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Elizabeth Bosch-Lara

Position: Educational Assistant
School: Hightstown High School
School District: East Windsor Regional Schools
City, State: East Windsor, NJ

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Elizabeth Bosch-Lara was nominated by her colleague, Brendan Connelly.

Mrs. Bosch-Lara is an asset to the special education team. Since 2016, Mrs. Bosch-Lara has worked with many different special education students - many of whom have very unique needs. She is multi-dimensional, often playing the role of primary teacher, pseudo-behaviorist, translator, and mom, to a variety of students at the high school. Because of her passion, support, and nurturing, Mrs. Bosch-Lara's students flourish in the classroom, despite their unique challenges of having a learning or developmental disability.

Comments (13)

Susana Douglass Posted over a year ago

Elizabeth Bosch-lara es una gran persona,siento que Dios la puso en mi camino, me escucha,me da buenas sugerencias me ayuda a resolver mis problemas,Dios la bendiga por siempre lqm.

Sonia Sandoval Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Bosch is a very kind and caring person. She is always willing to help anyone in need either physically, emotionally or spiritually and she do it with love. She really is a Life Changer! #LCOY

Frances Perrone Posted over a year ago

Mrs Bosch is a wonderful human being. She has a good heart and is very compassionate. She is a loyal friend and love being with her.

Yadira Posted over a year ago

Thanks for all you do. Working with you for the last few years has been a blessing. Thanks for always be there for the kids and for me!

Chimere Haskins Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Lara has such a genuine heart and great spirit. She is wonderful to work with and I look forward to celebrating her in all her future endeavors.

Marco Lara Posted over a year ago

I know Elizabeth my whole life, and I can assure you that she always give a 100% on what she does. As a sister she's awesome and as a friend she's a loyal one. She loves God and always want to do her best to serve Him.

Fernando Toledo Posted over a year ago

As a parent, Elizabeth is an asset to any education system because of her warmth and compassion. She has never shown a "that's not my job" attitude and is always ready and willing to lend a hand, a smile or both. As her cousin, she has always been the person we can count on. She could be the shoulder to cry on, the cheerleader we may not have thought we needed and the disciplinarian we clearly did. Anyone that interacts with Elizabeth is all the better for it.

Juan Carlos Gaviria Posted over a year ago

Iknown Elizabeth for more than 20 years. She is very honest and hard working and dedicated person. And she did a lot of volunteer work for our ministry, she cares about her community and helping people. God bless Elizabeth, and I hope that she gets the nomination.

Wilson Pesantez Posted over a year ago

My support goes to Mrs. Elizabeth Bosh-Lara because ever since we became friends I’ve always seen her working for the community, and she’s always positive. With her smile, she is changing the life of the people around her one at a time.

margie arias Posted over a year ago

elysabeth you are the best

Clara Triana Posted over a year ago

She is the a teacher as a person...a d very qualified for teaching job she knows how to make her pupils learn.dhe has the her very much....she was my teacher and I loved the way she explained the subjects....thank you for your attention... ????????????

Luis Bosch Posted over a year ago

I don't have words to express my commotion, I'm Luis Bosch, Elizabeth husband and I see her dedication to special education everyday, her outstanding commitment with her students, make her different, I will express how proud we are of having you, how fortunate are your students to have you there for them, ready to go always the extra mile, we love you.

Olga Palma Posted over a year ago

Congratulations to a wonderful women. Who I respect and love with all my heart. Thank you for everything you done for me. You was the best teacher I ever had and friend. You deserve it. Sincerely, Olga Palma