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Allison Murr

Position: Physical Education Aide
School: Knight Enloe Elementary School
School District: Roanoke City Schools
City, State: Roanoke, AL

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Allison Murr was nominated by her colleague, Cathy Hardnett.

Ms. Murr has been employed with Roanoke City Schools for over five years. She has a proven ability to make a beneficial difference in the lives of students.  She not only assists in supervising over 400 students at P.E. each day during their assigned times, but she exemplifies leadership during dismissal with carpool pickup.  Ms. Murr has an excellent performance record in making sure that students are safe and that they only leave the premises with their assigned carpools.  She is committed to producing a nurturing atmosphere for students.  She has worked very hard with fundraisers to help with the funding of a new school playground. 

"Allison adheres to high morals and ethical standards.  She is loved by all, and that's why she's a LifeChanger in our community," said Hardnett.