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Katie Jankun

Position: History Teacher
School: Nashoba Regional High School
School District: Nashoba Regional School District
City, State: Bolton, MA

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Katie Jankun was nominated by an anonymous friend.

Ms. Jankun understands that history isn't everyone's favorite subject, so she tries to make it fun. She is always researching new ways to teach the curriculum and projects that her students could work on so they don't have to sit through a lecture. She wants to get them excited to learn about history instead of dreading it. 

In only her 6th year of teaching, Ms. Jankun already knows exactly what she is doing. Her students love her because she knows how to joke around and have fun with them. At the same time, she also makes sure her students are respectful and understand that when there is work to be done, they have to be serious and get to work. Whenever a student is struggling, Ms. Jankun doesn't mind staying late or coming in early to help them out a little. She understands everyone has their own pace, and she wants each of her students to embrace their individuality. 

Ms. Jankun is also the coach for the freshman girls' volleyball team. Many of her athletes are competing for the first time, and they can be a little bit nervous, but Ms. Jankun is always making sure everyone feels included and participating. Her team is like a small family. She cares so much for her athletes and wants to help them achieve all their dreams. At a time when most girls are just starting to figure out who they are, Ms. Jankun is an excellent role model. They look up to her and want to be just like her. 

"Katie is someone who is so easy to talk to you. You can sit with her for hours talking about the most random things and she will listen to everything. She is so selfless and is always offering to help out," said her nominator "If I had her as a teacher in high school, I would've enjoyed history!"

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SBigelow Posted over a year ago

Katie Jankun is amazing! What a wonderful teacher and terrific person. She so deserves this recognition.