our society.

Aneesha Kodati Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons is a really important member of our school community. She’s so nice and even for small things like hurting your knee she takes care of you. She’s always a fun person to talk to and makes you laugh. She cares about every single student and makes everyone feel really special. Without her the academy wouldn’t be what it is now.

Karen A. Cretella Posted over a year ago

I have known Rosemary Simmons for fifteen years as a colleague at the Vocational School. She has always been a resource for me in my dealing with school issues and handling student health concerns. I have always admired her dynamic energy and dedication to her position, she maintains many other duties then just school nursing. I believe she is an asset to our district and would be very happy to see her honored for this wonderful achievement. Best wishes to you Rosemary. You are truly blessed. Sincerely, Karen.

Tim Sexton Posted over a year ago

As Rosemary's fiancée, I hope to have some insights into her life changing impact upon those fortunate enough to have met this inspiring spirit. Aside from her obvious professional expertise as a long time nurse/school nurse, Rosemary has,on multiple occasions, used her expert diagnostic skills to spot health issues that, if left undetected, would lead to tragic results. For example, during a routine eye examination Rosemary detected an abnormality in one student's results that concerned her. She immediately informed the student's parents that their child needed an immediate doctor's appointment. Later, the ophthalmologist reported that had the student not received prompt treatment blindness would have certainly occurred. In addition, Rosemary has been in the forefront of those advocating for concussion protocals. Students involved in head injuries, no matter how minor, are evaluated promptly and, if necessary, referred to doctors for proper evaluation. Aside from her professional responsibilities, Rosemary advises multiple school clubs that require hours of dedicated service that go far beyond the norm. From waking up at 5 A.M. to attend monthly" student of the month" breakfasts to giving up weekends to take students on field trips to New York or Philadelphia, Rosemary is always there to assist. Many of these clubs raise significant funds for a myriad of charitable organizations. For instance, last year her Interact club raised over 1,000.for Toys for Tots. She has been performing these efforts for years and years. Let's not forget the TWO blood drives her Red Cross club sponsors EVERY year. Her great skill is the ability to motivate her students to step up and take active responsibility for these many endeavors . Every year Rosemary and I participate in charitable walks for anything from breast cancer awareness to Reading is Fundamental. Her students come out because they know she will be there to cheer them on. On a personal note, Rosemary has been by my side for years assisting me in my own charitable efforts. My Shillelagh Club, a NJ based Irish American club, has yearly raised funds for the St. Baldwick's childhood cancer organization. We give up our time to monitor the parking lots and contribute in any way asked. Rosemary never misses an event. She keeps me on my toes and teaches me every day the value of giving .I could go on and on about her accomplishments, the love she has given and received from her students over these many years. I am personally grateful that she has somehow found the time to include me in her world. I am truly blessed to have Rosemary in my life.

Khushi Gandhi Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons truly made my high school experience memorable and her infinite passion for caring for every student in the school is truly admirable. When I think about my times in high school, the time I spent with Ms. Simmons always come to mind- whether that is planning out events for our Interact Club or Girl Up club or just talking to her in her office. Her enthusiasm is infectious and the excitement that she brought everyday to school always cheered me up (no matter how sleep deprived I was). She has changed my life in ways that I can't explain and even after graduating I hope to carry on the lessons that she has taught me.

Susy Silvestri Posted over a year ago

Rosemary Simmons changes the lives of many in our community and especially among our high school students ! She is a wonderful nurse and cares for our children but she is also a great leader guiding them in leadership roles in several after school clubs. Thanks!

Angela Stoll Posted over a year ago

Our paths crossed many years ago. We went to nursing school together. I knew at that time she would be a very successful person. She was always smart, kind and considerate. Reading her profile, I am not at all surprised by what she has accomplished. She is so deserving of this award.

Adrija Kundu Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons is a very active member in our school community. She is extremely helpful and kind. Mrs. Simmons is an extremely caring individual who's dedication for community service is truly remarkable.

Navya Sinha Posted over a year ago

As a freshman, I have only interacted with Mrs. Simmons a couple of times, but every time I did, her cheerful attitude and positive demeanor were present without fail. I could not have asked for a better nurse, and I am thankful for her kindness and compassion. She is not only the school nurse but also helps with several clubs and extracurricular activities. She really is a wonderful role model and mentor, and should definitely win the LifeChanger of the Year Award.

Harini Nippani Posted over a year ago

Although I haven't known her for a long time, I can tell that she is very dedicated to her job as she always makes sure everyone has the right forms filled and and she is always informed of any medical procedures that may need to be done. She is also a very kindhearted person and I hope she wins!

Bhavini Pandey Posted over a year ago

I have only met Ms. Simmons a couple of times, but I could feel that she is truly one of the the most welcoming, caring people I've ever met. She's very positive and goes an extra step to look out for her students, and she does so much to help us and our school, which is why I think that she truly deserves this award!

Anuraag Sarkar Posted over a year ago

I haven't crossed paths with Mrs. Simmons often, but the few times I met her she blew me away with her positive attitude and energy. She is always excited to do a task, and always looks for the best in things. Whenever I need any help, I know that I can trust Mrs. Simmons.

Isha Surjuse Posted over a year ago

Although I have just joined the Academy as a freshman and have only met Mrs. Simmons once, her positive attitude and passion immediately stood out to me. I've heard so much about the role that she plays in community service organizations, as well as the opportunities she provides for the student body. It's clear that she only wishes for our success, along with the happiness of those who are less fortunate. All in all, Mrs. Simmons definitely the most caring, most generous person I know, not to mention an incredibly hard worker. She is a role model for many, and someone who doesn't hesitate to make a difference. And although her current title is the school nurse, it is clear that "Life Changer of the Year" is far more accurate.

Varija Mehta Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons contributes instrumentally to the Academy. Every day, she contributes each student with a smile and she inspires each student to be positive. I am extremely grateful to have Ms. Simmons as the school nurse and a mentor! :)

Sean Wang Posted over a year ago

Throughout my 3 years at the Academy, Ms. Simmons has consistently shown her focus on service and has demonstrated how much she cares for all of the students. As a school nurse, Ms. Simmons is there when you need an icepack, a cough drop, or when you need someone to talk to. Her kindness, compassion, and school spirit are truly infectious, qualities that I know have touched me as well as my classmates and teachers. Her impact is also indirect as well: at the Academy, she is either the advisor or founder (sometimes even both) of many clubs dedicated to helping others. By leading by example, she has inspired countless students in helping the community and those who are less fortunate. I know when my time at the Academy is over, I will carry on the lessons Ms. Simmons have indirectly instilled.

Ariana Novo Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons is more than a school nurse at the Middlesex County Academy. She is a good friend to many, a strong and passionate person, and a natural-born leader in charge of numerous community service based clubs at school. She has so much enthusiasm and concern for others and will always listen to what you have to say. I think she deserves the title of Life Changer of the Year because she truly has changed my life and those of so many others. Thank you for everything, Ms. Simmons!

Victoria Tang Posted over a year ago

The Academy would not be the same without Ms. Simmons - she has so much energy, kindness, and enthusiasm for everyone in the community, whether through day-to-day interactions, her position as an advisor for multiple community service programs, or even positive Facebook comments here and there years beyond graduation. I am endlessly grateful for the positive example she has set and the influence she has had on my life, and I know that she has done the same for countless others.

Katrina Posted over a year ago

Throughout all of my time at the Academy, Ms. Simmons always stood out to me as someone you could go to for comfort or support. I loved working with her through the Red Cross Club and the Safety Ambassadors programs, which truly helped me find a new perspective on helping others in the community. Her dedication to our little high school community always blew me away, and I know that my work with her impacted so much of what I do now, four years after graduating. Ms. Simmons is more than deserving of the LifeChanger Award this year, as I know that she touches the lives of every student and person she meets!

Jason Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons is one of the nicest people I have met at the academy. When I have been around her, she automatically brings a smile to my face and has a comforting aura about her. Ms. Simmons is an integral part here at the Academy, and it is a phenomenal feat that she has been nominated for the Life Changer Award. She is truly one of a kind. Thank you, Ms. Simmons, and hopefully you win the award, because you deserve it!

Aditya Posted over a year ago

Although I don't see her everyday, Ms. Simmons is one of the most knowledgeable, caring, and respected teachers of MCVTS staff. Despite being the school nurse, Ms. Simmons runs multiple clubs, even though it is not necessary for her to do so, and is responsible for the well - being of over 200 students at all times. She is never shy to lending a hand to anyone in need, and is the advisor for clubs including "Red Cross," showing not just her compassion and caring for the school, but for the community, state, and nation (not to mention her fundraisers for poverty, clean water, and food drives). Ms. Simmons is truly a role model for everyone, and thus, I believe that she should receive the LifeChanger Award this year. Thank you Ms. Simmons for everything you do!

Martha L. Naranjo Ocker Posted over a year ago

Besides being a leader and educator, Rosemary Simmons is an invaluable friend and individual with numerous positive qualities. I know Rosemary is always available for any person, entity or organization with altruistic intentions.

Regina Simmons Posted over a year ago

Rosemary has been my sister in law for 33 years. She has more energy than anyone I know. She loves her job and is a living model of going above and beyond her duties! She is involved with the many clubs and organizations that give the kids opportunities they otherwise may not have. She is an inspiration!

Thomas Weatherbee Posted over a year ago

Although Ms. Simmons is the school nurse and has no obligation to deal with, much less advise, any clubs, she still takes it upon herself to make sure community outreach clubs all throughout the school are able to run. She advises the Safety Ambassador program for our school, which teaches first graders to be safe in their everyday lives, as well as NHS, which is responsible for countless service projects for the betterment of the community. Aside from advising clubs, Ms. Simmons is always there to help and provide her passion for helping others whenever I should need it. There's no doubt that, without Ms. Simmons, the Middlesex County Academy wouldn't be the MCA we students have come to love. For that reason, I think Ms. Simmons is more than deserving of the LifeChanger of the Year Award.

Michelle Posted over a year ago

Rosemary has outdone herself this year. She is always volunteering for one event or another. I really cannot keep up with all of the events she has coordinated or attended. Her outreach programs are so important to giving our academy students opportunities to lead outside of the STEM field and into the humanities. Without the programs she runs, our students would not have the chance to make an impact on so many lives outside of our school community.

Susy Silvestri Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons wears many hats. She is a nurturing school nurse but also leads and guides high school students with after school clubs, programs and fundraisers. The meaningful fundraisers help individuals, charities, and communities. Ms. Simmons often goes above and beyond for her students. Ms. Simmons deserves to be recognized for her dedication. She deserves to be life changer of the year!

Avaneen Pinninti Posted over a year ago

Henry Brooks Adam said that "Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops." Although the Academy's beloved Ms. Simmons is not a recognized teacher, she is the definition of this quote. Ever since my freshman year, Ms. Simmons has been a friendly face that has thought me a great deal about community service, involvement, and so much more. This year, as a part of the Safety Ambassador Program, I worked more with Ms. Simmons and I learned that she is dedicated to changing lives and making the world a safer place. I am certain that even after I graduate, I will take Ms. Simmons and her lessons with me.

Kaitlyn Ferreras Posted over a year ago

Not only is she there when I am in dire need of some aspirins or an ice pack, Ms. Simmons is constantly presenting me with opportunities to volunteer in different events from different clubs I participate in such as interact club and Red Cross; both of which she advises. I can truly say that Ms. Simmons is the most inspirational mentor I have ever had. She truly gives you her undivided attention when you need something and is always there for you no matter the circumstance . She sets a positive example of who I want to be in my future, helping students not only currently in our school, but as well as continuing to reach out to graduated students. A day doesn’t pass that Ms. Simmons doesn’t put a smile on my face. With her hilarious stories and endless support whether about volunteering, clubs, or trips to different events, I would be lying if I didn’t say that Ms. Simmons is more than just a school nurse; she is the most committed, cheerful, and inspirational person I have ever met, who truly cares for each and everyone of us at the Academy. If anyone deserves this life changer of the year award, it definitely, without question, has to be Ms. Simmons. Words can’t explain how grateful I am for somebody like Ms. Simmons to be in my life. I don’t know what I would do without her ??

Aashita Posted over a year ago

Just the "school nurse" is the last thing anyone would think of when they hear the name Ms. Simmons. Ms. Simmons plays such a monumental role in each and every one of our times at the Academy. Though our school is so focused on academics, she does not let us forget about the importance of helping out in the community and provides the passion we need to change things in the world.

Judith Mansbach Posted over a year ago

Rosemary Simmons official title is Nurse for Middlesex Academy but she is much more than that to her students. She is the advisor and mentor of the service clubs at the school. In all her roles, Rosemary is a enthusiastic and energetic supporter of the students. She attends all the events she and the students run during the year while doing so with energy, a beautiful smile and encouragement for the students to be the best they can be. She is one of the most giving people I have ever meet and she goes about her day with such good spirit and optimism. Rosemary wants her students to succeed and offers them her guidance and experience for them to do so. Rosemary is exceptional person and gives more than 100% everyday. One can’t help but smile and feel her energy when in her presence and this makes one want to be more engaged and spirited too. Rosemary exemplifies the true meaning of a LifeChanger and deserves the LifeChanger Award.

Yoganand Pathak Posted over a year ago

Over the past year, I have gotten the opportunity to interact with Ms. Simmons. Being a school nurse, it is natural that Ms. Simmons cares about the people around her and beyond. However, Ms. Simmons demonstrates an almost unbending passion towards helping the students at our school and the community at large. She is constantly pushing us to help the community and she helps us in every way possible. She is probably the most active member of our local Rotary club (at least in my opinion), and always helps the rotary and school's community service pursuits raise money. Furthermore, Ms. Simmons is one of the more confident and cheerful people I know. She can really change someone's life at a personal level and also change many lives in the community at large.

Pranav R Anthapu Posted over a year ago

Even though I do not meet her many days a week, I know that she is an amazing person. She does so much for the school and the local community. If anyone wants to meet someone who does community service, they should come to Ms. Simmons. As a nurse, she is very nice and respects everyone.

Shreya Ghosh Posted over a year ago

I’m only a freshman at the middlesex county academy, but I’ve already seen so many examples how good of a person Ms. Simmons is. She organizes and hosts more than half the events that happen at our school, and outside our school- majority which go to charity causes. Not only that, but she balances these responsibilities so well with her own job of being a nurse. Even though she is so busy fundraising or planning, she is also there for us students when we need her. Also, Ms. Simmons goes out of her way to do nice things for other people. On her birthday, she went around giving other teachers cake to enjoy. In fact- I was in class today, and Ms. Simmons came in and gave my teacher his favorite drink that she bought with her own money without even being asked. Ms. Simmons is so selfless and dedicated- literally everything she does is for the good of other people. If anyone deserves a LifeChanger of the Year award, it’s Ms. Simmons, who worked so hard to make all of our lives and the world better

John Ocker Posted over a year ago

Rosemary Simmons is a very knowledgeable nurse. Her skills have protected many from danger throughout the years at our school. Because of her care our environment is a healthy place to work and study. She has consistently monitored our health, through basic check - ups, counseling, medical referrals and emergency first aid. Rosemary Simmons is a blessing!

Dorothy Simon Posted over a year ago

Rosemary Simmons is an integral part of our school. She is everywhere, bandaging students and staff, supplying cough drops while juggling luncheons. She is always ready to help out with serving and setting up luncheon fundraisers for everyone's clubs. Rosemary is always to be found cleaning up from fundraisers, or bringing cakes in to celebrate teacher birthdays. Her "Serenity Center" is famous; it's a comfortable place for stressed students or faculty to relax amidst plants, little fountains, and cheerful posters. Rosemary brings bright cheerful colors to our school in her fun matching outfits, and beware on Halloween, when she comes dressed as a devil! On St. Patrick's day she comes in from head to toe in green, and the day after Memorial Day she is always completely in red white and blue. Rosemary has a special soft spot for the students who struggle with classwork or other problems, and continues to support students after they graduate. Recently she organized a collection of furnishings to set up a student in her apartment by her graduate school in Boston! Rosemary changes lives here at the school from when the students come as visiting 8th graders, all through high school, and way way beyond.

Catherine Mathews Posted over a year ago

While some may just view Ms.Simmons as the school nurse, she is truly so much more than that. Throughout the past three years, I have worked continuously with Ms.Simmons and have gotten to know a lot about who she is and what she stands for. I can confidently say that Ms.Simmons is one of the most passionate and caring mentors I have had. Even though she is the adviser of many clubs, she still gives her undivided attention to each one. Anytime that I need to talk to her about either a Red Cross event or the Safety Ambassadors program, she is there to help and support me. And there is not a single person at my school who doesn't know this. In fact, there is no doubt in my mind that every student would agree that Ms.Simmons has a profound impact in our community. Thus, if there is anyone that deserves this LifeChanger of the Year Award, it is Ms.Simmons.

Carol Lavitt Posted over a year ago

Rosemary Simmons is the Advisor for the RWJ Barnabas Safety Ambassador Program. As the former Safety Ambassador Program Coordinator, I worked with Rosemary who is a huge fan of this lifesaving program (High School students are taught lessons regarding safety and then they teach 1st and 2nd graders this information in fun and creative ways). Rosemary is the school nurse but involved with her students in so many ways including this initiative. She goes above and beyond. She truly cares about her students academically as well as the development of their moral character. She is the ideal candidate for the LifeChanger of the Year award!

Sharanya Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons is one of the best teachers I've had! She helps so much with the clubs that she runs and makes sure students are okay! As Vice President of the Girl Up club, I've been able to work with Ms. Simmons and she's done so much for the club and helped organize really cool field trips, like when we went to the UN headquarters in New York for a Global Conference!

Sonja Paprota Posted over a year ago

Ms. SImmons is the school nurse but so much more. Ms. Simmons supports the students in many ways, clubs, fundraisers, true life experiences and mentoring. Ms. Simmons has influenced generations to come with her positive and supportive nature. Her enthusiasm for the students, and life itself, is a true beacon to the students, teachers, and community.

Ryan Shah Posted over a year ago

Ms. Simmons is one of the most energetic, passionate, and committed people I know and would be the perfect choice for the LifeChanger of the Year Award. I've had the pleasure of serving on the Interact Club (one of Ms. Simmon's many clubs) council for two years now and thus I have worked closely with her since then to organize our fundraisers, events, and coordinating service projects. Ms. Simmons always, no matter what, is able to provide insightful guidance and energy to make any project fun. And I feel part of why that is is that Ms. Simmons, inherently, has a passion for helping others and being that changing force in the world. Speaking for my own personal experience, Ms. Simmons has always been a motivational voice for me. Even when I didn't believe I could do something Ms. Simmons would be there to tell me I could and that has made all the difference. I'm absolutely sure that I speak for the entire school when I say that we are grateful for Ms. Simmons. She would make a wonderful recipient of the LifeChanger Award.

Gina Zelko Posted over a year ago

Rosemary Simmons is the true Guardian Angel that so many people in this world need. Everyone who knows her would agree that she is one of the most generous and selfless humans on this planet, and she will drop everything she's doing to help not only those she loves, but strangers as well. The work that she's done as the adviser for the Safety Ambassadors, The Red Cross, and the National Honors Society is seriously unmatched, and I've had the pleasure of speaking to many of the students whose lives Rosemary has touched and molded and affected. They describe her as extremely personable and caring, and are so grateful for the time that she takes to truly listen to their issues, come up with various solutions, and help the students see those solutions through. Many of Rosemary's students keep in touch with her well after graduation, and she remains a friend and mentor in their lives, helping them with anything, from getting a job to moving apartments. I am extremely fortunate and grateful to say that Rosemary will soon be my mother-in-law, and I honestly could not have gotten luckier. As a mother, Rosemary is extremely supportive of her son's life in every way--she takes a personal interest in his interests, supports his endeavors, and has always truly encouraged him to be himself and chase his passions in order to live the most fulfilling life that he can. She raised him as a single mom since the time he was an infant, often working 2-3 jobs in order to ensure their security, and she still always managed to make it to his activities and be involved in his school; she does in one month what most people accomplish in a year. Anytime you're out with Rosemary in Public, there's an enormous chance that she will run into one or even several people she knows, which is a true testament of just how many lives she has affected. Not only will she run into people she knows, but they generally sprint up to her and give her a huge hug--everyone is always happy to see Rosemary. Rosemary also has several life-long friends whom she sees and keeps in touch with on a regular basis, and the love and loyalty that they have towards her shows, once again, how amazing she is, and how much she's been there for the people in her life. If one of her friends falls ill, Rosemary will be at their front door with a basket of remedies and comforts before the person even has a chance to go to the doctor. She is only of the loveliest and most genuine women on earth, and I am truly blessed to know her. I can't even count the amount of people whose lives I know she's changed, and she is exceptionally deserving of winning Life Changer of the Year!

Lekshmi Vidyadharan Posted over a year ago

As a parent of a student in Middlesex County Academy for Science Math and Engineering I would like to add a few words to express how well deserving of this title is Ms. Simmons. Ms. Simmons strives to exceed your expectations in service and support. She is always there for the students and the parents. As not just the school nurse, but also in all the other roles that she plays to support the numerous clubs and events. Be it a weekend or a weekday Ms. Simmons is always there for you!