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L'Adair Sterling

Position: Assistant Principal
School: Greenville High Academy
School District: Greenville County School District
City, State: Greenville, SC

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L'Adair Sterling was nominated by a student, Faith Butts.

"I have known Mrs. Sterling since my freshman year at Greenville, and I can honestly say she is the best, most hands-on administrator," said Butts. "There were times throughout my four years here that I didn't even want to speak to her, but she always found a way to talk to me, and talking to her always made me feel better. I always see her talking to a student, making them smile or laugh, or doing something to make their day better, because that's what she does best."

"When my sister graduated, I asked her who her favorite administrator was, and she told me right off the bat it was Mrs. Sterling, and I can completely understand it now," said Butts. "She always makes me feel like I am welcomed and cared about. She has never made me feel like I couldn’t do something. Mrs. Sterling strives to make sure that not only her seniors, but all students succeed in what they believe they can accomplish. Dealing with me and my attitude senior year, she could have given up and threw in the towel, but she didn’t. She lifted my head up and told me I was going to graduate, even if that meant me adding on more classes so I could walk across the stage. I did it, and I'm proud and glad to say that I couldn't have done it without her."

"I have never met someone who wanted to see me accomplish so much, go on to college, and do something with my life," said Butts. "I was probably her toughest senior to manage, but we got through it. She never once gave up on me or told me I wasn't going to graduate. This is the reason I love and care about her the way I do. If anyone is looking for a LifeChanger who does their job because they love it and not because they have to, Mrs. Sterling is the one for it."