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Lauren Bullard

Position: Science Teacher
School: Nashoba Regional High School
School District: Nashoba Regional School District
City, State: Bolton, MA

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Lauren Bullard was nominated by an anonymous friend.

Ms. Bullard is one of those teachers who always sees the best in people. She never settles and is always pushing her students to be better, to never be satisfied. Ms. Bullard's students know that her door is always open to come talk, and her room is a safe space. She's only in her 4th year of teaching, but she already seems like a veteran teacher. 

Although she loves to joke around and have fun, Ms. Bullard also knows when it's time to get to work and be focused. Her students respect her and know that she will not take second-hand work. She is always researching new teaching techniques and projects to help students who need differentiated instruction. Ms. Bullard is a "leave no child behind" kind of teacher. 

Ms. Bullard tries to show her students what it is like to give back and help the community. She understands that there are other people who aren't as fortunate as her students, so she is organizing a trip to the Dominican Republic to help those in need. While most class trips go to different countries for sightseeing and fun, Ms. Bullard wants to help and open her students' eyes to those who are struggling.

"I haven't known Lauren for a long time, but sometimes it feels like I've known her my whole life," said her nominator. "She is so kind and generous, always making you feel welcomed and heard. Lauren is one of those people who really wants the best for everyone. She not only says nice things, but she really means it, and everyone around her knows it. She makes you want to be a better person."

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SBigelow Posted over a year ago

Lauren Bullard is a joy to work with and an inspiration to her students. She so deserves this recognition!