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Meredith Kramer

Position: Second Grade Teacher
School: Tuttle Ave School
School District: Eastport South Manor Central School District
City, State: Eastport, NY

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Meredith Kramer was nominated by Alice Sagnella, a parent of her student.

Ms. Kramer has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, especially children. She's accepting and kind, while academically, she challenges her students to be the best they can be. Her ability to connect with her students and talent for teaching simple concepts, as well as her knowledge to teach more advanced topics, are all truly superior. Her excellent communication skills allow her to connect with all kinds of people. This is vital to developing the relationship between school and home, which is a crucial component in student success. Ms. Kramer’s integration of technology has excited her students as they grow up in the 21st century. She always accomplishes all that she sets out to do with great initiative and always has a positive attitude. She's an incredibly caring adult, and a true LifeChanger for all her students and their parents.

Ms. Kramer is also the recipient of the Suffolk Asset Group's Bright Reward in 2018 for her work with students and technology in the classroom.

Comments (9)

steven gordon Posted over a year ago

Woo hoo! Go Meri go!

Michelle Gargiulo Posted over a year ago

A well deserved teacher for sure! She has taught both of my kids and she is just the warmest, heartfelt, and an amazing teacher! Love her and all the heart she puts with her work! Her memorable year end video and photos she does has everyone crying in the room! She’s awesome!

Wendy Gordon Posted over a year ago

She is an asset to her students. She is a kind wonderful teacher and she makes the children excited to learn. Her technology skills help to bring the children into the 21st century. I believe she deserves this award!!

Alex Yat Posted over a year ago

Mr kramer you are the best teacher ever i hope you win have the best summer

A. Hayton Posted over a year ago

Think of your most favorite teacher. Remember how funny, kind, and engaging they are or were? That is who Mrs. Kramer is! I have been blessed to have Mrs. Kramer for both of my children. Not to my surprise, they both adored her equally! She is nurturing and understanding while encouraging her students to reach their full potential by challenging each one appropriately. She always has a an enthusiastic engaging approach that captivates her students and makes learning fun! Not only is she fabulous with her students, she also makes time for the parents of her students as well. She warmly welcomed parents into her classroom for numerous class events and she always immediately took care of any issue I asked her to look into. You want your children to go to school and learn academically and socially while being safe and happy. Mrs. Kramer did this for both my daughters. I will be forever grateful!

Alice Ma-Sagnella Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Kramer was my son's 2nd grade teacher. He inspired and challenged my son. My son enjoyed the class the whole school year. My son told me that he thinks he had the best 2nd grade teacher in whole school. Most impressive words Mrs. Kramer said was that she had 21 children.She truely loves her students and she treats them like her own children.?

Carrie Fox Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Kramer was a wonderful teacher for my daughter. She was patient and understanding of my daughter's sometimes challenging behaviors. She went above and beyond and maintained a strong home/school connection and enriched her academically. We are truly grateful for this amazing teacher!

Erin Doherty Posted over a year ago

My daughter was in Mrs. Kramer’s class this past school year. She told me that “school is her most favorite place to be in the entire world!” You know Mrs. Kramer must be very special to inspire these feelings in a 7 year old.

Nicole Spatz Posted over a year ago

Good luck Mrs Kramer!! Win or not, you have changed many children’s lives