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Dr. Angela Rivers

Position: School Office Manager
School: Queen City Career Prep High School
School District: Queen City Career Prep High School
City, State: Cincinnati, OH

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Dr. Angela Rivers was nominated by her colleague, Cynthia Watts.

Dr. Rivers is new to the QCCPHS staff.  She comes with 18 years experience in social services, case management, education and business.  Dr. Rivers is a prominent individual within her community due to her continuous community service efforts and several business ventures. Dr. Rivers dedicates time to helping others, volunteering and hosting empowerment events for men and women such as the "King in Me" Awards and the "I love Me" Women's empowerment conferences. 

Dr. Rivers also helps out 11th and 12th grade students within Cincinnati, Ohio to fill out their college applications, loan documentation and FAFSA documentation. She helps students obtain community services to address barriers such as housing, daycare and groceries.  Dr. Rivers also works with several community agencies that mentor young men and women while they are still in school. Dr. Rivers encourages young people to pursue their higher education goals and to strive to be the best they can be. Her positivity, smile, and spirit are contagious, and she continues to be a LifeChanger and a pillar in and outside of her community.  

Comments (27)

Chemere Posted over a year ago

Such a caring, loving person! She always has time to help someone do and be better. Well deserved!

Twaina “Lioness” Gray Posted over a year ago

Absolutely, you deserve this Title. GOD fearing, patient, ambitious and kind. She openly motivates you to rise to your highest potential. Such a phenomenal woman... CONGRATULATIONS, Dr. Angela! Peace, Love And Light!!! ~Lioness

Bri Boggs Posted over a year ago

Ms Angela Is a sweet kind hearted human being she truly cares about other people and your growth and success in life and every person she comes in contact with she leaves nothing but genuine love she’s just awesome

Antoinette Barkley Posted over a year ago

Ms Angie is a beautiful person inside and out she always has a positive attitude always willing to lend a helping hand if needed such a blessing to the community

T. Belvin Posted over a year ago

I have known Angela for six years. She is inspiring, motivating, and I admire her grace,

Patrice Page Posted over a year ago

Ms Angie is such a kind hearted open minded person. She is always smiling and giving her helping hand.

Arnya Martin Davis Posted over a year ago

Angela, Is such an amazing asset to anyone she comes in contact with. She works hard to help and find creative ways to be a blessing

Fralisa McFall Posted over a year ago

I have work with Dr. Angela in pageanty for a few years. She is professional, wise, caring, and fun. She is a wonderful asset for any company.

ValaRae Posted over a year ago

Good luck and congrats in advance! You are so worth it!

Jade Fedrick Posted over a year ago

Motivated and driven! Her expertise and knowledge is what makes her great! Her guidance and love is appreciated by us all. Her hard work and heart is admired. Congratulations on this light with your endeavors! You by far deserve this.

Jade Posted over a year ago

Ambitious and driven. She has been a platform to me and many other young women. Her guidance and teachable approach allows us all room to grow and learn and I like that about her. Great mentor!

Karla Young Person Posted over a year ago

Dr Angela Rivers is deservingly of this and many other awards.

Quantus Penn Pacheco Posted over a year ago

Dr. Rivers is a hardworker and dedicated to serving others. She is passionate about helping other succeed in their gifts and talent. She is an extraordinary woman who deserves to win.

Tiffany Johnson Posted over a year ago

Dr. Rivers is a huge asset to ANY school, company and or business she encounters. She has a huge heart of compassion and is dedicated to serving others! You go Dr. Rivers!

Shannon Hammond Posted over a year ago

Angie is an amazzzzing woman! A woman of many talents, heart of gold...her spirit is that of positive, genuine energy!

Natasha Monique Coleman Posted over a year ago

I have worked directly with Dr. Rivers a number of years in the pageantry industry. She is a born leader and trailblazer in her sphere of influence and any other arena she is placed in. From advisor, business partner and now friend this nomination only makes sense she is a true life changer. Natasha Monique Coleman Owner/CEO of Royal Productions American Beauties National American Beauties Plus Classic Beauty International National Sorority Pageant

Jess Posted over a year ago

Angie does so many things for the community in her life that I am still learning all she does!! She truly cares about the kiddos at our school, and she is trying to help make the school better each day. Proud to be her coworker!! :)

Bilita Posted over a year ago

No words can express the amazing world changer, visionary, mentor, leader, and woman of integrity that Dr Rivers is. Her fearless leadership and compassion has inspired me, challenged me and guided me. Her humble servant leadership has personally touch my life. Her love and giving is authentic and has changed me! Thank you Dr. Rivers!!

Gwendolyn Kelly Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your nomination as a Life Changer. You truly are! I personally want to thank you for being my model mentor, pageant coach and friend! You continuously give of yourself to see change in your community! I count it an honor to witness your growth and impact in every arena you step in.

Gloria Combs Posted over a year ago

Dr. Rivers is a huge asset the field of Education, positively impacting all those she encounters.

Mariette Wade Posted over a year ago

Dr. Rivers is the epitome of class and grace. She is always looking to enrich the lives of those around her. It is an honor to know and work with her.

Nateasia Thomas Posted over a year ago

She is awesome...always a go to person with a can do attitude. Dr. Rivers is willing to help anyone with anything, that is what makes her so special. She loves to give back and pour into others. She's a great example for women and mothers and an asset to our community.

RStallworth Posted over a year ago

So proud of you sister nothing but amazing.

B J Haygpod Posted over a year ago

Dr Rivers is a phenomenal person inside and out. She is compassion, caring, loving, and inspiring. She’s a motivator and encourager. She will pull the potential, that lies within you and help you, to bring it to the forefront. Dr Rivers is a pillar in the community, for women and men that are trying to do positive things for themselves and in their society. Dr Rivers is a true Champion.

Toria Posted over a year ago

Amazing woman and well deserved.

MsNickee Mack Posted over a year ago

In the industry I work in I run in to a lot of hidden agenda people, fake positive people, pretenders with issues, however from the day I met this woman it has been nothing short of a Beautiful Union. I have watched this woman up close and from a far work in peoples lives as a leader and a servant and all the while carrying her own load, yet she still finds time to take care of the priorities. Her spirit is in order, and for that she is truly a Blessing to have in you corner and life. I have watched this woman and became her friend/colleague/sister/mentor and will always be. THIS WOMAN is One of the few TRUE BRIGHT LIGHTS

Ciara Posted over a year ago

Ms. Angela Rivers is such a blessing to those around her. She wants to see everyone succeed and win! She won't withhold information and will be honest and upfront. I'm blessed to know her and will always support her endeavors.