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Cindy Boaz

Position: Adaptive P.E. / Special Olympics Coach
School: Keller Independent School District
School District: Keller Independent School District
City, State: Keller, TX

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Cindy Boaz was nominated by an acquaintance who wishes to remain anonymous.

Cindy is more than just a daughter, sister, aunt, mentor and friend. She is a LifeChanger. She has been pouring everything she has into the success of her students and athletes for the past 15 years. She is someone that never accepts the word “can’t”. She’s always thinking, creating and searching for new ways that children can enjoy movement, games, fun and interaction with their peers!

In addition, Cindy touches many lives through the Special Olympics program at Keller ISD. If a student wants to participate, Cindy will find a way. She spends countless hours preparing and planning for the Chad Powell Annual Track Meet where athletes from other districts compete. Time, talent and treasure are truly what she pours into these athletes on a daily basis.

Cindy had a student with limited mobility and medical issues that was not able to go to PE or even participate in a small group. This left the student alone with no interaction with peers and little chance for movement or fun. Cindy helped the student try bike riding so she could engage in physical activity with her peers and family.

After just one year, the student is riding the bike safely and loves to ride through the halls and greet others along the way. This opportunity gave the student a way to be active, social, and move independently through her environment. As a bonus, the student’s family bought her a bike for her birthday. She can now ride in her community with her family to explore nature and get to know her neighbors better.

A true teacher’s work is never done when the school year ends. True to form, Cindy spends much of her time supporting a non-profit organization called Our Father’s Children, which works exclusively with children that come from homes of abuse and neglect. Every year she volunteers at their weekly camps as “Coach Cindy”. She not only makes sure the children who attend have fun at their activities, she provides words of encouragement, and a listening ear. Cindy brings the best out of each and every one of them. 

After camp, Cindy works one-on-one with children, serving as a mentor in the Mentoring Club and serving teenagers at the weekend retreats.

Lastly, she works tirelessly accumulating items for the annual auction, which allows Our Father’s Children to offer these camps at no cost to the children.

"If ever asked if she has any children of her own, her response would be that she has over 100+ children! She truly does love each one of these kids – whether at school or camp – and wants to see each one achieve the best that life has to offer!" her nominator said. "She truly is an inspiration to her school, community, family, and others!"

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Whitney Gosda Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of knowing Cindy since 2002. She has always been extremely dedicated to her students. She loves all of her kids so much. Cindy works tirelessly to make sure every child reaches his or her fullest potential. I am beyond honored to call Cindy my friend. She is such an amazing person. Love her so very much!

Brian Herrian Posted over a year ago

There is no one quite like Cindy Boaz who can cross all groups and bring the barriers down to bring people together in a strong unity. Cindy makes each student athlete know they are seen and loved. Ive never seen anyone with her next level of communication skill. Cindy is the best!

Donna C. Posted over a year ago

Cindy always shows the children at Royal Family Kids Camp a warm heart and a never ending smile. Her dedication to her work and volunteer activities puts her far above her peers and every child who comes in contact with her benefits from her positive attitude toward life. We love you Cindy!

Regina Elson Posted over a year ago

Cindy is an inspiration to all who love her. She is constant in her love and kindness and her generosity exceeds everyone’s expectation. She loves her family and her kids at school and always puts their needs in front of her own. She is a shining example of how to show love and spread joy to others by the simple acts of every day life. Cindy is a true friend and I am blessed beyond measure to call her my friend.

Kellie Posted over a year ago

Cindy always comes in to my room with a big smile and a warm hello! We look forward to her weekly visits and my kids adore her. She is always prepared to meet each and every kids needs. She is truly a life changer to all she meets!

J.B. LaDay Posted over a year ago

I can tell personally the Cindy Boaz is truly changing the lives of our kid because I see it. She just has a unique way of relating to each kid differently. I have a kid that has been in Keller ISD Special Olympics since age 8. Her expectation for them is that of any coach. Work hard, compete and have fun doing it. I admire what she does both at work and benefits in our community.

Julia Cerione Posted over a year ago

????well said! I agree 1000 % She is THE Best!! I have learned so much from Cindy Boaz I wish I was good with words to be able to explain how truly fabulous she is. I'm so thankful for her in my life. She amazes me when I help her at special Olympics and at school. I want to be like her when I grow up ?? She is a real inspiration to everyone she comes in contact with.

Christa Taylor Posted over a year ago

I'm not sure any of us really have any idea of how many hours Cindy selflessly gives to the students in Keller. She doesn't brag or complain. She just does what needs to be done. This doesn't even include the time spent on her family or the summer camp for disadvantaged children that she volunteers at every summer. She's one of a kind and I'm proud to call her a friend.

Kaitlin Posted over a year ago

I was a student at KISD for 3 years, and I worked the Special Olympic Track meet as well as in one of the STAC classrooms, and Coach Boaz was an inspiration to helping these kids succeed in everything step they do! Not only is she always upbeat but she's doing what is best for each student! I'm so glad I had to opportunity to meet Coach Boaz and learn many techniques to help me in my future career in Special Education!

Leah Posted over a year ago

I worked in Keller for ten years. My students were low vision or blind. Cindy was always ready to work collaboratively with these unique learners. She made ways to include all students in the activities. Her attitude was always can do. She is a life-changing person.

Nancy Harvey Posted over a year ago

Cindy Boaz is an exceptional individual. We had the pleasure of working with her for many years through the special olympics. Her energy, patience and dedication knows no limits. She made our daughter feel like she was the only one that mattered when she was around. When in reality, Cindy was juggling a million things at once... but always took time for her. Our daughter is now grown, thus not participating in Special Olympics. We will never forget Coach Boaz. We miss being a part of the team.

Julia Reneau Posted over a year ago

Blessed to know Cindy and seeing how she changes the world - one student at a time. She knows them all by name and loves each one unconditionally no matter how challenging. She never gives up on a kid, she pushes them to succeed.

Emily Newhouse Posted over a year ago

Can't say enough about Coach Boaz. She has helped my grandson in so many ways. Special Olympics has allowed Trinity to grow in self confidence, coordination and being part of a team. Thank you Coach Boaz.

M Posted over a year ago

Coach Boaz has the biggest heart for all student. She will always find away for the students to feel that they have successfully completed their task, and if she sees that it's to hard for them then she will find a way to make it easier for them so they feel good about completing the activity. She goes above and beyond for these students and has a heart of GOLD for each and everyone one if them...not only as a group but she them as successful individuals. Whoever nominated Coach Boaz, nominated a person that has the biggest heart I have ever seen for these students.

Dyann Lundberg Posted over a year ago

Coach Boaz is a true Gem!! She is a selfless, caring, amazing leader and coach to a large group of special kids who adore her!!! Dearly loved by so many!!! KISD Special Olympics rocks because of the incredible Coach Boaz!!??

Tiffany Velliquette Posted over a year ago

Coach Boaz is a LifeChanger! She enhances the lives of each of our students & their lives will be forever changed!

Michael amd Mel R. Posted over a year ago

Ms.Cindy Boaz was the best adaptive P.E. teacher that our daughter ever had.Our nonverbal daughter Mischa loved her so much and so motivated by her that she was able to say in complete sentence,"Maaaakk,gezzeet,gooo!!!"Because of her our daughter loved competing in Special'Olympics.Hope to see you around,Coach Boaz!May yoh touch more lives like you did with our grateful family. May your tribe increase.

Christa Halstead Posted over a year ago

Coach Boaz (bows??) is the kindest human being. She exemplifies selflessness. Her desire to let each child play, laugh and succeed is seen in her daily activities planned for each student! Coach Boaz is a life changer in many children's lives across north Texas area and I'm sure reaching farther! Coach Boaz would represent this award with the greatest integrity and sincere efforts to improve any AND all children's way of life. Coach Boaz your awesome!

Crystal Posted over a year ago

Such a caring and loving person. So glad she is part of my daughters life! ??

Brenda Mounce Posted over a year ago

Cindy has always demonstrated a servants heart. She has always put her students first, always doing what is best for them. She has a passion for what she does and students love her. Watching her with her Adaptive PE students puts a smile on my face as I see the excitement in her face when her children succeed. She is definitely a life changer and I am blessed to know her.

Kara Everhart Posted over a year ago

My little one loves her. She always does so much for our special kids to make sure they get to do what every kid should be able to do! She deserves this!!!

Lisa Alford Posted over a year ago

Cindy is amazing! She believes in her students - provides engaging activities to stimulate her students learning. She personally helped my own son. He loves his "Boaz"!

PattiP Posted over a year ago

Coach Boaz always has a smile on her face. I am a coworker of hers. I see her in action 2 or 3 times a week. Her attitude towards life, her students, all students, co-workers, is a delight to see. Always makes me smile to see her in the halls, walking fast, talking fast, a student on one side, a new adaptive PE 'tool' in the other( usually something Cindy herself designed for a particular child). Life is too precious not to enjoy it and Coach Cindy helps one and all do that to the fullest. Thank You Coach!!!!

Ang Posted over a year ago

Cindy is absolutely the one you should choose for your life changer! Cindy is always going above and beyond on her job! Not only is she a great teacher, mentor, friend, she'a a great aunt! I have got to see first hand the way she loves on children! Whether it's in school, church, camp, or just playing with her great nephews! It was asked more than once if Cindy wanted kids and she said I already have 150 kids. And how true is that! In her school she has over 150 students and she loves them just like their her own. Watching her love on her kids (and mine) make me a better mom, daughter and friend! Cindy is truly one of a kind and we will always love her! Thank you Cindy for just being you!

Sarah Posted over a year ago

Coach Boaz is willing to help any child she comes in contact with. She is dedicated and always wearing a smile. She is a gem!

Nicole Lyons Posted over a year ago

Cindy Boaz is a saint. Her focus is always on others and putting kids first. I've had the pleasure to be at the Chad Powell Special Olympics Meet for the past few years and Cindy is working so hard the entire day to ensure that it is the best experience possible for all who attend. She is a joy to everyone she meets and is very deserving of the LifeChanger of the Year Award.

Gina Posted over a year ago

She is definitely a life changer. She has a warm smile and wonderful attitude. She is tremendously helpful and the students love her!

Melissa Hudson Posted over a year ago

Cindy is AMAZING! Lone Star is so blessed to have her!

Idalina Stine Posted over a year ago

Coach Boaz is amazing! She cares for every single student she meets. Her love and enthusiasm for her job is evident at school.

Traci Bellomy Posted over a year ago

Cindy has always had an amazing talent in working with children. She always got more jobs babysitting than anyone else I knew! Her love of children was evident when we're not much more than children ourselves! It is no surprise to me that she has dedicated her career and adult life to helping children who have struggles that too many other people cannot begin to be able to work around. Congratulations, CINDY!

Tracy Hosek Posted over a year ago

Well deserved. Loves those kids and it shows!!!

Stan Hilton Posted over a year ago

Cindy's passion to improve the lives of those with special needs is seen daily in her commitment to those with special needs.Cindy's impact on others might only be surpassed by the compassion she has for each individuals needs.Thank you Cindy's for all you do.You are a true blessing.

Bev Posted over a year ago

This lady is amazing! She works so hard all the time to make sure all kids are getting skills taught at all different levels. She has a great attitude and gets great results.

Amy Massoletti Posted over a year ago

Cindy's heart, passion, and energy in what she does for these kids is treasured beyond words. The way they respond to her is very touching as well. She has a magnetic energy and is definitely fulfilling her calling in life. I can't think of anyone more deserving of this!

Joni George Posted over a year ago

Deserving lady!

Katie Fanning Posted over a year ago

Cindy is a life changer! I am extremely grateful for her being a Special Olympics coach for Keller ISD. She encourages and supports each person. My son got over his fear of the gun at track meets with her support and she never stopped believing in him! Thank you Coach Boaz!

Lynn Eudy Posted over a year ago

Cindy has the biggest heart. She pours everything she has into teaching our kids. She truly is a lifechanger!

Joyce Key Posted over a year ago

Coach Boaz is truly a life changer! She's a light of encouragement to not only the children she coaches , but to parents too! Thankful for her and her dedication to all kids! Our son and our whole family loves Coach Boaz!

Mendi Cochrane Posted over a year ago

Coach Boaz is awesome! She does a wonder job with our kids. She has even inspired my daughter and I to get more involved with Special Olympics.

Jessica Avila Posted over a year ago

Cindy is great! I work with several of the special needs students she coaches in Special Olympics and she is so dedicated and the kids adore her!

Andrea Baker Posted over a year ago

Cindy is an amazing teacher,coach, and woman. I only had the privilege of working with her for one year but the love and passion I saw in her was heart warming. She poured everything into our students in special education! S

Linda Letz Posted over a year ago

Cindy truly is one in a million. Her smile, her sense of adventure, her humble attitude, her love of kids, especially the ones who others may dismiss....Cindy is all of this and so much more. After you've been with Cindy even a minute or two, you just feel uplifted. I have volunteered with her many years at Royal Family Kids Camps and I see that love and fun in action. Thank you, Cindy for being a shining light!!!

Hope Olson Posted over a year ago

When I was in high school, I was a student volunteer for Special Olympics. Coach Boaz always treated me with respect and allowed me to take some leadership for the team. I also got to work with Coach Boaz for ESY and learned so much from her example. The students who were under her supervision and direction were always taught and coached with love and patience. I am better for knowing her.

Miranda Angerman Posted over a year ago

My daughter Emma had the chance to work with Coach Boaz when she volunteered to do PE buddies at the school. She was able to learn compassion and acceptance of all with this program lead by Coach Boaz. I'm grateful that she was given this opportunity. It takes a special person with patience, love and understanding to work with special challenges. Keep up the awesome work Coach!!!

Sharrah Gibbs Posted over a year ago

Coach Boaz rocks! She is awesome and you can tell she loves her job and the kids she works with! I am a better person and educator having meet her and having watched her interactions with the children of KISD!

Alicia Malpass Posted over a year ago

Unselfish, caring, patient, loving towards all and faithful are just a few ways to characterize Cindy. Knowing her is knowing how to put other before yourself. Blessed to call her my friend!

Cairn Shundo Posted over a year ago

I agree! Coach Boaz is a wonderful person. I have had the opportunity to see her work with kids in the school setting and my son had the chance to work with her and some of her kids when on honor council. He loved helping with her adaptive P.E. classes. She is creative and very encouraging with the children she works with. Coach Boaz is definitely Life Changer!

Vickie Cothran Posted over a year ago

I taught at the same school as Cindywhen she came to KISD! So I've witnessed her move from a Special Classroom to her current job. She excelled in every area of her journey through the years with her students, parents and co-workers. Student's faces are bright with smiles when she is encouraging them to do their activities! Cindy impressed me with her enthusiasm to help every child.

Debbie Weldon Posted over a year ago

Amazing person!

Jenny Hover Posted over a year ago

Coach Boaz is awesome! We ?? her at Lone Star Elementary!

Allene Way Posted over a year ago

Cindy is a tireless servant. I have witnessed her incredible coordination of the Keller Special Olympics. She encourages children and adults, to do their best with a smile on everyone's face. I have also attended Our Father's Children camp with Cindy and watched her go above and beyond what is expected of her. She truly loves people, especially children! She inspires me!!! I have never met another person like her who demonstrates love by her actions constantly!

Avery Cowan Posted over a year ago

Cindy is most definitely a life changer! I have had the pleasure of seeing her in action through Royal Family Summer camps, a few weekend retreats, mentor club and the annual fundraising auction. She exudes LOVE! Coach Cindy has the ability to make children feel special and important in such a unique way! The world would be a much better place if we had more Cindys!

thoa nguyen Posted over a year ago


Judy boaz Posted over a year ago

Cindy has impacted our lives since the day she was born. A loving heart and always caring for others. We love you and so proud of you!

Ashlee smith Posted over a year ago

She helped our district schools raise a crazy amount of money last year for Special Olympics!! She encouraged kids to donate and helped organize the efforts.

Lisa Moseley Posted over a year ago

Cindy is definitely a life changer! Her energy & positive influence makes her memorable! We definitely miss her presence in OFC retreats in the Spring when she is busy with Special Olympics Meets! Cindy goes the extra mile to bring a smile to the hearts of kids. This summer, she spontaneously offered "Fun Facts" on a daily basis to an 18 year old student, freshly aged out from the foster system, which made that student feel special and treasured!

Jennifer Wilson Posted over a year ago

Coach Boaz is amazing! I have had the pleasure of working with her for many years. She always brings her smile, to share with the teachers and her students. Love having her on our campus!

Kristi Kirfman Posted over a year ago

She sounds like an awesome lady wanting to do awesome things for the kids!!

Collette Jackson Posted over a year ago

Coach Boaz was one of the best people to volunteer under. Whilst volunteering I decided to go back to college and she allowed me to complete my Practicum hours with all the Special Olympic athletes. I have never been so humbled than while working with such an amazing team under the direction of Cindy Boaz, she makes a challenge fun so that your goal is attainable. Thank you Coach Cindy Boaz for being awesome.

Linda martin Posted over a year ago

Having worked with Cindy I know what a great teacher and person she is. Happy to see her nominated for this!

Monica Harper Posted over a year ago

I have known Coach Cindy for all the years I was a KISD Sped teacher. What has been spoken about her is surely true. One of a kind!!!!

Courtney Exley Posted over a year ago

I have known Coach Boaz since I was in middle school being a buddy for the special education class and I am now a mom to a Kinder! She is truly an amazing woman. She was the coach for a special ed bowling team that we took a teen too and you could tell this is just her calling. These kids are her life and she would do anything for them. She has impacted so many lives that might not have been without her! Truly an inspiration!

Melinda Elliott Posted over a year ago

Cindy is such an inspiration! She has implemented a program with the 4th graders at the school I teach at in which the students get to help out with her adaptive PE classes a couple days a week. Not only does this provide an amazing service opportunity for our students, but allows them to work with, get to know, and form relationships with other students who they may not have the chance to encounter otherwise! I am inspired by her attitude as she recruits students to the program. She knows that working with the special needs population isn't for everyone (especially at 9 years old) and she respects that! My students who have participated in the program LOVE Coach Boaz and her special friends! We are so lucky to have her as part of our team!

Brenda Posted over a year ago

She is amazing! Always ready to help out, always blessing the kiddos and staff she is around! So thankful to have her at Lonestar Elementary!

Shana Scott Posted over a year ago

A treasure. Always joyful, spunky, and playful. The kids are lucky to have her!

Jackie Scroggins Posted over a year ago

I have watched Cindy be the brightest smile, the contagious fun, the most positive influence on neglected and abused kids at camp for many years. She makes such a difference for everyone around her. Her strength and beauty are a shining reflection of the One she so desires and strives to serve as she serves the least of these. She is greatly loved and appreciated and so deserving!

Kelly Ball Posted over a year ago

Excellent way to honor Coach Boaz. Cindy is such an inspiration, encouragement, and motivator. She offers so much love and hope to these kids and their families. She is an amazing blessing to students, their families, teachers, staff, and everyone she works with. So thankful to have to opportunity to know her and work with her. Thank you Cindy for all you do.

Julie Coleman Posted over a year ago

Cindy is such a joy to work with, a true class act who puts in a ton of overtime... the students she works with are always her priority. Congratulations on your nomination, Cindy!

Kelly McCormack Posted over a year ago

She has the kindest hearts! Her passion for her job is admirable. She is simply amazing.

Karen Adamson Posted over a year ago

Cindy works lovingly and tirelessly with children who have various special needs!

Steve Hurst Posted over a year ago

I am a principal who has Coach Boaz come to my school. She is a life changer who does her job with love and joy everyday! All of us look forward to her visits. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her!!!

Amber Roberson Posted over a year ago

Coach Boaz is the best! She helped me develop my skills as a volunteer and has had a positive impact on all of our lives. I was so excited when the child I nannied was old enough to start Special Olympics because I knew she'd have the best coach in the world. Seriously, everyone loves Coach Boaz!

Kathy Bolton Posted over a year ago

Selfless and Wonderful person! She is the best!!! She deserves nothing but the best!!

Chad and Traci Posted over a year ago

Well deserved

Kim Blevins Posted over a year ago

Cindy has always had kind and encouraging words for her students and coworkers. Her love of kids shines through her work!

Becky Kirksey Posted over a year ago

Cindy is definitely "One of a Kind"! I have been blessed with knowing her since she first starting working as a Special Ed. teacher for Keller ISD. I was her Sped Supervisor and we shared many wonderful, interesting moments together! She is not only an incredible teacher, but also an incredible person. She has one of the biggest "Hearts" I have ever seen. She has touch so many lives and is an inspiration to all that have had the opportunity to know and work with her.

Kimberly Morrison Posted over a year ago

I have known Cindy Boaz for years. She is a dedicated hard worker with PE and the Special Olympics. She puts her love and attention into each child. Kids and faculty love Cindy and appreciate all she's done for the kids of the Keller school district. God bless you Cindy, Kimberly Morrison

Michael Huseby Posted over a year ago

Cindy is awesome!!! She has worked with our son Evan and I can't say enough good about her!! She is tireless in her work and concern for these special kids!! Her love for what she does is amazing! Such a genuine love for these kids!! We love her!! There is no one better!!

Aubrey Posted over a year ago

I love Cindy! LifeChanger is a very appropriate name for Cindy along with friend, mentor, and many more. When you see her with kids it is obvious this is Gods calling for her! I have had the honor of watching Cindy interact with kids at church and at camp. Those children always walk away changed. They stand taller, they have smiles that radiate happiness, they look at Cindy like she is their hero. I believe if you asked them many of them would tell you just that, she is their hero.

Mindy Ingram Posted over a year ago

Keep changing lives!

Rachael Durost Posted over a year ago

She's amazing! Lone Star sure does love and appreciate you, Coach!

Debbie Shelstead Posted over a year ago

Agreed! Cindy is phenomenal and I feel lucky to have worked along her side as a physical educator. She is inspiring and a true blessing!

Jennifer Ellett Posted over a year ago

Our vote goes to Cindy!

Kristen Posted over a year ago

Boaz is a wonderful Coach! Parkwood Hill is blessed to have her here!!

Debra Sullivan Posted over a year ago

She sounds amazing! We need more people just like her in the world. This lovely lady is a inspiration to all and a treasure. May God bless all that she does!

Lara Newman Posted over a year ago

Coach Boaz works tirelessly with and for our kids. As a teacher and a parent, Im so blown away at her ability to get these kids laughing, moving, learning and enjoying all the normal things that life offers.

Kelly Parker Posted over a year ago

Ohhhh coach Boaz... What can I say about you... you are one of the many teachers that have taught Kinley so many things. How to catch, throw, and roll a ball. How to run in place, how to jump.. and most importantly how to do jumping jacks which she does every single night... ??... every time we see a truck with the rangers sticker she calls out for you... we love and miss ya!!!! Love, Kelly and Kinley

Jodi Harmon Posted over a year ago

Coach Boaz is absolutely amazing with our kids . They can't wait for their Adapted PE time every Tuesday and Thursday.... that is the highlight of their day ! She definitely has a servants heart ??!

Wanda sharp Posted over a year ago

So glad to have known Cindy since she was a little girl. Everything that has been said is such a reflection of Cindy. She deserves all the recognition for all she continues to do for others..

Renee Gonzalez Posted over a year ago

Amazing work!! I have witnessed Coach's work first hand.

Diane White Posted over a year ago

I see Cindy every Tuesday and Thursday at school and she is always doing her best and nothing less. She pours into each and every kid at Lone Star and makes them feel so worthy and special. She is always such a positive spirit to see walking the halls. I'm grateful for all she does.

Kermit Posted over a year ago

Cindy has been a LifeChanger of children as long as I've known her. The love she pours out to these kids is unconditional. She also brings smiles and laughter and a sense of accomplishment to each child as they all are different. I am not surprised and this is way overdue to Thank her for what she does, as she is my hero too. Way to go Boaz

Melissa Denton Posted over a year ago

Cindy is one of the most incredible people I have ever known. She cares deeply about each child she interacts with and her students can tell that they are loved and supported by her. When she works with my students, they light up when they see her because they know Coach Boaz is going to do something fun with them that day. She is very energetic, positive, and fun, and countless lives have been changed because of her!

Nicole Atkins Posted over a year ago

I second this nomination!! Cindy definitely changed a part of our/our sons life last year! You see, our son is on the Autism Spectrum and is not really an outdoorsy type. Although he has tried and enjoyed (to a certain extent ??) a few sports throughout his young life, nothing really stuck, so we kind of just stopped the sport thing altogether (which is okay, by the way)! Until we moved to Keller and Cindy somehow convinced him to join their Special Olympics Track team. He truly enjoyed it and did well, we were so happy and proud to be able to go cheer him on and see him be proud of himself too ?? He has now not only decided to return to Track, but is thinking about joining the basketball team too! Life changer for sure!!!

Amy Posted over a year ago

Yes yes yes Coach Boaz is a life changer!!! We have a daughter in her adaptive PE class and Coach Boaz is a highlight of her week. She can't wait till Tuesdays & Thursday's to see her. Cindy does work tirelessly to ensure the kids have access to everything possible. She fund raises. She teaches them daily skills. She loves them. She encourages them. And she is happy doing it all too!! We love our 'Coach Boaz' and she has changed our lives forever for the better.

Valerie Jones LVN Posted over a year ago

Totally a life changer, positive influence in my child , with many challenges ,feom bipolar to get, a life changer.My daughter still talks about her today, and the memories she will always have, What a blessing.

Leslie Graves Posted over a year ago

Cindy truly has a servant's heart. I've witnessed her working tirelessly volunteering her time for the children!

Karin Mahlenkamp Posted over a year ago

Inspirational is spot on! Such a positive light to ALL!

Edna Schroeder Posted over a year ago

She's also an absolute HOOT to work with! She brings a level of comfort and ease to the office work space and meetings! Thanks for always bringing a your joy to work!

Jen Cook Posted over a year ago

I can't think of anyone more deserving of this award. I work with Cindy at camps at retreats for abused and neglected children and if she is around, I know that the kids are going to have a blast and feel loved. Cindy makes the people around her feel so special and capable, which is invaluable to kids who don't get that encouragement anywhere else. She is always smiling and serving others. I have learned so much from her on how to engage kids and empower them to do things they didn't think they could. I look up to Cindy and admire her very much.

Samantha Posted over a year ago

Cindy is AMAZING!! A wonderful teacher and person she cares for students and everyone around her!! Love her!!

Rick Trujillo Posted over a year ago

I've been involved with Royal Family Kids Camp for the past 3 years and I can tell you from personal experience that Cindy is a FANTASTIC, CARING person and she loves those kids SO MUCH! I am proud to know her!

Patrick Malpass Posted over a year ago

Cindy is the type of person that is always doing things for other people. From helping abused and neglected children to coaching Special Olympics athletes Cindy's life is consumed with helping others. She has helped my wife and myself get involved in those two areas also. Another thing about Cindy is she is never looking for any recognition, she is doing it out of the goodness of her heart. I think it would be a wonderful thing for Cindy to be recognized for all the amazing things that she does for other people!

Aubrey Posted over a year ago

I love Cindy! LifeChanger is a very appropriate name for Cindy along with friend, mentor, and many more. When you see her with kids it is obvious this is Gods calling for her! I have had the honor of watching Cindy interact with kids at church and at camp. Those children always walk away changed. They stand taller, they have smiles that radiate happiness, they look at Cindy like she is their hero. I believe if you asked them many of them would tell you just that, she is their hero.