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Robert Griffith

Position: Psychology Teacher / Asst. JV Softball Coach
School: Nashoba Regional High School
School District: Nashoba Regional School District
City, State: Bolton, MA

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Robert Griffith was nominated by a former student who wishes to remain anonymous

Mr. Griffith, also known as "Griff," is one of those teachers who remembers students, even if it has been ten years since they graduated. He is energetic and charismatic, and he knows how to make learning fun. Psychology can be a difficult class to teach in high school, but he has created projects and assignments that make it more understandable and fun.

"Griff's classes were famous in high school. I remember being a freshman and already knowing I was going to take psychology senior year, just so I could have Griff as a teacher," said his nominator.

Even if you aren't one of his students, Mr. Griffith will most likely know you. He is always seen power-walking through the hallways, giving everyone a fist bump and a smile. Anyone can stop by his room for a chat, and he will gladly have a conversation for hours without running out of things to talk about. He knows how to brighten anyone's day. Mr. Griffith is a jokester, and his classes are full of laughter. The students look forward to class everyday. 

"Griff was always so happy and funny," said his nominator. "He would come up behind someone and mimic them, and everyone would just start laughing. He knows how to have a good time, and for most of my friends, he was their favorite teacher."

Mr. Griffith has been working at Nashoba for quite a while. The other teachers know they can go to him with any questions or concerns, and he will gladly help. He is a very kind and compassionate person, and everyone loves talking with him. He is a great role model as a teacher, mentor, friend, and colleague.

Mr. Griffith is also the JV softball coach at Nashoba Regional. He loves to coach his students and see them succeed on the field. Their successes are definitely his successes. Mr. Griffith makes sure the fun stays in the sport at such a competitive level. 

"It can be hard to still have fun in your sport in high school. It gets very competitive, and there is a lot of pressure to be the best. Griff always made sure we didn't take ourselves too seriously," said his nominator. "If he noticed us starting to get frustrated and angry, he would stop and make us play a fun game to take our minds off it. It definitely helped me want to stay in the sport and continue."

Comments (8)

Daniel DiMeo Posted over a year ago

This may be a little late to post a comment and to that I apologize but with so much time on my hands in quarantine, I was cleaning out my emails and noticed I missed this one about his nomination - to which I apologize! I don't know why I didn't see it before... Anyway... as a current student in Griff's AP psychology class, I fully support his nomination. I don't even know where to begin. Griff is one of the best teachers I have had the privilege to learn from and it goes without saying how much he is admired within the Nashoba community. His desire to teach, willingness to help his students succeed, and the compassion and empathy he holds for each and every student are such critical aspects of being a teacher and he nails them all on the head. His class is the one you look forward going to each day - his humor, all the jokes, all the bashing of Quinn (which, not gonna lie... is great humor and makes my day) are just small fractions of what makes him one of the best. It has been a true privilege to learn from him. His passion for teaching and desire to help his students succeed is beyond admirable, and you can tell just by the way he teaches and talks to every student that he truly cares and loves what he does each and every day. As a future high school teacher, Griff has inspired me to become more than just a teacher; but a true friend and mentor to each and every student, something I will forever take with me and apply in my own classroom. I can go on and on about how much I love Griff, but in short: an awesome teacher, even better individual, and an awesome friend. I fully support this nomination and offer him my best. Thanks Griff for all that you do!

Chris Super Posted over a year ago

I am a senior at Nashoba and I have Griff as my teacher for AP Psych. Griff makes the class fun and calming through his sense of humor, his anecdotes, and his care for his students. He's the most approachable and kindest teacher I've ever had. He genuinely cares about every student at Nashoba. Even before I had his class, he would give me high-fives in the hallway when I would see him. Griff is a phenomenal and compassionate teacher who absolutely deserves this award.

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

I am a student and am taking AP psych with Mr. Griffith now. He is funny, kind, and just makes class enjoyable. A lot of students get stress relief from his class. Every since freshman year I wanted to be in his class. If you had a bad day you can just walk into his class and he will be there for you and listen to anything you want to tell him. He is on your side all the time and willing to work with you and not against you. He develops relationships with each one of his students and has said that he wants to be a positive entity in a stress filled classroom environment. He also tries to help anyway that he can. When we took a trip to Disney with the school band, he was willing to spend his February Vacation to be with students, even if they were not his. Mr. Griffith has impacted more then he thinks and more then just the student that nominated him. I feel that many of his students would have nominated him for this award. He has made an impact on all of us. Mr. Griffith deserves this award 100%

McKenna Dietel Posted over a year ago

Mr. Griff is one of my favorite teachers that I have ever had. He is amazing at his job and he goes out of his way to make sure students feel welcome in his class, even if they aren't a part of it. His classroom is a center warmth and joy in our school and he inspires everyone to be a better person every day

Jacki Smith Posted over a year ago

Mr. Griffith's class is the one you look forward to going to every day. Every day, there is something fresh, new, and exciting about the class. This effect, paired with the comfortable, friendly environment Mr. Griffith creates, makes Mr. Griffith unlike any teacher I have ever had before.

Alicia M Milioto Posted over a year ago

Being a current student and former softball player of Mr. Griffith I completely support this nomination. During the summer of my 7th and 8th-grade year, he helped coach a softball clinic. He encouraged me to play in high school and helped me develop a better swing and boosted my confidence. I had him as a Justice and Law teacher in my sophomore year and I retained almost all the information I learned. I have him this year for a college credit psych class, its new to the school and he has been working really hard to make the college curriculum work for a high school class. He uses videos and stories to engage all students. He is a very modest person when I asked about the leadership skills he denied he was a leader, and he was just trying to guide students to reach their fullest potential.

Emma Young Posted over a year ago

As a student of Mr. Griffith, I would like to say that he is the best teacher I have ever had. I love going to his class every single day and he genuinely cares about my well being. He cares about EVERY single student, including students he hasn't taught, and expresses this every day. He is an amazing teacher.

SBigelow Posted over a year ago

Having worked with Bob for many years, I can say without hesitation that he has positively impacted many, many students. He is energetic, enthusiastic and fosters all the best in his students. He so deserves this recognition.