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Allison Ackerman

Position: Principal
School: Michael F. Stokes Elementary School
School District: Island Trees School District
City, State: Levittown, NY

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Allison Ackerman was nominated by Melissa Pagan, the parent of a student.

"I have been a parent in the Island Trees School District for four years. That is how long I have known Mrs. Ackerman. She is the most caring principal that I have ever seen. My children love her," said Pagan.

She brings such a positive energy to the school's atmosphere. Additionally, she is very approachable. Every morning, come rain or shine, she helps to direct student drop-offs. On Halloween, she gets dressed up like a book character and marches with the children. She always has a smile on her face and a friendly demeanor. Despite all the niceties, her school is still run to perfection. 

Comments (4)

Charles Murphy Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Ackerman is my favorite plus, plus district principal. She is energetic, creative, enthusiastic, and empathetic. This honor is well-deserved.

Laura Bisceglia Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Ackerman is an amazing cheerleader for all students. As a parent of two children in her building, I feel that they go to school each day in a safe and nurturing environment, mostly due to the tone set by Mrs. Ackerman. Her leadership demands that students respect one another through their words and actions. She attends every school event, even those for our older students to show support for those who have graduated from elementary school. She truly sets a model example for educators and children, and we are lucky to have such a kind, intelligent and dedicated woman as our school principal.

Denise Garabedian Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Ackerman is such a wonderful, enthusiastic, and caring principal! My kids love her! She gets the children motivated to learn and seems to be thoroughly enjoying herself in the process. She is truly one of a kind and our district is so blessed to have her as such a positive role model for the children!

Angela Papadatos Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Ackerman is an amazing principal who is always ready to greet her students with a smile. She is super encouraging and supports all the children in her school. My kids love her so much. She is a wonderful role model to them.