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Fengping Ye

Position: Academic Dean
School: Hua Xia Chinese School at Plainsboro
School District: Hua Xia Chinese School
City, State: Plainsboro, NJ

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Fengping Ye was nominated by her colleague, Qian Liu

Ms. Ye was one of the original founders of the Hua Xia Chinese School at Plainsboro. She has put all her time and effort to the school since 1999. Twenty years later, the number of students has grown from less than 100 to almost 1,000, and Hua Xia Chinese School at Plainsboro has become one of the largest Chinese schools in US. 

Over the years, Ms. Ye has demonstrated a strong willingness to serve the parents and students. She provides leadership to faculty members in academic endeavors and collaborates with other Chinese Schools to design, develop and implement Chinese course offerings that ensure students’ learning needs are met. She maintains open and positive communication channels with key stakeholders, including faculty and the board members.

Things have changed a lot over the past 20 years. Ms. Ye used to print out weekly teacher's notices and carry them to school in a suitcase. Today, everything is done on the computer. There's a new elected principal every two years, and the teachers come and go, but Ms. Ye has stayed. Everybody knows who she is. Ms. Ye loves her school, and everybody in the school loves her. She's a role model among the teachers.     

"After 20 years of extraordinary contribution, she decided to retire this year, at age 76. We can't thank her enough for her service. Her guidance and encouragement have helped the school thrive in some very tough times, and we've been so fortunate to have her expertise to rely on. She'll be missed, but never forgotten," said Liu.

Comments (3)

Teresa Posted over a year ago

Talented and devoted, she's the best!

Shaolin Liu Posted over a year ago

Passionate in Chinese education

Wei Su Posted over a year ago

Strong agree.